COMPLAINT from Plaintiff Reflect



Complaint about:

Psychic research and paranormal operations


Berkeley Psychic Institute/ Church of Divine Man
Aesclepion Trance Medium Program
Men’s Fellowship of BPI/ CDM

12 Steps Family Therapy


Wilder Institute





Facts of Complaint:


Psychics performed research and hypnotic trance manipulation against the will of the plaintiff.

Psychic research was performed without knowledge or consent of plaintiff.

Psychics performed operations that are cruel and unusual punishment.

Psychics brainwashed plaintiff by modifying the consciousness using hypnosis, trance and coercion.

Psychics used implants to take away the willpower of plaintiff to control his mind.

12 Steps, Wilder and Psychics occult ritually abused plaintiff to cause mental, physical and psychological damages.





History of being subjected to abuse at 12 steps and Wilder Institute:


I was taken to Wilder Institute for low scores in school and damaged by their neurological work which resulted in impaired functioning and even worse scores in school. I was abused at Wilder Institute by their traumatic manipulation and bizarre tests which have had lasting negative effects on my mind.


I was taken to 12 steps group meetings for family therapy and depression to be ritually abused by screaming group leaders that coached people to have violent emotional outbursts as if it was some sort of empowerment. I was subjected to threatening group leaders that made sick insults designed to break an individual’s willpower, in order to be indoctrinated willingly into the 12 step cult. I did not have to agree to continue with 12 steps for family therapy because of the tests coming out negative for drugs or alcohol and was no longer required to attend.


The group abuse that my family subjected me to had broken and impaired my judgment so that they could plan recruiting me into a psychic cult instead, that promised to have the answer to all my problems. I was in a brainwashed trance state when being tricked into the psychic institute where they immediately used their occult knowledge and controls to ensure my continued attendance.



History of being recruited into the BPI/CDM cult:


I was tricked into the brainwashing cult of BPI for a 5 year period from 1987 to 1992. At that time in life, the peer groups I knew were all trying to recruit me into BPI. I hung around two different girls, one of which walked me into the doors of the Berkeley Psychic Institute in San Jose, California in the summer of 1987. The other girl that I dated regularly for about 3 years had a family that was part of BPI and they reinforced my recruitment.


I went about two times a week for that 5 year period, driving back and forth from San Jose, Palo Alto, Marin County and the city of Berkeley. I started taking their basic meditation and healing classes. From there they moved me into deeper levels of their psychic cult after the basic classes by inviting me to go their Mens Fellowship and Trancemedium Trancechanneling program.  I went to these trance medium clinics where they did their programming and was placed under hypnotic trance states. Back then I was not aware of the damage it was doing. They declared that my confusion was caused by “bad energy” and “beings” in my space and that they could “clear” them. I did not realize at the time, I was getting bad energy from the psychics while they moved me out of my body to clear me for being taken over by trancemedium alien beings that they work with spiritually.


At the initial meetings, the psychics made their boldest claims of how the Institute could help me discover some strange esoteric past lives mixed into the present, with the promise of learning great truths to gain a future powerful life after having learned their claimed psychic awareness and set of mental tools. I remember they said that Lewis Bostwick founder of BPI/CDM was part of Scientology and the Rosicrucian’s. Back then I did not know what a scam these groups were and ended up paying them money to place their systems into my mind. I tried the meditation out of the institute, using the grounding, running energy, blowing rose techniques and trance states. My health went downhill from there, when the BPI cult techniques and contact with their members started destroying my mind and identity. The BPI techniques were designed to crack an individual, make them self destruct who they are by blowing roses, then trance over the damage with energy and chakra techniques until completely under the control of the psychic cult while getting swayed by the hypnotic influence into believing what they teach as reality. The classes of having psychics instruct to view a mental image screen end up defining reality and any resistance to psychic controls was erased by their programmers. The psychic readings were derisive speculative stories which were intended to control reality for me.


I believe that the Berkeley Psychic Institute uses brain implants to control their followers. There are articles on the internet about paranormal mind control research into Syntel. Syntel is synthetic telepathy via brain implants which enables the artificial ability to communicate mentally. This would explain how psychics know things while mentally connected to machines and how they can control people’s thoughts, and drive them crazy with voices and images.



History of Families involvement with the BPI/CDM cult:


I went to psychics for 5 years and after it was all over in 1993, ended up seeing their agents at the hospital working with my family. They all laughed at me happily and declared “Sucker, we had you fooled all along.” If my family would have taken me to a commercial institutional facility such as 12 steps to force me to accept being converted into a psychic reader robotic drone that serves their order, I might have been able to reject the program if any willpower had been left. Instead of that, my family planned to fool me into agreeing to it, and introduced me to the peer group in 1985 that was involved with the psychics and BPI in order to be indoctrinated into their deceptive new age cult. My family introduced me to the peer group of teens that were known through parents that were part of Lockheed Missiles and Space program. Lockheed’s space program extends into paranormal research and artificially enhancing the human mind in order to explore space and alter dimensions through remote viewing. These peers were a punk cult society that made scamming mafia jokes to ridicule me with taunts, rejection and then used acceptance for reward when believing their brainwashing lies. The gang of multiracial punk rockers harassed me by calling me a “poser” that was not truly dedicated to hard core, and they talked about the British National Front movement as their highest ideal and called their gang “os” which stood for “our society”. The peer group ridiculed me for not sharing their hard core cult beliefs and harassed me into proving myself by getting a punk haircut to cause an identity crisis and then set me up with psychic readers to do further psychological damage by pretending to find a mysterious answer for it. The peer group used their most popular girl as bait by promising a date with her, and arranged instead, the first psychic reading through the health food store that they worked at. During the summer of 1987, they had the popular girl from the peer group walk me into the doors of BPI which was disguised as a personal group with classes held at a home. They had previously arranged another girl in 1996 to continue dating me as reward for attending, and it was presented as the answer to all my problems. So they fooled me into agreeing to try their whole psychic research program, which if had been forced on me, I would have rejected it. This was a plan to force me to try their new age cult program to control my mind by programming and implanting me to become one of their members that served them unquestionably without any critical thought. The first home based psychic cover operation I was taken to in San Jose was very close to a motorcycle shop one of the peers had previously brought me to. The motorcycle shop had given me a free exhaust set that was supposedly the latest technological advancement to increase performance. The psychic readers made reference to performance tune ups and the feeling of riding a motorcycle rushing through the wind as if the human mind may be modified with implants to experience virtual reality.


