Kawaii Madoushi's Slayers Kingdom
Greetings.  Welcome to the Kingdom of the Slayers.  I am the Kawaii Madoushi (that's Japanese for "cute sorceress") and I am the queen of this kingdom.  You don't know about Slayers?  Slayers is an anime.  You can learn more about it at the library. 
Those of you who do know and enjoy Slayers, feel free to look around and stay at the kingdom for as long as you want.  You may even see some of the Slayers characters wandering around.

Hello.  Hey, Gourry!  That's my food!  *Runs after Gourry*

Anyway, just enjoy your stay here, and don't forget to sign the guestbook. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, post them on my messageboard or email me at
Just a few notes before you start exploring the kingdom.
1) The images on this site are from
The Slayers Vault,Thea's Slayers Image Gallery, and Slayers Universe. The background on this page was from Rukawa's Girlfriends Anime Backgrounds Page. Isn't it kawaii? The banners, buttons, and awards were made by me. If you want to use the images please email me first and ask for permission.
2) Much of the information on this site is from
Slayers Universe, or some other online source. Not all of the information will be complete and some may be inaccurate. If I post some incorrect information, please email me about it, or leave a post on my messageboard.
3) If any part of the page does not work properly, and you are having trouble viewing or navigating the site, please email me.
4) Make sure all links or bookmarks point to I am often changing my site, so some links to other pages might not work. If you have linked to or bookmarked "index2", please change it to my main page.
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people have visited my kingdom since 6/21/01. Thank you all for coming.
I do not own Slayers, I just love the show. This is merely a fan page created by me just for fun.
Last Update: July 14, 2002
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