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Tuesday, 2nd Mayl  2006, 7:32pm

.......... My weekend update..........

I had a fun and lovely wkend :). Went for hair rebonding on sat and watch The Wild with Gary during the sun. Not a bad movie actually... afterwhich
went to get mum her bday present and cake! It's her bday!! It's her bday!! Hehe!  We went back and played Naruto till gary kind of get addicted to it :P. Lol! It's always Keith winning, so what the heck... I mean, he rarely loses andhe enjoys bullying the newbies. And to him, winning is not everything, but the only things that really matters. I like his attitude... hehe... Whether is it in game or real life, he nv fails to study and counter his opponents or any obstacles, and that what makes him a winner. Before bed, they even play a game of dota... Lol! Since I only agreed on lending gary to keith for a game :P.

The nxt day, we played Naruto again, and Keith won like always -.-! Got tired of that game, so Keith tested out some of his new bought ps2 games... Honestly, all of them sux big time, except for Devil Kings which remind me of my all time favorite Dynasty Warriors. It's a challenging yet fun game though there are some bugs in it >.<. We watched him play for hrs till I got really bored of watching him lose to the same old guy, Iron OX... Lol! But, he did defeat him with some lucks and skills be4 we moved on to play monopoly. Guess who is the winner for monopoly? Yaya, it's keith... and the reason? He cheated >.<. It's a gd thing that Gary is smart enough to spot him cheating half-way through the game... though we still lost in the end cause of the big damage done during the first half, but we eliminated one of his technique to cheat. U can nv imagine how many tricks he has up his sleeves in order to win, and cheating is a major one of them. I can catch him red-handed of cheating for at least 10 times per game. And who will be dumb enough to give the banker position to this guy >.<? To him, it doesn't matter how he wins, as long as he is the winner in the end. Lol! True true! Have lots of fun during the wkends! But we didn't get to play mario party >.<... no one wants to play with me T_T! So sad... and I want to play Picturary too! But will need at least 4 ppl for that game as it's a team boardgame. Maybe nxt time, I will have the others to play with us :P.

Today, as usual, came to sch with nth much to do except grp chat with the 3 species, Mich aka seashell, Qx aka party pooper and Anthony aka the ant. Basically, we chat everyday from 10am to 6pm and I doubt that we still have anything to say in a mth time... LOL! But, is sure fun and entertaining crapping with them. An idiotic thing happened today. While, Mich and I were having our lunch, a guy walked up to me and said 'Hey, you are really sexy...' in chinese and walked off. We were like stunned there for a few sec recapping what he had just said before I went 'wth?' ... Mic was staring at him the whole time as he walked off and asked me whether I knew him. I turned and only to see that he's still looking at me as he leaved. 'Who the hell is he?!' Is he some sort of idiot or something? I'm like wearing a long sleeve collar neck and a split end mini skirt... what's his problem? Guess he nv witness girls wearing short skirt or he enjoys going around doing such things. Which reminds me of another similar incident when I was enjoying my noodles during my sec yrs. Can't a girl eat in peace >.<? Mich was laughing at me the whole lunch break and even advise me to change the wear I dress... lol... change myself for worthless ppl like that? Not in a million yrs :P.

FYPJ is ending in 3 or 4 wks time! Can't wait! Hopefully will get into the same company with mich... lol... can't bare to be part with her T_T! At last, I got to chat with my dear best friend Rachel :)! I won the bet orh, Rachel! But am still treating you... haha! Told u that I will win :P. I rarely loses k... whahahaha!! Miss u, best friend T_T! Jia you with everything k? Don't give up! U know that I will be there to support u all the way! Stay contact with me forever k? Hehe!  I'm logging off :P!
Saturday, 6th May  2006, 11:34pm

..........Happy Bday Mic!!..........

Fri was Mic bday :)! And a brief reminder to u ' U are a yr older now! WHAHAHAHA!!' Am happy that u had a memoriable bday. We were suppose to meet up
with mic today for her bday celebration. But ant HURT his neck so he wasn't able to make it and as for wl... nvm >.<... hope u will recover from your neck injury soon, ant. With it, the 3 of us watched the movie MI3 and it was gary who treated mic for it :). Opinion? A really cool action movie... hehe...  We took some photos while we were killing time at Taka (Here).

Mic is a great friend, and she's my great friend :). Those who don't treasure her is their lost, and if any1 were to upset her, I will make sure he/she will suffer. Don't try me, it won't be nice :). Some1 asked me whether she is being strange in loving her friends. It is? There's absolutely nth wrong in loving your friends. All my best friends said they love me cause they really meant it. Like my best friend, Rachel, she is willing to do anything for me even death i believe, now what that's call? And, i will do the same for her, of course... she's one friend that deserve everything :). So, no matter what, i will be there for her. And don't get me wrong in loving my friends more than my bf or family. I can classify clearly in loving a friend, a partner and a family... somehow it's just different. No matter what... They are all part of me, and life won't be the same without any1 of them.

Some1 messaged me and It's definely her first time experiencing such deep and long talk.  Maybe i shouldn't be saying such private things in my blog, but just want to let her know that i dare to tell every1 that i still trust her and she makes me feel special :). It's her first time being so open to some1 and to think that it was me... wow! If u really feel horrible in betraying my trust and disaapointing us, the more u should make up for it. U really don't need me to teach u how a gd friend should act. I may sound a little harsh towards u last nite, that's because i really don't want u to give up on yourself. If u hate yourself so much, than u really should start doing something abt it and not envy me. U said u wish u can be half as gd as me. Sry to disappoint u, but u don't know me well yet. The true me, can be so dark and complicated. Even so, i still like my life so much! And if u really want to learn from me, start liking yourself first, cause i love the way i am. Nv ever give up on yourself or those u consider as friends, cause if u do, u will forever be in this status in life. U know, somehow u change after this conversation. Think i better not say anymore, the others are too personal... remember your promise to me k? I cannot promise u that i have completely forgiven u since I am not those forgiving type, but am definely not angry with u and u r still one of my gd friend :). In the end, she told me this : ' U are so important to me, and no 1 ever trusted me so much except u and him... i love u. Thank you so very much' Lol! Honestly, I nv expected that... don't have to thank me, thanks yourself for the courage to tell me all this. Friends forever :)?

