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We live in an age which enjoys many benefits derived from the scientific manipulation of the material world. As a result, we tend to ignore other aspects of our nature and to focus on the material to the practical exclusion of the spiritual. We live our lives and seek our development in this partial sphere of existence.

One of the benefits of working with healing energies, like Reiki, is that it awakens a broader attitude towards development. We come to value a wider range of our faculties and to see the importance of wisdom - the sense of how and when to use our knowledge and skills. Another major step on this path, and one to which Reiki greatly contributes, is the realization of the interconnectedness of all existence. Our development is not a solitary pursuit solely for our own benefit. Rather it is part of the growth of all beings, a process to which we contribute our own actions and in which we share in the actions of others.

The Heart Chakra Practice is designed to aid in the process of development by enhancing our sense of compassion. For several cultures the core of one's personality - the seat of one's soul - is believed to reside not in the head but rather in the heart. This Practice is based on that view. It uses Reiki "exercises" focused on the heart chakra - a natural fit given Reiki's clear connection to compassionate action.

The Importance of Intention and Intuition

It has been said that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Spiritual work is different. When I took Reiki Master and later Karuna Reiki© training, one of my classmates, told me to focus on the big picture and not to obsess about getting all the minutiae perfect because my spiritual guides would correct any lapses in technique.

Intention is also very important in directing our healing activities and in enlisting our own Reiki guides and other spiritual beings in them.

Intuition is also crucial. Spiritual work should "feel" right. This Practice is written from a particular point of view and based on personal experiences. It uses certain Reiki symbols and techniques and excludes others. There is no "magic" to the formulation of words used or to other elements of the Practice.

You should feel free to modify anything that makes this work more resonant with your own path.

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