Bigfang - searat on the Darkqueen
Blaggtail -
Blodge -
searat; slavedriver on the Seatalon
Bludrigg -
searat; captain of the Greenfang
Bullfang -
Catseyes -
searat; captain of the Seatalon
Clatt -
searat; Blodge's assistant
Deadglim -
searat; bosun of the Darkqueen
Dripnose -
Felltooth -
Fishgill -
searat; steersrat of the Darkqueen
Fishtail -
searat; first mate of the Seatalon
Fleawirt -
searat on the Darkqueen
Flogga -
searat; captain of the Rathelm
Frink -
searat; lookout on the Darkqueen
Froat -
Gabool the Wild - searat; corsair King; click *here* for his page
Garrtail -
searat; new captain of the Greenfang
Greypatch - searat who has his own agenda
Grimtooth -
searat; captain of the Crabclaw
Gripper -
Gurd -
Halfnose -
Hookfin -
searat; captain of the Blacksail
Iraktaan -
heron that Mariel, Dandin, Tarquin & Durry encounter
Kybo -
searat on the Darkqueen
Lardgutt -
Ledder -
searat; first mate of the Darkqueen
Orgeye -
searat; captain of the Waveblade
Oykamon -
toad king
Ranzo -
Reekhide -
Ringtail -
Riptung -
searat; captain of the Nightwake
Saltar -
searat; captain of the Darkqueen; Bludrigg's brother
Shoreclaw -
searat on the Darkqueen
Shornear -
Skullgor -
searat; first captain of the Crabclaw
Skrabblag -
a black scorpion; Gabool's pet
Snidjer -
a Flitchaye (weasels who dress in weeds); the leader
Stumpclaw -
searat on the Darkqueen
Weltskin -
Meet all Redwall's enemies and others on the side of evil. Main villains
are highlighted in
red.  If a character shows up in more than one book,
his/her name will be listed under each book heading.  After you've met the miserable nasties why not go over and learn about
the good guys?
Also, click
*here* to read some weird name coincidences.
Mariel of Redwall
Martin the Warrior
The Bellmaker
Outcast of Redwall
The Pearls of Lutra
The Long Patrol
The Legend of Luke
Lord Brocktree
The Taggerung
Asmodeus - don't want to give this away, I'll just say that he's very, very evil...
Cheesethief -
Chickenhound -
fox; Sela the Vixen's son
Cluny the Scourge - rat; evil Warlord intent on conquering Redwall
Darkclaw -
Fangburn -
Frogblood -
Killconey -
King Bull Sparra -
the crazy Sparra king
Mangefur -
Ragear -
Redtooth -
henchrat; Cluny's second-in-command
Scragg -
weasel; sucks up to Cluny all the time
Scumnose -
Sela the Vixen -
fox; a sly healer
Shadow -
a midnight black, ratlike creature, he is an expert at stealth
Skullface -
rat; trampled and killed by the horse at the beginning
Three-leg & Scratch -
crushed by the cart
Wormtail -
loses a paw in the cart crash
Argulor - eagle; old, but still cunning
Ashleg -
crippled pine marten; advisor to Tsarmina
Badtail -
Bane -
fox; leader of the mercenaries
Bentbrush -
Blacktooth -
ferret; soldier
Brogg -
weasel; soldier that gets promoted to Captain (he starts out as a ferret in the book)
Chinwart -
rat; one of Bane's mercenaries
Cludd -
weasel; Captain of the guard
Crab -
nearly eats our heroes but decides to dance with Gonff instead :)
Deathcoil -
snake; tries to scare travellers at Log-a-Log's ferry
Ditchpaw -
ferret; soldier
Dogfur -
ferret; soldier
Fortunata the Vixen -
fox; healer and plotter with Tsarmina
Foulwhisker -
weasel; soldier
Gloomer -
don't want to give this away, but he's very evil and disgusting
