“The First Gospel of Shamanistian Doctrine”
According to the Prophet Ravenschild

“The Truth about Deity”

The belief in a tri fold Deity is as ancient as time itself. Unfortunately the majority of humanity has been living in an age of darkness and deceit for more than four thousand years or better. The term Shamanistian is one that is a combination of the words Shaman and Christian. A Shaman is one who by accepting the aid of the spirits of the true tri fold Deity, (Mother/Goddess, Father/God and Child/Spirit) entrances him/herself to a point of spiritual communication with this sacred ancient Trinity. The Shaman does at times also communicate with the spirits of animals, plants and any one or all of the elements as well as the spirits of other deities and human ancestors. This is not at all unlike the Christian Pentecostal belief in the invocation and possession of “The Holy Spirit” which often causes its followers to speak in other languages, shake uncontrollably and even go into convulsive rages while protecting them from any physical harm. Although I personally am not in favor of possession in any form; I do feel that this particular type is acceptable due to the fact that; “The Holy Spirit” allows no harm to be inflicted upon its recipient. The only difference the trinity has shown me between these two systems of faith is that the Pentecostal Christian often believes that communication with any other spirit is in some way evil or negative; the Shaman will communicate with any spirit deemed necessary in order to attain the desired outcome of good for the community or an individual. The True Trinity of which I’ve spoken above has been communicating to me since the age of twenty-three when I began to learn of other more ancient spiritual paths that; it has never been intrinsically masculine or feminine in orientation. It has always been both and the spirit of their own sacred child Jesus Christ is what binds them who are two together as one. This is the one and only real and true explanation for the Christian Trinity. However it does go deeper still and much farther back in time than Christianity.

Archeology has found distinctive evidence, which substantiates this ancient truth. In the remains of ancient Hebrew civilizations is the proof of the existence of the Jewish and Muslim Goddess “Ashira.” being interpreted by her followers as the “Lion Lady”, she was and is the female counterpart of the masculine Yahweh. She was called the Lion Lady in that her social system was patterned after that of the lion’s pride. Meaning that there was in every village an Alpha male and female who ruled in ritual style. All females were always welcome to stay in the clan and were solely responsible for the provision of the family. Any time any man became too strong in influence or brute strength however; he was always sure to be ousted by the Alpha Male of the clan unless the younger male was able to in some way humiliate his older opponent into submission, killed him, or made him leave. Opposite of the social system of Yahweh, and the prophet Mohamed (being both Jews and Muslims are brothers descended from the same ancestor Abraham) which were simply those of oppression and domination over human females and animals as property rather than equals.

The society of Ashira taught that men, women and animals were equals. Neither was to be dominated by the other. In Ashiran society both women and men served the people by taking their equal places of authority as ruling ritual leaders. These women and men were both priests and priestesses of the temples built to pay homage to both Ashira and Yahweh respectively side by side. The priests dealt with disputes between men, while the priestesses dealt with those among women.

The original followers of Yahweh were the followers of Ashira. It later came to pass that a group of disobedient weaker rogue males who’d been ousted by their older Alpha leaders wished to continue following Yahweh only while dominating and oppressing their women and animals, rather than respecting them as equals in the sacred circle of life. They took their wives and children fleeing into the wilderness of Caanan. There they waited teaching their wives and future generations their corrupted version of truth as did the Muslims. It was for this reason that those now known as modern Jews were being continuously taken captive by neighboring factions. By the first time this had transpired so much time had passed that only a selected few still retained the knowledge of the true Hebrew history. The majority of what was then “Modern Jews” did not know why they were continuously being taken captive. They had no prior knowledge of the ancestral war with their followers of Ashira and Yahweh. After conquering them and destroying what was thought to be all references to the Mother Goddess and the Father God respectively together. It was not until they had done this and began this cycle of disobedience, which would last until the current time, that there came the need for a messiah.

When the Jewish Messiah (Yesua) Jesus did come two them, he came from a woman who was the direct descendent of the followers of Ashira and Yahweh. Of course by now no one knew this including the Virgin Mother. It was not until the angel Gabriel came to her to tell her she was with child by Yahweh, that he also told her of her true identity. Although her parents named her Mary, she was the incarnation of the Mother Goddess Ashira herself. Likewise also was Joseph the very incarnation of the Hebrew God Yahweh. He also was unaware of his true identity. It was not until Gabriel came to him in a dream to tell him this. During the same dream he had instructed him to take the Goddess and the soon to be born messiah out of Israel and into the safety of Egypt where they and the child would escape the jealous wrath of King Herod Antipos. These are the secrets of Judeo Shamanistic Christianity which the Hebrews, Muslims and Christians as we know them then and now have not been allowed to be made aware of. This has been the responsibility of all three of these current paths of corruption.

One may ask; why. The reason is simple. The Jews have only the Kabala and their corrupted form of Judaism to free them from their ancestral deception. The Muslims have no records at all of the trinity and will not allow this sacred concept into their philosophy. Some of the Jews do have at least a glimpse of their true history, but they have been fearful of the larger, more powerful, corrupted Cult of Yahweh. There also came a time in history when the Christians, Jews and Muslims came to unite with one another and stop their plans of mutual destruction due to their common goal to enslave the human community in ignorance concerning the true history of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. The Christians on the other hand have had no knowledge at all to give their people but what they’ve received from the Bible as we know it (other than the spirits which some have communed over the centuries) because; the Vatican, Israel, and Baghdad, have all of this information hidden away in The Vaults of Ancient Knowledge. Again we ask the question why? Again the answer is simple. God/dess knew that after all that had happened over the course of time between the followers of Ashira and Yahweh and the followers of Yahweh only who are Jews, Muslims and for a large part Christians with some subtle differences; the prolonged corruption and ignorance of the people would until now prevent both Jew and Christian from seeing this truth as anything but sacrilegious heresy.

There is also another reason predating the “Vatican/Hebrew /Muslim Alliance”. It is a well-established fact of biblical truth that Christ came originally to save his people “the Jews” from their sins. This is only partly correct for the Jews and Muslims are one in the same people; therefore he came to save his people the Jews and the Muslims from their sins. He did not come as the Bible states first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. He came first to both the Jew and the Muslim for they are one in the same. From here on in this text the Jews and Muslims will be referred to as the Jews. The Jews were originally the ones who rejected Christ and most all his teachings in that they saw him as a threat to war against the Roman Empire who was in harsh rule over them, due once again to the disobedience of their corrupted spiritual path. The responsibility for this fell upon the Jewish High Counsel of the Sanhedrin. At the time they alone held the true history of the Hebrew faith. Still they did not want to give up their dominant and oppressive regime over women and animals.

Although Christ knew that his temporary physical demise was to be the responsibility of the very people he came to save from themselves and bring them back to the faith of the Mother and Father; he knew in all his wisdom acquired in India and elsewhere from the time of his Bar mitzvah to the age of thirty, when he began his ministry to the Jews, that their spiritual leaders would not allow this to come to pass. Christ taught this to the Jews who rejected it as they rejected him. The Gentiles on the opposite side of the coin accepted it fully and wanted nothing more than to follow his truth. Unfortunately the initial Church being made up completely of a remnant of Jews from the corrupted Hebrew tradition would not allow any Gentiles to come into the Church without adhering to certain corrupted Jewish traditions such as circumcision, abstinence from pork as food and believing in and worshipping Yahweh only without his Goddess Ashira.

The Jewish men knew the power of unbridled female energy, especially that of unbridled female sexual energy. It was something that they feared more than anything in the universe; in that they felt it threatened the way of life that they had fought so hard and so long to protect. They wanted to continue their corrupt form of Judaism, which was built on the dominance and oppression of women, animals and children. It was now unfortunately to become an even more corrupted form of Christianity. They were not about to give it up easily or without some type warfare, be it spiritual, physical or both. They would kill to keep it alive and thriving, as later would the Christians of the early church.

It was because of their rejection of Christ’s whole truth and their unwillingness to allow any member of the early church to practice it that both Jews and Gentiles alike were so brutally persecuted by the Romans until the fall of their empire came. It was for this reason also that the Jews, Christians and Muslims were so persecuted later by the each other. God/dess allowed these atrocities to befall both groups in order to provoke them to seek, find and practice the spiritual truth of Judeo shamanistianity. Even today we see the outcome of this unrelenting desire for the corrupted present form of Jewish faith in all of the religious and political issues of unrest facing the Jewish community of Israel. Do not let your mind and soul be deceived and as Christ told us so long ago; “Let not your heart be troubled”. Those who have hearing with which to hear, let them hear .The truth has been given to my messenger The Auburn Shamanistian; hear ye him. He speaks the ancient truth of my Son, which was hidden from you long ago by the disobedient ones who became lovers of fear and ignorance.” This is the truth of God/dess.” This is also why so many Christians have not found the true happiness and peace, which they seek in their faith as well.” Without the Goddess the God is not complete; he is unbalanced and unstable.” Without the belief in and the worship of them both side-by-side, respectively as equals, no dominance and oppression of one sex over another as well as animals, there can be no completion, balance or stability in your faith, weather Jew, Christian or Muslim.

Praise The Lord and the Lady for the truth of God/dess.

“Bar mitzvah to thirty”

The Christian “New Testament” is the most grossly incomplete form of biography ever to be written about the life of anyone in history. Why is the whole period of Christ’s life from twelve to thirty not even mentioned in this “Sacred Text” at all? It jumps dramatically from Christ being in the synagogue preaching and teaching to his elders at twelve years old and replying to his parents when asked where he’d been;” Did you not know I must be about my fathers business?;” to Christ beginning his ministry of healing the sick and lame, restoring the sight and hearing of the blind and deaf, teaching the parables of true Judaism and very authoritative preaching. This was not to mention of course, the forgiveness of human sin which the Jewish leaders wanted everyone to see as sacrileges blasphemy. Let us now return to the initial questions. Why indeed is this enormous piece of Christ’s life missing from the Bible? The first reason is because when he was barmitzvahd at twelve he was considered by the Jewish community to be an adult. Christians do not want or generally tend to feel that any twelve year old child is yet ready for man/womanhood. What many people do not realize is that the Jews still to this day hold these same ceremonies as rites of passage for both boys and girls into man and womanhood. They truly were generally somewhat prepared at that point in history for the roles which they were each to play in the Jewish Social Structure. They were generally betrothed at birth and sometimes even before their birth, thereby being married already by the time for their ritual passage into adulthood. The only ritual still to be conducted at that point was the binding of the two in matrimony, which was actually only done as a celebration of the sharing of two lives in which all family and dearest friends could partake in with them in some way. God/dess never stated anywhere that any legal binding of two people should be a necessity in order to gain the acceptance of their community. This was strictly a Jewish conceptual tradition rather than a law set forth by God/dess. It was also necessary for them to gain any standing at all from any of their ruling factions. The only marriage ritual ever to take place between The Lord and Lady took place in their mind and essence. That was the joint decision to share their love and creative energy and to share their lives as equal partners in the creation of life, as well as the allowance of truth. This was a telepathic ritual alliance based upon their love for each other. God/dess never had a need for speech. This is a need which has always been a human one.

