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Privately owned by Lionel Hartley and independently managed under contract by

Peter Bowman (CEO) and Ernst R. Butler (Engineer)

Red Range Radio is a summer recording facility based at Red Range, in the Brother Mountains, east of Glen Innes, New South Wales, Australia with facilities for recording, dubbing and format transfer of both audio and video products. Red Range Radio is unable to broadcast (see reasons below) but has the full range of radio studio facilities. We share an outdoor summer film and television recording studio and presentation stage at Red Range with Christian & Cultural Audio-Visuals (CCAV-TV - Est. 1985), and have our own winter edit facilities located at Murwillumbah (just south of Brisbane). Contract facilities are also available throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Red Range Radio was set up in 1998 as a privately owned 'community' narrow-cast station on 88.5 FM but the licence application, although initially provisionally approved, was refused by the Australian Broadcasting Authority because 'a transmitter in such a strategic mountain location would interfere with local television channels in neighbouring Glen Innes and Grafton'. As a full complement of analogue and digital equipment had been obtained, this has now been put to use in the production (and post-production) of material for radio and television and for distribution on cassette, CDs, DATs, DVDs, and videos etc. The facilities also include open-reel tape decks and vinyl record turntables for the blending of old and new technologies.

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NEW! We are now able to offer a special service to writers courtesy of Freepublish. We can convert your poetry or short stories into an audio CD free of charge. Market-ready copies (commercially labelled with colour crystal packaging) will then be available to you at cost singly or in bulk. You are under no obligation to buy. You will continue to hold the copyright on your manuscript. We will provide a reader, studio facilities and technical support, and Freepublish will professionally package and market a limited number of copies to recoup our production expenses. Manuscripts will be subject to publisher scrutiny, welcoming all genres excepting violence and erotica. Send your manuscripts via email or snail mail (non-returnable) to P O Box 1471 Murwillumbah NSW Australia 2484.

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If you are interested in reading for radio, or radio drama production, some useful resources are available free online from Balance Publishing Company who specialise in Radio Drama Related Teaching Materials. They even have free sound effects online and you can order sound effects CDs.

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All enquiries to: P O Box 1471 Murwillumbah NSW Australia 2484

Surplus Equipment (To give away - Free)

Street Address (no postbox): 46-48 Laneway 13, Red Range, New South Wales, 2370


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Red Range Radio - ABN 26 040 604 011

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Please Note: Our extensive catalogue has now been merged with that of L&R Hartley Merchandising

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