New friends blog in my link! Alice and Katherine! Sry, alice, couldn't talk to u much when we saw each other at Far East today :P. Promise to talk to u more nxt time. U and li bing always seem to be together huh? Sticky twins :P! Katherine! Lovely blog layout u got there :). Am so happy for u in doing so well for your college exams... See! I told u, u r too smart not to get straight As :P. And I bet u can get into the top university in Tokoyo without much of  a problem! Looking forward for your letter :)! Visit their blogs k? Bye all!!

Tuesday, 9th May  2006, 8:49pm


Was browsing through this horoscope mail with mic, and she was like ' Wow! This is so true!' Actually, that was the 5th or 6th time i receive it >.<! She's kind of
outdated, so forgive her k :P? But, seriously, what they mentioned in it abt us and our friends are mostly true, right mic? Esp this ' she hates to owe ppl money and take promise seriously. If you promise to pay her back, you better pay up!' <--------- which remind me that i still owe mic $3 >.<, and she nagged at me the whole lunch break till I got the change to return her. I guess they miss out the word 'stingy' for her zodiac description, really got to personally add it in myself :P.  And her ideal zodiac sign guy? Look under Capricorn man for the answer *wink wink*...

Lol! I think it's my problem that most of my best and close friends are of my same sign. Maybe it's due to their different and strong personality :). Leo checklist: Strong and confident, Juline. Different and hot, Karen. Loyal and generous, Rachel. Hyper and cheerful, Liying. Ok! That match nicely enough :). I think no other sign takes money and extravaganza as serious as ours >.<. Talk abt being demanding when it comes to choosing a date, no doubt we are at the top -.-! Though, for some cases, it can be exceptional since dating and loving are 2 different things. Listen to this, 'For her first dinner is better not in a hot dog stand, but the best place in town.' doesn't it just ring a bell, Karen? Lol! And this one 'being poor and broke make her depress.' it's just so true, isn't it Jul? And all they ever mention abt us is regardling MONEY and more money... it's as if we think nth but that... maybe sometimes :P... hehe... Even though love can be such an amazing thing that can make my everyday special and happy, but i always believe that love can't pay bills(they got this damn right >.<). This world is just too honest isn't it? The rich always gets the best, while the poor just hope for it. Money problem can always be the main cause for quarrels and divorces.... that's depressing huh? With money, how many dreams can u achieve? How many problems can be solve? Many or should i say most? And who says money can't buy love? Lol! But if u r referring to pure one, than it's a different story :P. I think, it's mainly because of my family background and my father that's y i see it as that important in life. But, of course, it can nv replace my love for my family, friends and my aries :). They are wonders that money can nv buy ...

Keith horoscope description is just amazingly true! He represents it totally! Tell me abt him being the most successful man in all the Zodiac... he's one dangerous guy who can achieve anything he sets his mind on. Revenge? He's gifted for it. With his wit, it's not even a problem... lol.. so nv gets on his nerves cause his stings can hurt u that bad, it might leave a scar for a lifetime :P. Still, forever peace-loving and forgiving zodiac is Taurus and Pisces! So, u r most welcome to agitate and irritate them all u want without fearing that they might bite back! Though they will keep them in mind, but they are rather harmless in nature! Yup! So if u r feeling down, don't hestiate to step on them like an ant or toss them around like a ball...^^V! LOL! Okok! I will stop sounding evil :P! Hmmm... Signs that i cannot associate with? Maybe virgo and cancer. No offence! Unless some1 prove me wrong otherwise :P. Fav signs? What a question? Isn't it obvious :P? Enough blogging, logging off!!
Thursday, 11th May  2006, 8:49pm

..........Horoscope: Part II..........

I promised someone to blog more abt the zodiac sign, Aries. So here I am thinking of a nice way to start off. Lol! Since when I have become a astrologist
:P? Actually, aries and leo have alot in common. Ranging from personalities to attitudes to interests. But unlike leo, there are 2 types of aries. Aries who can appear strong physically, but weak and emotional mentally or the type with high self-confident and a dare devil. So, they somehow differ from one another if they are from the different types :P. Since, i promise my darling aries to blog abt this, than i should be concentrating on aries guys right? But, I think that all aries want the best of everything and to be at the top, even though some may not work hard for it >.<. Like leo, aries is strong and confident internally. And I admire that :). Since, I can't possibly like a guy who is mentally weaker than me -.-. Additonal to that, it's one of the most romantic and hot sign in the zodiac table... that's something :P! Attention seeker? U bet! They are definitely nxt to leo and they simply love showing off a great deal, am i right gary :P? Ambitious! Yes! Enough to stand at the top 5 with Leo, Scropio, Taurus and Cap. But, is not a guarantee that they will work hard to achieve it. Normally, they will start something new, but may not see it to it's completion >.<. Aries can turn emotional too huh? But, unlike cancer or virgo, they hardly show it... maybe it's a way to uphold their reputation or impression :P. Jealousy level? One of the highest! Though it's a lost to Scropio, but it's still in the top 5 stand :D! Also like leo, they are born leaders. Told u, this 2 signs have so much in common.

Best combination with leo? Definitely aries or sagi! But, still my aries is the best ya? Nv will i feel bored with him and he can be just too sweet for words ^-^! He always seemed to make things exciting and going and everything abt him appeals to me :). The overall Leo and Aries relationship rate 9/10, an almost perfect :P. Aren't u the Mr Right guy for me, gary? Love u! So, don't mess with my ram k? If any1 even dare try to hurt him, I will make sure that person experience the bottom pit of hell. I hardly forgive, so I actually meant what I said :).

