Bandle - shrew
Benjy -
young squirrel; rescued from the Island of Lost Ships by the crew of the Pearl Queen
Blaggut - searat; soft-hearted and kind, not wicked like most corsairs
Blerun Downriver -
otter; leader of an otter tribe
Bowly Pintips - young hedgehog; escaped from weasel slavers, befriended Mariel & Dandin
Brother Fingle -
Brother Mallen -
Bruggit -
mole of Furpp's tribe
Burdill -
young mole of Furpp's tribe
Burrom -
female hedgehog; called "father" by Benjy, Wincey & Figgs
Coltvine -
leveret; one of Meldrum's four nephews
Cresseye -
Dandin - male mouse; tough warrior
Deekeye -
big, tough, female hedgehog
Durry Quill - hedgehog; one of the five questors, also Redwall's cellarhog
Egbert the Scholar -
mole; lives in seclusion in Castle Floret, not your stereotypical mole
Fatch - shrew; befriends Rufe & Durry
Figgs - v
ery young ottermaid; rescued from the Island of Lost Ships by the Pearl Queen's crew
Finnbarr Galedeep - tough sea otter
Foghill -
leveret; one of Meldrum's four nephews
Foremole - mole leader at Redwall; one of the five questors
Furpp Straightfurrer -
mole; leader of his tribe
Furrtil -
Dibbun molemaid
Gael Squirrelking - squirrel; King of Castle Floret in Southsward, married to Serena
Gawjun -
big, tough male hedgehog
Glokkpod -
male redbacked shrike
Greenbeck -
big male otter
Grumbee -
young mole of Furpp's tribe
Hon Rosie - female hare; one of the five questors, married to Tarquin
Iris Streambattle -
female otter; brave, married to Rab
Joseph the Bellmaker - mouse; Mariel's father, one of the five questors
Log a Log - shrew; leader of the Guosim
Mariel - female mouse; fierce warrior
Mellus -
female badger; ancient Mother of Redwall
Meldrum Fallowthorn, Field Marshal - older hare; very military-ish
Mousebabe -
Dibbun mouse; mischevious (and never gets a real name!)
Muta - mute female badger; Truffen's nurse
Oak Tom -
male squirrel; married to Treerose
Porgoo -
young mole of Furpp's tribe
Rab Streambattle - male otter; brave friend of Gael, married to Iris
Relph -
blackbird; brings escape plan message to Gael
Ruckal - otter
Rufe Brush - young male squirrel; one of the five questors, also the Abbey bellringer
Rungle - mole
Runtwold - leveret; one of Meldrum's four nephews
Saxtus - mouse; Abbot of Redwall
Serena - squirrel; Queen of Castle Floret in Southsward, married to Gael
Simeon - mouse; ancient blind herbalist
Sister Sage -
Sister Rose -
Tarquin Woodsorrel - male hare; married to Hon Rosie
Thurdale -
leveret; one of Meldrum's four nephews
Treerose -
female squirrel; married to Oak Tom
Troutlad -
young male otter
Truffen -
baby squirrel; Gael & Serena's son
Weldan -
older squirrel; leader of a squirrel tribe
Wincey -
young mousemaid; rescued from the Island of Lost Ships by the Pearl Queen's crew
Mariel of Redwall
Martin the Warrior
The Bellmaker
Outcast of Redwall
The Pearls of Lutra
The Long Patrol
The Legend of Luke
Lord Brocktree
The Taggerung
Amber - Lady of the squirrels; very brave
Banksnout -
Barklad -
Beech -
Bella of Brockhall - badger; one of the Corim heads
Ben Stickle -
hedgehog; father
Billum -
mole; very dependable
Birch -
Boar the Fighter - badger Lord of Salamandastron; Bella's father
Breeze -
Salamandastron hare; Buffheart & Lupin's daughter
Brush -
Buffheart -
Salamandastron hare; Lupin's husband
Bula -
female otter; guide
Chibb -
robin; spy for the Corim
Columbine - mouse; sweet & kind, from Loamhedge
Coggs - baby hedgehog
Dinny (Young) - mole; one of the strongest moles, Martin & Gonff's friend
Duckweed & Streamer -
otters who search for Spring
Ferdy - baby hedgehog
Ffring -
Salamandastron hare
Foremole -
mole; head of the mole diggers
Germaine - mouse; abbess of Loamhedge
