World War II Remembered

Rosemary Forbes Kerry

Branch of Service: N/A
Rank: N/A
Hometown: Paris, France
Honored By: Mike W. Reeser

Rosemary Forbes Kerry
U.S. Red Cross


Born Rosemary Isabel Forbes in Paris on Oct. 27, 1913, she was one of 11 children.

Rosemary studied to be a nurse, and served in the Red Cross in Paris during WWII.

She married Richard John Kerry in Montgomery, Alabama in January 1941. She is the mother of Senator John F. Kerry. She is also the mother of Cameron F. Kerry, who is a lawyer in Boston, and 2 daughters Diane and Margery. During her lifetime she was the beneficiary of Forbes family trusts, which her son John Kerry inherited.

Rosemary Forbes Kerry died November 14, 2002.


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