My special interest the last year has been virtual churches (or "cyberchurches") and I have listed quite a number of them on this page. What, then, is a "cyberchurch" -- or "virtual church"? A popular definition could be,

"A cyberchurch facilitates worship and Christian education,

evangelization and community

on the World Wide Web."

Such a functional definition emphasizes the actual work or ministry of a Net site. From this definition a cyberchurch can be a ministry of a "real" local church or denomination, or a personal and/or independent initiative with no formal connection whatsoever to an established church or denomination. A cyberchurch may not necessarily implement all of the "criteria's" mentioned. It may focus on only one or two key issues like education, evangelization, spiritual formation, prayer, Christian literature, worship, etc. Yet, a cyberchurch is the opposite of "just a Web page." A local church does not have a "cyber church ministry" by merely having a Web page with information about a local church. A cyberchurch is above all, interactive. It communicates with people and aims to establish a relationship with the visitors.

There are always changes on the Internet. New Web sites are getting "on the air" almost constantly while others may disappear after a while. Since the last update four new "cyberchurches" have been added to the list but I have not been able to find some from the old list (The Chapel of the Air, Web Chapel, Agape, Amazing and Cyberchurch Australia).

Well, enough of my introduction. Just click on some of the "cyber churches" in the list to look for yourself!


Cyber churches

Updated March 22, 2000