Gingivere - wildcat (Tsarmina's brother); falsely accused of murdering Verdauga & locked up
Gonff - mouse; a clever mousethief
Goody Stickle -
hedgehog; mother
Grubwhacker -
beetle; Log-a-Log's pet
Harebell -
Salamandastron hare
Honeydew -
Salamandastron hare
Log-a-Log Big Club - shrew; ferry owner, makes friends with Martin & the others
Lord Cayvear -
bat; leader
Lupin -
Salamandastron hare; Buffheart's wife
Martin the Warrior - mouse; a strong, determined, fiery warrior ~ click *here* for his page
Mask - otter (Skipper's brother); a master of disguise
Oakapple -
Old Dinny -
mole; Dinny's grandfather
Pear -
squirrel; guide
Posy -
baby hedgehog
Rockhanger -
Root -
male otter; carries Gonff
Sandingomm -
female wildcat; meets Gingivere
Skipper - otter; chief of the otters, very brave
Soilflyer -
young mole; champion digger
Spike -
baby hedgehog
Spring -
female otter; wounded by an arrow
Springpaw -
Starbuck -
Salamandastron hare; Buffheart & Lupin's son
Stormfin -
don't want to give this away, but he's...sort of...a good guy
Timballisto -
mouse; Martin's old friend
Trubbs -
Salamandastron hare
Urthclaw -
mole; friend of the Stickles
Willow -
Salamandastron hare
Wingfold -
Wother -
Salamandastron hare
Ambrose Spike - hedgehog; cellar hog
Auma - young female badger; Orlando's daughter; captured by Slagar
Basil Stag Hare - hare; fighter & walking stomach :)
Billum -
Brother Dan -
Brother Rufus -
Brother Sedge -
Brother Trugg -
Cheek - cheeky young otter
Constance - badger; guardian and Mother of Redwall
Cornflower - mouse; Mattimeo's mother, married to Matthias
Elmtail -
squirrel; a slave that Matthias frees
Flugg -
Foremole -
mole; leader of the moles
Friar Hugo -
mouse; cook
Gaffer -
Garr -
Gilly -
young mole
Gurn -
best shrew digger
Jabez Stump -
hedgehog; Jube's father
Jarge -
Jess Squirrel - squirrel; champion climber; Sam's mother
John Churchmouse - mouse; Recorder of Redwall
Jubilation "Jube" Stump - young hedgehog; captured by Slagar
Lettie Bankvole -
bankvole; Rollo's mother
Loamdog -
Log-a-Log - shrew leader
Matthias - mouse; Warrior of Redwall; Mattimeo's father; click *here* for his page
Mattimeo - mouse; Matthias & Cornflower's son; captured by Slagar; click *here* for his page
Mordalfus - mouse; Abbot of Redwall
Mrs. Churchmouse - mouse; Tim & Tess's mother
Orlando the Axe - badger; Auma's father
Rollo Bankvole - infant bankvole; a "little terror" but loved by all
Rooter -
Rosyqueen Stump -
hedgehoge; Jube's mother
Sam Squirrel - squirrel; Matti's friend; captured by Slagar
Sir Harry the Muse -
poetic brown owl
Sister Agnes -
Sister Fern -
mouse; a sister at the Abbey when Abbot Mordalfus was young
Sister May -
mouse; in charge of the infirmary
Streamsleek -
male otter
Stryk Redkite -
red kite; a mountain bird that was injured
Tess Churchmouse - mouse; Matti's friend; captured by Slagar
Tim Churchmouse - mouse; Matti's friend; captured by Slagar
Warbeak -
sparrow; Queen of the Sparra, Matthias's good friend
Winifred - otter
Bagg & Runn - young otter twins
Barty -
young hedgehog; freed slave
Bernard -
mouse; Abbot of Redwall
Bobbo -
dormouse; formerly an oarslave on Gabool's ship
Brigadier Thyme - Salamandastron hare on the Long Patrol
Brother Ash -
Brother Hubert -
mouse; Recorder of Redwall
Brother John -
a chubby mouse
Burgo -
mole; loves eating garlic
Buxton -
Captain Ash -
captain of Mariel and Joseph's ship
Cockleburr -
hedgehog; assistant cook
Colonel Meadowclary (Clary) - Salamandastron hare on the Long Patrol
Copsey -
young female fieldmouse; oarslave
Dan'l -
Dandin - young mouse; lively and mischevious; click *here* for his page
Danty -
Dorcas -
young hedgehog; freed slave
Drubber -
Durry Quill - hedgehog; Gabe's young nephew
Firl - newt; Bobbo's friend
Flagg - male otter
Flann -
