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The Importance of Listening

We live in a time in which there is intense competition for our attention and incessant intrusions into our lives from a variety of external sources. Often, even when these external stimuli are absent, we find our minds are still not quiet. Rather in such situations we engage ourselves in a vigorous and ultimately unproductive internal dialogue. As a result, we spend a great deal of our precious time doing rather than being.

Such a way of "life" places tremendous stress on us with all its adverse effects. More importantly, it cuts us off from the deep source of wisdom within each of us. We are too busy to listen to the guidance that can come from our intuition.

Practices that help us quiet the mind are valuable in restoring the link to our innate wisdom. Meditation is, perhaps, the most familiar technique. Another way is through a spiritually guided practice. Reiki Chakra Work is such a technique.

The Role of Intention

Spiritual work differs from many othe forms of endeavor in the critical importance of intention. In other pursuits intention is not enough to ensure success. A mastery of technical skills and knowledge is required. One cannot become a great physician or athlete simply through intention. In spiritual work, the right intention is much more important than and can often compensate for lapses in technique.

Therefore, it is critical that we take time to set the direction of our spiritual work before beginning. We can also use this step to enlist the aid of ascended teachers and other spiritual guides.

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