REDHAWK'S Space History Page:
This page is just a sample of American Space History information.  I hope you enjoy this bit of historical information.
Mercury was the first of the American manned space projects.  "The Original Mercury 7" were the first seven astronauts to enter NASA.

The original 7 included:  John H. Glenn Jr., Virgil I. "Guss" Grissom, Alan B. Shepard Jr., Walter M. Schirra Jr., M. Scott Carpenter, Donald "Deke" Slayton, and L. Gordon Cooper Jr. "Gordo".
Gemini was the second of the American manned space projects.  The name is derived from Greek mythology, the twins.  This was a two man capsule, hence the name.
Apollo was the American space project that was destined for the moon.  With its 3 man crew, this capsule, along with the lunar lander, journeyed accross the vast emptiness, to land on our moon.

Apollo 11, was the first of many to make this journey, and return.
The Apollo 11 crew was: Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin Jr., Neil Armstrong, and Micahel Collins.  Buzz and Neil took the "Eagle" lander down to the moons surface, while Collins remained in the command module, orbiting the moon.
The Space Shuttle is NASA's current space vehicle, used for deploying satellites, and more recently, aiding in construction of the International Space Station.  The shuttle is reusable, able to be launched into space and return to land on a special airstrip.  Controlled pretty much like an airplane, it has landing gear, flaps and rudder control surfaces.
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Skylab was America's first orbital space station.  It was intended to be a medical and scientific research station.