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Originally this Web site was called “One Year In Ukraine”, as I came to Ukraine to teach English for one year with the support of the U.S. Department of State English Language Fellow Program.   I extended my stay for a second year.  Below are vignettes and travelogues from my time here, as well as links to other Web sites with information on traveling in Ukraine.  The experiences from September 2001-June 2002 are based on my time in at Kharkiv State Pedagogical University in Kharkiv, Ukraine.  My experiences from September 2002 to June 2003 are from my time at Technological University of Podillya in Khmelnytsky, Ukraine.


TRAVEL BUG’S UKRAINIAN PHOTO GALLERIES:   Pictures and captions of multiple cities in Ukraine from my life and travels September 2001-June 2002.  Pictures and captions of Dnipropetrovsk and Khmelnytsky from September 2002.


·        October 2001

·        November 2001

·        March 2002

·        June 2002

·        October 2002

·        5 Things I Like About Living in Ukraine

·        5 Things That Still Need Improvement Here


·        First Days in Kharkiv

·        September 11

·        A Visit to the Doctor

·        A Visit to Hillel

·        Kharkiv State Pedagogical University’s 190th Anniversary Celebration

·        A Visit from the Maintenance Man

·        Thanksgiving in Odessa

·        Dinner with the Department

·        Journey to Istanbul

·        Graduation

·        First Days in Khmelnytsky

·        Home for Thanksgiving: Kharkiv

·        A Visit to a Ukrainian School for Orphaned and Neglected Children


·        Kyiv (multiple visits)

o       Travelogue September 2001

o       Photos

·        Odessa (multiple visits)

o       Quick Guide October 2001

o       Photos 2001

o       Photos 2002

·        Dnipropetrovsk (November 2001, September 2002)

o       Photos 2002

·        Chernihiv (January 2002) (Photos only)

·        Lviv (April 2002, October 2002)

o       Photos April 2002

o       Photos October 2002

·        Crimea (April/May 2002)

o       Quick Guide

o       Travelogue

o       Photos

·        Kazatyin (May 2002) (Photos Only)

·        Khmelnytsky (May 2002, June 2002)

·        Kamyanets-Podilsky (Multiple visits)

·        Ostroh (June 2002)

·        Vinnitsia (January 2003)

·        Mikolaev (June 2003)


 (included here because I traveled to these countries from Ukraine)

·        Istanbul, Turkey (March 2002)

o       Quick Guide

o       Travelogue

o       Photo Gallery

·        Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russia (May 2002)

o       Travelogue

o       Photo Gallery

·        Leipzig, Germany (October 2002)

o       Travelogue

o       Photo Gallery

·        Warsaw, Poland (December 2002)

o       Travelogue

o       Photo Gallery

·        Helsinki, Finland and Tallin, Estonia (April/May 2003)

o       Travelogue

o       Photo Gallery (Helsinki) (Tallin)

·        Budapest, Hungary; England and Wales (June/July 2003)




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