Marshgreen -
toad king
Raker -
ferret; Captain
Ratflank -
stoat; Captain
Ripfang -
searat; Captain of the "Bloodwake" and Boar's mortal enemy
Scratch -
weasel; observant soldier
Scratt -
ferret; soldier
Slinkback -
weasel; soldier
Snakefish -
giant eel; he helps the good guys but is under "foes" since he'd really eat anyone :)
Splitnose -
stoat; soldier
Squint -
stoat; soldier
Tawny Owl -
terrorizes the bats of Bat Mountpit
Thicktail -
stoat; soldier
Tsarmina the Wildcat - Queen of Kotir, daughter of Lord Verdauga; click *here* for her page
Verdauga Greeneyes -
old wildcat King of Kotir
Whegg -
rat; soldier
Whipscale -
newt; tries to scare travellers at Log-a-Log's ferry
Badrag - stoat; slaver
Bageye -
stoat; slaver
Brightback -
magpie in Ironbeak's army
Browntooth -
stoat; slaver
Damper -
Deadnose -
slaver; starts out as a ferret, changes to a weasel
Diptail -
magpie in Ironbeak's army
Drynose -
weasel; slaver
Fengal -
weasel; slaver
Fleaback -
General Ironbeak - raven; leader of his bird army
Grubclaw -
rook in Ironbeak's army
Hairbelly -
weasel; slaver
Halftail -
stoat; slaver
Leader of the Painted Ones -
leader of the vicious, savage little painted creatures
Lunar Stellaris-
also Stellar Lunaris or Lord of Mountebanks; Slagar's "magical" persona
Malkariss -
white polecat; young woodland slaves build his underground kingdom
Mangiz the Seer -
crow; Ironbeak's "right wing"
Nadaz -
rat; Malkariss's Voice of the Host
Quickbill -
magpie in Ironbeak's army
Ragwing -
rook in Ironbeak's army
Scringe -
ferret; slaver
Scurl Droptail -
large frilled newt; liar & coward
Skan -
renegade & traitor shrew
Skinpaw -
Slagar the Cruel - fox; mutilated face; leader of the slavers; click *here* for his page
Snakespur -
weasel; slaver
Stonefleck -
big grey rat
Threeclaws -
weasel; slaver
Tornear -
Vitch -
rat; slaver
Wartclaw - weasel; slaver
Wearet - a vicious, almost primitive creature, a cross between a ferret & a stoat; the slavemaster
Wedgeback - stoat; slaver
Badtooth - stoat; Corpsemaker
Bateye - ferret; Corpsemaker
Blitch -
bandit fox
Crabeye -
searat; Corpsemaker
Deepcoiler -
sea monster
Dethbrush -
fox; Corpsemaker tracker
Dewnose -
stoat; Corpsemaker
Dingeye - stoat; deserted from the Corpsemakers and went to Redwall
Doghead -
stoat; Corpsemaker
Dragtail -
ferret; Corpsemaker
Farran the Poisoner -
black fox
Feadle -
weasel; Corpsemaker
Ferahgo the Assassin - weasel; leader of his army of Corpsemakers; bright blue eyes
Forgrin -
fox; Corpsemaker
Frang -
ferret; Corpsemaker
Glagweb -
toad king
Goffa -
ferret; Corpsemaker
Klitch - weasel; Ferahgo's son; also blue-eyed
Migroo -
stoat; Corpsemaker
Raptail -
searat; Corpsemaker
Ringworm -
bandit fox
Sickear -
searat; Corpsemaker
Splidge -
bandit fox
Swinkee -
sand lizard
Thura - stoat; deserted from the Corpsemakers and went to Redwall
Tubgutt -
fat shrew; renegade
*hordebeast serves under Badrang, corsair serves under Tramun Clogg*
Badrang the Tyrant - stoat; ruler of Marshank
Bluddnose -
searat; corsair
Bluehide -
ferret; hordebeast
Boggs -
ferret; corsair
Bugpaw -
weasel; hordebeast tracker
Crableg -
searat; corsair
Crosstooth -
fox; corsair
Dedjaw -
Druwp -
bankvole slave; traitor, gives information to Badrang