Another reason for this large portion of Christ’s life missing from the Bible is that the, “Dead sea Scrolls”, which were written by his own followers who were as much Apostles as Peter and Paul were found to contain teachings from Christ that threatened the old corrupt form of Judaism. These scrolls were hidden in a cave near the dead sea by the corrupted fearful for they were found to contain information concerning not only his whereabouts during this time, but also what he was doing and whom he was learning how to do it from. The truth of God/dess is that the Jews having taught their people that Christ was, the “Bastard Son of a Whore” was not the only reason that they didn’t consider him to be an acceptable Messiah. The reasons for them teaching this to their people were that they knew “The Truth of God/dess” threatened their traditional way of corrupted Judaism. In the arrogance of their fear they taught the people; no Messiah of theirs could learn how to do the things he was doing from those of what the Jews believed to be “Unacceptable Spiritual Paths”. The people of those paths were only unacceptable to them in that; they had been given “The Truth of God/dess and embraced it. It was during the period from his Bar mitzvah to the age of thirty that he was learning his magick from the Buddhist Monks among whom he was one, and Hindu Gurus while traveling from region to region within the continent of the region now called India. Christ learned of meditation, self-hypnotic trances, astral projection (the spirit traveling freely outside of its body). He blended Buddhist and Hindu methods of healing touch with all the Jews did and did not teach him about the Cabala. He also communicated not only with God/dess, but also with the spirits of plants, animals. He did the same with both positive and negative spirits or entities as well, in order to gain the greatest possible education, understanding and growth needed to begin his ministry of light, goodness and balance of both the positive and negative forces within the universe. Christ was and is indeed the “Ultimate Shamanic Rabbi”.

Offer up now an offering of thanks and praise to God/dess for the “Sacred Allowance of Truth”. Praised be the God/dess. Contrary to what the “Church” would have us all believe Christ was not only the savior of humanity; he was also “The Ultimate Lover of Humanity” as well. He not only loved his human brothers and sisters in spirit; he loved them also in Spiritually Sexual Healing Rituals. The purpose of these rituals was to teach his followers, that since the “Spiritual Orientation” of God/dess was truly bi sexual rather than intrinsically masculine or feminine; they could not completely understand deity and truly grow in spiritual maturity without embracing their own bi sexual orientation. Since the dawning of human and animal creation all life which engages in sexual reproduction has been bi sexual in its sexual orientation. He taught this also to the Buddhist Monks whom, like the Catholic Brothers, Sisters, Priests, etc; were expected to be asexual in order to remain a vital member of their monastic community. The Buddhist Priests were also more than willing to embrace Christ within The Sacred Circle of “Ritual Sexual Healing”. Unfortunately for them The Dali Llamas would not tolerate this form of what they believed to be “Sacrilegious Sexual Blasphemy”. They were well aware of the fact that this sexual abstinence inflicted upon all who would be a Buddhist Monk, Nunn, Priest or Dali Llama was nothing more than a religious tradition, such as the Jewish human invented tradition of refraining from the consumption of pork as food. They still would not open their minds and souls to the whole truth of God/dess.

It was at this time that the monks and priests of the monastery where Christ began teaching them ethically left their home without a fight as Christ advised them, and became converted to “The Truth of Shamanistia”. They began the ritual of Sexual Healing as instructed by Christ, their “New Dali Llama”; given to him through “The Truth of God/dess”. The following is an “Ancient Shamanistic Scriptural Passage from “The Lost Shamanistian Scrolls”, which were written by Christ’s new converts.

It then came to pass that the Buddhist Monks and Priests with whom Christ dwelt while leading them in the truth of God/dess inquired with their “New Dali Llama The Shamanistic Christ” concerning the initial step of “Ritual Sexual Healing”.

Two priests began at once to inquire with Jesus about the steps of “Ritual Sexual healing. The young Priest named Ming Shu humbly relented to his aged elder Li Pang to be the first to speak. “Wise Master, asked the aged elder; what must we do to prepare ourselves for this ritual?” Jesus answered him saying; you must first conduct a collective meditation until all of your individual minds become one mind, all with the same purpose.” “If you will indulge me one more inquiry, Wise Master; what is our purpose for this mental union?”

Giving him the title Father as a show of humility and respect for his age and years of dedication, Jesus answered him first with praise. “My precious Father, innocent and sweet is the great white rose from which you have bloomed.” For at this time you are as a caterpillar magickally transforming in its cocoon to become an adult moth. For this reason, you are favored by God/dess and your name to be changed. From this day forward, you will be called “Mothro”. (Being interpreted in Shamanistian is “Child of the Moth”.)

Jesus then answered “Father Mothro” singing; “Trouble not your mind for the purpose you are seeking at this time.” Trouble it not for reason or for rhyme.” Fear not the meditation of The God and The Goddess. “ Seek only understanding and you’ll find peace of mind.” All answers will be given in God/dess precious time.”

“The Day of Shamanistia”

Jesus then began to guide the priests and monks in the sacred meditation of God/Dess after leading them to a shaded clearing in the jungle. Sit now my friends upon our mother the Earth. Seat yourselves in a body circle with the souls of your feet touching and your hands gently clasped together lying in your lap. This will allow for a constant flow of your spiritual energy. Relax your bodies and breath deeply. Focus now my Fathers and Brothers upon your breath and the sound of your beating hearts. As you inhale imagine with your third eye located in middle of your fore head that you are inhaling the truth of God/dess while exhaling all of the deceit of your past Dali Llamas. You will soon begin breathing in unison as your hearts begin to beat with one another in the same manner. In the sound of your hearts beating as one you will the voice of God/dess.

It was within the space of about one hour all hearts began to beat in unison as everyone was breathing in the same manner. It came too pass, at the ninth hour of the day, that Mothro began to speak with an unfamiliar tongue. He was fully aware of what he was speaking to his brethren; for it was instructed by God/dess. All the brothers understood; for it was the tongue of God/dess. While he spoke the message all present listened attentively to him. This is the message that God/Dess gave to the “Brothers of Shamanistia”.

The message was heard in two voices, one male and one female.

“You now hear the voice of God/Dess. Listen with your soul; for the message you hear is from the time of old. You have heard it said by the Son of Humanity, that we who are two are bound together by our child’s spirit. In this you must believe when the time is right and you are ready. “

“Hear me now, the voice of The Lady your God/Dess. The nature of God/dess is bi sexual in spiritual orientation. The Ritual of Adult Ascension is a rite of fertility. I am the positive female that is ingrained within all life. I have come to show you the ways of loving kindness and nurturing care. With these gifts that I give you comes never ending peace with no war to be fought, save those you create within you for your self. You have heard the voice of The Goddess Ashira. Hearken your hearts to me and treat all life with respect and equality. “

I am the voice of the Lord your God. The nature of the masculine God is bi sexual in spiritual orientation. I am the negative of all male energy which is forever ingrained in all life. I am come to show you the balance of positive negativity. Listen now to me and give all life the respect and equal treatment which it deserves. If your brother or your sister in any form of life offends you, speak your peace; but do so in love. Do not set out to offend as you were offended. Respect the cultures to which you visit. Wherever it is appropriate greet he or she who offends you with the sacred touch of two tongues and the heat of the groin. Share the energy in the seed of your procreation. This is a most beautiful ritual of the true love light. In this manner you will greet all who will accept the truth of God/Dess and receive them into you and you into them. This is the light of love and the ritual of adult ascension. All who are of an age of procreation must give and receive the energy of the male seed of creation and the creation spirit of the female egg from at least one male and one female of the family of humanity.

I the Lord your God instruct you not to allow this ritual until an individual is properly prepared for it. Some will never be prepared; respect the pace of each individual process toward the understanding and growth of this period of learning. This ritual should be shared by all in the Temple of Shamanistia by all who agree to gaze upon it. Respect the decision of those not yet ready. All things come in due time. If not another chance will be given in the next life thereafter; for another life will be given until the individual is prepared for this ritual.

Never force from anyone the energy of their seed; for this is the sacred and most precious seed of procreation. To force this energy before the individual is prepared to share it with the two of their choosing is to steal from them and yourself the honor of the sacred virtue. Dishonor yourself and another in this way and the punishment of God/Dess will be manifested on you times seven. The decision of when the ritual of adult ascension will take place must be left to the individual. It must be this way for all people and for all time. No disobedience of this command will be tolerated by the followers of God/dess.

Until an individual has been appropriately taught how to be a proper mate neither male nor female should even consider this ritual. Both male and female must prove themselves to be ready for their ritual ascension by proving their respect of their same and opposite sex. This method of proof will only be known to the high priests and priestesses of Shamanistia; for it will be they who let all individuals know when they are truly prepared. It will be my son who will inform those who must have this knowledge to make that decision when the time is right for those who wish to be adults. He has been instructed to do so in a secret place that only he and those making this decision will have knowledge of. All who may find the secret place, knowing it’s forbidden to go there, must be banished to that place for as long as they shall live upon their mother the Earth. You have heard the voice of God/dess. Obey my commands and with your obedience comes my sacred promise. My promise is to grant mortal longevity to all who will obey my commands and life everlasting to the souls of the balanced obedient of God/Dess.

My love is forever and my help is never ending. Forgiveness is in my hand for the repentant disobedient. The light of Shamanistia has been given. Blessed be to all my creation and blessed be to me.