shrew; Trag warrior
Fleetleg -
Salamandastron hare
Foremole -
mole; leader of the moles
Friar Alder -
mouse; head cook
Gabe Quill -
hedgehog; cellar-keeper
Groaby -
Grubb -
Dibbun mole
Honourable Rosemary (Hon Rosie) - Salamandastron hare on the Long Patrol
Joseph the Bellmaker - mouse; Mariel's father
Longeyes -
Salamandastron hare with extraordinary eyesight
Mariel - mousemaid; calls herself Storm Gullwhacker at first; click *here* for her page
Mikla -
shrew; Trag warrior
Mother Mellus - badger; Mother of Redwall
Oak Tom -
Pakatugg Treefleet -
grumpy squirrel
Petunia Bankvole -
young bankvole
Rawnblade Widestripe - badger Lord of Salamandastron
Rufe Brush -
Saxtus - mouse (harvest mouse to be specific); Dandin's friend
Shorebuck -
Salamandastron hare
Simeon - mouse Brother; blind herbalist
Sister Sage -
Sister Serena -
mouse; in charge of the infirmary
Stonehead McGurney -
barn owl; saves Mariel & Co from the Flitchaye
Tan Loc -
shrew; taken into slavery by Hookfin, who also killed his entire family
Tarquin Longleap Woodsorrel - hare, sent from Salamandastron to Redwall
Thunderbeak McGurney -
barn owl; Stonehead's wife
Treerose -
squirrelmaid; beautiful & an efficient kitchen helper, but very snotty
Turgle -
Dibbun squirrel
Willyum -
Alfoh the Elder - shrew; leader of a Guosssom colony
Arula - mole; Samkim's best friend
Ashnin -
old squirrel; Loambudd's friend
Barfle -
Salamandastron hare
Bart Thistledown -
Salamandastron hare
Big Oxeye - Salamandastron hare
Blossom -
Bowley -
shrew cook
Bremmun -
older squirrel; Vale's friend
Brinkle -
young hedgehog
Brother Hal -
mouse; Recorder of Redwall
Brother Hollyberry -
mouse; infirmary keeper
Burrem -
infant mole; Arula's grandson
Burrley -
Catkin -
Salamandastron hare
Clarence -
young rabbit
Clarissa -
young rabbit
Droony -
little boy mole
Dumble - infant dormouse
Dwing -
Faith Spinney -
hedgehog; kind and sweet
Fligg -
Forbun -
Foremole -
mole leader
Friar Bellows -
tubby mouse; Redwall's cook
Furgle the Hermit -
Grunel -
Laird Mactalon -
falcon lord
Leaflad -
Lingfur -
Salamandastron hare
Loambudd - badger; Urthstripe & Urthwyte's grandmother
Log-a-log - shrew; leader of the Guosssom shrews
Mara - young female badger; adopted by Urthstripe
Moonpaw -
female Salamandastron hare
Mummy Rabbit -
Clarence & Clarissa's mother
Nordo -
shrew; son of Log-a-log
Pennybright -
young Salamandastron hare
Pikkle Ffolger - young hare; Mara's best friend
Racla -
Rantaclaw -
Rivak -
Rocangus - falcon; only son of Mactalon, Lord of the High Crags
Rungle -
Samkim - young, mischeivous squirrel
Scraggle -
young shrew
Seawood -
Salamandastron hare; healer
Shorebuck -
young Salamandastron hare
Sister Nasturtium -
mouse; sings beautifully
Sergeant Sapwood - Salamandastron hare; excellent boxing skills
Spriggat -
hedgehog; eats all kinds of insects
Starbob -
Salamandastron hare
Tammbeak -
Thistle -
Salamandastron hare
Thrugann -
female otter; Thrugg's sister
Thrugg - male otter; Thrugann's brother
Tudd Spinney -
hedgehog; Faith's husband
Turzel -
Urthstripe the Strong - badger Lord of Salamandastron
Urthwyte the Mighty - albino badger; Urthstripe's brother
Vale -
mouse; Abbess of Redwall
Wikk -
young shrew
Wild King MacPhearsome - golden eagle
Windpaw -
female Salamandastron hare
Winghye - falcon
*The story starts with two travellers, the mousemaid Aubretia and her friend Bultip the hedgehog, journeying to Redwall.  The time is a season and a half after Mariel and Dandin left Redwall, so familiar characters from "Mariel of Redwall" are there for the first section.  Aubretia tells the story of Martin the Warrior...*
Aggril -
a very eccentric old hedgehog
Amballa -
Queen of the pigmy shrews, er, Highbeasts
Aryah -
mouse; Rose & Brome's mother