After the years of psychic brainwashing was over my health was poor and I was in the hospital for a short time in 1993. I never realized what a loss it was to go the psychics and had been programmed to believe everything they said even though it brought me to such paranoid depths of misery and it was the worst thing ever experienced. My family was part of it and they all laughed and said “We made you as dumb as we could” and “You will never know what you lost.” My family had introduced me to the peer group that brought me to the psychics in the first place and one of them was waiting at the hospital to reveal his part in it. They all worked together and said “It was right on time”, “Just like clockwork”, “All according to plan” and “We used the psychic readers to crack you.” Also, they said “You fell for it hook, line and sinker.” It was a 5 year plan for them to crack me with psychic readings while programming and implanting me to serve their order. My father laughed at me and said “How do you like your new skull?” I could see in the mirror it was different and my forehead had been made larger and had a new round bulge while the rest of my skull had been modified and built up oversize. My skull had been previously modified which made it excessively long from front to back and was raised higher than a normal human which looks cyber implanted artificial. Having an artificially modified overlarge skull causes ridicule and rejection from society and the implants impair normal brain functioning. After having arranged my downfall my mother enjoyed being in the position of power over my life to swear at me while pointing her finger as if in ultimate judgment to condemn me with her hypocritical doubletalk which is designed to prevent me from finding a way out of their cult abuse. When it was all over, she and her psychologist danced together jumping up and down arm in arm saying “He never had a chance and can’t get away from us.” They hold regular family meetings on certain calendar dates to proudly celebrate what they have done to plan keeping me implanted and programmed by signing contracts stating that I agree to it. This is all done without my knowledge or consent.



Details of Complaint about psychic abuse:


BPI/CDM inflicted mental damages using a variety of techniques aimed at brainwashing, subduing, intimidating and humiliating the plaintiff. Psychics burned out and erased the brain of plaintiff causing mental impairment. The psychics claimed they could improve sensory awareness while they were ruining it. The longer the psychics promised this to keep a dependency, the worse the sensory burnout became.


Psychics stated plaintiff was a "walk in spirit" and removed him from his own body to possess him with psychic beings. This was to convince plaintiff he was not himself and belonged to the psychics. Psychics made constant jokes about stealing bodies to harass plaintiff. Psychics stated that telling dirty jokes and laughing is part of their belief system in "amusement." Psychics traumatized plaintiff with their misguiding mental "voices" and "images" that they program their victims to experience. The psychics repeatedly claimed they were the answer to plaintiff’s problems so he would hand over his money, in order to gain power over him.


Plaintiff had been trained to think he had many problems that defined his personality and the psychics put on a mysterious show of searching for seemingly enigmatic answers to solve meaningless illusory riddles. Plaintiff lost his willpower to psychics that pretended to have the answer while they schemed to be in a position to control reality by describing it to him with speculative stories. The psychics preyed on plaintiff’s confusion by traumatizing him with their false answers that were designed to cause mental distress, psychological damage and personality fracture.


BPI/CDM made constant threats of physical harm, cruel operations, and predictions of coming harm. Psychics always invited plaintiff back to check what their abuse did to his consciousness as an experiment. This resulted in loss of consciousness, impaired judgment, MPD, identity disorder and missing time.



Assaultive offenses of BPI/CDM:


BPI/CDM members flew into rages often and demonstrated their occult power using what they call "whacks" to cast negative energy at someone to cause harm. Psychics used assaultive gestures with the hands as if throwing darts at the forehead, laying on of hands, touching the back of the skull or shoulder in a shocking manner and waved their hands in the air around the body. These abuses were followed with strange claims of "you are healed; your feeling of sickness is a growth period, where your body will have to assimilate our programming."


After a claimed "psychic healing" plaintiff felt confused, lost and disoriented. Psychics then asked if plaintiff felt "light headed" and described it as a good effect as if an ideal state of brainwashed. Psychics then stated they had “wiped him out.” Psychics used fortune telling claims of wealth, success and fame disguised as "psychic advice." Psychics did repeated trauma based programming sessions that caused ruin in plaintiffs’ goals and directions in life for career options and college. The negative assessments of the psychics with their derisive insults and misguided beliefs have caused the plaintiff irreparable damages.








Relief Sought:


Plaintiff seeks a natural mind and body that are without implants or modification.

Plaintiff seeks for removal of psychic implants.

Plaintiff seeks for removal of bio electric Syntel devices.

Plaintiff seeks for removal of all Cyber implants.

Plaintiff seeks for removal of psychic programs.

Plaintiff seeks for separation from psychic occult network.