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Below is some information and pictures about the International Space Station.
Additional information on the ISS, and all shuttle missions, can be obtained from the
National Aironautics and Space Administration (NASA) site.
This is what the ISS looks like following the STS-112 mission to add a "truss" arm.
This is what the ISS will look like when it is fully assembled, and completed.
This link will take you to the latest ISS  image gallery on the NASA website.
(artist concept)
The X-38 is planned as the newest lifeboat for the space station.  Here is an artist's drawing of what the X-38 looks like.  NASA hopes to deploy the craft as a high-flying lifeboat for the ISS in 2006.  The X-38 will replace the Russian Soyuz module to be used as an escape vehicle in the early years of ISS operations.  Instead of seating the Soyuz's 3 the X-38 will seat 6.  This story and more can be found here, on Space.Com
The X-37, big brother to the X-38 (right), is continuing to be tested by NASA.  It is to be the next generation of re-usable space vehicles.  The X-37 project was thought to have been scrapped, but appearently it is continuing.  The link below is to this and other stories found on SPACE.COM.  Please pay special attention to the one concerning the Ion Engine testing.

Read it here.