To Miss Taurus:
U owe me $6!! U are one pro bull, Mic! How can u just conveniently forget that the change is mine >.<?  WAHAHAHA!! U know, I was like thinking today, when will i ever get the opportunity to pest u for owing me money, since u always do so to me >.<. And I got my chance for revenge at last!! Isn't it sweet ^_-?! U owe me $6!!! Am logging off so i can concentrate on my sweet revenge :D!
Saturday, 13th May  2006, 8:27pm

..........New Layout: Emotion..........

Yeah! New layout! New version! New theme! Took me forever to get this layout completed and to get the coding right >.<! Additional credit to Vicky for helping 
with the coding and pic for the layout :). Thanks Vic! U were a great help! It may had took me another wk to get it coded without u >.<! And I love your works too! U r really talented :)! I have agreed to let this layout to be on her future graphics site as one of those downloadable layout, as long as there are credits given. Pls tell me that this layout is lovable and is not a distract to the eye >.<. It's seriously time consuming and a torture  making this layout and after we went through all the troubles to get it coded, I actually prefer the previous version, Love Story -.-. Nvm! I maybe making a Kakashi, Garra or S+S from TRC layout for my nxt version. Or maybe a best friends/buddies layout featuring all my great friends ^0^  using anime characters? Yup! Not a bad idea :).  Angeline and Mic, I actually want this layout to be viewed after I have finished with blogging :P... but u 2 r  were so efficient... LOL! No wonder, the 2 of u can become gd friends :P. Tell me what u think abt this layout k?

Calling Mic, Wl , ant, qx and char... ok, maybe not  the PPP, qx >.<. Want come my place this sat or nxt for games of monopoly, picturorary or Naruto? Don't look at me k? It's gary's idea >.<! U see, he stayed over my place yesterday and we were playing boardgames like picturary and monopoly with keith and xerxes. For picturary, of course I teamed up with gary and keith was paired with xerxes... lets not talk abt the result shall we? But for monopoly, guess who is the winner? In the end. that 1 person bought down the whole board game properties(except  for one location), and owned all hotels and houses even the railways and water/electric station >.<. Bad news! That person was not me -.-! I am the first to decline bankruptcy... I know... wth right? nvm! Not Xerxes too, he went down after me. And i swear he will even need to sell his body to pay keith if not for the presence of the bank...  Keith? Ya, he's always the monopoly king, and he rarely lose, but this time... he lost ulimately >.<! Though, I was the ulimate loser, the way i had to decline bankruptcy was way better than him... such a brave soul to keep fighting even though there's like 0.01% of him winning. He just nv gives up... I still respect his attitude though he lost terribly in the end >.<. Now, i guess u guys know y gary brought up this invitation right? Yes! He's that big winner who owned the whole board properties and left us crying T_T! And he was like so proud of his victory that the talked abt it the whole day and night long... lol! Any1 dare to challenge him? Just give me some replies k?

To my best best friend, u know who u are :P.
Hey girl! Really hope u are feeling better. Am really sry that when u are feeling all down and depressed, I am not there to cheer u up. Seriously, I am. Y do u think that u don't have any1 to talk to? U can always find me. U know, I will definitely be there for u even at the busiest time... u don't have to feel bad for taking up my time, cause to me, u r worth all my time :). U should know that u are not alone... Relationship? If u r asking me, u don't need guys... or should I say, not even one of them r worth your time? I mean, come on! If they are not even half as gd as me, I don't see any reason for u to get upset or angry over them or him. U r definitely not a failure in relationship, trust me... they are the ones! Studies? U r not the only one getting not-so-gd result here. My result fell too... and that's cause I am not concern abt it, and if u r really concern, u should work even harder for it right? Subjects and papers are much tougher isn't an excuse for u to fall back... I mean, there are even tougher thing in life. And u really want to get defeated by stupid subject papers? U really feel honoured to give up because it's tough? U were once the top student, and I don't see any reason y u can't get back up there again. Your life aren't dull and uninteresting! Definitely not! Look at me :(... I got to spend 9 hrs everyday in sch staring at the stupid com doing the same works... that's boring, that's patheically uninterestingly, and u know I really hate routine >.<! Curse FYPJ! It doesn't really matter if u have become more anti-social cause there are basically no pt in socialing at the moment... I mean, look around u, any1 even worth u socialing with? It's alright to throw your anger more often cause there's nth wrong in getting emotional once in a while... at the most, I will find ways to calm u down :). As for 'Y am i born in the world?' LOL! U really got to find out yourself. Obviously, we don't need a reason to be alive. Any purpose or reason, is for u to discover and acknowledge... cause u live for yourself. U know, I am always real proud to have u as my friend and I love to show u off to my other friends cause to me, u r that great! I would tell them how wonderful u r and if u don't believe, u can ask them :). That's y, I don't want u to give up on yourself and I know u won't... hey! We are the same type right? And It's seriously not like u, not to be strong and confident.  Be cheerful and smile more soon k? I love your smiles! There's more I want to say to u, so if u were reading this, call me or msg me k? Miss you girl! And I know u miss me too :P! U always do... hehe... Take care of yourself for me k? Am terribly sry that I didn't spend much time with u lately too >.<... such a bad friend I am T_T! Pls forgive me! I will definitely find time for u, I promise! So, if u r really sad, remember to call me k? I'm 24/7 available for u, my best best friend :).
Monday, 22th May  2006, 6:05pm

..........Just some updates..........

FYPJ is coming to an end, it's really amazing how time fiies. It seemed like just yesterday we start working on this 3 mths project. Time is just so
incredible. Comments for FYPJ? None. Nxt stop! Attachment >.<. Comments? Can i get into the same company with mic :P? It's always so nice to have her :).

