"The Second Gospel of Shamanistian Doctrine"

According to the Prophet Ravenschild

Chapter One

"Jesus teaches the people about the Inner Child"

During the time which Jesus had spent with the Hindu Shamanistians of India he came to be loved by all in many ways. Jesus was a playful sort of boy. Though he did wax strong in stature and strength of love, he did never forget to love and nurture the little boy within him; for he did know he would always be inside him. While he did continue to teach The Hindu and Buddhist Shamanistians about the ways of God/Dess, he began to see that the people young and old alike, were becoming much too sullen in their ways of worship and also in their day to day lives. Jesus knew that if this trend would continue no one looking in to the lives of Shamanistians from the outside would ever want to believe in the ways of God/Dess. This sort of melancholy spirituality was boring and it would cause great apathy, complacency and the thwarting of true spiritual growth. Jesus began to take action.

Kandakar, the beloved of Jesus did often walk alone as he deeply contemplated the meaning of his life in the earth and his purpose for being. Jesus was watching him one day as he was talking to a white mother tiger.

Jesus asked him; what does our mother friend have to say to us today?

Jesus walked directly to her and knelt before her to extend his hand in greeting. She took his hand into her paw and joyously purred as she rubbed her sent along his thigh with the glands along the sides of her face.

"Jesus, you are such a kind man, for a human." Jesus was amused by her humor.

"Where are the little ones; he asked her?" The people of the village have yet to meet your children"

"I have brought them with me; I needed first to have your word that no one will hurt them."

"I have taught them well about respect for all life." Those who would have hurt them have been dealt with strongly by my parents." Please bring them out to us."

Suddenly there came from behind a great fern, three black and orange cubs and one black and white. Jesus was still young enough to understand the importance of playing with babies of all kinds. This was an aspect of his personality, which did not change even unto the time of his death, burial and resurrection. Jesus gently patted the ground as if to let the babies know he meant them no harm. Then they ran to him as though they were his own children. They began to lick his face and as they had seen their mother do, they rubbed their sent upon him. Jesus laughed as they clumsily tumbled about jumping upon his legs and licking inside of his ears and nose.

"I do so love the children of the jungle; he exclaimed!" Kandakar why aren't joining in the fun?" These babies are precious." Don't be such a wimp my love." For goodness sake they still suckle milk from their mother's teats." You're going to miss out on it."

"Alright Jesus, I'm coming"

It wasn't more than half an hour and everyone wanted their turn to play with the baby tigers. When the children saw they were in no danger they even played with the mother tiger. When the cubs grew older they had come to love people so much, that they came back every night to keep close watch Shamanistian believers. They guarded and protected them from all means of harm, which could befall their sleep. They also came back frequently just for the purpose of play.

Many of the animals of the jungle did do so. There were often monkeys who come into the village to beg for fruits and nuts only to entice the people to play with them and their babies. Elephants would come with trunks filled with water and spray the people, then raise their trunks to grin. Even the Cobras were not to be feared. They would often dance to the music played by the flutes of Shamanistians. These were only but a few of the animals, which came to play.

Chapter Two

"Ritual Offerings and the Sacred Fertility Rite"

Four days had passed after the day of play with the tigress and her cubs. The evening of Shabass had arrived and the priests and priestesses had begun the temple rituals and blessings for the day of rest ahead. The air of the open temple burned thick with the indigenous herbs of the Mother India. The air was heavy with Curry, Allspice and Cinnamon. The holy men and women of the temple brought upon the altar offerings of fresh Cumin and Ginger Root as a blessing for the people of Shamanistia.

"Behold the blessings of prosperity from God/Dess for all their people and all their descendents." So let it be written; so let it be done." Theses are the words of Jesus.

Then Jesus gathered together the priests of the temple and the priestesses for the ritual blessing of fertility. He did then command two priest of choosing who were married to mingle the seed of their loins with the power of creation within their wife, the fertile egg, which did await their seed. The candles of Shabass were lit so that all the people could see the sacred coupling.