Findo -
weasel; hordebeast scout
Fleabane -
weasel; hordebeast
Flink -
weasel; hordebeast tracker
Floater -
weasel; corsair
Fraggun -
rat; hordebeast
Frogbit -
rat; hordebeast
Gritter -
searat; corsair
Growch -
Gruzzle -
Gurrad -
rat; hordebeast aide to Badrang
Hisk -
weasel; hordebeast Captain
Humpback -
weasel; hordebeast
Lumpback -
weasel; hordebeast
Nipwort -
rat; hordebeast
Oilback -
searat; corsair
Rotnose -
weasel; hordebeast
Skalrag -
fox; hordebeast aide to Badrang
Stiffear -
weasel; hordebeast
Stumptooh -
ferret; hordebeast
Tailwart -
ferret; hordebeast
Tramun Clogg - stoat; corsair & captain of the Seascarab
Wakka -
squirrel; leader of the vicious Gawtrybe of squirrels (name is Wakk at first)
Wetpaw -
ferret; corsair
Wulpp -
searat; corsair
Agric - weasel; slaver
Bladenose -
Bladetail -
horderat; Captain
Bluebane -
Bragglin -
horderat; Captain
Coldclaw -
Crookneck -
Dirgecallers -
two female ermine trackers in Nagru's horde
Drangle -
searat; lookout
Fillch -
Firgan -
horderat; big and tough
Flangor -
Gatchag -
horderat; Captain
Glogalog -
marshtoad king
Graywort -
horderat; under Silvamord's direction, mate of Sicant
Gringol -
Grinj -
Grutch -
big horderat
Hooktail -
horderat; Captain
Lumba -
Mingol -
Ragfen -
Rappsnout -
searat; first mate of the Pearl Queen
Riveneye -
horderat; Captain
Sharkoe -
Sicant -
female horderat; is Silvamord's maid and is under her direction, mate of Graywort
Silvamord - silver fox; vicious and ruthless, Nagru's mate
Slipp - searat; Captain of the Pearl Queen
Snicker -
Sourgall -
Spurge -
weasel; slaver
Strapp -
searat; Captain of the Shalloo
Ugrath -
Urgan Nagru the Foxwolf - large fox; ruthless and power-hungry, Silvamord's mate
Vengro -
Viglim -
Wetchops -
Yoghul -
*hordebeast means a creature in Swartt's horde (or formerly of Bowfleg's horde, now in Swartt's)*
Aggal -
stoat; hordebeast Captain
Balefur - big dog fox; from northlands, a hanger-on to Shang's band and then Swartt's horde
Bandril -
weasel; hordebeast
Bilgesnout -
searat; lookout on the Gutprow
Bleeknose -
weasel; takes over Zigu's command
Bluefen -
ferret; Bowfleg's daughter, wife of Swartt
Bonebeak -
crow; Krakulat's wife
Bowfleg the Warlord -
old ferret; leader of a huge horde
Brool -
old bandit fox
Bulfie -
ferret; hordebeast
Bulgorn -
corsair stoat; slavedriver on the Gutprow
Buskit -
rat; hordbeast
Foxes -
five foxes (mother, father, daughter and two sons) that lay siege to the Lingl-Dubbo cave
Glimpy -
rat; hordebeast
Grayjaw -
rat; hordebeast (later changes species to a weasel)
Greenclaw -
stoat; hordebeast Captain
Halfrump -
Krakulat -
crow; ruler of the crow Brethren
Lardtail -
oversized rat; hordebeast, Wildag's friend
Marbul -
weasel; killer, Swartt's bodyguard
Muggra -
weasel; hordebeast
Nightshade the Seer - vixen; Swartt's assistant, spy, etc
Renn -
old bandit fox
Scarback -
weasel; killer, Swartt's bodyguard
Scraw -
rat; hordebeast Captain
Shang Damsontongue -
vixen; leader of a band of foxes; has a purple tongue
Smerc -
Spurhakk - s
toat; hordebeast
Swartt Sixclaw - ferret; his left paw has six claws & he is Sunflash the Mace's mortal enemy
Trattak -
stoat; hordebeast
Veil - young ferret; Swartt's son, raised by Bryony - is he good or evil?  You decide.