Hmmm... thinking of changing my blog layout. Ya, I know... it's like so soon? Not that i dislike this layout, but i just don't feel like keeping it up for long. But, am currently too lazy to start a new one >.<! My nxt version, theme: Friendship! Featuring, all my best/close friends using anime characters, since most of them didn't want their photos up for my layout. What a pity -.-! Still searching through for suitable characters for each of them. I did some admendment for this current layout too. Hope it is less distracting to the eye now :).

Ok! My dad is spoiling me again. He got me 3 branded pants, 2 pairs of boots from timberland each costing over 200 bucks and a brand new bag in this 2 wks T_T! Thank you so very much! I really got to stop him from wasting his money! He did all this shopping for me even though I wasn't there to shop with him >.<! Make me feel so bad for not being able to spend time with him lately due to FYPJ. Plus, my parents dislike stepping out of the hus during the wkends >.<... I really need more time! Hopefully, attachment and FYPJ will end soon so I could spend more time with them :). Love u dad, u are forever the best father in the whole entire world!

Got bored, so took this from angie and mich blog :P :

I AM: Different
I WANT: My life to be the way it is now, forever
I WISH: Those I love and care for to be healthy and happy forever
I HATE: Empty promises, betrays, lies and stupidities
I MISS: Outing with my family
I FEAR: The loss of someone important
I HEAR: My own thoughts
I WONDER: Abt many mysterious in and out of this world
I REGRET: My stupidity in the past
I AM NOT: All the same
I DANCE: On my own stage
I SING: My own songs
I CRY: When I have no control over something important to me
I AM NOT ALWAYS: The way some see me
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: My own future
I WRITE: If neccessary
I NEED: More time
I SHOULD: Continue being myself
I START: My own dream and target
I FINISH: As expected :P
I LOVE: My family, friends, darling and myself
I REMEMBER: Most of everything

I am going to blog this cause if I don't, somene is going to pest me :P. Played monopoly again during this wkend, and we lost again to gary >.<! What in the odds of that? Keith was like complaining and cursing during the first game that it's all because I switch properties with gary that's y he could win. He goes like 'Gd! Gd! Gary, u lucky u got a gf... Only know how to sweet talk your gf to swtich properties with u... u smart! Idiot lah! U wait! Nxt time I got gf, I surely call her come play monopoly.... .... bla bla bla... Jie! U gd! I play with u so many times monopoly nv see u help me... stupid lah u... I warned u liao, don't exchange with him... u see now how?! We are losing like F***.... bla bla bla' >.<! <-------- he came on repeating this same phrase!  No matter how many times I tell him that's cause  I got no choice but to switch with him... he just don't believe me T_T! And I went bankrupt not because of Gary, is because I was that unlucky to step onto Keith's ONLY Hotel!!  We even had a rematch and played till 3am but it's still the same winner -.-! Shouldn't had that rematch -.-! Then, here keith goes again like 'I hate this game! We nxt time play pokemon monopoly! I don't care whether ppl laugh at us... Don't believe will still lose to him!' If these goes on, I may just develop a phobia for this game :P. Mic, wl, ant, ppp, want watch X-men nxt wk?PPP, surely no money right? Expected! You continue with your avatars marking then :P. Nth much! Logging off!
Monday, 29th May  2006, 8:04pm

..........Have a peaceful journey, grandma..........

Alright, today went printing with mic and we spend most of our time cutting the prints. Well, it's actually her doing most of the job :P. Ty mic! Owe u one!
I know I am terrible at cutting... lol... ate waffle with ice cream at ps afterwhich. Yummy :)! Well Am pretty tired from all those walkings and driving... and i didn't get much slp this past few days due to my grandma funeral. Went to my grandma a wake on sat. Reach there by 7pm, greeted the relative and pay some respect to my grandma. We were suppose to serve the guest and some relatives... basically, we don't give a damn abt them -.-. I don't even know who are my relative or are they the guest? Just went to pay some respect to my grandma and hope she will go peacefully. In the end, Keith was playing with his laptop while I was listening to my mp4 till my cousin came over to chat with me. We reached home at around 2am and went for funeral at 6am. Witnessed tears of sorrow and some of my relatives sure can cry. My dad was like asking, where they found those tears. So did i cry? Though, my grandma came visiting occasionally, i am still not that close to her. She would always comment that I grew prettier and would gv Keith $50... Iol... i rather it's the other way round. Old folks just dote sons more :). Not to mention that she enjoyed watching WWE a great deal and would always ask us for the VCDs even when she was hospitalised. Ya, it's sure sad to see her go... but, am relief that she don't have to suffer anymore pain from her illness. It's hard for me to cry. Maybe it's because I am not an emotional person or maybe i just don't see that she's gone. I really can't recall the last time i cried and y...  I see tears as a form of weakness and they are precious. I rather do something abt that situation than waste my time crying... So, crying is just not for me... or maybe it is with my family gene? Have a peaceful journey, grandma.

After the funeral, went to mic hus for minor. Actually, was not in a mood cause I hadn't had enough slp and was exhausted. And maybe it's due to my tiredness, I wasn't able to control my emotion during the discussion... but, i guess I did cover it up well in the end. Those who know me well, should know what I hate most. When i said it, i meant it to be done... if u can't do it, than don't tell me u can or will alright? It just makes me think how seriously u take my words or me. Nonsense? I am definitely not in any mood for it during that period. It may work for some ppl, but me? What a pity... I only gv 1 chance... U take it! U break it! Bottomline, that's final!

Went to watch X-men with gary after the discussion. Not a bad movie, but ain't wonderful or recommended for my opinion. The action and styles were there, but the storyline was rather disappointing. The movie don't prove much of a pt except that jean is really strong and got killed by wolverine in the end -.-? How ironic was that? Jubilee sure was a bad threate. The seat was uncomfortable and the woman besides me had bad taste for perfume. Y wear perfume that stinks?

