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Newsletter Spring 1993
Mnookmi Giizis

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In an effort to expose those who blatantly capitalize on Native American Spirituality, Red Road Collective has published this list. Our intent is to encourage debate and discussion in the community. We also hope to encourage activism among our many Native American groups. We must challenge those who are not our proper hereditary elders who act out of greed and self interest. These individuals hurt and insult our precious elders by impersonating them. We will no longer allow them to disrespect and manipulate our Native people with twisted, racist expectations of our obligation to sacrifice the needs of our communities for their welfare. They have perverted our ceremonies to meet their insatiable need to "feel good" about themselves. They have promoted their offensive psycho-babble version of our rituals, used what we hold most sacred for their profit and amusement. In doing this they have robbed our children of their birth-rights and threatened our survival. We cannot allow European immigrants to take away our birthrite. If we allow them to take our spirituality from us, they will exploit it. They have shown us, over and over again, that their only intention towards this earth is exploitation. Anything we share with them, they will market for profit. They will strip our ceremonies and rituals of all their power and beauty. And even after everythng has been broken into pieces and sold to the highest bidder, they will ask for more. As long as the blood of the missionaries, the colonizers and the conquistadors flows through their veins, they can act no other way.

This collective is prepared to act in self-defense against those who would destroy our communities for profit. Since they have gained so much from the White society built from our oppression, we will use their own tools against them. We will file miriads of complaints in Federal as well as small calims court. We will notify legitimate tribal authorities of their fraudulent activities. We will send public statements to newspapers, radio and televisiion stations, bookstores, and libraries. We will publicly denounce those who falsely claim authority to "teach" Native American Spirituality for profit. Collective members have already notified the State Attorney General's office, the IRS and FBI(re: Indian Arts and Crafts Act) that the following individuals are misrepresenting themselves as legitimate tribal elders and that they are profitting from the exploitation of their followers. We will insist on action from their government until they are stopped. What follows is our most up-to-date list as of August 1994. All quotations are taken directly from literature given to collective members by those listed below.

(We're computerized now. Click on any word or phrase in color for more information)


AMYLEE: (Real name unknown)
c/o Native American Indian Resource Center Inc.
Hawk Hollow Private Nature Reserve
Tippecanoe, OH 44699-9612

This individual has claimed to be Mohawk, Native Hawaiian, Iroquois and Ojibwa to several different members of the collective. She is most likely running a huge pyramid scam. Currently, she is operating an international, computerized scam based on the Indulgence system of the Middle Ages. Followers are asked to send her money so that she can personnally ask the creator for their 'intentions.' She charges outrageous sums for eager White Lesbians to visit her property and 'birth a drum.' Just like the 'intentions', once the drum is 'birthed', more and more money must be spent in order to birth more and more drums. Followers are promised that they will attain success and power, if they just spend enough money.

This group is the most like a cult that we have encountered. Members must accept the teachings without question. Anyone who displays any reticence is immediately confronted by the "wolf pack" until they become true believers again. Concerned friends or family members who question Amylee's right to teach are dealt with severely. The follower is strongly pressured to break all ties with any skeptics. Some members create over 1000 shields at a cost of $300.00 - $400.00 each. Women suffering from alcoholism are told that they must practice Amylee's version of 'Iroquois spirituality' (taught mainly in Michigan and Ohio). She justifies this saying that because the women were born in America, they should practice Native American Spirituality. It doesn't seem to be a problem for her that these women were not born in Iroquois territory, however. As long as the check/Mastercard clears, she is happy to sell them the cure for alcoholism. As additional reinforcement, her followers are stongly discouraged from examing their European roots.

Amylee frequenly insults or proper hereditary elders at her gathering. She states that they are "greedy, ignorant and racist for not 'sharing' their spirituality. She often ends her made up 'rituals' by singing:

JOIA (Stage Name)
This individual is currently employed at Omar's show bar on East Michgan Ave.
Lansing, MI 48906

This Afican-American woman so admires the Native people that she has created a jingle dress strip-tease act. A favorite among local onanists.

Tamarack Song of the Owl Clan Teaching Drum Outdoor School
7124 Three Lakes, WI

Mr. Konen claims that is Northern European ancestors lived in wigwams and had sweat lodges. He finds Native American culture indistinguishable from Swedish culture. From this, he asserts his right to teach Lakota spirituality to the wealthy for a substantial profit.


