19.07 | Release date of new single
Re-union's new single will be released on...
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06.06 | Re-union in the studio
At the moment Re-union is in the studio recording their new single...
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24.05 | Re-union honoured
Re-union were honoured in Milheeze on Saturday the 22nd of May.
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March 2004
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24th December 2004 We at re-union.cjb.net would like to wish a Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday to all and may peace be with you now and during the coming year.

18th December 2004 Re-union will be on TV at the programme called Wat Ben Je Van Plan? at RTL 4. It's a show to raise money for the Plan project.

16th December 2004 Just a shout to ourselves, Cherel and Nathalie, as it is our birthday today!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! haha

12th December 2004 The lads are back in town!! Fabrizio and Paul give some interviews on the radio at the end of December.
As if it couldn't be any better, you're able to see the lads live on stage in Holland casino. Grab your chance to wish the lads a happy new year!!

9th December 2004 Wow!! It's been long time since the last we've updated this website. It wasn't because of our laziness!! Re-union did give performances, but those were private ones. So, nothing for us to update...until now. Yep, the lads will be on TV 2day!
In 16 days it's...CHRISTMAS!! Yahoo!

18th September 2004 Hello to you all!! There are new dates posted in the schedule section. Don't forget to write them down in your agenda.
We have also added photos taken in Efteling and at the Muziekcafe. Enjoy the photos!!

7th September 2004 Sorry sorry...before we go any further we have to apologise for not updating this website for over a month. Nothing terrible happened on our holiday but our computer was broken down. Agh!! We hope to give you the latest news again. Well, as far as there is any news on Re-union. Talk to you soon!!!

25th July 2004 Hello!! We want to let you know that we are going on holidays again. Yeah we know... you have to live life to the fullest as the future is scarce!! hahahaha
We won't be able to update this site from 26th July until 5th August. Like last time, check out the forum to get the latest news on Re-union.

22nd July 2004 With the new single coming around we have added its lyric onto this website.
According to their official Dutch website Re-union are planning to do some signingsessions and performances all over the country. As soon as we have any date, you'll be the first to know!!
If you want to listen the sneak preview of If You Love Somebody go to their official Dutch website. At the moment we aren't able to put the song onto this website. Sorry!!
Last but not least: do not forget to buy their new single in the store tomorrow!!

19th July 2004 First of all we want to apologise for not updating the website after our holidays. Thankfully there was nothing to update as well. Phew...
Today we can finally tell you the exact release date of their new single 'If you love somebody', which is on July 23rd. We have written more about this release date in our news section.

28th June 2004 Hiya!! We just want to let you know that we go on vacation from 29th until 7th of July. So we won't be able to update this site in the meantime. For the latest news on Re-union we refer you to check our forum. Thanks for visiting our site, we hope you all will have a nice holiday as well!!

23rd June 2004 Actually there aren't any updates but we just want to give a shout to Marielle who turned 27 years today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Ehh, well that's all for now. Talk to you soon!

20th June 2004 Today we added 4 more new wallpapers which are created by us. We keep using old pictures as we don't have any new pictures of the lads at the moment. Yeah, that's a pity we know. However we hope you like the new wallpapers.
Well we have also added a new gig in the schedule. They go to open a new drugstore in a shopping centre in Geldrop on the 3rd of July. If this place is around your corner, check them out and we would love to hear your story!! hehe

17th June 2004 For a couple of days we have created some avatars which you can download and use in forums and chatboxes. If you have created avatars yourself and you want to share it with other fans. You can email us and we will put them onto the website.
Furthermore we have added photos taken at the Eurovision Artists middag in De Meern. These photos are copyrighted by Eurovision Artists.

12th June 2004 We weren't quite satisfied with the navigation bar so we changed it a bit. To the ones who gives a good look might discovered that we renamed the music section into multimedia and we added a new section called funstuff. In the funstuff section we have put some nice games and other stuff what used to be in multimedia.
Anyway, we also want to let you know that Re-union give a performance in Dolfinarium and in Efteling. More information about these and other performances you can read in schedule.

9th June 2004 Re-union give two gigs on the 12th of June. We have added more information on the gigs into the schedule. At the moment we don't have the full information on the gig in De Mortel. As soon as we know more details we will add them to schedule.

8th June 2004 We made this fansite for Re-union fans. Therefore we put a wallpaper section in the multimedia link. Yesterday we designed a couple of wallpapers which all of you can download onto your computer. We will try to design more wallpapers in the near future. Of course if you have designed a Re-union wallpaper you can always mail us and we will add yours as well.

6th June 2004 After 3 months with the orange coloured lay-out, we got bored and wanted to give the site a summer colour. As you can see we have chosen for the colour green and white. We hope you all like the change. Please let us know by leaving a message in the guestbook.
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