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Episode 17 shown on NOV 21, 1999






This verse of the Bhagavad Gita as always is recited melodiously with the picture in the background of our beloved Puttaparthi Sai in a blessing posture , before the start of the 17th episode.

As usual a brief recap of the previous episode is shown. How Sathya refuses to accept as gift a scouts uniform from his friend, how he sells his previous year’s books to a poor friend who gives him only five rupees in changes and those money he leaves in the house as he was reprimanded by his elder brother Seshama Raju and others in Seshama Raju’s in-laws’ house at Kamalapuram. how as a result young Sathya leaves home for joining the scouts group at Pushapagiri Fair, without any money, how he stumbles upon a one anna coin and bundle of beedies, how Sathya discrds the beedies and multiplies the one anna coin into 12 annas by playing at a gambling stall at the Pushpagiri Fair, how he is made the leader of a scouts group even though he did not have the uniform , how he does untiring public service in the fair etc. etc. This is where the 16th episode ended.

Now to proceed with the 17th episode.

The current episode continues with the seva being performed by young Sathya and his scouts group in the Pushpagiri Fair. A missing child is retrieved, massive crowds are controlled with separate lines for ladies and gents for entering into the temple at Pushpagiri. With not much resources (he has those 12 annas only), Sathya goes without food most of the time. When his friends ask him if he has had food, he says " yes I have already taken". When they doubt his words, he tells them to smell his right palm which emanates the pleasant smell of food and they are obliged to believe in his statement.

At the fair Sathya buys some bangles and some other gifts for his sister-in-law (Seshama Raju’s wife).

At last the scouts master tells the group to get back to Pushpagiri. So while the others return by bus, our little master again silently slips out of the group to take his short mountainous route back to Kamalapuram

At home he is confronted by Seshama Raju who again scolds him for going to Pushpagiri, without informing him. Sathya gives some explanation but Seshama Raju is not happy. Meanwhile, Seshama Raju’s wife comes to the rescue of Sathya who then takes out the gifts he had bought for her, at the fair. On seeing the affectionate act of Sathya, his sister-in-law is moved as also Seshama Raju. Now enters the domineering of the house, the elder sister and she hands out two big vessels to Sathya and asks him to bring water for use in the house from a far off well. Young Sathya readily goes , draws out water from the well, through the rope on the mounted pulley and carries back the two vessels tied on each end of a stick placed on his shoulder. This water carrying becomes a daily affair. As his studies get over in the school at Kamalapuram, he returns to Puttaparthi where his parents and grand father Kondama Raju stay.

One day when Easwaramma gives oil bath to young Sathya she is thunderstruck to see blackened spot on his shoulder (result of carrying the stick with water-vessels tied at each end) and promptly queries Sathya. Sathya as a matter of routine explains it away saying that he had to bring water from a distant well as Seshama Raju did not have the time and there was acute water shortage in Kamalapuram. Easwarama’s heart virtually bleeds on knowing this but young Sathya assuages her feelings as he only is capable of.

Time rolls by and young Sathya grows older stepping into the teens. Now his father talks of sending him to Uravakonda, where his brother also will now live. Seshama Raju also comes and tells Easwaramma to send Sathya with him to Uravakonda. Easwaramma while pleading her helplessness in opining, does ask Seshama Raju if there is "enough water in the village". This query makes Seshama Raju feel guilty and ashamed and he is able to feel the worry of his mother in sending Sathya away from her.

Thus ends this week’s episode.

Let us wait and see how the Divine drama further unfolds.


Episode No. 18 shown on Nov 28, 1999






This verse of the Bhagavad Gita as always is recited melodiously with the picture in the background of our beloved Puttaparthi Sai in a blessing posture , before the start of the 18th episode.

A brief recap of the previous week’s episode narrates about young Sathya’s public service in the Fair at Pushpagiri as a leader of his school boys’ scout, how he is scolded by his elder brother and others in his brother’s in-laws’ house, how he brings water to the house from a far off well, how, back at Kondama Raju’s house, Easwaramma queries young Sathya about the blackened spot on his shoulder, how Sathya grows into teen and how his housemates now plan to send him to Uravakonda etc. etc.

Now to proceed with the current episode.

