~ Rancourt Reunion ~  2004 ~

Gelinas Rancourt & Anna Barbeau

Heartfelt thanks and appreciation must be given to all those who made the first Rancourt Reunion such a success!

Click the pages below to view pictures from the Rancourt Reunion in July 2004


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All photos on this website have been reduced to 72 pi, if you would like to have printable copies of any of the pictures, please email me with the number(s) of the photo(s) you would like me to email to you in a 600 pi or 300 pi format.  Photos can be sent either by email or burned to a CD and mailed to your home.


The song playing is Brad Paisley's "Two People Fell in Love".  Since the first time I heard this song it has been a kind of 'talisman' for my genealogy.  Who we are is the sum of all those that came before us.  In the words of the song...  "Every one of us is here, all because two people fell in love."  To read the complete lyrics, click the button. 

Michele  Eh !