"Jesus commanded the people, Behold the creation of life and the loving tenderness, which brings it fourth."

The people did as they were told and did behold the sweet kisses and tender caresses of the two husbands with one another, they with their wife and the wife with her husbands. They did also behold the gentle and loving thrusting form the loins of the husbands within the feminine temple of creation, which nurtures and brings fourth life as the husbands and their wife did proclaim the right of life while thanking and praising the names of Yahweh and Ashira. So let it be written that a child was conceived on this the night of Shabass; the husbands did shout in ecstasy and gratitude as each of them did release their seed together into their wife's temple of life. Then she did the same as she felt their release within her body she proclaimed; so let it be written; so let it be done.

Then there came a great shout from all the people of Shamanistia as Jesus then commanded them to feast in celebration from the table of abundant fertility. "Eat, drink and be merry with the love you share for your husbands and wives." Eat and drink your fill now, for you shall need your strength for that, which is to come when you make your way to your beds." Tonight shall not be a night involving work of any kind but rather that of love and the immeasurable pleasures of creation of life." You shall wait for one hour after your meal to settle your bellies and then you will begin a night of loving tenderness in the pleasure of creation." So let it be written; so let it be done. Jesus has spoken, the young husbands proclaimed and with great smiles about their faces they said; let it be done.

So the children of Shamanistia did as they had been commanded and within the year to come the tribe was increased many times. Some of the wives bore one child. For some the children came to them in pairs and others in threes. All who were wedded trios were blessed with the fruit of their loins. All who participated in the fertility ritual of Shabass were blessed; all who obeyed Jesus.

Chapter Three

"The Courtship and Marriage of Jesus"

It then came to pass that the people did ask in wonder to Jesus, why he himself had not yet wed? It was decided that since Jesus did delegate most of authority over his tribe to his trusted friend and advisor Kandakar, that he would put the concern of the people before Jesus.

"Hello Jesus, I hope my visits finds you in happiness and good health, he greeted him."

"May the prosperity and long life of God/Dess be your and for your family my dear friend and brother." Let me hold you close to my heart in my arms of love." Let me kiss you tenderly in love and warmth for your faith and loyalty to God/Dess." Let me humble myself before you by bathing your body in pool of love with a clean cloth where the brothers did the sisters of Shamanistia." Let me scent your hair with Ginger Root and you skin with oil of Cinnamon, your loins with that of Allspice." Let this be ritual blessing of all, which would visit the home of a Shamanistian family." Let the woman and her daughters do so for women and the men and their sons do so for a man." This is my commandment to you and the people for the greeting of visitors and strangers. My scribe shall write it as he witnesses this ritual of love and humility between us and you shall write it as you see me do the same for him." Let us now travel to the pool of love to conduct the ritual greeting. Jesus spoke these words to his friend and his scribe whom he had named Ginseng for his strength and great vitality.

After the ritual greeting was done the three of them sat together against a stone upon the Mother Earth. Ginseng lay head on the belly of Jesus with his arms wrapped tight around him as Jesus stroked his hair and kissed joyful love and tenderness. Kandakar wrapped his arms about the back of Jesus laying his head between his chest and shoulder as he kissed him and stroked his hair as well.

"I love you both with all my heart and soul, Jesus said." You know this." Why do you hesitate to ask your question on behalf of the people?" Did you not think I would know what was coming?" I knew before you started on your way to see." Out with your question."

"Jesus you already know that the people are restless on this matter." They are fearful that when the day comes for you to be handed over to the Romans and executed that you will leave them with know ere for them to be ruled with the seed of your love and kindness." What would we do if one of our own should rise up against us in your name and rule us in cruelty and menace?"