Intro gary to
RYL2 when we got back home and I had some other friends to play with me this online game :). RYL 1 was a success, but since it was p2p, we didn't continue the game... rather cool game with many different game play elements. Maybe busy playing it this few days :P.

Will be able to go out with rach this wk! Pls decide on your destination girl! Miss u so much! Am definitely going to clear my bday debt then k? FYPJ is coming to an end! Gd -.-! But the sad news is, that I will not be attaching to the same company as mic. How demoralising! I rather go solo than to attach with ppl i dislike. Anti-social? Know me better, and u will know how fast I can make some1 my friend. I extreme between social and not, all depending on whether they are worthy or whether i want to.  I apologise to those who are dear to me that this entry may sounds a little sulky... I believe u guys will understand :). Got wendy's blog up! Do visit!! Nth much! Logging off!
Friday, 2nd June  2006, 6:02pm

..........Final! Another 3 mths >.<..........

FYPJ had ended! Lets not talk abt the final presentation shall we? Being first to present is definitely not lucky! Oh well! Anyway, nxt stop...
attachment to ppp's company, Mikoishi -.-. Y the hell they send me to a company with such high expectation? I'm starting to miss fypj cause there will be no mic and char to chat with and joke with for 3 mths T_T! And I still got to rearrange my portfolio later on >.<. I will miss u, mic!! And u are damn lucky! Don't let go of this chance again k? All the best! Remember to update me k *wink*?

My sweet best friend, rach came over yesterday. Actually intended to catch a movie with her... but in the end >.<... well, it's not something nice to talk abt. Nvm! What's with that 5 mins of walking, rach? Man! She's sure one of the most thoughtful friend and person i have ever met. She treated my parents with their favorite beancurb again! Always so generous! Sometimes, I can't help but think she looks like a gentleman :P. We played picturary with Xerxes and Keith... okok! We lost to that two idiots >.<. I forced rach to stay till at least 10pm and having no choice, she played with Keith dota, did some web surfed and watched some lame, boring taiwan programs till around 10:15pm. Lol! Love having u around... and y the hell did u upload those photo of 'him' in your friendster -.-? Lol! Promise to meet up someday again k? Love u girl!

Went shopping at orchard with my parents today :D! Think i made them spend more than 500 bucks on my clothes T_T. My mum banned me from buying any more clothes till I am 21 :P. Most ot the time, is my dad picking up those fine clothes for me... and those he chose have no discount >.<. Bought a classic white long sleeve top and a white mini skirt at GUESS for $176 in total, a new swim wear for $120, 2 unique tops, and 3 really sweet and classic dresses from forever 21.  I could wear those to attachment, since dad kept on reminding me not to wear sexy during work >.<. Yaya, than i will have to look all innocent... awww... how boring! But, i understand that i can't wear those I desire during work :)... definitely is inappropriate to do so.  In the end, my mum forced me to sit at the corner of the shops to prevent me from buying anymore :P.... LOL! Thank u so much, mum and dad for all those clothes!! Lol! We went into 1 particular store at Paragon where my mum and I spotted this really cool top and when we asked the sales assistance for the cost.... she answered with a 4950 bucks  -.-!! Talk abt extravaganza? What do u expect from PIOS? I rather wear a t-shirt than to buy that >.<! My dad was like telling me, 'in the future, get a rich guy to buy it for u...'  Lol! But, who would want to spend four thousand on a top?! It's really fun to go shopping with my parents... not only will they buy clothes for me, they always seem to have lots of talk abt  and i love teasing my mums :P. They are really great! No more shopping for me for the nxt 6 mths or so :P!

Think i better log off and start arranging my portfolio to show them on mon >.<! And that forgetful ppp!! How can u forget to pass your card back to them? Still got to trouble me to get it from u tml >.<... hate u... U are really lucky that I am a kind friend :P. Think i am going to decay there... Anyway! Logging off!

June, 13th June  2006, 11:44am

..........It's still boring..........

Lack of updates? Not really. I don't have much interesting things to blog abt anyway >.<. Talk abt a boring life. The only differences between fypj and
iap are a better chair and com, new environment, new ppl and a lot more further from home >.<. It's still as boring and the hrs spend in front of the com are as long. The ppl here are nice though. Carine and Jim is cool, and ty Jim for the meal... owe u a drink. Though Cash is really strict and picky, he's fun and sure can talk ALOT :p. Veron and Elaine are nice companies too :).

Did a web mock up using photoshop for the company new mobile game, Lost planet. I find the overall quite pleasing as I had succeeded in making it look kind of 3D and cold ^-^. Credits to Cash and Jim for all those helps and comments. Working in front of a com for long hrs is definitely not my job.  I really will find life boring if I were to take this up as an occupation. Currently experimenting with pixels -.-. Thanks henji for your patient and time too. Oh my! U are really the master of pixel :P.

As promise... who won the last monopoly? Yaya! No doubt, it's the same person! And I thought I was winning back then >.<... Wth with 4 straight wins?! Will soon develop a phobia if this continues. Rachel! U rules girl! Thx alot for everything... U are always so thoughtful and sensitive towards me :). What a wonderful best friend u are... not forgetting Karen too :). Mic! U are so sweet to have done up an animated gif to cheer me on... Lol! It's really cute! Miss ya ^-^! No worries, I am not suffering from depression though my girls make it all  seems that I am going through a living hell... Lol! I was just confused over a certain issue and got a little moody somehow. Morgan, thx u so much for creating a fanlisting for me... what a sweet little sis u are :). Remember to stay happy always k?

