Redemption News
Redemption News
The newest expansion set in the works is called The Kings. It will contain around 245 cards containing tons, and tons, and tons of you guessed it kings!!! Of  the 245 cards around 100 of them will be Warrior reprints. They will not be reprinting all of the Warrior cards at this time. That does not mean that they will not be reprinted, just not this year. Can I give you a list of the cards that will not be re-printed? No. But they have said that any card that does not deal explicitely with Warriors will not be reprinted this year. For those of you concerned that you will be getting Warrior repeats in the packs, that also is not the case in that some of the cards have reworked abilities and many will have some really cool, new features. I can't tell you yet what that special feature is but it is going to be awesome. Will you want to get rid of your old Warrior cards after the reprint? Of course not. Some of the older cards will actually be more powerful than their Warrior King conterparts so wait and see what releases before trading away your cards.  The set is scheduled for a June, 2003 release. Look for the same format at the Patriarchs with packs containing 10 common, uncommon, rare, and ultra-rares and selling for $3.00 each. Click here for a Preview of some of the new cards from this set.
The Warriors are officially Gone !!! That's right the Cactus Game Design warehouses are officially out of the warriors display boxes. I would suggest going into your local christian store to see if they had any if you want some. Because that is probably one of the only places you will find them as wel as possibly e-bay.
The Next Expansion set has been determined. It will be called the patriarchs.They will be released June, 2002. This set will contain 159 New cards. They are currently right on schedule. For some samples of the cards click here.
Retired, Retired, Retired. Thats right many of the sets have been retired.
They are.

The Original Blue packs
The Prophets
The womens
The addresse for the mail-in wrappers has been changed.
The New Address is:

Cactus Game Design, Inc.
751 Tusquittee Road
Hayesville, NC 28904

As well you no longer need to send the whole packs just send in the upc label. Although the whole pack is accepted as well. In order to get a pack of your choice send 10 warriors or 10 blue packs with a note telling them which packs you want. To get a limited blue pack send 8 apostles wrappers. The other pack upcs are not accepted.
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