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Redeyed Pete's
Cool Links
This is a page of my links .......hehe. (So I don't loose them If you came here with nothing better to do, look around theres a lot of different links to different spots that I like to check out so feel free to use what you find But as always use at your own risk ... hehe!
Computer This here is the site to go to for all you hardware needs you can't beat some of the prices ... lol
Overclockers.comAll you need for overclocking
cnet downloadsapps,utilitys,games all the fun stuff ...hehe lots of tweakers here a little of everything here
BlackStump This site has quite a verity of programs and utilitys and kids programming to pick from
Crack Resource Centre mostly all cracks for programs
The All you would want for hacking, they got some really cool stuff here ... hehe
The ELITE TOPLIST watch your self here lots of pop-up porn here ... lol
Wim's BIOS Page Everthing you want to know about BIOS
Cannabis World of Holland... This is for you BamBam ...... hehe
Crackstore 2000 A very large site dealing with hacks & cracks ....... lol
Nemesiscrack tutorials
DCLinks by DCScripts This one has lots of porn so beware of where you go but theres alot of cool links here for cracks & serial numbers .... hehe
Warez serials,cracks,apps and gamestons of things here to check out (at the top of the page download the program to get rid of popups ) PopupKiller and the crack for it is there to ....
Wordlists this is a page full of wordlist for password crackers
Motherboard Informationthis site has all you need to know about your motherboards
AcId IndustrIesanything from free games to trojans&hacking
CIAthis is A list of tutorials on cracking
Completely Free software   From what I seen theres lots of cool stuff to play with here mostly
SuperFiles.com10,000 Files ok what more do I need to say ... hehe
NONAGSFree Software
Well this is just the start of this page so if I were you I'd check back often cause it's going to get real big .... hehe