Some1 rather close to me is breaking apart internally from some, yet another love relationship problem. I must say, what a common problem -.-. She seldom comes telling me her problem, maybe is due to the fact that I am younger than her or she thinks that I will nv understand her feeling. Ya, I guess she's right that I may nv understand the feeling of getting hurt by love. But, in my perspective, I only see that if u can't let go of the past and move on, than don't bother to start a fresh one. U will just suffer from all those doubts and uncertainties. Seriously, it's all this doubts that is hurting u, not love. Whatsmore, if u do not have any confident in maintaining a relationship, than u can jolly well just give up on love. I assure u that u will nv get one. Lol! One betray is all it takes to change my feelings toward someone... what abt u? After all he had done to u in the past, after all this yrs... u still love him? U should know that if he's not a prince charming, there won't be a happily ever after. I guess we are really different even though we are closely related huh? U may not be reading this, but I just want to let u know, i do care for u. At least, trust youself in the decision u make k? Take care!

Currently, am hooked into this anime God? Save our king! Lol! Really cool and highly recommended :). Haha! kk, logging off...
June, 27th June  2006, 5:06pm

..........Another entry..........

Alright! Been doing pixel characters a great deal for the company new mobile game: Harry potter lately. What can i say besides dotting just ain't fun? Anyway
went to catch the movie, Silent Hill last wk with mic, gary, keith and xerxes.  Oooo! Mich! Didn't get to see u for a mth and u got prettier!! Haha! Skirt pls! Skirt!!  We had Swensens before the movie and as usual, Keith and Xerxes are forever that entertaining... lol... seriously, u can nv not laugh at keith speech and his way of interacting, plus xerxes lame jokes added together....it just makes everything they say hilarious. I will like to ask, what's it with Cathay management? They ain't that strict before... Yup! They won't allow Keith to enter since he didn't bring his IC and they even want to check ours! Either they are blind to not see that we are all above 16 or do we look like we are in our 14s or 15s? Come on! It's just a MC16 movie -.-. Since they are so efficient and blind, I suggest they should come up with a system for age clarification in the future? And don't give me that damn excuse that Cathay will be in deep trouble if they allow a customer in without knowing his ages... if it's so... u guys should be down a long time ago. Right, and I doubt I will be watching anymore movie in Cathay ever again. Keith and Xerxes went home after not being able to watch SH... Well, the movie wasn't too bad and honestly not frightening at all.... To me, it's much more of anticipating on what's going to happen next.

I had finished with my nxt upcoming layout, but ain't in any mood to change the current one. Wanted this version to be up longer till maybe after my attachment period. My nxt blog version will be called, Our everlasting friendship... Yup! As promise, featuring all my best and close friends in their anime characters :). Had some hard time finding the appropriate characters for each of them... Lol! And yet again, i tried a new style and colours for it... I'm not sure if the overall will turn out messy... hopefully not :P.

Awww... My sweet little sis, morgan had done up a fanlisting for me :) (
Here) . It's her first time making her own layout, and i think she did a pretty neat job. It's really sweet and thoughtful of u... really appreciate it so much. Oh! My dad got me the latest IPod with video for $500++ ^-^... He bought it for me when i told him my mp4 charger is malfunctioning. Yes! He's forever spoiling me... lol... No doubt he's my greatest and best dad in the world :). Love u! That's for now...
July, 07th July  2006, 10:34pm

..........My driving license!! ..........

Yup! I got my driving license at last :)! I even drove to work today, of course, with my dad by my side... lol... Thx alot to Tony, my private instructor for all his
patience and making my driving lessons always so entertaining and fun :). He's a great instructor, though I kept on denying it whenever he's around :P... Also, ty for all those ppl who supported me through, haha... of course, additional credits to my parents, rach and shun de :). Thanks for the lucks and all those endless support ^-^!

Oh! Did i mention that my dad bought a new car recently? A very beautiful Porsche, Cayenne S (
Here). Currently, there are not more than 10 ppl in singapore who own this car. My dad is real proud of it though :). It's a really agile car with comfortable and high-class seatings, and a powerful engine. My dad sure accomplish many in life... From being real poor to having the best in everything;  from wifes to house and car... He had always been my idol and someone I respect more than anything :). How could u not love a dad like him who gives his children nth but the best? Love u dad!

Some ppl are just plain stupid and idiotic. Like they can go all dramatic and emotional, acting all so pitiful and down... but once u turn back to them and feed them with attention, they would reject u firmly and even conveniently put all the blames on you. Nono! Bastards like this aren't trash... cause they are not even worth being called one. Lol! And don't get me wrong, all those around me don't fall into this category.... Oh ya! When the game is over, it's over... there's no rematch. U are so lucky I am not involve in this game cause I won't let u lose just like that... Lol! Maybe all i can do now is curse u, and u know i definitely will :)... Tsk tsk! Nv nv hurt things that are important to me... And yup! She's important, very important... so how can i ignore it? I downright hate u! I hope u are reading this and know that I am actually referring to u... Oh! Maybe not, cause u are too dumb to even know what I am talking abt. Ha!

Oh ya! Ty rach and shun de for the lovely pre-made doll for my bday gifts :D! Though there are still some time before my bday.... u guys got me such a thoughtful gift already T_T? Am so touched... lol! Ty so much again :)!  Hopefully rach is available nxt sun so we can hang out :P. Alright, logging off :).
July, 30th July  2006, 11:12pm

..........Birthday girls!!! ..........

I know, I know! It had been ages since I update >.<! Don't worry! I'm not dead, it's just that there ain't much for me to update you guys abt... For the past
few wks, it seems like my life contains mostly, 40% of work, 20% of driving and the rest for.... oh well... maybe just rotting and those usual stuffs.

