All about Color Coding...

The topics on this website are organized alphabetically, but also by color. There are 7 main "topic" categories.

Blue links will take you to pages about this website, specifically; stuff about me (the creator), ideas and help to build your own webpage, FAQs about this page, stuff about my animals, etc.

Pink links will take you to stuff dealing with mental health issues; from depression, suicide, self injury and other serious issues to gifted children, learning disabilities and more. This area will also deal with basic info about the brain and ways to increase intelligence, creativity etc...

Yellow links are "tip" pages (and my also fit into the above categories). They are simple, easy to read pages with basic, bullet-type information and tips.

Green links will take you to Science stuff; information about life and everything educational, including cool experiments

Red links will take you to pages that aren't classified in the above, like; philosophy, theology, fine arts, video games, movie recommendations and everything else...

Purple Links will take you to one of my Myspace blogs (on various subjects).

This site was created in late July 2007 and is under heavy construction. Please be patient!

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