Ballaw De Quincewold - hare; RR* "actor and tradgedian"
Barkjon -
older squirrel; Felldoh's father, one of Badrang's slaves
Boldred -
short-eared owl
Broadstream Shrews -
a group of argumentative shrews
Brome - mouse; Rose's brother
Buckler -
mole; RR* "juvenile lead, comedian and catcher"
Bungo -
baby mole
Burnet Mirdop -
baby rabbit
Burrwen -
hedgehog goodwife; one of Badrang's slaves
Buttercup Mirdop -
baby rabbit
Celandine - vain squirrelmaid; RR* "soubrette, soprano and acrobat"
Dinjer -
Amballa's son; he's actually a pretty wicked little guy, but he's just a baby
Dipper -
dipper bird that Rose makes friends with
Emalet -
infant short-eared owl; Boldred's baby
Felldoh - squirrel; one of Badrang's slaves, Martin's friend, and a brave fighter
Ferndew -
one of Badrang's slaves
Fescue Mirdop -
father rabbit
Fuffle -
infant mouse; Purslane's baby
Gauchee -
mousemaid; RR* "balancer, chorus, and general cook"
Geum -
crabby old mousewife; one of Badrang's slaves
Groot -
mouse; Purslane's husband and one of Badrang's slaves
Grumm Trencher - mole; Rose's friend
Gulba -
female hedgehog; tough warrior, married to Trung
Gumbler -
Hillgorse -
hedgehog; one of Badrang's slaves
Hoopoe -
mouse; one of Badrang's slaves
Hortwingle (Horty) -
short-eared owl; Boldred's husband
Juniper -
mouse; one of Badrang's slaves
Kastern -
mousemaid; RR* "balancer, chorus, and general cook"
Keyla - young male otter; one of Badrang's slaves
Marigold -
female otter; wife of Starwort
Martin - mouse; brave young warrior
Mildwort Mirdop -
mother rabbit
Pallum - hedgehog; former pigmy shrew slave; becomes friends with Martin & Co
Polleekin -
mole; kind and gentle, and can sometimes see what is to come
Poppy -
mouse; Rose's auntie
Purslane -
mouse mother; one of Badrang's slaves
Rose (Laterose) of Noonvale - mousemaid; she is kind, sweet & sings beautifully
Rowanoak - badger; RR* "cart puller, props mistress and principal baritoness"
Starwort -
male otter; husband of Marigold
Stewer -
male otter; chubby
Teaslepaw -
hedgehog maid
Trefoil -
squirrelmaid; RR* "soubrette, soprano and acrobat"
Trung -
male hedgehog; tough warrior, married to Gulba
Tullgrew -
young female otter; one of Badrang's slaves
Urran Voh -
mouse; Patriarch of Noonvale, Rose & Brome's father
Warden of Marshwood Hill -
male grey heron; he IS the law
Windred -
mouse; Martin's grandmother
Yarrow -
mouse; one of Badrang's slaves
*RR = Rambling Rosehip Player
Arven - Dibbun squirrel; Tansy's little friend
Auma -
badger Mother of Redwall
Brother Dormal -
Cleckstarr Lepus Montisle (Clecky) - mountain hare; Gerul's friend
Craklyn - young, acrobatic squirrelmaid; Piknim's best friend
Curlo -
female shrew
Dabby - male shrew
Diggum -
little molemaid
Dimple -
Dorumee -
female otter; wife of Wallyum Rudderwake
Durgel -
Durral -
mouse; Abbot of Redwall
Fermald the Ancient -
old squirrel; talked in riddles and lived in a world of her own
Foremole -
leader of the Redwall moles
Furlo Stump -
hedgehog; cellar-keeper
Gadgee -
Garffy -
Gerul - barn owl; Clecky's friend
Glinc -
male watervole; cares for Grath
Glenner -
young female otter
Grath Longfletch - female otter; daughter of the Holt Lutra
Gurrbowl -
Dibbun mole
Hawm -
big male seal; leader of the seals
Higgle Stump, Friar -
hedgehog; kitchen friar of Redwall
Inbar Trueflight - big, dark-furred male otter; son of Wallyum Rudderwake
Log a Log -
shrew; leader of the Guosim
Jesat -
Martin (the second) - mouse; Abbey Warrior, son of Mattimeo & Tess
Piknim - young mousemaid; Craklyn's best friend
Plogg - shrew; one of Log a Log's sons, goes with Martin & Co to find the Abbot
Rangapaw -
tall, sleek female otter; Skipper's daughter
Rollo -
old bankvole; Recorder of Redwall
Rushcutter -
