Writing Checklist

Writing Checklist





  1. Writing is easy to read (legible).




  1. The first line of the paragraph is indented.




  1. There are left and right margins.




  1. Any division of words is between syllables with at least 3 letters in the last syllable.




  1. Paragraphs have a main idea/topic sentence.




  1. Supporting details follow the main idea sentence.




  1. There are no sentences that are “irrelevant” to the main idea.




  1. Each sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with appropriate end punctuation.




  1. Proper nouns are capitalized.




  1. Ideas are in logical order.




  1. Transition words (first, next, then, also, therefore, etc.) are used as needed.




  1. Common words are spelled correctly.




  1. Sentences are in subject, verb, object order.




  1. Indirect objects are used with verbs that require them.




  1. Adjectives are before the nouns they modify.




  1. “Time words” are at the beginning or the end of the sentence.




  1. Ordinal numbers  (first, second, etc.) are used when needed.




  1. Elaboration is provided.




  1. “A” and “an” are used correctly.




  1. Plurals are used and spelled correctly.




  1. Contractions are used correctly.




  1. Correct verb tense is used for past, present, or future.




  1. Subject pronouns are used correctly.




  1. Object pronouns are used correctly.




  1. Subject-verb agreement is correct.




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