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Jim Caviezel,

Meet Mr Jim Caviezel
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Welcome to the Meet Mr Jim Caviezel page. This is where you can learn more about his public life, a little about his history, including his early work, and his motivation to tell stories the way he tells them. Please explore the site further to learn more about his work as a storyteller.



Several Web sites provide the basics: date of birth, family make-up, education, the turn away from athletics as a dream, and marriage to Kerri.

Added May 28, 2002
A local newspaper article from June 1999 covers many basics. [registration required]

These interviews apparently frame all Mr Caviezel’s work as a storyteller.

Added April 30, 2002
In this CCM Magazine article, Mr Caviezel describes his 10-year friendship with 4HIM, Hollywood-land, why he tells stories in films.

Added May 17, 2002
We found another interview where Mr Caviezel tells some of his own story, which he gave in February 2002.

Added May 24, 2002
And yet one more interview, where you can learn more about the medals Mr Caviezel wears around his neck. We believe he gave this interview in early 2002. [Interview evaporated as of March 2, 2004.]

Added September 19, 2003, thanks to MW
We posted details for those who live near America’s Capital where you have access to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, D.C., where Mr and Mrs Caviezel are noted as speakers for the October 13 All Day Eucharistic Prayer Vigil.
Link lost as of August 5, 2005.

Added November 19, 2003
Mr Caviezel will be recognized for the non-conventional and challenging roles he takes on, specifically the Diversity Awards’ “2003 Integrity Award” in Los Angeles on November 23, 2003.

Added February 17, 2004
In his hometown, Mt Vernon, Washington state, his neighbors remember Mr Caviezel and his theatrical touchstone.

Added February 19, 2004
And from Miami, more from Mr Caviezel about his work as a storyteller portraying Jesus.
[registration required]

Added February 21, 2004
Now, from the Kansas City Star, more revelation from Mr Caviezel, his work and how he keeps his faith in perspective. [registration required]

Added February 22, 2004
The New York Daily News weighs in with more from Mr Caviezel about his work as a storyteller, including his caution about young people seeing ‘Passion’.

And a few words from Mr Caviezel’s father about the family life he and his wife offered to Mr Caviezel and siblings growing up with their faith.

From Seattle, more about Mr Caviezel’s long-term path to this role.

Added March 2, 2004
From India, comes a thought-provoking notion quoting Mr Caviezel.

Added March 7, 2004
From Mr Caviezel’s hometown newspaper, here is last weekend’s cover article. This is the most information that we’ve been able to find about Mr Caviezel’s personal history in one place.

Note  We encourage our site visitors to enjoy this article and to resist the impulse to connect directly with Mr Caviezel’s family, based on what you read here. Please help us preserve their privacy and anonymity. [ed.]

Added March 9, 2004
From Britain’s The Guardian, a thoughtful interview with Mr Caviezel about his work in ‘The Passion

Added March 15, 2004
From the Belfast TelegraphDigital, Mr Caviezel finally admits...

"Caviezel is, like Gibson, a strong Catholic who refused to film a nude love scene with Ashley Judd for High Crimes: ‘It conflicted with my personal beliefs. I grew up in a tight-knit Catholic family. Actually, my mother is 100pc Irish ... we always refer to acting as “blarney”.’

In addition, the Vatican announced today that Mr Caviezel met privately with Pope John Paul II.

Added March 22, 2004
Here is a transcript courtesy of Peggy Noonan, of a conversation she had with Mr Caviezel after his meeting with Pope John Paul II.

Added April 18, 2005
Mr Caviezel was apparently invited to attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II; Senator Rick Santorum wrote in The Washington Post about being seated next to Mr Caviezel.

Added March 25, 2004
From the Church of England Newspaper, a comprehensive interview with Mr Caviezel.

Added March 27, 2004
From the Philipines, a recent three-page interview that generally reveals Mr Caviezel’s commitment to his craft as a storyteller.

Added April 26, 2004
Mr Caviezel’s father reveals a parent’s view of Mr Caviezel’s success in a context that includes all of the father’s children.

Added May 14, 2004
The Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader publishes a few comments from Mr Caviezel about why he tells stories on films.