Though Jesus now was living in just his thirteenth year of life, he’d grown great in strength and stature and wise beyond his youth. When Jesus gave orders they were given with authority and love. Whenever it was convenient he would often preclude an order with a lip kiss and firm embrace, for all who would follow him and seek the truth of God/Dess. There were at this time twelve priests with Jesus which he had appointed to aid him in teaching the monks the truth of God/Dess. Under each priest were twelve monks. All who hadn’t been made ready for their ritual of ascension into manhood. They now had to be prepared for it. None were younger than Jesus when bar mitzvahd at twelve. Many of those younger had not been taught about what manhood was in that; no priest could teach what he himself had not been taught. Jesus then began teaching the priests and the monks about manhood in the secret time and place.

Jesus spoke to them, saying; at this time the youths of our order are not yet ready for this knowledge. They will be one day; but that day is not now. Children are innocent but will try to deceive you to gain their rite of adult ascension. Be not deceived by the young ones. Let not the fire that rages within your groins persuade you to allow them their adulthood. Such an action will be punished by God/dess times nine for the unrepentant disobedient. God/Dess is watching you and knows what you do secret. No secrets can be kept from God/Dess. All that is done in the darkness will some day come into the light. Blessed be the wisdom of God/Dess.

The qualities which must be proven by the youths to gain their rite of ascension are as such.

“The Ten Qualities “

(1)   Prove your respect for self and for the rights all life.
(2)   Prove yourself worthy of love and capable of loving without condition or jealousy.
(3)   Prove yourself capable before your rite of ascension to render to your partner their due benevolent pleasure.
(4)   Prove yourself worthy of a child’s love and that you are capable of discipline without violence.
(5)   Prove that you can nurture, teach and properly protect a child from all preventable forms of harm.
(6)   Prove your ability to teach your partner the wisdom of God/dess and that you are capable of learning from her about the same, as well as from all the brothers and sisters of Shamanistia.
(7)   Prove that you are capable of treating and speaking appropriately to the elders of the community.
(8)   Prove that you understand that in obeying your parents little harm can come to you.
(9)   Listen and show respect for the counsel of your parents.
(10)  Prove that you understand the meanings of abuse and neglect of life and that you will not misuse yourself or any form of life.

Only when these qualities are continuously seen to be possessed by the individual for a period of up to one full year by everyone he/she is acquainted with at all times is a child then ready for adult ascension. Let not yourselves be enticed by a youths lust for adulthood; for there will be those who will use that lust with this purpose at heart. You are to be the adults who will be accountable for their readiness. Make certain they are ready. This is the greatest of all responsibilities. So may it be.

For the next year I will be responsible for your ascension into manhood. I know your every thought and feeling. Do not attempt my deception; for I’ll not be deceived by any. The time has now come to build a shelter to house ourselves and our youths. It need not be an elaborate dwelling. It need only be adequate to provide dry warmth for resting and an appropriate place to take our meals. Most of the teaching of our youths will be done outdoors.

“All who will live in our community will work to earn their place within it. All will also study to be masters of the God/Dess truth. Four hours per day will be put aside for labor and four for study, with one hour between them for food and rest. On the seventh day of each week rest and recreation will be our duty to our selves. Our youths will receive two days in this manner. They need to be rested, strong and healthy; for they are the future of the Shamanistian order. “

“Wise master, inquired the priest Kandakar; “at our ages are we truly to also wait one full year for our own adult ascension? “Is not even one of us yet ready?”

“Jesus replied to him. Some of you are now ready for your ascension; yet even those who are now ready must prove themselves even to those who are not. Humble yourself for this must also be done. All must remember that he who makes attempts at being great, in the end will make himself small. This is the truth of Shamanistia. “

Jesus spoke to them saying, “Do not trouble yourselves with such things as time and weather or not you wait for something that you need. All things that are truly needed will be given to you at the precise moment when it is truly needed most. God/Dess knows of what you need before you even request it and knows always best when you need it most. There is little time before the coming Monsoon; we must work diligently to prepare a proper shelter for ourselves and the children. Come we must now begin this process. “

It was about the space of one hour later that a disagreement came up between the Brothers of Shamanistia as to the design and lay out of the shelter. The monks who were positioned under Priest Kandakar felt it better for the shelter to be triangular as the pyramids of Egypt; for they were considered by many to places of great power. Those who fell under the authority of the Priest Jing Su felt that the structure should be round like that of a wheel to allow the continuous flow of positive and negative energies within a constant sacred circle. It was only Priest Mothro and those under him who agreed to be neutral throughout the debate which later came to be a division of six to five excluding the neutral ones of Mothro.

Jesus was then approached to mediate on the order’s behalf. “Young Master, Jing Su began, What will we do for there can seem to be no agreement among the brethren of the order?”

“I will not tell you what to do in this matter. I will only tell you that you are thinking only of yourselves and not about the children who are depending on you for an adequate shelter from the Monsoon. You are being petty and self centered all of you except for the monks who fall under Mothro. They have remained neutral for a reason; I know what it is, and God/Dess is proud of them. They will be the ones to decide. What is the decision of Mothro?

Mothro thought for a moment and discussed the decision to which he came with the brethren of his Clan. All were in agreement that the shelter should be oval. We should make an oval structure for the children and focus only on it for now. We will focus later upon one for us.

Jesus knew what Mothro was going to do. He agreed telepathically that this was a good plan to teach the petty ones a valuable lesson. Mothro and his clan decided to work at night to build a shelter for all the brothers. The building would be round at the ground level and triangular at the top. It would not be appropriate to build two separate structures; for then the possibility for division would be too great and Shamanistia must remain one faith. They soon would leave for a time to do this in secret.

The time then came, that when the Monsoon arrived the children were sheltered from the storms, safe, dry and warm. It was also at this time, that the petty ones asked Jesus; what will we do for shelter now that the children have theirs?”

Jesus replied; Because of your unwillingness to come to an agreement as to how a structure would be built to house the lot of you; you who are older and should not have fallen to such a thing will go without shelter until such a time as is deemed appropriate by God/Dess for you to have one. “

“How long will this be Master, the brothers asked?”

Jesus told them; “The length of that time is determined by God/Dess and a shelter will be provided at the end thereof. You will be led to the structure when your time of punishment has ended for your inappropriate attitude.”

The clouds were now dark in the skies over India and the rain soon fell hard. All the brothers lived in wet, cold, misery while no rain did fall upon Jesus. The brothers of Mothro were also dry and warm though their hearts were filled with pity for their petty brothers. They wished to ask Jesus if they could bring the brothers in for fear they may fall ill. They did this and this was the reply that Jesus gave them from God/Dess.

“God/Dess has seen your hearts concern for the health and welfare of your brothers. They are pleased with this for this is the way of God/Dess. They two who are one in my spirit have spoken it to me that no illness will befall the brethren; only the discomfort of being cold and wet for one full week will be inflicted upon them. This is part of their course for becoming prepared for Manhood. They simply must learn this lesson harshly; for this is the only way in their immaturity which they are capable of learning. For this reason it will take them two years to prepare for the Adult Ascension. Not all of them will have the patience to wait for it; and many will fall away from us until there are left twelve leaders with four under each to follow. So will be the free will of humanity; let it be done. God/Dess has spoken.

Seven days and seven nights the brothers felt their discomfort. They were cold, wet and miserable as Jesus had told them it was to be. Some of the brothers complained continuously about their misery, while others contemplated their attitude while beginning the structure and were fully repentant. The repentant ones were those who stayed for the full two years of preparation for Ascension; those who complained were those who fell away.

The repentant brothers even throughout their misery had inquired amongst themselves concerning the whereabouts of Mothro and his clan as they had done many times since they had left. Were they the first of those to fall away from us as the Master stated asked Jing Su?” Perhaps there was a greater plan for them than we Kandakar stated.” This could be true, said Jing Su; for they were highly favored. If it is meant for us to know this thing, the master ‘ will tell us in God/Dess time, Kandakar said.”

The morning of the seventh day was upon them. Still the brothers were unaware of how long they would be miserable. It was then, that Jesus spoke to them saying; “follow me now in the cold and rain where your shelter has been provided.”

It was about one hour to the East of their current location Jesus called “Indesci” because of their indecision concerning the structure.

All were amazed by the grand simplicity of the structure.

Many questions they asked among themselves about the manner of which it was built. Some wanted to know how a group of only twelve with one to instruct could build such a structure of this size and magnitude. Others inquired as to divine intervention of the structure. The structure itself was the height of the average mans foot times five hundred, and its width at the base thereof was two hundred men’s feet. This was also the size of the pyramid above it. Though it was a structure built only for shelter, it was because of the complete agreement of those who were guided by Mothro, in accordance with the instruction of God/Dess; all agreed it should be called “Accordance. ”This would be future design used for the building of temples which would only be used in inclement weather. All rituals and worship would otherwise be conducted outdoors among the sacred creation of God/Dess.

After the Monsoon had passed trees and vine were baring fruit. The brothers went to gather the fruit for food. In the intensity of the heat a portion of the fruit fermented. The brothers still ate of the fruit in its fermented state. All did eat until they could no more becoming drunk with its content. Jesus did also eat of the fruit but did so in moderation as not to become intoxicated.

It was then while Jesus rested that some of the brothers then looked upon the young ones enticed themselves according to their lust for them, caring not for their readiness for Adult Ascension. Then they forced themselves upon the youths not yet ready and held no ritual of passage. God/Dess was not included and they were very displeased!

As the corrupted disobedient of Shamanistia fulfilled their lustful intentions, they threatened the children with torture if they would ever tell Jesus of what they had done. They had forgotten that Jesus would not need to be told.

When Jesus awakened to the sound of the crying children all who had done this horrible thing were then banished to the place called Indesci which was buried deep beneath the earth.

“Unless you repent of your wicked disobedience and make whatever amends deemed necessary by the children; you will remain apart from us! This is the decision of God/Dess! Let it be done.”

The brothers who did not engage in this brutal act, for they were and their families were asleep at the time, were those who forced them to leave and followed them back to Indesci to make sure they would not return unless their hearts repented. The hearts of the disobedient grew cold and vengeful. In their anger they came to Accordance to make war with Shamanistia.

“Master, what will we do; being that we are peaceful People? ”Are we to kill those who are our brothers? ”How can we do this thing? “

Jesus told them; “A way of peace will be made for us to follow.”

