Red XIII Mystic Darkness

Red XIII Mystic Darkness

Hello and Welcome to Mystic Darkness!

Site has not been up-dated much lately. The places that will only be up-dated will probably be the RuneScape section.

Please enjoy your stay!

- Red XIII

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Welcome to Mystic Darkness!

June 12th, 2003 - Many hits have been coming to the RuneScape section lately. Good! I'm hoping to add a WinBolo section to the site soon and a polls section after that. After I'll see how things go from there. I also decided to take off the "image of the month" and "site of the month." Make sure to look on your right and take the poll :). May 30th, 2003 - I haven't been up-dating this part of this site for a while actually, but I've been doing a lot of clan up-dating in the RuneScape section, which is good, but it's not really giving me too much time to do other things as well :).

March 20th, 2003 - I did a big change to the layout. It now uses frames and I edited quite a bit of the site itself too. Hopefully it'll become done soon! I'm working on it!

Thanks for coming to Mystic Darkness! This site will have more content up later. Here are some topics I hope to get up ASAP:
Dragon Ball Z, Final Fantasy, RuneScape, Picture Zone, and a Music Zone for now. More will be added up later, after everything else get's put up and situated.


See you later,

Updated August 2nd, 2003