It was then that Jesus stood as Kandakar and Ginseng stood with him. "Let us walk for a time and enjoy the air of the jungle night; Jesus told them. "I will ponder this question in my heart and discuss it with my parents." They will show me the light upon this matter of the people." So they walked for a moment and with no warning Jesus was behind Kandakar with his arm around his neck. Jesus was a strong man great in physical strength. Kandakar was aware of this and asked him; "have I offended you Lord? That was not my intent!" Jesus had his arm around Kandakar's chest and one leg around his groin to hold him still. Jesus saw that Kandakar was frightened he may hurt him. He wrestled him to the ground and as they lay there Jesus could no longer stand the fear in Kandakar's eyes.

"You think that I could hurt one whom I love so much?"

Jesus put his knuckles on Kandakar's head and rubbed them furiously until Ginseng joined in touching him gently about his body in sensitive areas which brought forth laughter as though they never heard. Kandakar begged mercy for he could stand no more. He and Jesus looked at Ginseng and began the same with him. Ginseng and Kandakar looked at each other and the process of rubbing Jesus head and finding his laughing spots. Jesus begged for mercy, as he also could take no more of this wonderfully exhausting play.

They fell into each other's arms while they lovingly kissed and caressed one another. They fell asleep there in the jungle snug in one another's arms. The jungle became cool with a mist that night and the tigers came to warm them. The monkeys joined them as the night went on. Awakening to chattering monkeys and purring tigers they played with them as they did eat a morning meal of figs, berries, honey and milk, which they gathered from some goats who came to join them that morning.

In the midst of all their play Kandakar had forgotten that he'd not received an answer from Jesus to give to the People concerning his ere.

"Come to me again four nights from now and I shall give you an answer; by then my parents will have spoken their plan to me and I will obey it." I shall it only the figs, berries, honey bread and goats milk until you return to me for your answer." In this time you are to go on with the business of the people and your home." Help to care for and give love to children by day and the kindness of loving pleasure to you husband and your wife." Obey my command and reap the blessings of God/Dess."

Kandakar did as Jesus had instructed him. He and his wife and husband did play much with their children when the business of the people would allow. The people saw the joy that this play and finding laughing spots did bring and they all did it until they could stand no more. They continued the business of gathering the harvest from the toil of the long dry season leaving always a portion for the animals of the jungle and putting aside food for the rainy time of Monsoon. Kandakar obeyed the laws of love and pleasure for his husband and wife as instructed by Jesus. The time then came that he did revisit Jesus with the question of the people as to his ere.

Kandakar came to house of Jesus and his scribe Ginseng. They came to the door arm in arm, naked and dripping of sweat, as it was very warm and misty. "Come with us now to the pool of love my friend; let us conduct our ritual greeting."

My said Kandakar you are both naked." Would not be clothed before you leave?"

"Why should we worry ourselves with clothing until we return?" "We are only to remove them when we get to the pool." We will take it with us and wear it as we return; the village sleeps but for the guards." You worry too much my friend; let us go now."

So they walked to the pool naked and arm in arm." You are my brothers and I do love you both so much; Jesus told them as he tenderly kissed them both." I've loved you both since we were much younger, a few years. "Let us stand in the pool of love now and wash one another. "Then we will scent each other as we did before." We will eat afterward and we will talk after our meal together."

After they did all, which Jesus had spoken of them, they sat together again in the night air of he jungle and played with one another. They raised the under garments that held their groins between their backsides, rubbing their scalps and wrestled each other to the ground, while they touched their laughing spots. Collapsing in exhaustion Jesus began to speak.

"I have told you both I love you very much, but you Kandakar are already given to a husband and wife." You have all found happiness with one another." You can not be my husband." "Ginseng has agreed that he and I should be wed once a suitable wife has come of age to marry us." My Mother and Father have decided that I must lead our people through every manner of example; marriage is no exception." When the time is right a wife will choose us for her husbands." Let it be written; let it be done."

"The People will be pleased"

"Let us take rest here for this is surely sacred ground." Let it be known that it was here that the Son of God/Dess did chose his husband that they would marry a wife." They will love and bare children the three of them together." Praised be God/Dess." God/Dess and their son are one in purpose, love and just example." Jesus and his friends were about the age of seventeen on the night of his first betrothal.

