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Landing Vehicle Tracked Personnel - 5 (LVTP-5)and LVTH6 (Howitzer)

The Combat Service Support Brigade made a serious effort to "operationalize" several of its LVT-H6 vehicles. They are no longer gate guards or static displays. At the latest parade on Bonifacio Naval Station, the Marine Ready Force drove 4 of the LVT-H6s past the grandstand.

Two of these vehicles, No.111 and 112 had been operational since 2006 and stood up to repel mutinous personnel that had planned a withdrawal of support.

We congratulate the dedication and effort to bring these legacy weapons to operational condition by the members of the Philippine Marines.

LVTH6 Youtube video
Parade Youtube video2

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LVTP5 model kit

The AFV Club kit is out. I got the one below for about $33 US in Manila, Philippines.
Check on Track-Link for specials from Tiger Productions that are close to this price.

Neal Izumi of IPMS Hawaii did a build article of the kit.

Terry Ashley of the Perth Military Modeling Society (PMMS) in Australia did a review of the kit and is now featured on Missing Links website.

LVTH6 kit scheduled to be released by AFV club according to PMMS.

I saw this kit in Southern California at Brookhurst Hobbies selling for $38.oo (7 July 99)

Left image supplied by Gonzalo Godoy of a Chilean LVT-P5 at their Marine museum.

LVTH6 Kits:

Scratch built LVTH6 Turret and diorama

AFV Database:

Armor in Scale website has images of an LVTP-5A1 at NAB Little Creek, Virginia, USA.

Jim Lewis built a great looking kit and has some interior photos from the Vehicle Operators Manual.

LVTP5-E1_05Ralph's scratch built projects.
40mm AA version (LVTXXA1).

If you do login or sign their guest book, please tell them you were referred by the Philippine Marine website at.


Several of the inoperable LVTP-5s of the Philippine Marines that I thought would be given to museums for display were finally cut up and sold for scrap on my latest visit.

What I saw left was being swept of the concrete and shoveled onto the recycler�s truck and hauled away.

There are several still on display as gate guards on Marine Camps around the Philippines.

I am planning to publish the photos I have on the LVTP-5, 6H (Howitzer) E1 (Engineer) R1 (Recovery) versions in a desktop publishing format for those interested. I plan to do it similar to the Squadron Walk-About series however without drawings as I don�t have the time. Unless someone would like to volunteer in exchange for photos or copy of the booklet.

Please e-mail me if you are interested in ordering a copy .




PS: Two other sites with photos of the LVTP-5 are;

AMTRACS by John Adams http://yatahey.home.mindspring.com/index.html,

AMTRAC PLATOON by Thomas Williams

At the Illinios/Wisconsin border on I-94 north of Chicago, there is a LVTP-5 at the Kenosha Military Museum.

The vehicle is open and in good condition. The museum is open Wednesday thru Sunday, 9 to 5. Telephone numbers are (414)857-3418/7933.

Bellow Left: PMC LVTE-1 waiting to be brought back in service.

Above right: PMC LVTE1 in movie service for "'Apocalypse Now'.

These two images above are of an LVTH-6 on display during Armed Forces Day in Findlay, Ohio at the Cook County fairgrounds.
According to Barry Beaudry at MV Modeler it has become a mobile display that seems to be kept somewhere and brought out for these special occasions!
I saw a LVTP-5 outside the Concord Armed Forces Reserve Center in Concord, California while driving by. This H-6 could be parked similarly some where else in the country. If any one spots it please send me an e-mail at pmcmssr@yahoo.com.