She claims the right to teach Lakota and Ojibwa spirituality. While some of her teachings do have some resemblence to Lakota teachings, it is suspicious that she is becoming very wealthy telling rich white people what they want to hear. Members of the collective were informed that for the bargain price of $2000.00, they could visit her spiritual spa and achieve enlightenment.

Read the Tribal Warning in Sonaoma County News
Read about her Criminal Background in another 'Nish's website

Drums for the Earth
825 Mt. Pleasant
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(313) 665-2345

These wome specialize in exploiting the Lesbian/Feminist community. They travel all over the Great Lakes area looking for women with more money than sense, and they find a lot of them. One of the members of the collective spotted her selling large drums for between $350.00 and $2,500.00. She asked about a sign which read: "Ceremonial drums blessed by an Ojibwa elder." Ms. Rau became very angry when asked for the name of the alleged elder. The were both extremely hostile to other collective members who questioned her along similar lines. There was a sign placed over the 'ceremonial drums' which read: "Visa and Master Card gladly accepted'. When asked if this was appropriate treatment for such a sacred object, Ms. Rau and Ms. Graubarth had the collective members escorted from the premesis.

We did manage to grab some literature on the way out. In it, they claim that they make drums which can be used by lesbians in 12 step programs to heal themselves and create their own rituals. Customers are advised that they may special order drums which are "personalized in the Spirit" by Diantha herself. (For a slightly larger shipping and handling fee, of course) They also claim that, " a percentage of our proceeds goes to Native American, woman's and critical environmental concerns." Collective members have since learned that this percentage is 0%. Workshops are also offered where participants pay up to $700.00 to "birth a drum." Other workshops offered are a bizarre combination of New Age psycho-babble diluted with Hinduism, crystal obsession, Astrology and Transactional Analysis. After the more basic workshops, advanced workshops are offered where followers use "trance work" to "shape shift." All this can be achieved in a matter of weeks if the follower has enough money to pay for it all. We estimate it costs around $10,000.00 to become a fully enlightened Diantha Rau follower.

Since Ms. Rau is the most offensive con-artist we've encountered for a long time, we decided to travel to Ann Arbor to protest her shameless exploitation of Michigan's richest and dumbest conformists. We managed to sneak into a workshop where we found Diantha insulting our elders, calling them "cowards" for not giving their knoledge to her followers. (Gee, I wonder why they won't have anything to do with her?) She went on an angry diatribe about how self-centered the Native elders were that she approached because they wouldn't tell her anything. She finished her rant by telling the over-educated, privileged White Lesbians in the crowd that they were the "only brave women on this planet". Then she spent twenty minutes promoting herself as a "sacred midwife to the Goddess" and strongly pressuring the crowd to give her more money so that she can aid in their "conversion to the divine" and teach them how to "serve the drum people." After asking those touchy questions again, we had an opportunity to meet some of these "brave" woman as they pelted us with garbage and released a viscious dog on the collective.

c/o Pearson Nicholson & Associates
1423 Keystone
Suite #200
Lansing, MI 48911
312 S. Holmes St.
Lansing, MI 48912

Ms. Reagan is a Chicana yuppie with no ties to any indigenous community. She doesn't even speak Spanish. She claims to have become a 'Medicine Woman' while on an education vacation at the notorious Copper Canyon. She is a Sun Bear follower and receives monetary kick-backs for every new convert she can convince to visit Copper Canyon and spend lots of Yankee dollars. She claims to sell drums which are handcrafted by the "Tarahumara Indians[sic] of Mexico", but collective members have observed her fashioning the drums herself. She continues to depict Lesbians engaging in sexual activities on her drums, despite horrified elders pleas for her to stop this sacriledge. In addition, she also preys on the privilleged substance abusing Lesbian/Feminist communiity, claiming that her drums will 'cure' them of their alcoholism. In her literature she claims that, "a portion of the profits return to the [sic] Indians," We contacted the Tarahumara and they said they had never even heard of her and had not received one penny.