Now it was nearing the festival of the harvest. Jesus had told his friend and his betrothed that he would share the news of his coming wedding on the night of the great feast of thanks. Jesus told Kandakar that it would be his eldest daughter, which would choose them to wed.

"You must teach her with your words and your example, you and your wife and husband." When she is ready for the physical teaching the high priest and priestess will give us our instructions into the ways pleasuring."

"How can anyone teach the master of knowledge and love how to pleasure his wife and husband?" Surely it would be sacrilege to suggest it be needed!

"I am a leader but also a servant." How can I serve if I think myself above being taught by elders of the priests and priestesses? "Surly I would be no more than an arrogant man, not the Son of God/Dess." It is the will of my parents." So let it be written; so let it be done." This is the will of God/Dess." I will obey for these are the instructions I am given to bring them their glory, honor and praise." Question me not on this again" Jesus said as he kissed him.

The people were getting restless more and more as the days passed approaching the festival of thanks for the harvest. Many did whisper asking Kandakar about Jesus answer of his marriage. Kandakar simply told them they must wait a little longer. "It will be soon revealed; he said. Patience is the key to understanding what is to come next." Be patient, the Son of God/Dess will do only as the holy mother and father instruct him." He will do no more or less than what they will." Do not fret now, come with me to pool of love and perform the humility ritual of greeting." Kandakar kissed his visitor and he taught him the ritual in the pool of love.

The night of the festival had arrived and everyone about was excited to hear if it may be the time of Jesus announcement to the people of his betrothal. Everyone was whispering in hope that it would be the time. They had all been wondering as to whom was to be his wife and husband. Everyone was anxious to the first born of Jesus, though they knew it would be some way off. For none of the village girls were quite of an age to choose. Would of the maidens be willing to chose him as one of their husbands? The responsibility would be tremendous. Surly there would be someone who could withstand it. There must they spoke among them. We must all encourage our daughters to wed Jesus and his betrothed husband. Then surly there will be one.

Jesus came to the children of Shamanistia. He beheld the grand feast set before them and he blessed it saying; great is the mother the earth from whom we came and we will return." Blessed are those who toiled in the fields of labor and milking of the goats and cattle that we may have milk, cheese and butter." Blessed are the fruit and berry pickers, the grain gleeners, bread makers and vegetable growers." Blessed are they whom would work for the good of our community as a whole always giving back a portion for the earth and a portion to be stored for the great Monsoon." Blessed are the brick makers and builders of the village." We are all truly blessed by God/Dess and I pronounce this food to be blessed by God/Dess. Let us eat, drink and make ourselves merry." Tonight we begin again the creation of life in love." At this time I now announce my betrothal to the scribe Ginseng, and we shall wait upon a maiden of the village to come of age to choose us as her husbands." So let it be written; so let it be done."

Then the crowd did cheer as they had never cheered before. Hail Jesus, they repeated. Long live the seed of Jesus! Blessed are you Jesus and blessed is the fruit of your loins and your chosen Ginseng! Blessed will be your wife among all women and blessed is the fruit of her creation! Blessed be the trinity of God/Dess and the trinity of this your holy family! Hail Jesus and Ginseng! Hail the king, his consort and their future queen! Hail Jesus and Ginseng!

"Calm my brothers and sisters; may I eat now? Every man woman and child came to kiss Jesus and Ginseng, as did all the jungle animals while the festival came to its close. Jesus and Ginseng were tired from the festivities and a little too much wine. They went home and collapsed in exhaustion in each other's arms.

It came to pass that Aurora Ruby, the eldest of Ginseng and his spouses did come of age to consent to marry. Although she was of an appropriate age for her rite of ascension to take place she did not yet feel the time was yet right for her to wed Jesus and Ginseng. She had not yet had the appropriate amount of time to become as well aquatinted with either of them as she wanted to be, much less that though she loved them both as they were her dearest friends in the community. She still had yet to fall in love with either of them, much less both of them together.