Warpclaw -
searat; Captain of the ship Gutprow
Welknose -
stoat; Zigu's former bosun
Wildag -
ferret; hordebeast Captain
Wraith -
a pale, mottled weasel; a killer
Wurgg the Spinecracker -
huge weasel; Bowfleg's bodyguard
Zigu -
ferret corsair captain; joined Swartt's horde
Baltur - searat corsair; appointed as a Captain by Rasconza
Barranca - dashing male stoat corsair; Captain of the Freebooter
Bilgetail -
male weasel; Captain
Bladeribb -
searat; captured by the shrews
Bladetail -
Waveworm's steersrat
Bloodsnout -
female corsair; Captain
Blowfly -
weasel; Barranca's friend
Buckla -
searat corsair; appointed as a Captain by Rasconza
Conva -
male stoat; first Captain of the Waveworm
Crabsear -
searat corsair
Criuth -
Trident-rat; appointed as a Captain
Deddgutt -
ferret corsair; appointed as a Captain by Rasconza
Female Grayling -
big grayling living in Redwall's pond; Grimjaw's mate
Fentz -
Trident-rat; appointed as a Captain
Flaggard -
Monitor Lizard
Flairnose -
weasel; stole the Tears of all Oceans, along with Graylunk
Flaney -
corsair; Captain
Fraddle -
Monitor Lizard
Galdra -
Trident-rat; appointed as a Captain
Gancho -
searat corsair; appointed as a Captain by Rasconza
Gowja -
searat corsair
Grall -
gull; leader of Ublaz's black-backed gulls
Graylunk -
weasel; stole the Tears of all Oceans, along with Flairnose
Grimjaw -
big male grayling that lived in Redwall's pond
Groojaw -
stoat corsair; appointed as a Captain by Rasconza
Guja -
Freebooter's steersrat
Karvil -
Sprayraider's steersrat
Kerrat -
Trident-rat; appointed as a Captain
Kuja -
stoat corsair
Lask Frildur - Monitor Lizard; Monitor General and Ublaz's second-in-command
Lussak -
Monitor Lizard
Orlug -
Trident-rat; appointed as a Captain
Rafglan -
Waveworm's bosun
Rasconza - male fox; sly and cunning, a deadly bladethrower, formerly Bloodkeel's bosun
Rippdog -
female weasel; Captain
Rocpaw -
male stoat; Captain
Romsca - female ferret; new Captain of the Waveworm (formerly its first mate)
Rubby -
Waveworm's cook
Sagitar Sawfang - female searat; Cheif of the Trident-rats and Ublaz's third-in-command
Scruvo -
jackdaw leader
Sculrag -
searat; Captain of the Sprayraider
Skarbod -
burly stoat; corsair on Waveworm
Slashback -
male searat; Captain of the Bloodkeel
Somgil -
Trident-rat; appointed as a Captain
Ublaz (Mad Eyes), Emperor of Sampetra - pine marten; has hypnotic eyes
Zurgat -
female Monitor Lizard; made General in Lask's absence
Bluggach - stoat; Rapscallion Rapmark
Borumm - weasel; Rapscallion scout (Rapscour)
Byral Fleetclaw -
Greatrat; son of Gormad Tunn, brother of Damug Warfang
Damug Warfang - Greatrat; Firstblade of all Rapscallions, son of Gormad Tunn
Dropear -
Eel -
a big yellow river eel that lives in the chasm
Gaduss -
weasel; Rapscallion
Gormad Tunn -
old Greatrat; former Firstblade of all Raspcallions, father of Damug & Byral
Gribble -
rat; Rapscallion
Gromal -
male ferret
Henbit -
rat; Rapscallion Rapmark
Hogspit -
weasel; Rapscallion, big and nasty
Lousewort - rat; Rapscallion, a dimwit and Sneezewort's pal
Lugworm -
stoat; Rapscallion, Damug's advisor
Rinkul - ferret; Rapscallion, agile and quick
Skaup - ferret; Rapscallion
Skulka -
female ferret
Sneezewort - rat; Rapscallion, a dimwit and Lousewort's pal
Vendace - fox; Rapscallion scout (Rapscour)
More Coming Soon...