Sister Cicely -
mouse; infirmary keeper
Sitch -
female watervole; cares for Grath
Skipper -
big tough male otter; otter Chieftain
Tansy - young, sensible female hedgehog
Teasel -
female hedgehog; Higgle's wife
Teno -
Trimp -
Viola - prissy young bankvole
Welko - shrew; one of Log a Log's sons, goes with Martin & Co to find the Abbot
Wallyum Rudderwake -
old otter; leader of the Holt Rudderwake
Winniegold -
young ottermaid; of the Holt Rudderwake
Wullger -
old male otter; gatekeeper of Redwall
*PLP* means he/she is a member of Major Perigord's Long Patrol
Algador Swiftback -
young male hare; runner, almost as fast as his brother Riffle
Arven -
male squirrel; Warrior of Redwall
Blodge -
young female hedgehog; a Waterhog
Brother Ginko -
mouse; Abbey Bellringer
Brother Sedum -
Bunto - male mole
Butty - young, sturdy male squirrel; new Kitchen Friar of Redwall
Cheeva -
young female hare
Clubrush, Day Sergeant - older hare; in charge of the younger Salamandastron hares
Colonel Cornspurrey De Fformelo Tussock -
old hare (old codger?); Tammo's father
Craklyn - older female squirrel; Recorder of Redwall
Cregga Rose Eyes - female badger; Badger Lady of Salamandastron; wields an axepike
Deodar - young female hare; runner
Drubb -
Ellbrig, Lance Corporal -
male hare
Eyebright, Colonel -
older hare; Cregga's second & commander of the Salamandastron hares
Fallow -
young hare
Foremole Diggum - male mole ("he" was a "she" in Pearls of Lutra)
Fourdun -
older male squirrel; captured by the Rapscallions
Frackle -
female shrew
Furgale -
young male hare
Gubbio -
Dibbun mole
Gurgan Spearback -
tough male hedgehog; leader of the Waterhogs
Gurrbowl -
female mole ("she" was a "he" in Pearls of Lutra); Redwall's cellar-keeper
Log a Log -
shrew; leader of the Guosim
Lynum -
male hare; Tammo's older brother
Mem Divinia -
female hare; kind wife of Colonel Tussock, Tammo's mother
Midge Manycoats - male hare; PLP; "our spy, master o' disguise an' deadly with a noose"
Morio, Lieutenant - male hare; PLP; "our quartermaster"
Mother Buscol -
small, fat, female squirrel; old Kitchen Friar of Redwall
Nutbeak -
young owl; child of Orocca and Taunoc
Nutclaw -
young owl; child of Orocca and Taunoc
Nutwing -
young male owl; child of Orocca and Taunoc
Orocca -
female Little Owl; very fierce
Osmunda -
molewife; Mem's friend
Pasque Valerian - young female hare; PLP; "best young medico t'come off the mountain"
Pellit -
fat male dormouse; kitchen helper
Perigord Habile Sinistra, Major - tall hare; PLP leader; weapon is the sabre
Preese -
Reeve Starbuck -
young male hare; runner
Riffle the Galloper - fast male hare; PLP; "fleet of paw and faster'n the wind"
Rockjaw Grang - huge hare; PLP; "Giant o' the North, bet y've never seen a hare that size"
Roolee -
mole; Osmunda's husband
Rubbadub, Corporal -
fat hare; PLP; makes drum sounds
Rufftip -
female hedgehog; a Waterhog, Gurgan's wife
Russa Nodrey - red female squirrel; a wanderer and fighter
Russano -
male badgerbabe
Saithe -
female hare; Tammo's older sister
Scubbi -
Shad - big male otter; gatekeeper
Shalla -
Shangle Widepad -
older male hare; kindly but tough
Sister Egram -
Skipper - male otter; otter Chieftain
Sloey -
female mousebabe
Spykel - shrew
Tammo (Tamello De Fformelo Tussock)
- young mischevous hare
Tansy - older female hedgehog; Abbess of Redwall
Tare and Turry -
young hares; PLP; "the terrible twins"
Taunoc -
male Little Owl; Orocca's husband, trim and dignified
Torgoch, Sergeant - hare; PLP; "a walkin' armoury, collects weapons, 'specially blades"
Tragglo Spearback -
male hedgehog; eldest son of Gurgan Spearback
Trowbaggs -
young male hare
Truggle -
female mole
Twayblade, Captain - female hare, Perigord's sis; PLP; "rather perilous with that long rapier"