She began to observe more closely how kind and loving they were with one another. She began to spend a great deal more time with them both together and apart. Each of them was a great joy to be with both alone and together. Jesus was boisterous, lively and always filled with playful energy. There was never a dull moment with him. It was not until he began his ministry to the people of his birthplace that he began to be somewhat less so as his heart would become heavy with many burdens of conflict.

Ginseng was quieter and didn't often speak without first being spoken to. When he got started speaking he had great difficulty discerning when he'd spoken enough and he should give another a chance to speak. He was also playful in his own way. He liked to do silly things that are not often liked by girls but they consider funny. He liked to wet his finger with his tong and wiggle it in her ears when she wasn't looking. He often liked to arrange her hair in odd fashions and then have her go to the stream of Humble Love to see her reflection and tell him if she liked what he'd done. She often just laughed and told him how silly he was for he often made her look much like the animals of the forest. Fortunately didn't have to worry as other girls did about pressure to engage in marital activity before the ceremony took place. Although Jesus and Ginseng were not yet married for they had no wife for them; they were betrothed. Being this as it was, they had full marital rights to one another even before the ceremony. They had each other for intimacy purposes until the wife would appear prepared for their ceremony.

Aurora Ruby did come to also fall deeply in love with both Jesus and Ginseng. Her learning of love and loving both verbal and physical taught to her by the priests and priestesses was going very well. The elders who were teaching her did come together to determine her readiness for passage and marriage. After asking all the necessary questions and receiving the appropriate answers; then came the test of how well she'd learned the physical aspect of pleasing her new spouses. The priests were convinced she was better than ready for her marriage to Jesus and Ginseng. Now it was time to determine if they would be ready for her as well.

The priests and priestesses who had been teaching Jesus and Ginseng came together to discuss their views as to the readiness of the betrothed to who may soon become a perfect three. They felt it was necessary to bring the two in before their teachers for the same verbal and physical test, which had been given to their future wife. Since the two of them would have to be well versed in the art of loving both a man and a woman the test was needed to determine their readiness. There was much more for them to know than for their wife who would only be making love to one sex times two. They showed the priests that they had well learned how to love and pleasure one another. They then had to prove to the priestesses that they were also ready for their new wife. They were ravenous but gentle in every way possible. They were sensual and passionate in every thing they did and they were also given high scores in both their skills as love makers and their answers for the verbal portion of the test. Both gave great insight into the ten qualities for living given to the people by God/Dess.

The preparations for their wedding and their ascension into adulthood were being made as the three awaited the opportunity to create their first child together. Although Jesus knew that their first born was to be twins, a boy and a girl; he let them wait in wonder as to the outcome of the pregnancy.

Aurora Ruby was dressed in a red loin cloth and a red covering over her breasts both top and bottom were fringed in pink, having a pink turbine and a white veil. The pink turbine was a symbol of her sex and the power of creation, while the white veil did symbolize her humble purity and the conquering power of her love for Jesus and Ginseng. For it would be the power of that love coupled with the strength of God/Dess which would lead her through the lonely time when both Jesus and Ginseng would be away to begin his ministry to the Jews of Jesus birthplace in Galilee.

The day had come and hours before the three were to be wed a miracle transpired. Jesus did not know that it was the will of God/Dess that his natural parents were to be present for his wedding. God/Dess did make a way for Mary, Joseph and Jesus siblings to be present. Although God/Dess, Mary and Joseph were the same beings for a portion of the Spirit of God/Dess was given to Mary and Joseph in order for them live in the bodies given to them by God/Dess. When their bodies would later give back that portion of the spirit which God/Dess had given them; they would then be completely God and Goddess. For now they were human and would be physically and spiritually present to see their son be wed.

