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After my two years in Ukraine, I couldn’t bear to leave the region or the U.S. Department of State English Language Fellow Program.   Apparently, the program and the region liked me as well; I got to stay on one more year as a Senior English Language Fellow (a teacher trainer) and come to Moldova, another former Soviet republic between Ukraine and Romania.  Below are links to reports and photos from my time there, as well as links to other Web sites with information on traveling to or within Moldova.


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·        MoldMail Issue 4

·        MoldMail Issue 5


The photo links referred to in my original emails no longer exist. The seminar photos are no longer available, and I had to move my photos from Yahoo! Photos to Photobucket.  The folders are very similar to what is referenced in the Moldmails, with the name “Ukraine” or “Moldova” added to help find subalbums.  So, the current address for photos is:



CVS—In the U.S. this is a chain of drugstores, but in Moldova it’s a premier car service. 

U.S. Embassy in Moldova—self-explanatory.


Last Updated:  September 2007