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Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Joins Cause
March 3, 2003
Web posted at: 2:23 PM EST

(ROL Newswire) -- The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) has contacted Mark 
Bundick (NAR President) and Dick Embry (TRA President) with concerns over 
the impact of the Homeland Security Act (HSA). Recognizing we have common 
concerns, the AMA agreed with Dick Embry this morning to support the cause. 
AMA will instruct its 175,000 members to join our efforts to contact 
Senators to support Senator Enzi's effort to draft legislation to protect 
our hobby. The Tripoli Rocketry Association will also support any campaign 
to protect powered model aircraft from the negative effects of the HSA.

Please visit the website <http://www.space-rockets.com/congress.html> and 
do what you can. Our recent efforts at lobbying for Torrey Pines shows that 
we can make a difference.

Even if you are not involved with Rockets your help may benefit children 
who would not otherwise be exposed to this interesting science.


The Seattle Flying site needs your help

Seattle is in danger of loosing its soaring site. The current field is approximately 15 acres of mowed grass, surrounded by a golf course, soccer fields and open field. It is about as perfect as it can get. The Seattle Area Soaring Society has been flying on this site since 1971. It is known as 60 Acres South.

The property is owned by King County and currently a county park. They share the field with other users of similar needs, free flight and rockets. This is the only field in King County specifically for these uses.

Over the last 15 years, they have successfully fought off local organized soccer groups that want to place more goals on our field. The primary reason King County Parks has not allowed the spread of soccer to our field is because this is the only place in King County for sailplanes.

Click here for Seattle Times Article (SeattleTimes)

Click here for Original Appeal(SeattleFlyingSite)

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Send an emails to: Ron Sims King County Executive Exec.Sims@metrokc.gov

Here are the e-mails for the entire King County Counsel

Carolyn Edmonds, District 1 carolyn.edmonds@metrokc.gov
Cynthia Sullivan, District 2 cynthia.sullivan@metrokc.gov
*** Kathy Lambert, District 3 kathy.lambert@metrokc.gov
Larry Phillips, District 4 larry.phillips@metrokc.gov
Dwight Pelz, District 5 dwight.pelz@metrokc.gov
Rob McKenna, District 6 rob.mckenna@metrokc.gov
Pete von Reichbauer, District 7 pete.vonreichbauer@metrokc.gov
Dow Constantine, District 8 dow.constantine@metrokc.gov
Kent Pullen, District 9 kent.pullen@metrokc.gov
Larry Gossett, District 10 larry.gossett@metrokc.gov
Jane Hague, District 11 jane.hague@metrokc.gov
David Irons, District 12 david.irons@metrokc.gov
Julia Patterson, District 13 julia.patterson@metrokc.gov

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