Twingle -
baby hedgehog boy
Viola -
older female bankvole; Infirmary Sister
Whinn -
young female hedgehog
Wuller -
male mole
Bargle - shrew
Blinny -
Borrakul Ironchest -
strong male otter; member of the Noonvale Troupe
Brother Melilot -
Burble - watervole; of the Riverhead tribe
Butty -
old squirrel; formerly kitchen Friar, now Recorder of Redwall
Cregga -
old, blind female badger; badger Mother of Redwall
Croikle -
frog; Soll's pet
Dannflor Reguba - young male squirrel; son of Rusvul
Deesum -
female mouse; member of the Noonvale Troupe, Dwopple's mother
Diggum -
old male mole; helper to Tragglo
Dippler - young male shrew
Dwopple -
mischevous baby mouse; Deesum's son
Elachim Oakpaw -
strong male otter; member of the Noonvale Troupe
Ellayo -
old female squirrel; mother of Janglur
Fleggum -
Florian Dugglewoof Wilffachop - male hare; leader of the Noonvale Troupe
Foremole Gubbio -
male mole; leader of the moles
Gawjo Swifteye -
old squirrel; Ellayo's husband and Janglur's father
Goody Brimm -
old, kind otterwife
Guff -
baby dormouse
Gurrbowl -
old female mole; helper to Tragglo
Janglur Swifteye - tall, dark-furred male squirrel; tough warrior
Log a Log -
shrew; leader of the Guosim
Marglo -
old shrew
Mayon -
Megraw -
male osprey
Muggle -
female mole; member of the Noonvale Troupe
Nettlebud -
tough young hedgehog maid; Soll's daughter
Nutwing -
old, forgetful male owl; Butty's friend
Rimrose -
female squirrel; wife of Janglur
Roop -
male mole; member of the Noonvale Troupe
Runktipp -
male hedgehog; member of the Noonvale Troupe
Rusvul -
male squirrel; Dann's dad
Sister Sloey -
female mouse; infirmary sister
Skipper -
male otter; the otter Chieftain
Soll (Sollertree) -
big male hedgehog
Songbreeze Swifteye - tall, pretty young female squirrel; daughter of Janglur
Splikker -
Torrab -
big, sturdy female hedgehog; she, with her brothers and sisters, are Gawjo's "kids"
Tragglo Spearback -
male hedgehog; Redwall's cellar-keeper
Wugger -
molebabe (boy)
*The Legend of Luke is actually two stories - Martin's story and the story of his father, Luke*

Friends in Martin's Story
Amber -
female squirrel; chieftain of the squirrels
Ashtwig -
Barko -
Barrool -
male otter Captain
Beauclair Fethringsol Cosfortingham (Beau) -
old hare; a friend of Luke's
Bella -
female badger
Bindle -
Catkin -
young ottermiad; one of Skipper's granddaughters
Chugger - mischevous young male squirrel
Coggs -
male hedgehog at Redwall; one of the Cellarkeepers
Columbine -
mouse; Gonff's wife
Daddo -
male otter; Garraway's father
Denno -
old mouse; a friend of Luke's
Doggle -
Dulam -
old mouse; a friend of Luke's
Dunespike -
hedgehog; Chief Dunehog; Allcoast Chamption Spinetussler
Ferdy -
male hedgehog at Redwall; one of the Cellarkeepers
Folgrim - male otter; slightly crazy, extremely fierce, eats his enemies
Foremole Dinny - mole; leader of the moles; Martin's friend
Garraway Bullow -
large, powerful female otter; Queen of the Nort
Germaine -
mouse; Abbess of Redwall
Gonff - mousethief; Martin's best friend
Gonflet -
baby mouse; Gonff and Columbine's son
Gurbee -
male mole
Gurdle -
Honeysuckle -
female shrew; Log a Log Furmo's wife
Jiddy -
young otter boy
Krar Woodwatcher -
Log a Log Furmo - male shrew; leader of the Guosim
Martin the Warrior - brave mouse warrior
Mayberry -
young ottermaid; one of Skipper's granddaughters
Migglo -
bushy-whiskered older bankvole
Murfo -
hedgehog; Dunehog, son of Dunespike
Paykel -
Pitclaw -
male mole
Rugger -
Skipper -
male otter; leader of the otters
Trimp the Rover - young female hedgehog
Tungro -
male otter; Folgrim's brother
Vurg -
old mouse; was Luke's best friend
Woodspike -
female hedgehog

Friends in Luke's Story
Beauclair Fethringsol Cosfortingham (Beau) - male hare