As the Brutal ones came near to Accordance the God/Dess did act. The Mother the earth beneath their feet opened her mouth to swallow the enemies of Shamanistia, those who once were brothers.

Jesus said; “Mourn not the demise of the wicked ones; for they shall be given another life to come in which they will have the opportunity to rejoin us in obedience and truth. This is the mercy of God/Dess.” Behold the justice of God/Dess, for it is more just than any justice created by man in this world.” It is done.” “The Year that Followed”

As Jesus had foretold to those who were left, there now were twelve to govern with four to follow under each.

In the year that followed the demise of the corrupted disobedient of Shamanistia there still were eight more lessons to be learned by the followers of the youthful Christ. Although he had learned a great deal about meditation, and astral projection from the Buddhist monks and priests there was yet more to learn about “The Healing Touch”. This he would learn from the Hindu Guru Drakaar. Drakaar would teach him also all which he knew about self hypnotic trances, Tantra, (the art of sexual pleasuring), and communication with spirits. When the time would come that Jesus had learned all from him which he could teach, Drakaar would then send him away to a far away land where he would teach the natives therein of all that he had learned from the Buddhist and Hindus of “Mother India”. This would follow the Ritual of Adult Ascension of the Brothers of Shamanistia.

It was at this time that Jesus instructed the brothers to pray for the arrival of the Shamanistian Sisters. They should pray that 30 women would arrive that day, each would be one wife for every two brothers at the time of Ascension. Within near an hour of united prayer, the brothers of Shamanistia beheld a small volcano about the center of the sacred circle. Jesus saw fear upon their faces; for they thought they had disobeyed God/Dess and it had come to their demise.

Jesus spoke to them saying; “ Fear not my brothers; no harm is to befall you. Keep your eyes open; behold, you are blessed to observe the creation of your betrothed.”

It was at this time that the brothers of Shamanistia beheld the very creation of those who would bare their children. The volcano erupted with smoldering blood and molten earth. While they observed this great eruption they did see with their eyes the formation from foot to head of those who would be their wives. Each of the sisters was a unique and beautiful human manifestation of The Mother Ashira. All were created perfected in the beauty, stature and wisdom of the Mother. For this reason they did not need for themselves the Ritual of Ascension but would assist in the readiness of the brothers and in bringing them into their Manhood.

Thirty minutes later, with one minute for the creation of each wife; the Sisters of Shamanistia were born from the womb of the Mother Earth. The skin of the sisters was an earthen mixture of Golden brown and Red. The color of their was different by groups of ten; for ten had hair the color of their skin, ten of that which is black as night and of that which is yellow like to that of Gold. All were naked upon their creation; all were a welcomed and pleasing site to the brothers.

Now all of the brothers felt an excited anticipation for Their Adult Ascension; now even more than before. They were already excited about sharing themselves with one another; now they could share with each other and each two would share a beautiful woman at the time that they shared themselves.

The brothers had grown strong already in their love for one another; they must now learn the ways of sharing the attention of one another and one woman between them allowing no anger, jealousy or envy to grasp them.

“Now pair yourselves in groups of two and wait for your sisters to pick you; for all will be pleased;” Jesus said.

When each pair of two had been chosen by a sister to be their wife, Jesus instructed them to humble themselves before their sisters by bathing them in the stream nearby. For this reason, the stream would now be called “The Stream of Humble Love”. After the brothers had bathed their sisters, one brother and the sister given them to love, bathed each of their own brothers in return. This was pleasing in the sight of God/Dess.

It was after the ritual bath of humility and love that the sisters were instructed by Jesus to build their own structure without the aid of their brothers. They must prove that they could be equals in all ways, while keeping themselves pure and virtuous until the ascension of the brothers. It was done.

The Sisters of Shamanistia built their own dwelling and placed it near to the brothers. There transpired between them no indecision about the design of the structure. All sisters agreed it should be a smaller replica of that which was built by their brothers. For this reason, the sisters agreed it should be called, “Unisonna.” Being translated is place of unity.

By now the brothers had proven to possess of the qualities needed for their Manhood; these were 1, 2, 4,5, 7, 8, 9, and 10. Let there be no division among you as to how they did learn these. The wisest are those who learned to understand when they did. They were not scolded for the decision they made not to protect the children though they could have done so. They would have had to kill the disobedient to do so. To have done this thing would have been to interfere with the free will of humanity, however horrific the outcome. Free will must not be tampered with. Their decision was neither right nor wrong; it was simply a decision, no more, no less. The children were scarred in any way for this was a common practice throughout the known world at this time and had been so for many millennia. The crime committed here was engaging them in this way before they were ready for adulthood and consent. For God/Dess instructed against it.

In the year that followed the brothers spent much time with their earthen sisters. Each group of three grew in love and wise instruction of each other. Rather than argue when one did not understand the others point of view; they listened to one another, discussed the issues which came their way and did not give up on an issue until they found the unity of agreement between them through the sacred concept of mutual compromise which both could continually agree to. This process was not without its disagreements; yet all disagreed with love rather than oppressive revenge. They knew that this is the way of God/Dess.

The time then came for the brothers to engage in the proof that, they could appropriately render to their spouses their husband and their wife, together or apart, their due benevolent pleasure with no jealousy nor envy in their spirits. This had been taught to them by Jesus whom being their Master and err to the thrown of God/Dess; he alone could teach them as he had been given this knowledge and acceptable techniques telepathically by God/Dess.

The god/Dess then spoke to all who were present saying; any sister wishing to have a wife also separate from their husbands may do so. The Father agrees and this shall be allowed. This is the will of God/Dess. Let it be done.

When Jesus was satisfied, after exhaustive physical teaching of the brothers, being given both male and female anatomy with which he did teach them; they were allowed their Ritual of Adult Ascension.

The ritual took place publicly outdoors as did all rituals and times of worship. One group of three per week until all had come to adulthood. A great feast was held each week until all had made their commitments to their chosen two. Each group of three then became one flesh; the perfect trinity of adult love. Next to come would be the trinity of Mother, Father and Child.

After the Festivals of Ritual Ascension were completed, there came a question which none had yet addressed in the midst of all their learning.

“Master, how will we know when children are to come our way; who has fathered each child?”

Jesus answered them saying; “Let there never be a question for the paternity of your children! Each of the children you are given is to be considered the child of three regardless and all of the three who are one will be responsible for the loving care and nurturing of their children! Never should the paternity of your children be questioned, ever! This is the will of God/Dess. Let it be so.

“Jesus is apprenticed to Drakaar”

Jesus was now a strong, healthy and stimulating young man of fourteen; continually growing wiser in knowledge and understanding of God/Dess. After his one year apprenticeship to the Hindu Guru Drakaar, Jesus was then instructed to travel to a far away land to teach the natives there about Shamanistia; while escaping execution by the Dali Llamas who feared his hold upon the people.

Jesus gathered all the brethren around him and told that he must leave them. “I will return to you one day; he told them.” It will not be until after my demise and resurrection.” Yes it is true. “I will go back to the land of my birth, Bethlehem of Judea and begin and there begin my ministry to the Jews and the Pagans. “The Pagans will accept the teachings of Shamanistia while the majority of the Jews will reject them and myself calling me a blasphemer and a heretic.” The Jews and the Roman government together will seek to destroy me and the people’s belief in the one true trinity.” The Jews will seek to undermine the Doctrine of Shamanistia in every way imaginable with the corrupted form of Judaism.” Within three years after I have begun to heal the sick, raise the dead from their tombs, restore sight, hearing and mobility to limbs as well as showing the people that the Romans are not as much their enemies as they themselves are. It will be then that; I will be sentenced to death by my own people.” I will be crucified with spikes driven through my feet and wrists.” I will be beaten before my execution and mocked with a crown of thorns to be placed upon my head to indicate my God/Dess conception; for many will call me, the King of the Jews.” I will be spit upon, and flogged until I no longer appear human.” Those present will mock me again asking; “if you are truly the king of the Jews, the very son of your God/Dess; why then do they not save you from this fate?” “I will answer them saying; I am the lamb to be slaughtered.” I am the final sacrifice for all sin; for I have become sin in taking the sins of the world upon myself.” They can not look upon me now; for the worlds sins are now my own” I feel that I am forsaken in my mind; but in my spirit I know that I am not.” In a little while my spirit will dwell with them in eternal peace.”

“I shall still even upon a cross be bringing those going to their death with me into paradise.” It will be written; my love and mercy endure forever and the truth of Shamanistia will not die.” “After my spirit has taken leave of my body I will be pierced in the side.” My body will have been dead for many hours and my blood should be congealed.” Behold the miracle of God/Dess; there will then run from my body blood and water.”

“I will go down into the flames of hell to preach unto the unrepentant who had no savior; and they will enter with me into eternal peace.” My spirit shall be there for three days and I will be called back to my body for resurrection.” From that day on I shall be the immortal human son of God/Dess; the servant of humanity when any will need prayer and comforting peace.” “After this I will return to many and show them that all of this I told them was indeed true. “None of you hear will be exempt from seeing me again.”

“It is time that I must go to learn from Drakaar all that he has learned to teach me to prepare me for all I must do; for there is much to be done and little time to do it all.” “Keep the faith of Shamanistia; for I will return.” Jesus walked away weeping.” Jesus traveled alone in the jungle for two days when he noticed that he was being followed. He did not fear; for he knew that she who was following him was a mother tigress. Over the next three days he occasionally heard the sound of infant tigers trying to learn how to roar. Jesus was comforted by the babies in that they, as all life; were precious to him. For babies of all kinds are precious.

Although many had told Jesus that the most dangerous animal in the region was a mother tiger; he feared her not. He sensed she had purpose for following him which did not include harming him. One day as Jesus was eating a meal of roots, berries, cheese and bread, the nanny goat of a herdsman had wandered into his camp. He asked for some milk and she gave him her teats to milk into a wooden cup. After Jesus had drank his fill of the sweet goat’s milk he asked the nanny to give herself as an offering to the tigress and her three cubs. She agreed under the condition that her death would be quick and painless. Jesus told her it would be as she had asked. He then commanded her spirit to release itself from her body. It did so and Jesus sent her on into paradise to be heavens Queen of the Goats. Her body then fell to the ground where it was dragged away by the tigress for her and her cubs.

