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ReD stands for ReD Personal Computer Systems CorporationRapid electronic Devices
CJB means Computers Just Bargains!
Reasons to buy a ReD PC: It has the highest quality components for the lowest prices on the internet. See for yourself that we have the widest selection and best systems for 3D Gaming on the net. Includes:
  • Lifetime FREE Tech Support 365days/year-24hours/day-7days/week
  • Lifetime FREE National Local/LongDistance Service 365days/year-24hours/day-7days/week
  • Lifetime FREE Internet Access ISP 365days/year-24hours/day-7days/week
  • Lifetime Labor Warranty
  • Lifetime Memory Warranty (System Ram)
  • FREE Music from any CD you can name courtesy of ReDb Lifetime Membership (You will never have to buy music again!)
  • 3yr. Manufacturer's Warranty on major parts
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  • CPU Microchip
  • Graphics
  • Sound
  • Hard Drives
  • Networking
  • Rapid electronic Devices PC Sys Corp.

    We build systems custom designed for your needs. We offer only the highest quality components and bring them to you at the absolute lowest prices available.

    Our Systems Come with WindowsXP Media Center Edition on Win v6.0 Windows 2004 LonghornM5 NTv6.0.4015m5, Windows.NET 2003 NTv5.2.3790, WinXP 2002SE NTv5.1SP2, Microsoft Windows TechnologyWin 98 Third Edition Windows 98 Third Edition (Millennium Edition) Windows Millennium also known as Windows ME Win ME or Windows 2000 Professional SP4.079 Win2K Pro Service Pack v4.079 We are proud to offer you Graphics Cards from nVidia nVidia Graphics TechNvidia Corp. with the mature version 44.61 nVidia DetonatorFX Series 5 Drivers v44.61 Drivers and all other important updated driver upgrades pre-installed like MS Windows DirectX v9.0a-DV Office.NET (v11b2.5207) OfficeXP 2002 (v10sp2) A3D 3.3.678 EAX 3.0:Advanced-HD Sensaura3D EnvironmentalFX/MacroFX/ZoomFX nVidia nFiniteFX CineFX VIA Hyperion v4.47 (AGP4.4 IDEv3.014.1 USBv2.42L InFv1.8) All Applications on our massive download server Included FREE lifetime membership for all customers all preinstalled in every PC shipped: Quake1,2&3 Team Arena Return to Castle Wolfenstein1.4 Game of the Year Edition NOLF1&2 Operation Flashpoint Max Payne HalfLife/CounterStrike/OpposingForce/BlueShift Sin1.11 Soldier of Fortune1&2 HeavyMetalFAKK2 Star Trek:Voyager-EliteForce&ExpansionPack Kingpin Alice Descent1,2&3 MortalKombat4 Red Faction Unreal/Unreal Tournament1&2003(UT2K3 v2.225) ReD Blocker Pop-up/Webpage Ad blocker program Crystal Reports 8.5 Visual Studio.NET InterDev MoHAA (Medal of Honor: Allied Assault WWII Simulator 3D FPS First Person Shooter) Hitman2 TheThing StarWars:Jedi Knight2:JediOutcast Corel WordPerfect2003 Office.Net 2003 v11b2.5207 OfficeXP 2002 v10sp2 Smartsuite2002 StarOffice MS Works7 Suite 2002 Feurio1.66 Nero5.5135-WMA(latest) InCD3.5161 EZ CD Creator6b&5.32 Platinum DirectCD-Mastering HotBurn Software IBM-ViaVoice2000pro& Dragon NaturallySpeaking6 Voice Recognition PartitonMagic8pro CorelDraw11&10 Jasc Paint Shop Pro8&7.04 Adobe Photoshop7&6.02 Premiere6 Acrobat5.1 Illustrator10&9 3DStudioMAXv5&4.29 Lightwave7.5 Maya5&4.5 SoftImage Shake McAfee VirusScan7 FireWallv3.0 Norton Utilites 2003 w/ Antivirus2003 & Ghost2003 Microsoft Portrait2.0 IE6SP1(Internet Explorer 6.028.1213) OutlookExpress6.0.28.1213sp2 Frontpage2002& Express2.02.1311 XMPEG4.5 DiVX5.05aPro AOL8/MSNexplorer8.5&7.2 Netscape Navigator7.02&6.23 Communicator4.79Now Available: K7-7 AthlonXP Thoroughbreds and 4.2GHz 786 P4s with 1.2GHz system bus and 533MHz DDR system memory bus! Opera7.11 Mozilla1.4rc1 AnimationShop3.04 nVmax4.02&3.072b 4.2GHz Dual-CPU, AMD 760MPX Athlon6xp Thoroughbred (K7-7), 1.2GHz bus/533MHz System Memory bus PC4000:8.53GB/s DDR PC533 RAM with Enhanced 3DNow!+ Pro and SSE+1&2) CoolAudioEdit2K CD-Burner WinZip9b&8.1 WinRAR3.2 7-Zip2.3.31 QuickTime6.3pro YamahaSYXG50v3.13.07(XG/GM/Roland-GS Wavetable MIDI music PC audio with any soundcard) AIM5.2.3255 msnMessenger6.0263(FREE Global Long Distance to any phone# in the world) WindowsMessenger5b25 ReDb 2.11rc14(FREE CD-Quality Music from any artist) Windows Media Player 9.03005& Encoder9 RealOnePlayer10v2( WinAMP3.0493&2.9 NetMeeting4.4.34 WindowsMovieMaker2&1.2 GetRight5.01a PowerStrip3.3365 Norton-PersonalFireWall2000v2.0&AntiVirus2003v9.0 LatestAntiVirusScan7(McAfee)Firewall3 nV-DVDv2.55 WinDVDv4.52894PlatinumDVS&3.241DTS PowerDVDxp4.02417DVS Cinemaster2K v4.4( DVDGenie4.1 sandra2003v1.926 3DMark2001SEv3.03&2000&99MAX&XL-R8R&PCMark2002 and of course, WinNT6 Win6! WindowsLonghornM5 2004MCE 6.0 (Windows2004 MCE1.5 LonghornM5 Win2K4 NT6.0.4015), Windows.NET 2003 5.2 (Win.NET NT5.2.3790), WindowsXP 2002SE 5.1 (WinXP NT5.1.26SP2) or WindowsME 4.9 (Win98 Millenium Edition v4.9.3) and MS-DOS v8.0a, or Win2K Pro 5.0 (Windows 2000 NT5.0sp4.079 Workstation Professional Edition). WinXP 2002SE Pro 5.12 (Windows 2002 NT v5.1.26.1213sp2 XP Workstation Professional Edition) and Win.Net Advanced Web Server DataCenter Enterprise Edition v5.2 Pro are out Now!!! Win.NET NTv5.23790 and Win2004 NTv6.04015m5 Longhorn Media Center Edition v1.5 are exclusively available from ReD PC! Shop around, you'll see its true.
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    We also use Antec or Enlight Cases with the SmartPowerSupply TruePower 433W (PP-431XF) or Enlight EG365P-VE Power Supplies that are AMD Approved for the utmost stability with your Athlon, Duron, or Thunderbird CPU.Antec SX-1080 Full-Tower 10bays 433W P/SNEW! AMD Athlon6 XP K7-6 and Intel Pentium4c1 with 760MHz and 533MHz PC4000 DDR SDRAM (PC533) 8.53GB/s System Memory and Support for MMX and Enhanced 3DNow!+ Pro and SSE2(Athlon:SSE+=SSE1) 32-bit Streaming SIMD Multimedia Extensions
    Have a Happy 2002nd YearHave A Nice 4.2GHz Day. Get a 2800MHz K7-6 or 4200MHz P7-4 4.2GHz and a 550MHz Geforce5 FX-5800 and make this the Nicest Day ever!I love all 4.2GHz that I have. Get a 2800MHz K7-6 or 4200MHz P7-4 4.2GHz and a 550MHz Geforce5fx and you'll love your ReD PC!The .13 micron DirectX9-optimized 4.4GigaPixel 4.4GigaTexel 550MHz Geforce5fx Pro Super Ultra with 1GHz 1000MHz 256-bit DDR-II SDRAM (64.0GB/s) and eight 550MHz pixel pipelines and a texturing unit is the ultimate gaming graphics card!! Super High Quality 1600x1200-2048x1536 Single or Dual Monitors (TwinView DualHead) FSAA with eight textures (effects) for each of the eight pixels per clock of which it's capable on its nVidia Programmable Direct3D9.09(DX9) OpenGL 2.0 GPUThe 550MHz nVidia Geforce5fx  has 256-bit 256MB 1ns (2nsDDR) DDR2 SDRAM and can process an amazing Five Trillion Operations per Second (500GFLOPS) and 750MEGAPolys (Millions of Triangles per second) twice the previous speed-champ the RaDeON3 Pro R30-9700 by using the nFiniteFX 3D Engine allowing it to do 8x8S High Resolution Full-Screen Anti-Aliasing at 500fps with 128-bit Gigacolor (Trillions of colors!) 64-tap(16X) Anisotropic Filtering and apply eight textures and unlimited lights to each of the eight pixels it can do per clock! 450MHz RAMDAC crisp clear 2D resolutionWinXP NT Pro v5.12 or Win2K4 NT6 LonghornM5 v6.0.4015 or Win.NET Adv Server v5.23790 availableInternet Explorer 6 SP2 (IE6: Actual Version WinXP Pro v5.1.26 (Windows 2002 NT 5.12 XP Workstation Professional Edition) WinXP NT5.1.26SP2 Pro [Codename: *Whistler* v5.1.26(newest)] Get your ReD PC for Christmas 2002 with: Windows XP 2002 v5.1 -Start Menu- (version 5.1.26) Windows 2002 XP NTv5.12 -Windows Update- (v5.1.26.1106)