SUN BEAR(aka Vincent LaDuke, Medicine Chief of the Bear Tribe Society)
c/ Midwest Medicine Wheel Gathering
340 E. Maple
Birmingham, MI 48909-6313

A self-proclaimed spiritual leader of the Chippewa. Mr. Bear formed the 'Bear Tribe' especially for wealthy hobbyists. Followers are encouraged to "spend their spiritual leisure time engaged in structured workshops building stone medicine wheels and acting out one of the 34 totems.(One for each direction)" ??? For a fee, Mr. Bear offers to make non-Natives "pipe-holders" in short periods of time. (Sometimes as little as two-weeks.) He has claimed that the proper Lakota elders are "racists" for "not sharing their spirituality." Sun Bear has his many followers busy promoting his next gathering. The literature claims that the Hawaiian Hula will be taught, Sweat Lodges will be conducted and participants will birth a drum, as well as "learn about business and marketing as a personal power tool." Sun Bear offers White hobbyists a smorgasbord of fashionable spiritual postures. He takes our sacred spirituality, breaks it to pieces and sells them for the most profit he can get. His so called Sweat Lodges are taylored to meet the fickle tastes of his rich clients. Women, in all stages of their moon cycle, are allowed to sweat with men. Sacred objects are treated disrespectfully and horseplay is not only allowed, but encouraged at these events. This fall, over 3,000 are anticipated to pay $200.00 and up to come to his "gathering" at Camp Copneconic on September 23-35, 1994. (The camp is located somewhere between Detroit and Flint so collective members are organizing a huge protest)

c/o Northern Sun Merchandising
2916 E Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55406-2065

Rima hustles machine-made, gaudy-colored, cheap merchandise which she claims is made by "poor single mothers and grandmothers of the Ojibwa who directly profit from all merchandise purchased." She features and "Ojibwa woman's traditional ceremonial mask" which looks more like a Mardi Gras costume, than traditional regalia. The costume is constructed entirely of dyed ostrich feathers (A bird you see a lot around the Great Lakes) Many of her other 'ceremonial objects' can be special ordered in day-glow colors.

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Listed below are some of the most offensive works, authors and/or titles we have come across. We encourage you to lobby your local SewAge/Lessbrain bookstores to remove them from Native American Studies sections and assign them to the Science Fiction section where they belong. If they won't comply, them move them yourselves. It's fun! We also encourage you to write the Director of your local/University libraries and insist that they not be given the Library of Congress E98 or E99 classification. We encourage you to lobby library advisory boards to stop spending money on this type of garbage when there are so many legitimate Native authors whose work belongs in public libraries.

Click HERE to go to an alphabetized list.


Here are some of the worst internet sites. It's unfortunate that the anonymity of the web makes it possible for these charlatans to impersonate Native people and make a huge profit from it. If you are computer literate, we'd like to learn more about the appropriate people to inform as to the activities of these frauds. Please fe-mail us with suggestions about group actions against them.

ROBERT GHOST WOLF(AKA Robert Franzone, Robert Parry, Robert Wolf, Robert Wolfe, Bobby Wolf ...)

Bobby has claimed to be both Iroquois and Metis. Click here to read Chief William Crazy Bear Hoff of the Blue Mountain disaow all knowledge of him. He has quite an extensive criminal background. He has been called, "A liar, a thief, and an abuser of women." Click here and Mike Two Horses will take you through his rap-sheet. This guy is so slimey, that even the UFO/Conspiracy theory nuts have disowned him. Click here to learn more. But Bobby's worst critics, are his followers themsleves.Click here for an eyewitness account of the fraud he perpetrated at his Montana "Ghost Dance". Outraged radio listeners try to expose Ghost Wolf. Click here to see what even Art Bell wouldn't put on his Radio Show, Coast to Coast.

Like Gramma says ... When enough people call it an ass, get a saddle.

You have to see it to believe it. There's always Prophesies to justify cultural theft. His complete lack of knowledge of tribal people is revealed in his proposal to provide distance learning for cyber-shamans.


Terra Mater Medicine

John Twobirds is the self proclaimed "founder, the 'father' of a tribe, the new indigenous people, that acknowledge all peoples as native to this Earth, regardless of race or color. Under the banner of "Terra Mater"(Earth Mother), he has set medicine circles on various Altars around the world." This twinkie has been pretty ambitious in selling Lakota pipe ceremonies the internet. His made up "tribe" extends all over the world Africa (Lion Island), New Zeeland (Shark's tooth Island), (Bear Island) , Snake Island (Australia) Terra Mater Turtle Island is the home base of all the Medicine Circles all over the world. Yah. Real NDNs often use Latin when they speak of spiritual practices. Want to know who you really are? Then hand over some cash for "Genetic Memory Meditation" where John will "teach you to reach back into your self and remember who you really are." Too bad he doesn't realize who he really is. Everyone gets to be a pipe carrier. John says, "the Medicine Pipe is a sacred tool in our tradition. We use it to help us focus ourselves for purpose. This Pipe Prayer is a general prayer that people learn, particularly in preparation for receiving a personal pipe from Elder, John Twobirds. The prayer encompasses all that we believe, and strive live by. It helps us to remember why we are here and what we stand for." (Someone likes himself) And like all twinkies, they try to cop a feel whenever possible. John is real big on "touch therapy." He tells his followers that, "the instinctual response when one finds out a friend is ill or in pain is often to reach out, to touch them in some way. There are many methods of healing that employ touch including Reiki in all its forms, Healing Touch, Polarity Therapy, Touch for Health, Accupressure & Reflexology, Kinesiology, Rolfing, Bowan Technique, Cranio-Osteopathy, and the various traditions ofmassage, i.e. Swedish, Shiatsu, Mio Facia, or Autogenic Reflex Technique." Roll up your pant legs ladies, it's getting pretty deep.