Added March 29, 2004, thanks to MW, moved to this page July 11, 2004
Some interesting details about how a storyteller committed to his value system finds a way into the American film industry: choose wisely, as apparently Mr Caviezel did in choosing Pamela Cole as his agent. Article also offers a peek into what might be next for Mr Caviezel.

Added September 8, 2004
A recent interview that updates the basics.

Added March 23, 2005
Lately, Mr Caviezel participated in a gathering of 2,000 Catholic men in Boston, Massachusetts, and spoke from his heart as part of the programme. Because he specifically requested that no press be allowed to record or note his comments, as well, we’ve chosen not to invade his privacy by publishing anything about this event.

We know, dear reader, that you appreciate that our focus is Mr C’s work as a storyteller. While the stories he may tell about his experiences in making films, especially “The Passion of the Christ”, we respectfully decline the opportunity to exploit what he has specifically asked to be kept private. [ed.]

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On Sports

We’re adding this section because of Mr Caviezel’s obvious passion for sports.

From the Seattle Times, we learn more about Mr Caviezel’s basketball history.

And from the St Paul Pioneer Press, we learn a few tips about how a good storyteller concentrates during a performance, when that is the task at hand. The tips including thinking lots about the Vikings football team.

Updated March 25, 2004
The Detroit Free Press explains the tips, above, in a different context, with this quote:

“Caviezel has a reason for following the Vikings: His wife’s sister is married to Scott Linehan, the team’s offensive coordinator.

“That got Caviezel—who’s playing golfer Bobby Jones in the upcoming ‘Stroke of Genius’—a chance to sit in on one of the team’s quarterbacks’ meetings.

“‘I didn’t know what the hell they were talking about,’ he said. ‘I have a fifth-grade knowledge of what they’re doing. They were speaking something more difficult than Aramaic.’”

Updated October 25, 2004, thanks to BT
We understand that a new book, “The Games Do Count: America’s Best and Brightest on the Power of Sports”, by Brian Kilmeade, contains a touching essay by Mr Caviezel. The publisher is Regan Books and the book carries this ISBN number 00 607 36739.

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Early Film Work

Mr Caviezel debuted in “My Own Private Idaho”, the 1992 Gus Van Sant film (written and directed by). Van Sant took certain liberties with Henry IV, upon which he based his film. In fact, Shakespeare’s original text does not include an airline ticket counter.


"Diggstown" commentary added August 14, 2002
You can search for yourself to find the locker room photos of Mr Caviezel in Michael Ritchie’s 1992 “Diggstown”. Sorry we can’t find more written about it. The film is sometimes titled “The Midnight Sting”. No, not that Michael Ritchie.

Mr Caviezel’s accent in this film is a strong contribution to his character. He also displays a strong physical intelligence in his boxing scenes.


How does one choose between playing Kevin Costner’s little brother, Warren Earp, or attending the Julliard Drama School in New York City? Unknown, but Lawrence Kasdan’s 1994 “Wyatt Earp” won Mr Caviezel’s nod.

As an adult, Mr Caviezel’s Warren demonstrates the basic decency that his family environment intended for the brothers, as is often the case with protected younger children. Warren appears only briefly and toward the end of the film.


“A Good Day to Die” commentary added January 18, 2003
Seasoned as a horseback rider, Mr Caviezel saddled up in “A Good Day to Die”, a television film with Sidney Poitier. The film is also known as “Children of the Dust”.

Although Mr Caviezel’s character is rather minor in this story, his performance shows thought and comfortable adaptation to its context. This is a well-told tale worthy of viewing.


Athletics called Mr Caviezel to next play in Bill Couturie’s “Ed”, which was apparently not spectacularly received, and in no measure based on Mr Caviezel’s performance. We recall that most ratings were attributed to something about a monkey, or was it money—dollar signs in people’s eye sockets?


“The Rock” edited for accuracy April 20, 2002
Mr Caviezel rounded out his early work by ably occupying an F-18 pilot’s chair on the set of Michael Bay’s 1996 film, “The Rock”.