    The Web's Absolute Lowest Prices on the Newest, Hottest, Fastest High-Quality Components. These Parts make your computer the most powerful available to consumers in the World! All models include Firewire Gigabit Ethernet USB v2.0 SerialATA 150MB/s RAID (up to 5.25TB) Standard with video-input and enhanced latency 533MHz CL2 BGA DDR-SDRAM Recommended Economy Models: 3066MHz Xeons! 3GHz C7-D3000-256MB/PC4000-533MHz/80GB:ATA-133/56K:V.92/LAN/6USBv2/433W:ATX or 3.33GHz P7-43333-512MB/PC3500-533MHz/120GB:ATA-133/8USB/450W:ATX 3.66GHz P7-43666-768MB/PC4000-533MHz/200GB:ATA-150/10USB/500W:ATX or 4.2GHz P7-44200-1024MB/PC4000-533MHz/250GB:ATA-150/12USB/550W:ATX AMD Athlon6-XP PR3200+ Thoroughbred .13u K7-62800 or .13u 4200MHz Pentium4C1 4.2GHz P7-44200 550MHz GeforceFX-5800 Ultra 256MB 1GHZ! 1000MHz microBGA DDR2-SDRAM or 490MHz RaDeON3 9700 Pro 256MB or 375MHz Geforce4 Ti4800 versionA3 copper-cooled 128MB or RaDeON2 GTS 128MB There are No Better Deals on the Internet! Guranteed or Your Money Back: WE WILL BEAT ANY ADVERTISED PRICE !!!