MARY SUMMER RAIN Now she's promoting an alleged Anishinabe elder called, "No-eyes".

Located at: The home page was deceptive, but this is one of the MOST OFFENSIVE sites on the web. Someone going by the name "Turtleheart" is trying to pass herself off as Ojibwe - so now it's personal - and using Native symbols and images in her perverted scam. All the Lodge Sisters claim some small amount of Native blood as justification for selling 'Native made' graphics, psychic readings, crystal healings and Australian totem animal assignments. (The site was recently modified, but only to hide what they're really up to) It's the same old song and dance Lynn Andrews sisters of the shield Buffalo chips, but this Twinkie is mean. When NDNs all over the country started telling how exploitive she was in her guest book, the serene guru turned into a pit bull and threatened to sue everybody and their mother from here to Tucson, Arizona. They have recieved complaints from out spiritual and cultural leaders and from Native Americans all over the U.S. and Canada. Read more about it at these two sites:

Planet Twinkie presents them with the Spiro Agnew award for diplomacy
The site posts actual e-mail transcripts from 'Lodge Mother Turtleheart'.

Stopmudheads website Marie Fuentes writes about the violation of
anonymous surfer's rights to privacy and free speech - NEW!!! View hate male from a Lodge Sister - their own words reveal the most a bout them! See the photographs that the Lodge Sisters don't want you to see.

One of our respected elders has documented the many lies that 'Lodge Mother Turtleheart' has told on the TURTLEHEART LIES WEBSITE Find out what the Lodge Sisters don't want you to know.
The creator of Sweetgrass Lodge is Dixie Lewellyn aka Weave woman. She wrote an extremely ignorant and racist letter to the yahoo group: New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans

As seen on Art Bell! So you know it must be a hoax.

Tribal voice is a big fake web site run by non-Natives for profit. It's sacreligious, and contains material that is deeply offensive to just about every major Native tribe.




Meshu Peshu productions is Del Ashkewe, Paula Johnstone Immortal Thunder and Lightening Woman, the most evangelical pagans you're ever going to meet. The offer a Morning Prayer that sounds suspiciously like the Christian Our Father. They claim to be pagan, but everything about their 'teachings' reminds us of missionaries.
Email- Mepeshu@hotmail.comor at
Spiritual teachings of the skunk or the Christmas Tree

The second wave of twinkies: FAKE CHARITY SCAMS!
Cashing in on fake environmental charities or charities that tell you they're bypassing non-profit laws are all the rage in twinkidom. Woman to Woman Philanthropy promises to take your money and give it to deserving Native American woman. If you believe this, we have a bridge you might be interested in. Outraged? Send them an e-mail:
Or sign their guest book

Spiritual Network

They have a message Board. You can learn of the Wisdom Teaching. The owner claims to have Chickasaw blood and uses the Use of Chickasaw Seal on the site. This is definitely actionable.


On September 11, 2001, Twinkies were ready to use the WTC tragedy for commercial gain.
Chris Walker has found a way to make big money by offering Sun Dances as a commodity.
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Support the Center for the SPIRIT
(Support and Protection of Indian Religions and Indigenous Traditions)

Learn more about cultural theft:

Visit the New Age Frauds
and Plastic Shamans Web Site

Or join the yahoo newsgroup: nafps_again


Sonoma County Free Press Spiritual Genocide Newslette There's lots of good information in here!

If everyone takes it upon themselves to educate just 3 other people, we can really do something about these frauds!

White Lesbian/Feminists can escape their indoctrination and talk about this subject among themselves. A really good starting place is Myke Johnson's excellent article:
Wanting to be Indian: When Spiritual Teaching Turns into Cultural Theft

Or, you can join a 12 step program.
Spiritual Abusers Anonymous


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