Sathya starts going to school at Uravakonda staying with his elder brother and sister-in-law. One day His elder brother asks him about his studies. Sathya tells him how the headmaster of the new school asked him to sing at the school assembly on his first day at the school and that all appreciated his singing and the headmaster asked him to sing daily at the school assembly. When he said that the song was his own compilation, his brother just mocks at him not believing him. Sathya’s sister-in-law, however asks him to sing the song. Sathya sings in his heavenly voice the "unity song " compiled by him to the utter delight of his sister-in-law and his brother then realises his mistake and praises Sathya. He however does not give up his routine reprimanding session by reminding Sathya that he should study well, especially English and try to get into the government service.

The scene now shifts to the III Form class in the school where Sathya and others are sitting. The teacher asks someone to describe in English the "geographical beauty and importance of India". No one is able to answer it. Ultimately Sathya answers to the complete satisfaction of the teacher, describing about the glorious rivers, mountains etc present in India. The teacher is immensely pleased with Sathya and he asks Sathya to come and stand before his table and tells him that he (Sathya) should slap each student as each one is called by the teacher to come and stand before him. "This," He said "is an order from his teacher and he should obey it". Nonplussed though, at this unpleasant task given to him, he brings down his right hand heavily on each student, but just touches the cheek of that student, just pretending to slap. The teacher notices this and then calls Sathya to his side and gives Sathya a "demonstration on slapping" by slapping him five times on his cheek, to the utter consternation of the whole class. Then the bell rings and the teacher reluctantly leaves the class, remarking that the students are always eagerly waiting for the school bell. After the teacher has left, Sathya’s colleagues ask him why did he tolerate the slapping from the teacher. Sathya answers to their surprise that it was after all, his disobedience that resulted in the teacher slapping him. The teacher (Guru) is like God. It is always the duty of the student to obey the teacher’s instructions. Since Sathya did not do as per the teacher’s order, he did deserve the punishment. The students are amazed at this matured statements of Sathya.

One day in the class, a student named Khan, snatches the Gandhi cap that Sathya is wearing and plays with the cap by throwing it to other students in the class. Sathya after trying in vain to get back his cap allows him to retain it. A disappointed and surprised Khan asks him if he is not angry with him. Sathya tells him "If my cap can bring you happiness you can keep it. Why should I be angry with you, Khan?". Khan is deeply touched by the loving words of Sathya and returns the cap to Sathya and requests him to materialise some sweet for him. Sathya readily materialises a sweet and the whole class is amazed and delighted to see the materialisation. Every one then demands a sweet or a fruit and as Sathya is obliging them all, the class teacher enters and asks the reason for such a big noise in the class. The students tell him about the materialisation done by Sathya. He does not believe and calls Sathya to his nearness and asks him to produce an orange for him and Sathya at once produces an orange and when the teacher says it was not orange that he demanded but some other fruit Sathya changes the orange into the desired fruit.

As Uravakonda also has water shortage, Sathya as was his routine in Kamalapuram, starts bringing water daily from a far off well. Here he encounters an elderly man struggling to draw water from the well. He asks the old to man to move out and he himself draws water for him. Many elderly ladies also come forward and seek his help. He readily obliges all, explaining that God is always pleased with those who help the need and the weak.

In the class Sathya always comes early. He dusts and cleans the board, the teacher’s table and chair etc. When other students see him doing this, they ask him why he has to do all these things. He explains that it is the duty of the student to help the teacher in every possible way, explaining the concept of "Guru Kulam"( system of study prevalent in the vedic days of India, during which, students used to stay at the residence of the teacher (Guru), attend to all house chores and also learn from the Guru.)

The school exam comes. As Sathya goes to the school he notices his colleagues do not want to sit for the examination as they do not know anything . He advises them to sit for the examination and leave things to God. An amazing thing happens during the examination. At the closing time of the examination, as each student goes to the teacher’s table for submitting the answered sheet, Sathya, on the way hands over an answered sheet to each one, which each student submits. At the last Sathya goes and submits his paper. The teacher opens the paper of Sathya and is amazed to see that it is completely blank!

Thus ends this week’s episode.

Let us wait and see how the Divine drama further unfolds.


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