Before the tigress left him he heard her thanking him; but there was no movement of her mouth. “I am happy to feed you and your children; he told her.” “When I must hunt you must care for my children; in return I will protect you and teach them to also as I teach them to hunt for themselves”, the tigress said. The conversation, which took place, was one of mental communication. This was a form of communication with animals that he knew he had but had not had the opportunity to use. It was truly a blessing for them all.

“Go now and feed your children from the flesh of the goat that God/Dess has provided.” When they have finished feeding, they shall rest here with me.” You shall stand guard over us while you feed after them.” Then I shall stand guard over them and you as you rest.” God/Dess will allow no harm to come to you or your children.”

Jesus knew that this tiger was to be much more to him than his protector; she and her cubs would be his dearest friends. He later found that he could see through her eyes, where she was and what she was doing even when she was a far off from him and her children. At all times when she would be threatened by hunters he would ask God/Dess for her protection; and it was always granted her. The spears of the hunters would bounce off of an invisible spirit shield given to protect her. The same would be given later to her cubs; which were vulnerable until adulthood, when their shields would also take affect.

The tigress became Jesus advisor and mentor; her children became, as his own, for he loved them greatly. As they grew older they also learned to communicate with him mentally; and they often called him Father. Jesus told his friend the tigress that he was becoming weary that after all their time spent traveling in the jungle; still he had not found the Guru Drakaar. The tigress told him not to fret; when the time was right the guru’s whereabouts would be revealed. In the meantime he was to learn her magick from her.

“Show me this magic that I may master it;” Jesus requested.

“Pick up the carcass of that insect you see before you: said the tigress.”

Jesus did so and looked at her bewildered.

“What am I to do next;” he asked her.

“Place the insect upon a smooth stone” she said.

“Now go and gather wood for fire.”

“When you have gathered enough would for a small fire, build an altar from the stones about you placing the first stone that you picked on top of it, with the insect on top of the alter.”

“Now gather a small portion of red clay from within the Mother Earth.”

Jesus continued to carefully follow the tigress instructions.

When he brought back the clay she told him to encase the insects body in it.

“It is a fragile shell now tigress; it will surely crumble;” Jesus said.

“Yes it will crumble child; do as you are told.”

Jesus then began to encase the crumbling insect within a clay tomb.

“Go to the stream now and bring forth water to make a small pool underneath your altar.” Now that you have your altar prepared for the ritual you must call upon the spirits of all the corners. Call those of earth, air, fire and water banishing all evil from this sacred space while creating in your mind a vision of a sacred circle of loving power round about your body.” All must be done in the name of Eternal God/Dess. “Go within you and find that space where their power lies for within you lies the magick of God/Dess.” Find that sacred space within you, harness that power; and command the spirits you have called forth in their name to give back the insects life, where there is none left.”

Jesus did as the tigress had instructed him and the altar flamed with a fire that did not consume. Atop the flame he did see the small clay tomb that the insect was in had become a stone flute red as was the clay she had been encased in.

“Pick it up”; the tigress said to him. “ You will find it quite cool to the touch.”

Jesus picked up the flute and it was cool, as she’d told him. He looked inside the mouthpiece and found that not only was the insect alive and thriving; but she was already laying eggs to ensure a sacred generation of New Hope in life. For this reason Jesus called her and all who would come after her, Monarchs.

Jesus placed the flute within a nearby tree as not to disturb the new generation of life, allowing nature to take its course.

“The time will come when you have practiced this enough, just simply finding your place of power inside you, where Mother and Father dwell will be all you need to do all manner of great and miraculous things for all who will believe you can.” Within that sacred space of powerful love you will do anything you need to do, or simply want to do.” You will even be able to change your human form into that of anything you wish.”

It was then that Jesus saw the tigress slowly changing shape into that of a human female. Within her own sacred space of power she brought her cubs to the same form. They were two boys and one girl.

“Who are you who can do such things?” Jesus asked her.

“I am the Guru Drakaar, for whom you have been searching.” We still have six more months left for you to master these arts before you must leave on your journey to the Land of the Good Red Road.” Come you still have much practice to gain to learn how to do all this from the power of God/Dess within you.” You must learn the authority of God/Dess has great loving power to do all manner of good.” You can do anything just by going into your sacred space, calling on the spirits to do your bidding, by the authority of the creative force of God/Dess.” Your faith will guide you mostly now; for most of my work is done with you.” ‘Come. I will observe your practice and guide you in the craft.”

Jesus now fifteen, awakened in the night to a dream which warned him of his impending doom if he did not set fourth on his journey right away. Already the Dali Llamas and their armies were on their way to destroy the believers of Shamanistia. They felt that they were becoming to influential in the region and saw them as a threat to the old way. Jesus sent Drakaar with a message for the faithful of God/Dess to take the children given to them and begin a journey to an island in a part of the ocean, which would later be called “South Pacific”.

“The Shamanistian Journey”

The faithful did as they were instructed, with Mothro and his husband given by Jesus the task of leading the brothers and their wife to oversee the sisters. They had no maps for navigation to their destination. They did rely solely upon God/Dess for guidance. All the faithful of Shamanistia were spared and their voyage began.

No one had any idea of how long this voyage was to last, nor what hardships may be faced along the way. They had only Mothro to lead them and their faith that God/Dess would provide.

“How will we travel upon the sea without a ship to hold us on our journey to this place?” the brothers asked Mothro.

“Have faith in God/Dess and trouble not your selves for this answer; Mothro stated. “God/Dess will provide our means of travel when the time is right.”

“Look in the distance; the armies of the Dali Llamas approach!” Mothro, have we been forsaken by God/Dess to be slaughtered upon the sand, us and our children?”

“Be not afraid, said Mothro; just kneel upon the sand and begin to pray.”

It was about a space of one hour that a great sand storm rose upon the shore; and did hold back the armies of the Dali Llamas. All believers were with one mind and one purpose praying for any escape deemed appropriate by God/Dess.

Within the space of two hours prayer a great whale did surface from the ocean.

“Behold, said Mothro; a sea worthy ship provided by God/Dess.”

“How shall we travel upon the back of a beast which submerses itself in the sea?”

“Stop with your questions and make use of your faith in God/Dess, said Mothro! “Look now upon the beast, for her mouth opens up and her tongue rolls out for us to enter. “We will travel in her belly and she will release us to our destination.” God/Dess has provided and will provide for every need.”

The believers of Shamanistia walked onto the tongue of the sea beast where they found a shelter which had been swallowed before the beast’s arrival. As the last of the believers walked upon the tongue of the great sea beast, they did look back. It was then that they beheld the armies of the Dali Llamas being devoured in the sea by great white fish with teeth like those of swords. The sea cried out with the blood of those who would not succeed at wiping out the faith of Shamanistia. The horses were spared as the armies were devoured. Then the beast did close her mouth and travel for three months beneath the surface of the sea, eating nothing along the way and rising only for the purpose of breathing.

After seeing the miracle of the beast in which they traveled, being the answer to their prayer for a ship; the faithful lifted up their praise unto God/Dess with great thanksgiving and song. They and their children did soon fall fast asleep. When awakening the next morning and finding no food with which to feed their children, rather than questioning Mothro; they simply began to pray to God/Dess in faith that food would be provided. Within the space of an hour prayer the children of God/Dess were blessed by their faith with milk, bread, fruits, nuts and vegetables. They opened their eyes, and behold; God/Dess did provide.

Mothro instructed the faithful to leave all the food that they could not eat to be stored as sustenance for the beast upon their departure. The beast was with child and would need the food to nourish herself and her infant. She would lack the needed energy to hunt after her three month fast. So the faithful did as instructed by Mothro. Eating only what was needed for them and their children they did store the excess for the sea beast and her child.

The time did then arrive that the beast should deliver the faithful to their island destination. The faithful had bonded deeply with the beast and had grown to love her greatly. Although they thought at that time it was a sad farewell; the beast did stay in the sea nearby until the time of her delivery. She did then surface herself upon the Pacific Ocean so that all the believers could behold the birth of her child. All who were present felt very honored to view this miraculous sight of new life being given. The sea beast and her son did then begin a pod with two nearby males. The pod of sea beasts did stay to guard the island from danger and always included the faithful in their births; as did the faithful in return for them.

It was within the space of two hours that the faithful had found caves in which to dwell, until they could build a suitable shelter for them selves and their children. They began the process upon waking the morning after.

“The Shamanistian Reformation”

“We shall use the one resource which is in most abundance here; this is the sand.” The sand shall be heated, poured into molds to make bricks with which we will build our shelter beneath the shade of the jungle. “Go to the pits of pitch and bring back all that is needed to make the bricks hold in place. “ Each brick should be twelve inches deep and twelve inches wide.” It took the faithful one full year of daily toiling, resting only for one day a week; and the shelter was built. The faithful then covered the shelter with sod from the jungle, all but the roof.

When the faithful had finished the shelter and were settled into it; they began to explore the island for those whose ways they would learn, and teach them in return The Truth of Shamanistia.

We have survived for many weeks now upon that which has been provided by the sea. It is time now to seek out the vegetation of the dense jungle growth which God/Dess has provided us; Mothro spoke to the people. Follow me into the jungle. God/Dess has instructed me that any plant not safe for consumption will glow with a bright light around it. This is how we will know what we can and can not eat for food. About one plant, tree and bush of every ten were found to be inedible. Those which were found edible were bursting forth with an abundance of fruit, unfamiliar vegetables, berries and starchy roots. This was an island of tropical climate; therefore these foods were found to be flourishing all year round.

Many of the followers of Shamanistia wished to stay along the coast line having faith that God/Dess would allow no harm to come to them from storms and heavy Monsoons. Certain others who also had the proper faith in the protection from God/Dess found the Jungle to be a peaceful place for prayer and meditation. They did not break away completely from their brothers and sisters in God/Dess but only preferred to dwell within the jungle in homes they built within the tree tops. These were the shamans of the jungle spirits. They spoke with and listened to the spirits of all the trees, plants and animals of the jungle and came to find a harmonious peace with all the original residents therein.