Bolwag -
male sea lion
Burdle -
young male mole; Drunn's nephew
Cardo -
male mouse
Coll -
male mouse
Cordle -
male mouse
Denno - male mouse
Drunn Tunneller -
male mole
Dulam - male mouse
Gricca -
old female hedgehog; oarslave on the Goreleech
Fripple -
young mousemaid
Kweekum - leader of the bottlenose dolphins
Luke the Warrior - mouse warrior; Martin's father
Martin - young mouse; Luke's son
Norgle - male otter; oarsalve on the Goreleech
Ranguvar Foeseeker - female black squirrel; a fearsome warrior
Sayna - female mouse; Luke's wife
Timballisto - young mouse
Twindle - young female hedgehog; Welff's daughter
Twoola - old mouse
Welff Tiptip - female hedgehog
Windred - female mouse; Martin's grandmother
Vurg - male mouse
Friends in the Main 3 Books
Baron Drucco Spikediggle -
hedgehog chieftain of the Rabble
Barleyburr -
Beddle -
male squirrel of Jukka's tribe
Blench -
female hare; cook at Salamandastron; Dotti's aunt
Bobweave -
male hare; one of Stiffener's grandsons, Southpaw's twin
Bramwil -
male hare; oldest hare at Salamandastron
Brocktree - male badger; huge and strong, Stonepaw's son
Brogalaw - otter; Skipper of the Sea Otters
Bucko Bigbones - big hare; King of a mostly-hare army
Bungworthy -
Burkle -
mole of Rogg's tribe
Clubb -
grandpa mole; Rogg's tribe
Dotti (Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy) - young female hare; carefree, impatient, courageous
Dumbrel -
grandma mole; Rogg's tribe
Durvy -
sea otter
Fergun -
young otter
Fleetscut - older hare
Frutch -
otterwife; Brogalaw's mom
Furrib -
Grassum -
hedgehog; Reedum's brother
Grood -
young male squirrel of Jukka's tribe; uses foul language frequently
Gurlo -
mole of Rogg's tribe
Gurth - big hefty male mole; Rogg's son
Jukka the Sling - female squirrel; leader of her tribe
Kangle -
Kolam -
sea otter
Konal -
mischevous sea ottermaid
Kubba -
big shrew
Log a Log Grenn -
female shrew; leader of the Guosim
Mirklewort -
female hedgehog; Drucco's wife
Picklepaw Ironspikes -
hedgehog; Champion of the Southern Coasts; first challenger
Plugg -
young mole of Rogg's tribe
Purlow -
Radd -
Reedum -
hedgehog; Grassum's brother
Riggo -
Rogg Longladle -
male mole; head of his tribe
Ruff (Ruffgar Brookback) - male otter
Rukoo -
Rulango -
big gray heron
Ruro - female squirrel of Jukka's tribe; befriends Fleetscut
Sailears -
female hare
Shunko -
Skittles Burrtrump Spikediggle -
baby hedgehog
Spraydog -
sea otter
Southpaw -
male hare; one of Stiffener's grandsons, Bobweave's twin
Stiffener Medick - older male hare; expert at boxing
Stonepaw - male badger; old Lord of Salamandastron, Brocktree's father
Torleep -
male hare
Trobee -
male hare
Trubble - young mole; Rogg's tribe
Udara Groundslay - male short-eared owl; cannot fly
Urvo - otter
Willip - hare
Windcoat Bramwil Lepus the Second - hare; son of Bramwil
Woebee - old female hare; cries a lot

Friends in the Prologue & Epilogue

Melanius -
badger; Russano's daughter
Rosalaun -
female badger; Russano's wife, Lady of Salamandastron
Russano - male badger; Rosalaun's husband, Lord of Salamandastron
Snowstripe - badger; Russano's son
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(C) Christopher Denise
(C) Christopher Denise
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Goodbeast Species
(click on species for more info)
Mice   Squirrels   Hares   Badgers   Moles   Hedgehogs
Sparrows   Shrews   Voles   Otters   Bats   Owls
Tributes to Departed Friends
IMPORTANT! If you have not read ALL THE BOOKS, this page is a huge spoiler!  ALL the goodbeasts who died in ALL the books are listed here.  If you haven't read all the books, you'll find out some very big secrets!  So please, only look at this page if you've read every book.
