Umur Ozkul

Strausslaan 57, 3055 CT, Rotterdam, Netherlands


Mobile:               +31 611 122 366






Work Permit: Not Required, Entitled to work in the E.U.

Summary of Experience

12 years of CASE (UML, Booch) and Object-Oriented Design, Iterative Software Life Cycle, Agile Software Development, 6 years of Web Applications.  3 year of Bioinformatics, XML, EBusiness.


Proficient in RUP and UML since the existence of Rational.


Many years of design and development experience at the leading edge of emerging technologies. In combination with a strong academic background, he has led major commercial projects in the Internet sector such as Deutsche Telecom and, the largest independent Turkish portal, serving 2 million+ permanent users. Experience on curing missed schedules, blown budgets, and flawed products. Currently applying the production experience on Bioinformatics.

Programming Languages & CASE, OS, Processes

Java, J2EE, Smalltalk, OODB, Poet, ObjectStore, JBuilder, VisualAge, UML, Rational Rose, TogetherJ, EJB, Prolog, Lisp, XML, XSL, SUN Solaris, NT, Windows, WebSphere, JRun, Enhydra, WebLogic, Tomcat, MCIS,  XP (Extreme Programming), Agile Development, FDD (Feature Driven Development).


Sep 2001 to Now, Realworld, Culemborg, Netherlands - Consultant

  • Designing next generation network planning software for Austrian Telco.
  • Advising on worldwide software quality improvement of Realworld using UML.
  • Implemented a Web Portal in France to teach French speakers English.
  • Development of Micro Array Instruments for Pamgene. Pamgene Instruments are now used by InnoGenetics and J&J for drug discovery. Pamgene is the inventor of a new micro array technology that boosts the speed of experiments enormously
    • Analyzed requirements for fully automating micro array labs.
    • Designed the blue print for micro array instruments produced by Pamgene.
      • Proteomics, Mutation Detection, Gene Expression, Image Quality Analysis.
    • Complied with FDA (U.S Food and Drug Administration) requirements.
    • Evaluated and trained offshore and international partners for hardware and software implementation.
    • Built PSP – Pamgene Software Platform. The interaction and management platform for Pamgene partners getting together across the borders. PSP facilitates agile development, continuous quality improvement and CMM.
    • Started CMM for quality improvement for Pamgene and partners.
    • Auditing and managing the partners for hardware implementation and software implementation (Java, EJB, C++, C#, Smalltalk, TogetherJ).
    • Improved the hardware design process. First the customer gets the software prototype and lives the experience. Hardware is built for the whole experience. Top down minimal design. In Pamgene, software is no more written to cope for the completed hardware in bottom up fashion.
  • Organized the project management standards, project manager selection and auditing for other projects in Pamgene.


Nov 2000 to Aug 2001, BeQubed, Nieuwegein, Netherlands – Primary Consultant

  • Organized the teamwork and selected the software tools to use for a French web portal.
  • Designed network architecture and gateway for a Spanish portal that connects any existing web site to any device.
  • Arranged workshops on Java and J2EE Development tools, UML (Rational Rose, TogetherJ), XML Publishing Frameworks and XML development tools, Application Servers, 3-Tier Architecture, Object Oriented Databases, XML Servers, Version Control, Software Life Cycle and Project Management
  • Provided company feasibility reports for venture capitalists.


August 99 to Nov 2000, MyNet, Istanbul Turkey – Chief Architect, Project Manager

  • Launched Trained developers and project leaders on Java, J2EE, XML, XSL, OODBMS, UML, Application Servers, Project Scheduling and Tracking, Quality Assurance. is Turkey's #1 portal. In a year, the number of subscribers exceeded 550000. offers email, news, personalized web pages and games, as well as a search engine supplied by its partner Altavista, for Turkish language searches. This successful B2C portal serves the Turkish-speaking people allowing customized user sites and will be expanding into a web hosting service.


  • Implemented the core membership and session tracking system in J2EE.
  • Managed projects – free hosting, web mail, chat, message boards, personalization and guides.


November 98 to August 99, DolphinSoft Personal Computing GmbH, Germany – Software Project Manager

  • Managed an XML database server project supporting CORBA and DCOM interfaces. XML server supports SQL, LDAP and Object Oriented databases. German economics minister Dr. Werner Müller praised DolphinBase.
  • Designed Java business model objects of German Telecom database. Created middle tiers for LDAP and SQL systems of Telecom.
  • German Telecom consultant.


March 1996 to November 98, ILTEK Communication and Advertisement Services, Senior IT Manager; Istanbul Turkey

  • Devised creation of a multimedia software department.
  • Started the use of CASE (UML), object-oriented design, Smalltalk, automated program testing, Microsoft Developer Studio (C++, Java). Brought software-engineering standards.
  • Lead product conceptualization, design, and development - focusing on identification of user needs and tasks. Conceptualized user interfaces.
  • Conceptualized a new multimedia visual-programming paradigm integrating of 3D, video, and pictures. Defined the new paradigm for Web TV, HTML, and user interface programming.
  • Designed and deploy tools to improve processes for CD Development, Quality Assurance
  • Implemented a Windows 95/NT to Philips CDI cross-compiler – CDI Maker.
  • Trained graphic artists for production of education title using CDI Maker.
  • Calculated the costs of batch production of CD/CDI titles.
  • Designed, purchased, and installed a multi-segment TCP/IP network with Macintosh, Windows and NT computers for team production of multimedia titles.
  • Purchased custom computers and software for 3D, video postproduction, graphics design, sound mix, and MIDI systems.
  • Installed and trained people on proxy and email servers, HTTP servers, HTML editing, Web server administration.


October 1993 - March 1996, Bogazici University; Istanbul Turkey

  • Worked a framework to create virtual pilots on the flight training systems of NATO.
  • Supported the network of Computer Science Department.
  • Trained users on UNIX scripting.
  • Produced multimedia CDs - CAE.
  • Taught Software Engineering, Computer Aided Education.
  • Evaluated and benchmarked expert shells for real time human behavior simulation.
  • Worked on user interfaces for NCI, CAD


August 1992 - September 1993, STFA; Istanbul Turkey

  • Tested new object-oriented operating system developed within a NATO project.
  • Trained military officers on object-oriented design and C++.


October 1989 - July 1992, Bogazici University; Istanbul Turkey

  • Taught Software Engineering, Computer Aided Education.
  • Evaluated and benchmarked expert shells for real time human behavior simulation.


October 1988 - July 1989, LOGO; Istanbul Turkey

  • Ported a finance & stock application implemented in C for MS-DOS to Macintosh Object-Pascal

Education in Progress

University of Bogazici, Ph.D. Computer Engineering Dept., "The Evolution of Complex Systems".


  • University of Bogazici, Stanford University MPhil Computer Engineering,  July 1994
  • University of Bogazici, MS Computer Engineering, May 1992, "Piaget I: A new functional object-oriented language"
  • University of Bogazici, BS Computer Engineering, July 1989, "Designing a real-time object-oriented OS", graduated with Academic Honor (3rd highest GPA in the CE department)


  • "Evolution of Complex Systems", GP97 Proceedings, Stanford University, US. (


Available on request