It did then come to pass at about the space of one year, the followers of Shamanistia cam to find they had not been alone on the Island. The original inhabitants of island (which had been named by the believers to be “Shamanistia”) were a primitive people well versed in the ways of Shamanism. They had been keeping themselves hidden from the Shamanistians and watching them to see if they could be trusted to maintain the natural balance of the jungle by allowing God/Dess to work its own will with the animal dwellers. When it was seen by the natives that the Shamanistians never killed more animals than was needed for food, they made use every part of the animal’s body for tools, hides for loin cloths and conducted rituals of thanks to the animal’s spirits for giving up their lives for them; it was then that the natives knew these were people whose ways of living and believing were much like their own. Now they trusted there would be no need for war between them.

Within one week a mutually understood form of sign language had been established by which both Natives and Shamanistians could crudely communicate with one another, while learning the spoken language of their individual tribes. When the natives learned the ways of the Shamanistian God/Dess, which included the openly expressed three party marriages between two men and one woman; they wished to engage in the Rite of Ascension into Adulthood. The natives did not understand what lengthy and time consuming process this could be for they who were not yet truly familiar with the loving and nurturing ways of Shamanistia. Still the did accept that they must first learn certain lessons of life and treatment of others before their rites of ascension could take place. The natives did learn very quickly for they were already a loving people who did not believe in violence towards others or in dominance over anyone in their tribe. Their leaders were but trusted servants of their people wanting only what was in the best interest of each individual and the community as a whole. The Rite of Ascension was granted and those who did not have an appropriate number of mates due to lack of population were in awe to see the power of God/Dess once again create all those who were needed from the molten rock of a realistic make shift volcano. Their ceremonies were stimulating and beautiful in their spiritual sexuality. All were thoroughly pleased and satisfied with their mates. God/Dess poured out blessings of fertility upon all the participants who were present on this sacred of all sacred days. Some were blessed with sets of opposite sex twins while others were given sets of same sex triplets. All were happy and pleased in the circle of life which was called Jungle Shamanistia.

“The Rising of Suspicion”

Meanwhile the Shamanistian brothers and sisters who lived along the sea shore were becoming increasingly fearful of the great blessings of success and fertility of their jungle dwelling brothers and sisters. The sea Shore Shamanistians were also being blessed with successful births, but at a slower pace than their jungle tree top dwelling brothers and sisters. Within the first ten years of dwelling on the Isle of Shamanistia the Sea Shore Shamanistians were finding themselves outnumbered by a ratio of ten to one. This made them fearful and paranoid. They then began to build a great walled city to keep out their jungle dwelling brothers and sisters.

By the time that the Sea Shore Shamanistians had completed their walled city their jungle dwelling brothers and sisters wanted to know why this great wall had been built around their friends and loved ones. It was decided that a representative of the Jungle Shamanistians would be sent to those who had chosen to remain along the sea shore to inquire about the reason for the walls being built around them and why they had chosen to build a great city inside. It had also come to pass that the Sea Shore Shamanistians were no longer worshipping out of doors as did their jungle dwelling friends of the same faith.

What has frightened you so that you have built this great wall around you to keep it out? Do you no longer have faith in God/Dess to protect you they were asked by the Shaman leader of the Jungle Shamanistians, Bro. Shamanistio?

We still retain great faith in god/Dess! Mothro spoke firmly yet gently to his brother of the jungle. It is you and your tribe whom we are uncertain of.

Shamanistio asked him, what do you feel you have to fear from us?

Both of our tribes are being blessed by God/Dess; yet there are many more children being born to your clan than to ours. It has come to our attention that your tribe now out numbers ours by a ratio of ten to one. It is our fear that your people will make war against us and make us their slaves; said Mothro.

Forgive me for my rudeness; I mean no disrespect by my laughter. My brother, what have we done other than having children to make you fell you must fear us in this way? We have taken no aggressive action towards you and your tribe’s people. You are always welcome to worship with us and live among us any time you wish for any length of time which you are comfortable with. We have often wondered why we no longer hear from any of your messengers although we have sent many of our own to your city which now is surrounded by these great walls which only keep our people disconnected from one another. Tell us my brother; what can we do to set your hearts at ease that we shall not attack your city or her people; Shamanistio asked him?

If what you say is true then you should have no issues with being our guests here in Shamanella. Be our guests here for three days and three nights until our shamans have agreed upon an answer to this request of trust and good faith between our tribes; requested Mothro.

We would be honored to be your guests here in your great walled city until such a time as you wish for us to depart and return to our jungle dwellings. We are eager to accept your hospitality. If it may be permitted we wish to invite your whole community to a ritual of thanks to God/Dess for helping both our tribes to come together in the peace and nurturing love that brought us together in Mother India. We also wish to bestow upon your tribe great gifts of sustenance and ritual blessings of fertility given us by God/Dess. Is this an acceptable show of good will towards you and your people; Shamanistio asked him?

The counsel of Shamanellan leaders discussed amongst themselves and agreed with one mind that these were rituals which were acceptable and appropriate for the good of the whole community. Let us prepare a feast of fruit, vegetables, fresh baked breads, sharp cheeses and milk.

Shamanistio suggested that the celebration begin at dusk when the mother moon is raising high into the father sky. Mothro agreed and it was done.

It was then at sun down when the celebration began the Jungle Shamanistians began to give thanks for the peace that they knew would come to the hearts of the Shamanellan people. Let us eat sharp cheese to remind us of what our minds can do to trick us into believing the worst of those who are not only our friends, but also our brothers and sisters in the faith of Shamanistia; said the Brother Shamanistio. All who were present and of an age of understanding did eat of the sharpest cheeses and drank no milk.

Now let us eat of the mild cheeses, Shamanistio said and taste of peace, love and understanding of all our brothers and sisters of Shamanistia. Let us all express ourselves in love, truth and spiritual sexuality as we feel lead by the spirit of God/Dess throughout the course of this celebration of life, love and peace between us and our tribes. Let the music and dancing begin; and let your love flow freely as the breezes fly warm and slow throughout the isle of Shamanistia.

It was then that the sisters and brothers of the Jungle Shamanistians gathered together their best singing voices and began to sing a song of praise and acknowledgement to God/Dess. These are the words of which they did sing.

The sisters began to sing there verse first.

We all come from the Goddess and to her we shall return like a beam of moonlight casting on the ocean. This line was then repeated.

They then began to sing a chant of goddess names.

Isis, Estarte, Diana, Hecete, Maria, Calli, Ashira.

Then the brothers did begin to sing the chant of the father god of Shamanistia.

We all come from the father and to him we shall return in the sun of the jungle; we are in his arms of love. The brothers then did sing the chant of the Father’s names.

These are names sand for the Father; Hourus, Anubis, Odin, Jupiter, Vishnu, Jesus and Yahweh.

It was at this time that many of the Shamanellan tribe began to be greatly led by the spirit of God/Dess to join in the music lead by the Jungle Shamanistians Clan. They all did sing the chant of God/Dess simultaneously and in unison. They who were willing to obey the spirit of God/Dess did then begin to shake and tremble, not in fear or sickness but in peace and joy. Others of both tribes did also fall to the earth upon their faces remaining unharmed for they were protected by God/Dess in that they had seen great visions of the wars between Ashira and her enemies in the past as well as those things which still must come to pass.

Some of the Sisters of Shamanella began to tell the whole story as they had seen and understood it concerning the great wars between the corrupt disobedient of Yahweh and the followers of Ashira his wife and Goddess. It was told the same as it would later be explained by the twenty first century Shamanistian Prophet, Brother Ravenschlid.

The brothers of the Jungle Shamanistians who were prophesying were ranging in ages from twelve to fifteen. Over the course of the next five years we will see further division take place between us. There will be those of us who will not wish to follow the original teaching of the Shamanistian Christ; it is beginning already. Let us all remember when these things do come to pass that weather we follow the original doctrine given us by God/Dess or one of a wayward clan, these differences are know reason for mistrust and suspicion. These are the emotions brought on by the evil one who was cast out from the heavens and given the opportunity to test our faith in the doctrine of Shamanistia only when permission has been granted by God/Dess. Otherwise he can not try our faith. Let us always be alert and observing our own hearts with cautiously watchful eyes.

We now have two tribes of Shamanistians with slightly different beliefs. The important thing to remember is that the most important aspect of humanity to God/Dess is retaining within us the ability to love and trust. We must continue to allow ourselves to practice and encourage the freedom of choice which is the sacred gift of free will given us by God/Dess. When these minor divisions do take place It will be the duty of all Shamanistian tribes to continue inviting one another to all their ritual festivals and for all who are invited to come and share in the joy of the diversity spiritual sexuality.

One Clan will be that which will take to the high country of the Isle of Shamanistia allowing all who wish to dwell with them to do so living according to any one of what will be four slightly different variations of Shamanistia. They who move into the high country will be those who can not for their own reasons allow themselves to live within the tri fold marriage. Yet they will allow those who can and want to remain in the old ways of Shamanistia to live peacefully among them in love, trust and joy.

The fourth of the tribes of Shamanistia will be those who still wish to live within a tri fold marriage but feel more comfortable with one which consists of two women and one man. These will be those who will welcome those who wish to pair off into marriages of old time of two men, two women and one man and woman couples. Let us not be discouraged by these happenings for this is the will of God/Dess. The purpose for this is to show us of all tribes that we can eventually come together again as one tribe and of one Island paradise all of us practicing different forms of spiritual sexuality in harmonious peace, love and trust. Blessed be the followers of God/Dess. Let the festival of spiritual sexuality begin for tonight the veil of triogamy is lifted make love to night to all who are adults and all who are willing. On this night every year to come we shall celebrate the Lift of Triogamy. We will create a symbolic veil to be flown on this night for all to see and every day for those who live in Shamanella.

“The Land of the Good Red Road”

When Jesus had arrived in Ancient America, The Land of the Good Red Road, he had converted all the men who were on the ship that sailed him there. All had decided that they would stay there with him to help him with instructing the natives of this region in the ways of Shamanistia. For Jesus had promised them,” if you follow me, I will make you fishermen of men and women. “You shall be great teachers of the craft, of love, peace, spiritual harmony, nurturers of children, adults, animals and the land on which you live.” Blessed be the Lord and the Lady and blessed be all that will follow me according to their perfect will.

Now, there were those among the sailors, whose faith had not yet, been sealed in Jesus. Mother Ashira Mary had shown this to him. Jesus knew then, that there would be great miracles of magick needed to gain the full faith of these men. So they all set out away from the ocean and began the long journey, which would test the faith of even the most faithful of the sailors. The sailor Kareem inquired with Jesus asking; “how long should this journey take us, and what should we use for shelter from the elements and food for sustenance?”