Arundo Pollspike - young male hedgehog; Duddle & Tutty's son
Barlom -
mouse; Recorder of Redwall
Bella -
ancient badger mother of Redwall
Bitty Lingl -
young hedgehog; one of Tirry & Dearie's two daughters
Blatt & Scrimmo -
young otter twins
Bloggwood -
Salamandastron hare; assistant cook
Blunn Dubbo -
old hedgehog; Bruff's uncle, lives in the Lingl-Dubbo dwelling
Bradberry -
young male Salamandastron hare
Bral Hogmorton -
hedgehog; Redwall's cellarkeeper
Breeze -
old female Salamandastron hare; Starbuck's sister
Brother Frimble -
Bruff Dubbo -
mole; father, lives in the Lingl-Dubbo dwelling
Brugg -
young squirrel
Brund & Hoffy -
little dormice; Ole Hoffy's grandchildren
Brushtip -
Bryony - young mousemaid
Burrbob -
cheeky young leveret; one of the young hares that Rillbrook tells the story to
Clematis Roselea Pollspike -
young female hedgehog; Duddle & Tutty's daughter
Colonel Sandgall -
rangy male Salamandastron hare; oldest of the hares
Dearie Lingl -
hedgehog; mother, lives in the Lingl-Dubbo dwelling
Dewfleck -
quiet, older Salamandastron hare
Duddle Pollspike -
hedgehog; father, married to Tutty, lives on a raft
Elmjak -
old squirrel; goes to live at the Lingl-Dubbo dwelling
Figgul -
little molemaid
Fleetrunn -
female Salamandstron hare; Captain
Floke -
Salamandastron hare
Floom -
Folrig Streampaw - male otter; silly but loyal, Ruddle's best friend, also befriends Sunflash
Fordpetal -
young, flirtatious female Salamandastron hare
Foremole -
leader of the Redwall mole contingent
Friar Bunfold -
mouse; cook at Redwall
Giller -
young hedgehog; one of Tirry & Dearie's two daughters
Gring -
Gurmil Lingl -
young hedgehog; one of Tirry & Dearie's two sons
Heartwood -
big old otter
Hedgepaw -
female Salamandastron hare
Ilfril -
grumpy old bankvole
Jodd -
hare; wants to be a squirrel and is called the "squirrelhare"
Lady Firdance -
big rangy squirrel; leader of a band of squirrels
Log a Log -
shrew; leader of the Guosim
Lord Duskskin -
bat; leader of the bats of Bat Mountpit
Lully Dubbo -
mole; mother, lives in the Lingl-Dubbo dwelling
Meriam -
mouse; tall and graceful Abbess of Redwall
Munga -
Musko -
Myrtle -
hedgehog goodwife
Nilly Dubbo -
young mole; one of Bruff & Lully's two daughters
Ole Hoffy -
old dormouse
Podd Dubbo -
young mole; one of Bruff & Lully's two daughters
Porty -
young chubby Salamandastron hare
Puckle -
baby mole
Rillbrook -
ancient otter; tells the "Outcast" story to the young Salamandastron hares
Redfarl -
small, fierce female squirrel
Rockleg -
male Salamandastron hare; Captain
Ruddle Banksnout - male otter; silly but loyal, Folring's best friend, also befriends Sunflash
Ryeback -
male Salamandastron hare; healer
Sabretache - Salamandastron hare; expert with the sabre
Sister Orris -
Sister Withe -
mouse; infirmary keeper and herbalist
Skarlath - kestrel; brave and wise friend of Sunflash
Skipperjo -
big brawny otter
Sumin -
tough, solid squirrel
Sundew -
young female Salamandastron hare
Sunflash the Mace - badger; has a golden stripe on his forehead; brave, strong warrior
Starbuck -
old male Salamandastron hare; Breeze's brother
Tirg Lingl -
young hedghog; one of Tirry & Dearie's two sons
Tirry Lingl -
hedgehog; father, lives in the Lingl-Dubbo dwelling
Togget - mole; Bryony's friend
Tutty Pollspike -
hedgehog; mother, married to Duddle, lives on a raft
Ummer Dubbo -
old hedgehog; Bruff's auntie, lives in the Lingl-Dubbo dwelling
Veil - young ferret; Swartt's son, raised by Bryony - is he good or evil?  You decide.
Wudbeak - female tawny owl
Ambrose Spike - hedgehog
Captain Snow -
owl; fierce and proud
Colin Vole -
a silly vole that is captured by Cluny, along with his parents
Constance - badger; guardian of Redwall
Cornflower - fieldmouse; attracted to Matthias
Basil Stag Hare - a silly but brave and true friend
Battlehawk -
Sparra warrior
Brother Alf -
mouse; helps Matthias catch the grayling
Brother Joseph -
skeptical of the tale that Cluny is in the land
Brothers Rufus & George -
guardmice at the gate
Dunwing -
sparrow; a kind Sparra, Warbeak's mother
Foremole -
mole; in charge of the mole digging team
Friar Hugo -
mouse; the chubby and friendly cook
Guosim -
shrew; a leader of the Guerrilla Shrews
Jess Squirrel - Silent Sam's mother and a champion climber
John & Mrs. Churchmouse -
family that lives at St. Ninian's, two children, Tim & Tess
Log-a-Log - shrew; leader of the Guerrilla Shrews
Matthias - young mouse who learns what it means to be a warrior ~ click *here* for his page
Methuselah - mouse; the ancient gatekeeper and recorder
Mortimer - mouse; the Abbot of Redwall
Plumpen - dormouse; captured by Cluny
Silent Sam - baby squirrel; never talks and always sucks his paw
Sister Clemence - mouse; sarcastic & skeptical
Sister Stephanie - helped Tim & Tess get over the tail rickets
Squire Julian Gingivere - tomcat; sophisticated gentleman, never eats mice
The Beaver - this poor fellow never gets a name, but he helps Constance with the bow
Warbeak - sparrow; a fierce Sparra warrior
Windplume - Sparra warrior
Winifred - otter
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