Jesus was waiting with his groom preparing one another for their ascension and marriage ceremony, Jesus, Ginseng and Aurora Ruby. At that time Joseph the father of Jesus came into the room where his son and son in law were making themselves ready for the ceremony. Ginseng had never seen him before and would not let him pass thinking he could be a danger to Jesus. Jesus turned around and told Ginseng to unhand the man, for he was his father. Ginseng appeared quite confused at the sound of this news. "I thought God was your father and Goddess your mother." How can this man be your father as well?"

Joseph began to speak. "I am a mortal man for now." A portion of the spirit of God was given to me at my birth with all the wisdom I would need to teach Jesus the ways of love and compassion." My wife Mary, who is with the bride helping her prepare for this joyous ceremony, was also given upon her birth a portion of the spirit of the Goddess Ashira for the same reasons." When that portion of spirit leaves our bodies and our bodies begin crumbling into dust we then will be completely God and Goddess." We then will be pure spirit no longer being bound by our bodies." I am God." This is the Son of God." Behold us."

Jesus and Ginseng fell to their knees kissing the hands and feet of Joseph who possessed a portion of the spirit of Yahweh.

"Blessed are you who loves me and my son." Blessed are you who loves my wife and his mother." You and your wife will be blessed with a great nation which will be the descendents of your loins and her womb." Get to your feet now, for your wedding approaches you."

Jesus was dressed in a lavender loin cloth and a purple cloak. He wore a lavender turbine upon his head. Ginseng was dressed in a blue loin cloth and a turquoise cloak with a blue turbine on his head. Aurora Ruby wore her red loincloth and red covering over her breasts top and bottom fringed in pink with her white veil and pink turbine. She stood waiting for her men to take her for their wife. Now came the time for the ceremony.

Mothro performed the ritual. "We are all here this wonderful day of God/Dess to join in life long partnership these men with this woman." Jesus and Ginseng, do you wish the young woman Aurora to be your wife, to love and nurture her and the children she gives you for as long as you live?" Will you Jesus and Ginseng keep yourselves only to her and yourselves for the rest of your lives forsaking intimate behavior with any other woman or man save the three of you here today?" Only when God/Dess allows it so may you engage another.

"We do, they said together"

Mothro then repeated the vows to Aurora. She agreed. Now has come the time for ascension Jesus and Ginseng shall enter one another in the great joining. Ginseng entered Jesus but did not let go of his seed. Jesus then entered Ginseng also not letting go of his seed. Then they washed one another. After they had washed one another they both approached Aurora. Gently and lovingly they both entered her body at the same time. Both Jesus and Ginseng let go of their seed into their wife. Less than a year later there were triplets born to the holy family of Jesus, Ginseng and Aurora, two healthy sons and a beautiful daughter. No discussion was ever introduced as to the paternity of either or both children. This is the way of God/Dess.

We now must make the wedding complete with the last ceremonial ritual. Jesus and Ginseng must place a red dot upon the forehead of Aurora to show that she is taken in marriage. They did so. Aurora you must place a red dot upon the foreheads of each of your husbands to show the same. "Mothro then proclaimed, behold the Holy Family of Shamanistia!" Let the feast begin!"

They feasted upon the milk of cattle, goats and water buffalo. They ate cheeses from the milk of each. They did also eat of indigenous fruits, berries, nuts, vegetables, rice and bread. After all had eaten their fill having to be reminded that to over indulge themselves in the foods provided by God/Dess was a sinful shame, they did leave what remained for the animals of the jungle to have their own feast. It was then that Jesus told them to go home with their families, put their children to bed and begin again the process of creating new life. Jesus had also told them that at noon the following day there would be many issues on which for them a sermon was needed. They had eaten and they must create life and rest afterward to be energized for the long sermon to be heard by all of them.

Chapter Four

"The Sermon on the Mothers Breast"

Jesus gathered the people of God/Dess together and began to speak to them of what is good and holy in the sight of The Mother and Father; theses are the words, which he spoke to them that day.

