"Holistic Health"

The term "Holistic Health" is defined in Shamanistian terms as the complete health of the balanced trinity within, mind, body and spirit, or Mother, Father and Child. There are many ways in which the body becomes physically sick when it is out of sync with the mind and spirit. If the Mother, Father and Savior Child within are communicating to us something that they want us to do, but we do not allow our body to do the work, the body becomes sick. It depends upon which part or parts of our body we need to use for this work as to where our body will develop illness. If we are sitting on our behind too much and not doing the work we are instructed to do or not putting enough effort into getting the task performed we may develop infections and abscesses in the buttocks. We may also develop the same in our feet and legs if we are walking or running away from that which we should be moving toward. Serious back pain and injury can often develop if we are backing away from love, kindness, compassion, understanding and honesty when we should be moving towards them. Severe mouth pain in the gums, teeth, orthodontic nerves and serious oral abscesses can occur if we take too long to make a decision about something important in our lives. Severe depression and alienation from others is often an occurrence when one refuses to accept what one can not change and simply, let it be as it is. The list goes on and on. When we pinpoint the area or areas of imbalance within us we can then begin to heal ourselves by bringing the balance back into our lives. Let all that see these words grow in health from the understanding thereof. Let it be so.

Contact me if I can be of assistance in this area of your life. In the meantime do not resist consulting a licensed physician or mental health professional. The practice of Shamanistian teachings in combination with the aid of healthcare specialists is the best form of “Holistic Healthcare.” The Ancient Trinity has given these people the knowledge they have to serve a vital purpose in the lives of both humans and animals.

“ A Plea to those who seek to give and receive Love and Compassion”

If you are not a professional animal breeder please have your animal companions spayed or neutered. It is nothing less than shameful that so many needlessly die every day of every year. Let it be done.

"Holistic Health"

The Raven