On viewing the film, we can recommend that you perk up your ears when the F-18s are woven in toward the end of the story. Mr Caviezel is visible in several top-gun-ish shots, and his dialog is easy to identify based on his vocal ability to exude trust in camaraderie as the attack team completes its task.

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Early Television Work

We can find two television programmes—different from movies made for television—that hired Mr Caviezel. You might be able to find them playing in your market using this nifty tool. They are:

  • “The Wonder Years”, the episode titled “Hero” (episode 5.17) from March, 1992.
  • “Murder, She Wrote”, the episode titled “Film Flam” (episode 11.16) from February, 1995.

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Charitable Work

Mount Vernon
Near home in Mount Vernon, Washington, Mr Caviezel participated in a benefit screening of “Frequency”, during April 2000. This benefit occurred in a familiar landscape where the sunrises and sunsets appear predictably more gorgeous than the people—but that’s true in the Northwest of the Americas whenever the sun shows itself.

The Lincoln Theatre, originally built in 1926, was in need of restoration work. Sprung seats and a windless pipe organ in this Spanish motif movie palace held a generous packed house. Mr Caviezel’s idea, this benefit was.

Details available from The Seattle Times. [registration required]

Kansas City
While working with Ang Lee in his film, “Ride With The Devil”, Mr Caviezel developed a fondness for Kansas City, the one that straddles two states. The popup sunrises and popunder sunsets in that flat plain make the people all the more interesting.

Mr Caviezel returned four years later during February 2002, to participate in a benefit screening of “The Count of Monte Cristo”. Proceeds benefitted the Midwest Ear Institute.

You can read details in The Kansas City Star paid archives.

Added April 28, 2002
We found an interview Mr Caviezel gave in March 2002, about his participation in this charitable event.

From Ismael, May 3, 2002
We understand Mr Caviezel is scheduled to participate in a cancer benefit during his visit to the Kentucky Derby this year.

Added February 7, 2003
Angelus Awards—Los Angeles
Last fall, Mr Caviezel served as the Honorary Chair for the 2002 Angelus Awards. In October, he gave this interview about the event, which evaporated as of March 2, 2004.

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Other Work

“Any Given Sunday”
Credited with playing Al Pacino’s son in this 2000 Oliver Stone film, at least according to the Canadians. It may be that Stone pulled a ‘Kasdan’ on Mr Caviezel. (Lawrence Kasdan left Kevin Costner’s performance in “The Big Chill” on the cutting room floor. Mr Caviezel met Mr Costner while filming “Wyatt Earp”. No connection, really. We’re certain.)

Clarification added May 5, 2002
We understand that Mr Caviezel’s performance can be seen in the Director’s Cut DVD—the two DVD version—for this film, in the section titled “Deleted Scenes”.

Added July 9, 2004, thanks to MW
We understand that Mr Caviezel mentioned his [uncredited?] performance in the film “Blue Chips” while promoting ‘Bobby Jones’ with the late night talk show host, Craig Kilborn early in May. The film is apparently hard to find in the video stores and is not yet available on DVD. Occasionally, however, it does appear on television. “Blue Chips” is a 1994 movie that features Shaquille O’Neal, Nick Nolte, Bob Cousy and Larry Bird, plus a who’s who of college basketball at the time.

Rediscovered May 22, 2002
We can’t find too many details about this nice little 1999(?) film, but it’s a good one for Spring.

From V April 17, 2002
“Map of the World”
This note references one of Mr Caviezel’s early stage performances, in a David Hare play staged by the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble in the oldest Los Angeles theatre, the Odyssey Theatre.

Mr Caviezel played a minor role, listed in the playbill as ‘Waiter/Propman No. 2’. Director credit goes to Allan Miller. In a review dated May 1992:

“The cast is extraordinary in finding the emotional depth to this poignant moral debate”.

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What is the origin of the Caviezel name?

Apparently in the southeastern part of Switzerland—properly Romansch.

Where is Mount Vernon, Washington?

Not too far north of Seattle on Puget Sound, a large salt water sound on America’s northwest coast. GPS coordinates [of Puget Sound]=48º 25' N. 122º 20'W.

Where is Conway, Washington?

About eight kilometers south of Mount Vernon.

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     Mr Caviezel
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