Mrs. Regan’s ESOL Level IV Classroom Rules

English only in class!

Every student begins each class with an A in conduct.  It is up to you to keep it!!

1.    Enter the classroom quietly.
2.    Be on time.  You must be in your seat before the tardy bell rings.
3.    Have paper and pencil ready.
4.    Raise your hand to speak or ask a question.
5.    Look, listen, and think before you ask a question.
6.    Take a turn.  Let others have a chance to speak and listen carefully.
7.    Respect your classmates even if you don’t agree with what is said.
8.    No candy, gum, food, or drink in the classroom.
9.    No radios, CD players, beepers, etc., in class.  [Cell phones that are seen or heard in class  will be confiscated.]
10.  Follow all school rules.  (Code of Student Conduct)

Any behavior, language, or manner of dress that is offensive to the instructor or another student is prohibited.  No intimate contact will be tolerated.  Conduct grade will be lowered. 

Use the bathroom before school and during lunch—not during class.  Any student with more than 2 “emergencies” during the quarter will need to bring a doctor’s excuse.

1.    Conduct grade lowered each time a rule is broken.
2.    Tardy with no pass—automatic detention and conduct grade of F for the day.
3.    Disrespectful behavior.  Conduct grade of D or lower for the day and a 3 for effort. 
       Second occurrence—automatic detention.
4.    No improvement in behavior—note home and referral.
5.    Parents will be contacted by phone or written notes for unacceptable work, effort, or behavior and a grade of F will be        entered in the gradebook.
6.    Third infraction of rules lowers your conduct grade for the quarter one whole grade.
7.    Violation of dress code lowers conduct grade for the day.  Second violation lowers conduct grade for the quarter.

Make-up work for Excused Absences

An excused absence is illness, doctor or dentist appointment, or a death in the family.  You must have a class admit from the attendance office.
1.    Ask another student for the assigned work before you talk to the teacher.
2.    It is often not possible to make-up oral work that you miss due to absence.  Attendance is important!
3.  Work must be made up by the third class session after the absence.

Grading Policy

Effort and conduct grades are assigned daily.
***Work cannot be made up if you refuse to work when the assignment is made in class.***
Any zero (0) is equal to 3 F’s.
A = 90-100  B=80-89  C=70-79  D=60-69  F= 59 or less

I have read and understand the rules and policies.
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