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A Novel Approach To 
Boost Your Company’ Sale 
To Care Providers: Orthopedic Surgeons, Chiropractors ...
Dear Marketing & Sales Executive:

The contact and sale to care providers such as orthopedic surgeons, chiropractors... etc.,  is not easy.  Accordingly, we offer you a novel approach to boost your company’ sale through a none-sales channel:

Sponsor the development and listing of web pages to care providers such as orthopedic surgeons and chiropractors (majority of them do not have web sites). This is an opportunity to establish a lasting personal relationship with them. 

Key Features - Sponsorship Service:

  • Company's advertisement/logo is exclusively listed at the top of care providers’ web pages.
  • Your competition is likely to exclusively sponsor your clients’ web pages! 

  • If this happens, while your salespeople call on your clients about “Selling”, your competition will call on them about “How web pages will increase patients referrals at no cost to sponsored doctors ”. Your accounts may be in jeopardy!
  • What can you do to prevent the above problem?  Sponsor your clients’ web pages before it is too late! 
  • Send your Subscription Form + List of Sponsored care providers + Payment
  • Certainly this action will also enhance your relationship with your clients by sponsoring their web pages.
  • As a sponsor, your salespeople may contact the sponsored care provider, such as, orthopedic surgeons for the following:
    • Inform the orthopedic surgeon that your company is sponsoring his/her web page, at no cost to the doctor.
    • Developed web pages will help to boost his/her patients’ referrals.
    • Give the orthopedic surgeon/staff the web site address for the assigned space/future web page.
    • Ask for information (we will supply you with a list) to update the orthopedic surgeon web page. 
    • As you establish a relationship with the orthopedic surgeons’ staff, you may ask about current products used at the practice and present your own products as a replacement.
    • Ask the orthopedic surgeon/staff about future purchasing plans and how you can meet them.
    • If the orthopedic surgeon does have a web site, the above web page will double his/her presence on the Internet and attract more patients at no charge to the doctor. Also, the doctor's web site will be linked to the sponsored web page.
    • Inform the doctor that in the USA, there are over 200 search engines. Offer the doctor a FREE list of search engines (DMS will supply you with the list, at no charge).
    • We have large databases for USA care providers to help you meet your sponsorship order. The list include the following:
      • USA Orthopedic Surgeons List: 8,672 records 
      • USA Chiropractors: 20,000 records 
    • Offer sponsored orthopedic surgeons a free service: 
      • Review and evaluation of other companies’ orthopedic products.
  • Your enhanced relationship with the doctor and his/her staff makes it very difficult for your competition to replace your products.
  • Your company may sponsor development of web pages for all care providers whose specialties are appropriate for the directory listed below.
  • Your company may sponsor all care providers including clinics, hospitals, medical centers ... etc.
  • Sponsored web pages will appear in the following directory:

Advances In Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Directory

View samples under “Orthopedic Surgeons and Chiropractors”
Sponsorship Fees are very reasonable 
(Special Fee: $1/web page/month) if you meet the Special Fee Deadline: November 5, 2001
Minimum Order:  50 web pages 
(Total Minimum Special Fee: $600/year  ; Reg. Fee: $1,250)
See “Subscription Form” Above web site

Important Notes:

  • Please remember “we offer exclusive sponsorship for companies"
    Each care provider's web page may be sponsored only by one company”.  Accordingly, if you wish to sponsor a select group of care providers, or your own clients, you may consider sending your order and payment right away!
  • At this point, you may select names and/or locations of sponsored care providers. However, this may change very quickly as other companies may block off those same names or locations. The only way we can meet your request is if we receive your order/payment before it is blocked off by another company.

About Us: 
We have been in business for 25 years. DMS own and manage 13 directories and 33 web sites, national and international. To view our INDEX, please see click "here": 

Best Regards,

Sam Hibrawi

Sam Hibrawi, M.S.
General Manager


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