This is the photograph of founder & Father of the Nation of Pakistan. He was a great lawyer, statesman, politician, highly motivating & convincing leader of all times. Although his real name was Muhammad Ali Jinnah, but we call him Quaid-e-Azam in Urdu, our national language, meaning "The Greatest Leader". To start my page with his photograph is a way to pay him a tribute.

Hi AND Welcome,

My name is Salman Zafar & I am from Pakistan. After almost 5 years I am changing this page. A lot of things happend in these five years .... so let's start all over again :-)

A word about me, for those who don't know me. I got my early education until 6th grade from Karachi, did my matric from Rawalpindi & completed FSc from Sir Syed College Rawalpindi in 1987. Then I did my Electrical Engineering from NWFP University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar. Presently I am working in a Telecommunications Company the Mobile Networks division, and am happy to be an active part of this communication age. I am based in Jakarta.

Let me tell you about Northern areas of Pakistan ......the heaven on earth, fantasy land for mountain lovers. It is a wish of every professional mountaineer to be there... we have the worlds second highest peak... K-2, which is believed to be the most dangerous & difficult to climb...even more than the highest peak of Earth, Mount Everest. See the movie "Vertical Limits" !!! Then there is a small place near city of Chitral, called Shandur which is very famous among tourists for its famous Shandur festival...the Shandur Mela.... as it is called in Urdu. In this festival, the main attraction is Polo.....yes polo probably at highest planes of the conventional style even without changing ponies all through the match...... Many people go there exclusively to watch these polo matches.

Luckily I have also been to some of the cities of Northern Areas, like Gilgit and Hunza. This area is full with natural the limit. Specially if you like mountaineering or hiking & and you haven't been there, then you have certainly missed a lot....., better hurry up now & plan your vacations... Summer time is the best to go there and you can head there straight away. You may enjoy the Safari flight of Pakistan International Airlines from Islamabad to these highest mountains.......which is a very exciting flight to see one of the highest paces of Earth from an even higher altitude !!!

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This web page was first created in in Apr 1997, since then it was left unattended and now I am again working on it after long time. Anyway now I've a new domain name registered with my name & you can visit me at my own domain name !