Redwall is a series of 13, soon to be 14, fantasy novels written by author Brian Jacques.  The first book, "Redwall" was written in 1986.  Since then, nearly 1 million copies of it have been sold.  Two years later, a new Redwall book was written - "Mossflower".  Then in 1989 came "Mattimeo" and in 1991, "Mariel of Redwall".  Since then, a new Redwall book has been published each year.  The newest in the Redwall saga, "Taggerung" was published in hardcover on Sept. 10, 2001.  The next book, "Triss", is due out in Fall 2002.

There have been other Redwall books, not part of the main series.  There are two small book/poster combinations, the "Redwall Map & Riddler" and "Redwall Friend & Foe".  There is a hardcover, beautifully illustrated book, "The Great Redwall Feast", and in Autumn 2001 a new book like it, "A Redwall Winter's Tale", was published.  There is also a "Build Your Own Redwall Abbey" kit, where you can construct a detailed cardboard model of the abbey!

The Redwall books are set in a fictional fantasy land where the only inhabitants are animals.  These animals are just as smart as people, they can talk, and they are our main heroes and heroines.  Mice are usually the main characters, with friends who are otters, badgers, voles, squirrels, hares, moles, shrews and many others.  Each book is a classic "good against evil" fight, where our heroes must ward off evil--and frequently crazy--villains and their hordes.  The "bad guys" are rats, ferrets, weasels, stoats, wildcats, and others.

The books are not just set in one time period--the events span many centuries.  Some books have the same characters; others bring new faces.  In each book, we usually visit Redwall Abbey, home of the peace-loving mice and their friends; or Salamandastron, home and fortress of the badger lords and their fighting hares.  Each story also brings new songs, riddles, and poems.  All of them are wonderful adventures!
(C) Christopher Denise
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