Met up with rach, sd and his gf today for rach's 'belated' and my 'early' bdays celebration. Rach is as sweet as usual to get me a bday cake of my choice, though it ended up being the worse cake I have ever ate >.<! The so-called 'chocolate cake' contained such a high amount of alcohol that I could only manage to finish up a small slice of it ... yup! Which is y sd and his gf finished up the remaining 90% of the cake.... LOL! Oh ya! Not to mention that rach got so fired up with the waitress at Swensen for not allowing us to eat the cake, she went to the counter, made a big fuss abt it till they agree to serve us with the neccessary unteils for the cake. Oh man! She's really cool :D! As usual, she treated us for that meal T_T... She always make me feel real bad for not allowing me to pay for her share >.<. Can u stop being so generous?! Lol! Pls give me an opportunity to treat u the nxt time round ok? Afterwhich, went to hereen for neoprint taking :P (
Here). It been ages since I last took a photo being with somebody or alone... lol... Before heading back home, we took an extra trip around and she bought the usual soya bean curb and milk for my family :D! Isn't she thoughtfull T_T! And yet again, she played a game of dota with my bro... Lol! It's really hilarous how the 2 of them co-op during the whole game... Most of the time, Keith will be scolding and nagging at what rach did, while rach will be complaining and bragging abt her character and Keith... Lol! I really enjoy my time with her! She's always my bestie best friend :)! Love her so much! Ty u so much for the lovely bday gift T_T! She got me a beautiful princess-like dress ^-^!! I love it so much!!  Really, really sweet of her! Hehe... It must have cost u alot huh? I hope u like the Elle watch I bought for u too :)! Ty Sd for the ashley piggy too... lol... though my mum took it and claimed it as hers now.

I'm really slpy now *yawn*! Oh no! It's mon again tml!! Monday blues! ARgggg.... I have been coding non-stop at work for the past wk or so... it's really boring and is getting on my nerves!! And to imagine I will still need to continue doing so for the nxt 3 wks.... omg! There goes my IAP.... lol! Counting down to my holiday!! 26 more days!! Yup yup!! Gd nite everyone!
Tuesday, 08th August  2006, 11:12pm

..........Birthday thanks ..........

Would like to thx Rach for being so thoughtful and sweet to remember what I like and bought me this lovely princess-like dress that I longed for :). Not
forgetting, the 'delicious' cake and meal and for trying to make it special :). You are forever my besties best friend! Love you! Gary for the sweet pre-made card and booster, ty! Mich and Angel for the adorable 'nodding-frog-or-something-thingie', Lol! I got no idea what it is, but it goes nodding and smiling every now and then. And, they hope that each time I see it, I will be happy cause it's forever smiling :)... that's really meaningful... and ty so much for those pre-made cards, they are really sweet and cool *huggies*. Keith, Xerxes, ZJ and TB for the real big and cute bunny which I still have no clue where I should keep it. But, as Keith says: 'It's the size that matters...'  -_-" ... ' The bigger, the better! Don't u feel happyl when u see the size!?'  Ya right! Now, I am having headache on where and how I should be placing it so as to prevent it from getting dusty >.<. My parents, for the cake, night safari trip, 3 pairs of boots, 3 sets of comics... hehe. Veron for the cute and lovely silver bear necklace, Carine for her so-called ' shark-fin' treat.... lol... Katherine as always! The big big packages with tons of surprise and presents inside, ranging from comics, dvds, cards to pre-made stuffs and many wishes. Ty for saving up every yr for my bday gifts :D! SD, for the piggy, which now belongs to my mummy >.<. Advance thanks to Jul, Char and Liying... didn't had the time to collect my presents from them yet :P.

I just received my present from Amanda this morning. It's a CD, and when I played it in window media, there's a short little bday message and wishes, which continue with a song recorded and sang by her. It's really touching T_T! The song is called "A Shoulder To Cry On' origin by Tommy Page. Your voice is still as beautiful and sweet as always :). I am still trying to get the song up, so for the time being
here is the lyrics for it :P. It's a really meaningful gift and I love it :). Despite your busy schedule, u went through so much trouble to get it recorded and delicating it to me... And, I know... I know u will be there. It's really special :).

Hey mich! Told u I will win the bet! I always win :P! The person, I will ever lose to... is myself... i guess... Lol! It's my first time losing a bet set by myself. And it sux big time! It's kind of sad to put in hopes into something and than losing it... maybe I shouldn't be so confident abt it from the start... hmmm... but, it's alright, cause even till the end, I am not alone. Trust, understanding, thoughts are they that hard to gain? I guess I overestimate myself :P!  Ty for everything, u know who u are :)! At least, I don't have to treat someone a meal or two :P.

19?! What an irritating number! And nxt yr, I will be 20 >.<!! OMG! There's a '2' already T_T!? Time flies! How I wish it could just slow down... growing up means more freedom and more problems. I hate anything that gives me problems, but I think that's life. Lol! Alright! 2 more wks to holiday! Go! Go! Go!
Monday, 14th August  2006, 11:05pm

..........See No Evil ..........

As a WWE fan, how can I miss this exclusive movie? So during the wkend, along with Rach, Xerxes and Keith, we went and caught it... Yup! The WWE
production film, See No Evil featuring, Kane who is one of my fav. wrestler of all time. To cut it short, the movie is all abt how gruesome and dominating Kane is. I mean, the entire movie is all abt digging eyeballs, smashing ppl into walls, cutting of body parts and ppl screaming and running >.<. Hey! U don't expect WWE to produce a romance film, do u? I doubt Kane was given any speech script for the entire movie... The only words that ever came out from his mouth were: Arggg and No! But, he's really cool and dominating when he appeared with the big hook and axe...lol! During the movie, Keith(who was sitting besides me) kept on repeating: "He's going to dig his eyeballs... he's going to dig his eyeballs..." while Rach(who was also sitting besides me) went on with: "He's going to die... They are going to die.... she's going to die..." Hello! The movie is already tense enough ppl! Lol! This movie is sure full of disgusting and gruesome scenes >.<! And... and Kane even did a double chokeslam to 2 of his victims in the movie!! Way cool!! Mich, u will love this movie, your type girl! Each time Kane killed someone, I was anticipating the Undertaker to appear and tombstone him :P. Which is, of course impossible... lol... Nevertheless, whether it is in the ring or the film, Kane still looks powerful enough to tear any1 apart without the need of weapon :P. Great movie, if u are a WWE fan or u love gruesome movies... lol...

