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Each student is required to keep a notebook.  The notebook or parts of the notebook will be checked or graded during the grading period. 
                                               Notebook (2d Quarter)—ESOL IV
Your notebook needs to have the following parts:
1. Class work
2. Practice work
3. Homework
4. Grammar section (part)
       a. Noun
       b. Verb
       c. Adjective  (including comparative and superlative forms)
       d. Adverb
       e. Preposition
       f. Definite and indefinite articles—a, an, the
       g. Other parts of speech 
       h. Word order, subject, predicate, topic, controlling idea, etc.
       i. Paragraph construction and sentence order
5. English expressions
6. Synonyms
7. Antonyms
8.  Homonyms
9. Idioms 
10.  Spelling rules and examples
11.  Dictionary entries:  minimum of 2 each day for the grading period
              Entries must be in the required format—NO EXCEPTIONS!
               Entries must be high school FCAT reading level. 

(Days of the week, months of the year, cat, dog, house, for example, will not be accepted.)
       (86 for a C, 108=B, 129=A)
**NOTE:  adjustments are made for students entering during the quarter and those   students are informed of their required number of entries
12.   Rules  (capitalization, plurals, spelling, syllables, etc.)
13.   Journal entries:  one for each day in the quarter
        a. Minimum of 5 sentences
        b.   Use present, past, progressive, perfect, and future tenses of verbs             
13.  Learner Diary  (nine for the quarter—1 each week)
14.  Other sections as assigned, i.e. graphic organizers
Daily Homework:
1.  Read 30 minutes in English and complete summary forms.
2.  Write a journal entry (what you did or what you are thinking about)
3.  Define 2 or 3 dictionary words (your choice)
4.  Review class work—READ OUT LOUD!
5.  Other assigned work
Project Learning: Process Learning and Performance Portfolio
Students will be required to complete projects during the year.  Projects will be suitable to the student’s language level.  Dade County Youth Fair guidelines will be used.  Guidelines and suggestions for projects will be discussed in class.  Each student is responsible for fulfilling this requirement and meeting assigned deadlines. 

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