Allag - water rat
Ascrod - male Marlfox
Athrak -
magpie; leader of Queen Silth's magpie tribe
Barbel -
a blind white fish that lives in the underground caves
Beelu -
water rat
Dakkle -
water rat
Durrlow -
water rat; made Personal Adviser
Fatchur -
water rat
Gelltor - male Marlfox
Gorm -
water rat
Lantur - female Marlfox; stayed at the castle with the Queen while the others went plundering
Mokkan - male Marlfox; self-appointed leader of his brothers and sisters
Predak - female Marlfox
Raventail -
ferret; leader of a band of mercenary-type ferrets, weasels and stoats
Rigglent -
water rat
Ruheb -
water rat
Silth - Queen Marlfox; lives in a palanquin and wants to be surrounded by beauty
Stukkfur -
water rat
Toolam -
water rat; made Army Commander
Ullig -
water rat; Slave Captain at Castle Marl
Vannan - female Marlfox
Wilce -
female water rat; serves Lantur
Ziral - female Marlfox
*The Legend of Luke is really two stories - Martin's story and the story of his father, Luke*

Foes in Martin's Story
Fribb -
vermin in Sholabar's band
Girfang -
streamrat boss
Grimleg -
ferret in Sholabar's band
Riddig -
Sholabar - fox; leader of a small vermin band

Foes in Luke's Story
Akkla -
Goreleech's steers-ferret
Bootbrain -
Greenhawk's steers-weasel
Bullflay - weasel; chief slavedriver on the Goreleech
Ching -
one of Ringpatch's friends
Clubface -
burly weasel on the Goreleech
Drobna -
searat on the Goreleech
Flanjear -
one of Ringpatch's friends
Fleabitt -
big skinny rat; Bullflay's assistant and drummer
Floggtail -
searat; Greenhawk's first mate
Foulscale -
weasel on the Goreleech
Grigg -
searat on the Goreleech
Marrahagga -
female weasel; leader of a vermin band
Parug -
searat; Goreleech's bosun
Reynard Chopsnout - fox; Captain of the Greenhawk; has a blob of pitch for a nose
Ringpatch -
ferret on the Goreeleech
Rippjaw -
burly weasel on the Goreleech
Scritchy -
searat on the Greenhawk
Slariss -
Vilu Daskar - pirate stoat; Captain of the Goreleech; rather refined for a corsair
Walloper -
one of Ringpatch's friends
Willag -
small searat on the Goreleech
Wippback -
searat on the Greenhawk
Sawney Rath, leader of the Juska tribe
More Coming Soon...
(C) Doug Hall
(C) Chris Baker
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Bargut - male weasel; captain
Byle -
male stoat; captain
Doomeye - male rat; new recruit to the Hordes, Ripfang's brother
Drigg Slopmouth -
male stoat; leader of a band of stoats
Drull -
male rat; captain
Ermy -
fat female weasel
Fraul -
male stoat; captain
Grand Fragorl - female ferret; Trunn's aide/second in command
Grinak - horderat
Groddil - crippled male silver fox; Trunn's aide/magician
Karangool - fox; captain in chief of Trunn's armada
Mirefleck -
female horderat; a respected captain
Reggo -
sentry hordebeast
Ripfang - male rat; new recruit to the Hordes, Doomeye's brother
Roag -
tough female weasel; captain
Rotface -
Skel -
sentry weasel
Swinch -
male captain
Ungatt Trunn - male wildcat; leader of the Blue Hordes, Verdauga Greeneyes' brother