Extended Chat Room Policies

    If you wish to use the chat room please use apporpriate language, if you must use language that may be considered offensive to others, at least one letter must be marked with an *.
    If you walk on in a conversation, and are asked to leave, please do so. The simple rule is, whoever was there first controls the room. However, they may not "control the room" to the point they violate this policy.
    No pornographic or violent discussions, please. The chat room is suspectable to being viited by minors, and such material is deemed in apporpriate to them. If you must have these such discussions, please move to another facility.
    If someone is playing on online CCG, they get priority over any other conversations. You may watch, with permission, but would be considered rude to interrupt. EXCEPT UNLESS YOU ARE ABSOLUTLY CERTAIN OF A VIOLATION OF THE GAME RULES OR PREVIOUS STATEMENT RELATED TO THE GAME.
    Anyone in violation of these rules, and an offical complaint is registered to capbarclay@yahoo.com, that person is suseptable to a full investigation in violation of these terms. If a violation is found they will be sent an e-mail message asking them to leave the chat room. If necessary a password will be set for the chat room.
    When submitting a complaint, please include a full chat transcript, and who you are filing the complaint against. Your complaint will be invalid if these are not present, clearly, in rhe mail.
    If, a second violation is found, a longer penality will be served.  If, a third time, this code is violated , with a registered complaint that an investigation reveals to be true,  the user will be permanently banned, and a note will be sent to his Intnernet Provider.

    In the case a password in deemed needed for the chatroom, users will be able to sign up a handle and recieve the password. If this password is given to anyone not registered, the above penalities will apply. You may ONLY use your registered handle. Please keep in mind this code is meant to insure that the chat facilities provided on this site are open to the public and this code is meant for everyone to have an enjoyable chat experience.
    Anyone who claims they have not read these rules are also subject to the punishments within, and you, at any time, be asked to give one example of wrong behavior listed in these documents.

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