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I frequently help people with HTML and webpage building in the GeoCities Help Chat room. I've noticed there are a few questions which are constantly asked by most people seeking help. I am offering this area as a resource for those people. Though a lot of the information is specific to GeoCities webpages, the general HTML is applicable to any webpage.

In places where the HTML tags are available they can be copied & pasted directly into an HTML document and you substitute the information specific to your webpages or filenames. To COPY use the KEYBOARD command CTRL+C and to PASTE use CTRL+V.

The following areas are currently included here in a lengthy listing. If you want, you can click the Quick Help locator for a briefer view :

Webpage Building Information If you're a "beginner" to WEBPAGE Building and have no knowledge of HTML you might like to read this section.

How do I MOVE IN? An explanation of what "moving in" means and the step-by-step procedures.

How do I upload files? Explains how to upload files using the EZUploader and FTP procedures.

How do I make a "BASIC Document" in proper format? Explains the Basic HTML in documents

How do I FORMAT and ALIGN TEXT? Explains how to format text and alignment of text on Webpages.

How do I FORMAT LISTS? Explains how to format the three types of Lists available with HTML.

How do I install a different FONT for my page? Discusses the various attributes of the FONT tag

How do I make an IMAGE display on my page? Explains how to place images in your document

How do I make a THUMBNAIL IMAGE? Explains how to make a "thumbnail" and link it to the "full-sized" image in your document

How do I add sounds or music to my pages? Explains how to install HTML tags for .mid, .wav and .au files so ALL browsers can use them

How do I link pages together? Explains how to make both TEXT and IMAGE links for you pages

How do I add FRAMES to my pages? Simple frames layouts with "copy & paste" HTML tags. New addition: The Automatic Frame Maker

How do I install a GeoCities counter?

I want a HIDDEN COUNTER! Explains how to install a HIDDEN COUNTER on your webpage

How do I install the GeoCities GeoGuide?

How do I install a Geocities Guestbook? Explains how to install and CUSTOMIZE a GeoCities Guestbook

How do I get rid of all the Popup Ads? Explains two methods to remove the GeoCities Advertising Popups.

How do I make a TABLE? Discusses the use of tables and their attributes. Includes the Automatic Table Maker to design your own table with "copy & paste" HTML tags

How do I make a FORM for my Webpage? Help with FORMS with examples of most of the "form attributes"

I want a FORM on my webpage people can use to REFER their friends to my page This FORM useful to enter your name and you're friend's e-mail address and send them a quick "referral" to the page.

How do I put Real Audio Sound on my pages? Discusses making the RA Meta file and installing the Real Audio (Streaming)on webpages

I want to use an Image Map Download MapThis! an "image-mapping" program and follow the instructions to make an "Image Map" for your webpage

How do I install AVI Video in my webpages? Installing AVI Video files in your webpages.

Java Applet Webpage Additions

I want to install COMET CURSORS Comet Cursors or Live Cursors are cursors you can allow your visitor to select to display on your page when they visit.

I want to use the "fphover.class" Applet for my webpage buttons Help for installing the "fphover" Applet buttons

I want another BUTTON applet The "button.class" applet is a very nice and easy to install "button" applet

I want RAISED LINK buttons The "raisedLink.class" applet is another button-type applet and is easy to install

I want to install the "CoolStrip" applet on my page The "CoolStrip" Navigation applet is "highly flexible" and can be used with/without images

I want to install an "Lake.class" Applet on my page Help for installing the Lake Applet with "alternative" PARAMs for use (the APPLET is available for "download" in a ZIP file)

I want to install an "alcsnow.class" Applet on my page Help for installing the "alcsnow" Applet which will add "falling SNOW" to any image you perfer (the APPLET is available for "download" in a ZIP file)

I want to add some FIREWORKS to my page Help for installing the "firework" Applet which adds "fireworks and sound" to your webpage (the APPLET is available for "download" in a ZIP file)

I want SCROLLING Text which will operate with all Java enabled browsers Help for installing the "Scroller.class" Applet which is easily modified and configured (the APPLET is available for "download" in a ZIP file)

I want a Hilite Title on my webpage A "Great Title Applet with "highlight" for your webpage (the APPLET is available for "download" in a ZIP file)

I want a ZOOMING Title on my webpage Another "Great Title Applet with a "reverse" ZOOM effect (the APPLET is available for "download" in a ZIP file)

I want a SHIMMERING Title on my webpage An Awesome Applet which adds a "Shimmering Glow" to your Title (the APPLET is available for "download" in a ZIP file)

I need help with the Image Carousel Applet installation Help for installing the Image Carousel with "hints" to make it easier

Intel Java Applet Collection Intel Java Applets you can install on your webpage directly from your file directory includes: Horizontal Image Carousel, Image Mosaic, Photo Album, Photo Album II, PhotoFX, 3D Photo Cube, and 3D Text.

Javascript Based Webpage Additions

I don't like all the Javascript Errors! Offers a Javascript which can be used to eliminate the JS errors caused by GeoCities advertising and other sources.

I want SECURITY for my IMAGES! A Javascript which can be used to prevent use of the 'Right-Click' to copy images from webpages.

How do I make a MOUSEOVER? A few "select" javascript mouseovers

How do I make a Multiple Button Mouseover Multiple button mouseover javascript with "preloading image" script.

How do I open a NEW WINDOW as a LINK? Uses Javascript to open a new link window

How do I install a Pull-Down Menu? A Javascript pull-down menu for navigating your site

I want a Javascript Drop-Down Menu for Frames Not only a Drop-Down Menu, but an entire framed page setup is available here

I want an Automatic Menu for my page This Javascript Automatic Menu is a GREAT navigation tool

Last Update of Page This script automatically inserts the MONTH, DAY and YEAR of the "last update" of the page in which it is installed.

I need a POPUP/Alert Popups for people when entering a page. One is able to be "modified," the other is more simple.

I want a Banner Rotator for my webpage This JS banner rotator is easily installed and modified.

A FUN script! Causes a "random" sound to be played when the page is entered

I'd like to have a RANDOM QUOTE on my page A RANDOM QUOTE Generator for your webpage

I need a BACKGROUND IMAGE Selection of approximately 200 "background images" for use with webpages

I want my BACKGROUND to FADE Fading a background using javascript

I need a BACKGROUND COLOR for my webpage Select your own color and it will convert to the HEX value needed

Meta Tags and Webpage Promotion

Site Promotion Tips Brief tips on how to promote your site and get it listed in search engines

What are META Tags? Explains META Tags and includes a META Tag Builder and LINK to the GeoCities META Tag Generator

ghost's Graphic Pages

Selected webpage graphics! A NEW section of selected "GRAPHICS" has been added... More to come!

Additional HTML and Webpage Help
Help Chat Help Message Board

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