After the movie, I treated Keith and Rach for Swensen... Rach was so filled up after the meal that she got to plead, act cute, console and finally threaten(Oh ya! U bet the threatening works) Keith to help her finish her noodles which my mum had prepared for her after we got back home. We played a really long(around 2 hrs?) game of dota... though I kept on dying and all, we still won, thx to keith :P. It's really fun and enjoyable playing game with them... and Rach is now addicted to dota :P. Had a great time, really! Come again soon, Rach! I miss u already :D!

Sis! Pls recover soon from your injury ok? Haiz... I will pray for u... and I curse that guy who cause u this injury!!

I want the WWE, DX T-shirt!! It's really adorable and cool... with the mini-cartoon Triple H and Shawn Michael!! Lol!
Wednesday, 30th  August  2006, 6:30pm

..........Holiday! Holiday! Holiday! ..........

Ooo! Holiday is here to stay! Had dinner with Carine, Guy, Veron and Elaine during my last day. Took some pics and carine got them edit and design.
(Here). Will miss some of the ppl there lots. Ty to carine for all your time and accompany :), Veron, elaine, kelvin, jim too... lol... and guy and wy for their animes :D! Nice working place actually, despite the distance.

Mic and Angel came over to spend a nite. Most of my planned activities for them went wrong, so we just entertained each other by chit-chatting, board games, dota, tv and slp... lol... this 2 are the odds of all roommates... they slp early and wake up early >.<!! When they said they would wake up at 9:30am sharp, they really did!! The both of them sat up together when the time strikes... I think I didn't get much slp... lol... but, really had an enjoyable time with u girls. And am really happy to get to know u better, Angel. Sign language is fun ^-^! Teach me more nxt time ok?

Am not in a mood to blog much... Lets see... i got minor and portfolio to complete before 11 sept! Arggg.... work seriously sux! Am really, really lazy to start on anything now! Sry for the short entry... but it's better than not updating right :P?
Wednesday, 08th  September  2006, 11:40pm

..........Pri Sch Gathering ..........

I am updating this cause of my darling rach.Ain't I the best, girl :P? Been kind of busy this few days updating my porfolio and spending time with my
family :). I get to go out with them almost everyday :D! Had a primary sch gathering with my usual grp of gd friends, candice, lisa, dolly and suet lin... I took some neoprints with candice, but because of some bandwidth problem, I couldn't get it uploaded yet >.<. As usual, this grp of girls sure knows how to grab attention. I wasn't surprise when everyone were looking at us while we were waiting outside seoul garden... since they can create so much 'noise'... lol :P. Their laughters were unbelievable, especially lisa, dolly and suet lin. Candice is forever the one creating the reason to laugh and making funny mistakes... lol... That night, we had a non-stop chit-chatting dinner section at seoul garden and it was really fun :). But since I was the first to leave, I miss the photo-taking section with them >.<. I bet everyone is looking forward to the nxt meet up, especially dolly xiao mei. Really had a fun time with u girls :D!

Y am i still hestiating to change my new layout? That's because I am really lazy T_T. I promise my nxt layout which features all my close/best friends to be up anytime now for wks... awwwwwwwwww! I really got to do something abt it :P.
Thursday, 19th  October  2006, 6:28pm

..........Maybe be closing ..........

Yup! I am thinking of closing my blog. Firstly, I have lost interest in blogging and web-designing, secondly, am too occuppied to update much. Sch
had started and this semster will be my last. I got my portfoilo to worry abt and the modules are as boring as usual. Design history and Jap are so dull!! I think i lost most of my skills in 3D modelling and currently i got no inspiration for any digital art piece >.<. Man! I am so dead.

Candice came over yesterday. Really cool that she could find time to visit me :). She's a real sweetie. And for some reasons or another, she isn't eating right. U better start eating more k? I prefer u to be round :P! Take care!

I am terribly sry Candice, Lisa, Suet lin and Dolly for not putting u girls up in my friends page as promise. I wll definitely find time to put all of u up! Maybe after our nxt meet up, so i could get a grp photos( with me in it) and create a better page. Haha, but u know i will always remember u girls :).

I don't know why some guys are just bastards or dumbass. Their brains are filled with nth at all! Some are just bloodly idiots who thinks they-know-it-all and yet they could trust the wrong person. Oh ya! Some 'smarts' they got there! Don't worry, i ain't the one getting hurt right here... For me to interact with any of this species? Rather impossible, right lisa? I just hate it if my friends were with those of this kind. That's one reason why i don't want to start a relationship any sooner, another is cause i don't have the time, thirdly am not interested, lastly i got my little secret.  I am not those girls who will meet up with strangers and i don't give chances or numbers... So pls no more mails, msn add, or stuffs like that >.<.

My Design page. So, if u are interested, u can view my new digital arts... the old ones were really terrible. Hopefully i can get some inspiration and produce more and better art pieces.

Ooo! Dolly, i finally got your blog up. Haha! Been hooked into the anime and manga, Death note! It's a really thrilling anime! Hightly recommended for those anime/manage lovers btw ^_-! I will nv want to miss the movie :P.

Lastly, i may not be updating any time sooner already. As i had mentioned before, am tired of blogging.... recently, i don't have the mood to do so...  I apologise again for not being active T_T. Ooo! Dolly, finally got your blog up. Haha! Been hooked into the anime and manga, Death note! It's a really thrilling anime!