There are those among you who pray in vain. You pray loudly in public that many may hear what you say. You pray to receive the honor of your tribes' people. You do this because you think it gains you their respect and admiration. Some of you are correct in thinking this. Though you are wrong to pray for this reason, those who fall pray to your reasoning are wrong as well.

It is not proper to do this unless you are asked to do so as a leader of a praying group, and then you should be praying with sincerity for what thing is being prayed for or about. No one should ever pray aloud even as a leading prayer only to be heard by others, themselves or to gain anything at all from anyone in the community. Unless you are asked to lead a payer in a group you should always pray in silence to God/Dess. If you feel you need to pray aloud to them, go away from the community and into the jungle where God/Dess will hear you not being heard by the people who follow them. God/Dess are they whom you worship; you do not worship your tribes' people.

When you pray ask for what ever you desire in your soul that is holy, whatever is for the good of your family or the community as a whole. In praying for these things you will be praying for the best of all that your life in this world has to offer you as an individual. Putting the needs of others before your own is to show your sincerity to God/Dess. In doing this you are making the lives of others better than they are at present. You are making the standards of life better for yourself by making those standards better for those around you. When you do whatever you can do to increase the quality of life for another family in your community you have made the quality of your life better. You have made the lives of everyone in your family and community better than it was before you began to pray.

When you make the standard of living for a stranger to your community better you made yourself a better person. When you feed, cloth and shelter those who have none of these basic needs for them you are feeding, clothing and sheltering your Mother and Father who are always watching you. When you do these kinds of things your reward in heaven is being determined that it will be that which is beyond anything good that can be imagined by your earthly mind. Greater than anything you know here on earth is the reward you will receive from God/Dess when your soul takes leave of your body as it must some day do.

I say to you now on this day, at this time, if at any time a stranger comes into your midst during the great monsoon and they have no shelter, bring them into your home. Give them food from what has been stored of the harvest. If they are naked give to them a loincloth. If they are wet and cold dry their body before your fire; submit yourself in humility to give them a warm bath and dry clothes. If they show gratitude by helping you with daily chores continue on in this manner until the monsoon ends. Ask them at that time if they wish to convert to the ways of God/Dess. If they do wish it take them through the proper rituals for conversion. If they do not wish to convert ask them if they wish to stay and only follow the basic laws of Shamanistia, which are the ten qualities. If they wish not to obey the ten qualities they still may stay as long as they do not make any attempt to sway the people of Shamanistia from their faith. If they can not at least agree to this one condition send them on their way with seven days rations according to the number in their group. Send them away also with as much of the love of God/Dess as they are comfortable with receiving. They are not bad people; they are simply not yet ready to embrace the ways of God/Dess. Follow them in the distance for four days to help ensure their safety from bandits and those who shed the blood of innocents. At this time your obligation is fulfilled except to pray for their continued safety.

Those of you who are leaders in the community may need to be reminded from time to time that your are first and foremost the humble servants of the people whom you lead. Do not allow yourself to fall prey to the enemy's trap of becoming proud and arrogant. This is the beginning of much suffering for you if you to such thinking. You may lose a loving spouse or a child that God/Dess can bring you back to you original state of humility. You may find yourself frequently ill physically within your body, sores that won't heal, or those which continue to return. If at any time any of these situations befall you go to God/Dess in pray and ask if you have become displeasing in their sight. If they tell you that you still please them, then you will know they are only testing your faith and love in them and the Shamanistian practice.

If they do not give you a sign right away to answer your question, they are not ignoring you. They have not forsaken you. This is simply their way of saying you need to wait for you answer. The time is not right for the answer to be given. Wait for them in silent love, being ever faithful to wait in sacred patience. This is one of God/Dess greatest virtues and it is good to wait for God/Dess. The only answers given are yes, no, wait and maybe when you prove yourself ready. The Lord and the Lady in their infinite wisdom always know what is best.

