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Welcome to the new Redhill site within the Shane Lynch Fans website!  This is also a completely seperate site all on it's own, so if you don't want to keep going through the SLFML site, just save the URL for this site!
This site aims to bring you all the news, views, latest pics and information about Redhill!  Obviously there's not a lot about at the moment so the site may be a bit sparse for a time, but when there is news, it'll go up here as soon as possible!
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Looking a bit soft at this stage for a hip-hop band (in my opinion- don't shoot me!), they are expecting to have a single out in January 2002.  They're now sticking with the hip-hop idea that they first came up with, having toyed with joining the throng of nu-rock bands appearing like Limp Bizkit and Linkin Park.

Shane feels he's now found his niche.  It's what he's always wanted to do and he's well up for it!  Bearing in mind the current wave of hip-hop popularity with bands like D-12 making high entries in the charts, it looks like they could well go far - providing of course they can get the vote from all those blokes out there and not just the ex-boyzone fan vote.  Here's hoping they do - after the bad decision that was "Girl You Know It's True", Shane needs a bit more credibility amongst that area of the record buying public.  Personally, I think he and the rest of the Redhill lads have every chance of making it (I read it in Shane's cards - what can I say!) and I look forward to hearing the stuff they've produced - being a long time fan of bands like Cypress Hill, Public Enemy and House of Pain myself.
REDHILL are billed as a crossover between Linkin Park and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.  They've lost two of the original members (Ben and Rodney - work pressures) but still they continue with a stonking sound that is unlike anything you've heard previously...

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clockwise from top: Shane, Ben, Mark, Rod