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My Favourite Links:
Civ Evolution (c-evo)
The CIA page about Hungary, my homeland
The Hungary Homepage
Retrogames: You can find here all major DOS games, may even ask for some.
                        Click on
Belépés (Enter), then choose Játékok (Games)
Some material I used:
Military Aircraft
Air Force Technology
Here you will find two tv sets for The Sims, a moderate and an expensive one. They are recolours of the originals made by Blade. They feature scenes from Shrek, Psycho, Terminator 2 and Red Dragon. They also contain nudity, but no porn (the originals actually did and I did not particularly like them.)
However, this page is mainly dedicated to my additions to Civ Evolution, a Civilization 2 like game:

Hungarians Tribe File

Some Amazons (preliminary, only modified StdUnits and transplantation of William Keenan's work)
                               Some more new units added: 8 altogether. Now in a PNG file.

76 Jets & Choppers 256 colours, 70k