Jesus replied; “the Lord and Lady our mother and father shall provide all that we need within the time that we need it.” They know all that we need before we even ask it of them; for they live not only in heaven but also, within us.” You must have faith my brother, that our mother and father will provide all that we need; for we are on a sacred mission, that it is their will that we complete.” Blessed be.” Jesus held his brother Kareem in his arms, he placed one hand flat upon each side of his face and tenderly kissed him saying; “worry not my little brother.” Worry not.”

“We must first find shelter amid the rocky cliffs”; Jesus told the brothers. “God/Dess has whispered to my ears that a cave dwells there. We go soon; for darkness falls.” Carry with you only enough food and water for three days rations, after that time; the Lord and Lady will provide.” Have faith my brothers in their love for us and their will for our mission to be completed. “Blessed be.”

Great fear was in the brothers; for the terrain was very rugged. Jesus sensed this from within them; that the mother and father would protect them from any harm lest it be their will that any should perish at this time. “We must accept the will of God/Dess; for the decisions of life and death are in their hands where they have always been;” Jesus told them. “If any were yet to perish here, I would know this. “Put your trust in they who have sent me to you, and you shall see no death.” “Blessed be the trusting faithful.”

Although Jesus knew that the brothers were still fearful for their lives; he asked the mother and father to send them angels to stand guard over them. He asked also that one of the brothers might slip and fall that the angels would reveal themselves to all that were present. Jesus said; “this will not only show them how silly they are; it will also bring glory, praise and reverence to you my loving heavenly parents.” Let it be done at your discretion.” Blessed be.”

Within the space of about one-hour the brother Xandari did slip and from among the cliffs; for his fear had overcome him, making him tremble and shake. He then fell and behold; before his back did fall upon a sharp, high pointed stone, an angel of God/Dess did appear to all that were climbing with him. The awesome mercy of God/Dess was revealed to all present as the archangel Raphael did appear before them and flew Xandari to safety atop the great cliff where he did find the cave of which Jesus had spoken. Raphael did stay amid the air as instructed by God/Dess to let all the men know that they would spare all from any harm. It took the rest of them about one hour to finish the trek atop the rocky cliffs when they saw that Raphael was to stay as their protector. When the brethren had completed their trek there was a message for them to be given by the angel of God/Dess.

“For your lack of faith in the love and protection of the Lord and Lady your all powerful God/Dess this journey which would have only taken you one year to complete on foot will be lengthened to two.” Many situations will arise over the course of this time, which shall test your faith and patience along the way. They shall come always when they are the least expected so; be ready for them at all times.” This is the will of God/Dess.” Let it be done.” Blessed be.” Now, though the brethren knew they brought this upon themselves; they were not pleased with God/Dess decision. Jesus sensed their confusion and when all had settled into the cave, he began to tell them a story.

“The Parable of Two Sons”

Not so long ago, Jesus began, in a far away place called Israel; there lived a young couple who had been wed for only one year. Although they were believers in the corrupted way of the modern Jew of this day; they lived their lives according to the law. They always did the best they knew to please the Father Yahweh for was the only God they were allowed to worship without being stoned to death by their community. They were of course not aware of the Mother Ashira Mary. To them was born a son whose name they called Moshi. Moshi was a beautiful boy. He was born different from all other boys in the region. His skin the tone of all other boys in the land; but his hair was golden copper brown and his eyes were green as emeralds.

Moshi was a boy like any boy is expected to be. As he grew older he played about the house and outside. He was not well received by the other children in his community because of his hair and eyes; so the animals his parents owned became his dearest friends. As Moshi grew older resentment stirred within him towards his parents for the slaughter of their animals who had become his only friends. Moshi was not old enough to realize that if he had simply spoken to his parents and asked only to kill for food the animals who had not befriended him; they would have done so; for he was their son. They loved him and never have done anything that would bring him grief. Because Moshi didn’t talk to them about this matter; his parents continued to kill and serve him his friends for food along with those who were not well known to him.

Moshi began to refuse to eat the meat that his mother would prepare. When his mother asked why he would not eat the meat he would not speak to her. Moshi was about the age of eleven years and was nearing the time for his Bar mitzvah. His father could see that he was not yet ready for manhood. He was too irreverent toward his parents; for to refuse to speak to his mother was bad enough. When he refused to speak to his father his attitude would not be tolerated.

Near the end of Moshi’ second year his mother gave birth to yet another son. Although the second son, whose name was Jhoshiah, was born with the same hair and eye color as his brother Moshi; he was more widely received by the children of the community because he did not simply accept their treatment of him or his brother. Jhoshiah was wise beyond his years from a very young age. He told the children of the community that, although his hair and eyes were different than theirs; he still had hair and eyes. He pointed out to them that he had the same amount of fingers, thumbs and toes. He cut himself to show them that he bled the same color blood that they did. He told them that he had all the same emotions that they did as well. “I feel pain he said to them, joy, sorrow, grief of loss.” I laugh, cry, love, hate.” I and my brother are truly no different in any great way than are you.” We have hurt you in no way, but still; you treat us as though we are outcasts in our own community, the same community to which you belong.” Why”

The children could not answer for they did not know. One boy spoke up and said; “it was our parents who made us fearful of you. “It was because of your hair and eyes being different, that; they feared you. They told us you were evil and we should drive you away from the village.”

“Do you still believe them; that we are evil? Jhoshiah asked him.

Now that I have gotten to know you; no, the boy said.

“What should we do?” They will still not let us be friends with you.”

“You must all go home and talk about us often in good terms; Jhoshiah told them.” Tell them of the talk we had and of all that I’ve shown you about us.” “Sometimes it is the parent who must learn from the child.”

Moshi was very pleased with his brother’s wisdom. Moshi asked Jhoshiah; what shall I do about the situation with the animals?”

“The first thing that you must do is have faith in mother and father, that they will understand how you feel.” If you explain to them that you have become so close to some the animals because they were there to be your friends when no one else would be; they won’t kill the ones that you’ve grown to love. “They will only kill and serve to us as food those which you have not bonded with.”

“Come my brother; I will show you how much I love you by talking to them about this with you.” Soon you will see how truly deep is the love, that good parents like ours have for their children, and how much more compassion they will have for us than for any other.” Moshi found that Jhoshiah was right again.

It came to pass to following morning, that Jesus had instructed the men to go out into the land and investigate everything that they found there. They found in the land many tribes of natives; most of which, seemed peaceful but primitive. Some they found as they progressed farther into the region to be cruel, warring scavengers who killed all who were in their path often killing first the men of other tribes in order rape and pillage the women and children and take them as prisoners. The women and girls they would use for breeding; while young boys and men of other tribes were kept as slaves for forced sexual favors and to do any of the work, that the villagers of this tribe would not do. These people were known in this land as the fierce tribe of The Pawnee.

The Pawnee were a great cruel nation of warriors who wanted to rule all the other tribes in the region. They wished to be the dominant tribe in the land enslaving all others with their cruelty and insatiable thirst for blood, which would not be quenched. Jesus told the men their with him, that although it was the way of Shamanistia to be peaceful and allow for free will to rein in the land; it is not the will of God/Dess that any of the tribe of Shamanistia should perish or be made slaves.

“I will go out among them, protected by God/Dess and try to teach them to listen to the part of their hearts, that they have buried so deep within them.” If they will listen and turn away from their evil ways; I am certain that God/Dess will spare the whole tribe.” If they will not we may have to kill all but the children and animals; to ensure no further bloodshed.” It may be also that God/Dess may frighten them into obedience.” Let us pray that I, or God/Dess will find a way to stir within them the desire for peace and love; which they lost so long ago.” It was about the space of two months, investigating the region that the Pawnee were cited. Jesus spoke to the mother and father and they told him that this time, he must decide for himself how the Pawnee would be dealt with. First he tried to reason with them; but they would not listen. He performed miracles of healing for many members of their tribe; still they wanted only to find the source of the power he had to make them stronger in their cruelty and destruction. Within the space of one month after trying to unsuccessfully convert the Pawnee; Jesus saw that there was no point in going further with this tribe. They were committed to evil and would not do good, before God/Dess

“It is my judgment that all who are being enslaved by the Pawnee should be set free; Jesus said.” We shall go into the camp with the aid the great Oglala tribe and free those being held captive.” They will show their gratitude by converting to Shamanistia.” We will also take from them their women and children perhaps this will soften their hearts by showing them how it feels when these things are done to others.”

“Lift not your hands to kill even one.” I will use the magick of God/Dess to cause upon them to fall a deep sleep.” We shall go the way of mercy.” We shall not resort to their vile ways of bloodshed; for then we be no better than they.” “Let it be done.”

It was on the morning after, just before the sun began to rise upon the land, that Jesus went out to the Pawnee camp with the shamans of the Great Oglala tribe. There they did begin the ritual invocation of the elements of earth, wind, fire and water.

“By the power of Mother Ashira and Father Yahweh I command thee elements to come together in unity and purpose!” Bring upon the warriors of this tribe a sleep from which they will not awaken for one week; that we may take their women, children, animals and slaves from among them, and leave them here only with themselves!” Let this thing that we ask of thee all powerful Mother and Father be done this moment!” It is done!”

Within one minute all present for the ritual did see with their eyes the great combining of the elements. They did become one and a thick, heated, earthen liquid, light in mass did fall upon all the warriors and put them to sleep for one week. All of the women, children, and animals were taken to a place of one week’s journey to dwell there among the Oglala tribe. There they stayed for one month learning from one another, exchanging their paths with all that were present.

It became apparent that the Oglala would not be converted completely to Shamanistia. They did already understand and allow for anyone who did to remain with them and live the Shamanistian way. It was then that Jesus and his deciples took their women, children and animals taken from the Pawnee. They continued to travel and teach the way of Shamanistia to all the tribes who were willing to listen and obey.

The end of the time of wandering had ceased. It now was time that the tribe of Shamanistia should settle in one place. For God/Dess decided that the knowledge of the Shamanistians in this land had become so well known, that all wished to convert should now begin their own journeys to find them. The tribe of Shamanistia would now settle far to the north of the Great Plains of the Oglala, in the land of the Iroquois tribe. The now would stay put to live, hunt and farm their community.

