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Welcome to the CONNECTION

This site is an effort to jointhe greatest number of Internet resources and Tunisian sites together all in one location. You will find many resources, help,  links as well as some useful tutorials and tips  about a lot of internet related topics.

Tunisia is heading towards a major change at the level of Information Technology and the steps taken by the government towards linking schools and educational institutions to the internet (President Ben Ali's determined speech on the occasion of the Tenth Anniversary of the Change Carthage, November 7, 1997 )    is of great Importance.(Read the the whole text)

Where is it ?             This is what it means in plain Tunisian Dialect..    Visit it.. !


Live transmission, recorded news and Tunisian Music..You need Real Audio

Educational Links
TunisianNational Solidarity A group of Ambitious Tunisians Coming soon Lesson plans, Games Newsgroups....