It was known now that not all of the new converts of Shamanistia would follow after those who would go to the land of the Iroquois. Some would stay including Jesus. It was the will of God/Dess that a remnant of believers would go to the Isle of Shamanistia to dwell there with them. It would be on the way there that they would meet with another ship, which Jesus would sail to embark upon his journey back to Israel where he must begin his ministry to the Jews. Jesus knew before he left that he was to face much greater hardship traveling throughout the Roman occupied territories than he had faced with those he’d taught so far. He knew that most of his own people would reject everything he would teach them and chose him to be executed upon a cross, while allowing a murderer to go free. This was the will of God/Dess; for the blood of their own son must be shed upon the Mother Earth to atone for the sins of those that would reject and execute him. This must also be done for all those before him who had only the law; which was too rigid for many to follow without execution by the Jews. In their disobedience to God/Dess the Jews had it written in their laws that this was the way that life should be. The law was never meant by God/Dess to be so rigid it could not followed. The time had come that Jesus must provoke the Jews of the corrupted faith in Yahweh without Ashira Mary to spiritual jealousy by embracing the uncircumcised, pork eating gentiles. They would widely receive his teachings and become the scattered believers of Shamanistia. They would go into hiding pretending to be Pagans who would pretend not to believe until the time would come that no one would prevent the truth of Shamanistia from being taught and accepted. The period of darkness and secrecy would last for two thousand years. Many atrocities would befall humanity in this time in the name of Yahweh and in the name of Jesus.

All would be the will of the evil one who would possess the spiritually vulnerable and power hungry humans; the will of Christ’s own brother, Lucifer. These would be the will of he who was cast out and all that would go with him to work his evil in the worlds. None would be the will of God/Dess except that the balance is maintained.

Blessed be.

“Jesus Returns from Ancient America”

While Jesus yet in Ancient America (called by the Indians who migrated there many thousands of years before him, The Land of the Good Red Road) was deciding when he and the Indian followers of Shamanistia were to leave upon their journey to the island where the followers of God/Dess were now living, it came to him in a vision that not all of his new disciples in The land of the Good Red Road would follow after him. Some would stay with this land that they called home to teach future generations about the ways of Shamanistia. In his vision he saw a great ship built in canoe style from a Sequoia tree. It housed many of the Indian believers who would go with him. Those who would go with him would be 135, 45 triogamous trios. All of them were of the original path of Shamanistia being trios of two men and one woman ranging in ages from twelve to thirty.

Let us have a great festival Jesus said to the people in their native Lakota tongue. We will feast upon Bison and Elk while we dance to God/Dess under the sacred light of the moon. For tomorrow we must begin the building of a great canoe from a Sequoia tree and then from those who choose to remain some will stay here in the northwest and some will migrate to the western plains. Let us smoke from the sacred pipe as I have instructed and give prayers of thanks to God/Dess. We will conduct the ritual dance of fertility and then the ritual of spiritual sexuality and will make love to all who are of age and are willing. Let us pray to bring out from within us the power of God/Dess.

The rituals and feast began. When all had been filled with both physical and spiritual food the ritual of spiritual sexuality did begin and all who were of age were also willing; for this will be a tool of teaching those who have not yet finely tuned their love making skills. It mattered not to any when the sun began to rise upon the land the next day that they awakened in the arms of those other than their spouses. Many were found later to be with child and all of the individual trios were very excited and considered the children coming to be theirs and no one else’s. No one dared to question the paternity of any child. This is the way of God/Dess.

The one hundred and thirty five who would go with Jesus began their decent into the forest to find the great Sequoia who would be their home for many months during their journey to The Isle of Shamanistia. When it was found permission was asked by the great trees spirit for it to be cut down and hollowed out to be the ocean home of the believers. Permission was granted and construction then began. The process of constructing such a large canoe was a lengthy one. After working five days a week and resting on Friday and Saturday the entire process was completed within the space of four weeks time.

The time had approached that the Indian believers should begin to gather food for the long journey to The Isle of Shamanistia. They came to Jesus asking, how is it great teacher that we shall find ourselves upon the ocean when we are so far away from it for us to make this voyage?

Jesus replied saying; fret not for how a way will be found; have faith is all you must do. A way will be provided by God/Dess, when the time is right that it should occur. When that time is upon us I will then inform you to begin boarding the great canoe. The harvest is a bountiful one. Let us continue to gather only that which we shall need for our journey. The Indian believers of Shamanistia did as they had been instructed by Jesus and gathered a variety of roots, dried berries and fruits, corn, beans, squash and large quantities of salted Elk and Bison meat. There had been a recent migration of venison and there was more than plenty without disturbing the natural balance.

Upon the evening that all the food was gathered which would be needed, a gentle rain did come. The Great Mother Ashira and the Father Yahweh the givers of Shamanistia came to Jesus and informed him that rain which had been sent would continuously become heavier as the night drew on. This was to be the way which was made to take the Indian believers to the ocean and begin them on their great voyage to The Isle of Shamanistia.

Jesus then went among the people and told them; come now into the great canoe for the rains that now fall softly upon our faces will become violent torrents. This is the way of which I spoke to you that would be made to get us afloat on the ocean waters and set us on our course to Shamanistia.

The people asked Jesus; how shall our loved ones survive such a great flooding of the land?

All who will not go with us shall not perish Jesus said to them. They will have time if they move out quickly to flee into the higher elevations where the water will not harm them. God/Dess will provide for their nourishment; but they must take their teepees with them for their shelter after the water recedes. Until it does they will have to reside in the tops of the Great Sequoia Trees. All who flee will be spared.

Now the people did do as they were instructed by Jesus. Just as he’d promised, all their lives were spared.

These were the people of the Lakota tribe who would eventually split off from themselves due to an issue of over population. The second tribe would be known throughout the Great Plains as the Dakota tribe. Both would be greatly blessed by God/Dess and although the teachings of the Shamanistian Jesus would become to them but a vague memory; the ways of the Shaman would always prevail throughout most of the tribes of Ancient America and even into the tribe of the Great White Devils. These would be the tribes who would prove to be most instrumental in staving off the Great White Devils who would eventually come to colonize this land almost two thousand years into the future. The Great Chiefs of the future time would not stand idle and watch the Great White Devils of the European continent come to escape their own persecution while they did persecute all others for living and believing in different ways. The future Chiefs, who would be called “Sitting Bull”, Crazy Horse, Cochise, Geronimo and many others; these would be men of great strength and stature, great warrior shamans who would lead their people into battle with The Great White Devils such as Yellow Hair who would be struck down by Sitting Bull in the battle of The Little Big Horn.

The White Devils would not be satisfied to stop with the genocide of the people of the Good Red Road; for their hunger of violence and injustice would be insatiable. Their thirst for blood, power, money and land would not be quenched. Their cruelty would be immeasurable like that of the Roman emperors. During their great attempt to exterminate the Shamanistic believers they would also enslave many people forced to leave their mother Africa and would treat them very badly as well but better than the Indians. The Black African slaves were property considered live stock and provided them with their living. Although they would beat them with whips at will for even as much as stopping to rest. Worst of all they would beat them till they were close to death when one who could read would teach that knowledge to another. They raped their women and children for sport never letting it become known that the issue, which came hence, was their own flesh and blood. They did not begin murdering them so often for sport until after the Great White Bearded One who came to rule over the land would have them freed before his execution in a public theatre.

Those who would be known as Catholics will combine what they call Christianity with politics to make a controlling regime, which will last as an iron fisted empire. The will be great abusers of children in horrific ways which they will hide from those who will follow them in fear. Their empire will be mighty and for many centuries it will rule even in places where it had never been known before. Those whom they conquer will fear them everywhere, for everywhere they go they will bring death, disease and desolation to the people, animals, land and water. History will remember them as the breakers of human spirit. They will be those who bring life for ignorance and death for knowledge.

False priests will commit many atrocities. They will be ordained in my name by an organization of politics. They will disguise themselves with my name. They will abuse children in unspeakable ways and work hard to hide it. It will not be known for many centuries and then, that which was done in darkness will come out into the light. They will beat the children of Shamanistia for speaking their native tongs. They shall make it illegal for them to worship me with the remaining truth still left to them from the days when I walked among them. The remnants of the followers of Shamanistia with what light that remains from my mother, father and me will be more suitable for my kingdom in heaven and earth than most of the many who will claim to follow me. In the days near the time when the prophecy of Shamanistia shall be fulfilled the majority of those who claim to follow me shall wax cold with the emotions of my evil bother who was cast out for his disobedience to the Holy Mother and Father. They shall strike out in raging anger and hostility toward all who would not agree with them and their teachings of arrogance and hatred of all who would follow their hearts to be different than they. All who would be like me because they love me will be persecuted for the sake of all that is truly holy. The followers of Shamanistia will be among them to be persecuted only after those who come before them. Before Shamanistia is again revealed to the world those who would be a man with a man to love, a woman with a woman these who are not yet followers of The Good Red Road of Shamanistia will be persecuted. Once they have been accepted and many allowed being married then will come the persecution of the Shamanistians who will convert to the old way of God/Dess.

It will be in those times of great peril throughout the land that one will rise up like the phoenix from the ashes to gather together the scattered tribes of Shamanistia. He will be born in a land far from here called by Shamanistians Kentucky. It will be one of fifty great places which will come together to make one mighty nation. Her emblem will be a bird of prey of the falcon family. She shall be a nation like no other in her time. She will frequently go to the rescue of other nations when, they are attacked by enemies. She will have no cure for the plagues, which ail her own. There will be great disease in her land, which she will not cure and persecution, which for many she will not tame.

He will call himself Ravenschild and he will lead the scattered tribes of Shamanistia whose land was taken by bloodshed. They who were scattered about the land to places they knew not, who were deceived more times than there are drops of water to be counted in ocean will gain respect. These will be the remnants of Shamanistia who once separated because this nation feared they would group together to overthrow them. They will be brought together as one tribe and the success, which was theirs they will have. No more will they live in poverty and ruin, their spirits no longer being broken. They will again lift heads high with pride being known to all as Shamanistians and they will seek to save our Mother the Earth with as many of her children as will be willing to listen.

The Raven