As followers of the faith of God/Dess you are instructed to love all people, animals, plant life, the earth from whom all sustenance flows forth, and to give your love and respect to wind, fire and water as well. From God/Dess all this comes. Nothing that is put within the earth for food, clothing, shelter or tools is allowed to be used by human hands along with a right to dominate and oppress anyone or anything that lives in the earth, for all things that are, are also alive. Everything used by human hands should be given the appropriate love, respect and thanks for its usefulness and willingness to be used. This holds true from the human to the animal, the animal to the trees and plants as from the trees and plants to the stone.

All things are living from the human to the stone. All things are dependent upon the survival of the other. Furthermore all things living, which is all things should be protected if and when unable to protect them self. It is the responsibility of all humans, especially the Shamanistian believers in the faith of God/Dess to be the protectors, nurturers and caretakers of all that live within the Mother Earth. It is the responsibility of all humans, especially Shamanistians to never take more from the earth that is the living symbol of our Holy Lady than we need and can give back in abundance.

If you must cut down a tree to use for fire, shelter or for a canoe, in the place of that tree plant ten more to take its place. If you must use a stone for cutting the wood find ten others, place in a sacred circle of thanksgiving with a piece of the tree you cut down in the center. When this is done give thanks to God/Dess, the tree and the stone for allowing you to use them and allow no human to disturb this site. The site should be adorned with the most beauteous of fragrant flowers the sweetest of fragrant herbs and spices found from within your region. The same should be done for the flowers and spices used for this sacred site. Build for also a sacred site not to be disturbed by any human. For all things given to us to use to make our lives easier we should build for them their own sacred site. For things we use for the good of our community we should give back ten fold to be undisturbed in place of all that we take. For all that we take we should create a sacred site to give it honor and thanks, for in doing this we give honor and thanks to our Mother and Father who are above, below, within us and all things, and all around us every where we go.

The same we should also do for our spouses given us by God/Dess and for the children with whom they gift us. We should never gaze upon our spouses or our children to think of them as property. Never should we verbalize or even think these are my spouses; these are my children; this is my home and so on. These thoughts and words are the beginnings of oppression and injustice, which is the domain of the evil force within us all. Rather we should say these are the spouses whom God/Dess has seen fit to gift me with, the same for children, home, food etc. I say to you woe may come to he or she who speaks of anyone or anything in terms of ownership. There is nothing in the earth that is owned by any human, no person nor place, thing or idea. As easily and quickly as anything we are given for our use is given by the Lord and the Lady of the Universe it can be taken back. Our spouses, children, animal friends, food, clothing, shelter and things we have at our fingers to use for any purpose which is sacred in the eyes of God/Dess is simply on loan to us. If we do not feel within and show without the proper respect, gratitude and thanks for anything and everything we are gifted with, we stand in danger of losing it to death or destruction. God/Dess chooses the time and place when and where we will go back to them before we are even conceived in the sacred womb of womban. God/Dess does reserve the right to take all that they have given us upon the time, which they appoint it to be done. Many will be taken regardless of weather they are appropriately revered or not. Many more shall be taken from those who do not show the proper respect, gratitude and thanks thinking of all that's given as gifts rather than property.

This is not to say that great loss will not befall anyone who thinks and shows the proper attitude. The contrary is true. It is written, as the sun shines upon the just and unjust, so also shall the rain do the same. No human need ever think them self exempt from times of tragedy and loss. Nor should any human ever think them self exempt from the blessings of God/Dess. There shall be time of good and plenty but expect that you will not see your fair share of loss and a heart of aching. God/Dess is just for all and what is good for those who are people of justice is good also for those of injustice. The opposite also holds true. There will be times in the lives of even the most faithful and obedient of Shamanistians that great personal loss will come. The death of a spouse, child, animal friend, human friend or some close kin's person will occur. There will also be times of illness with disabling affects on the body, which will occur in life. Some times such things shall be allowed to come upon us by the evil force within, as a test of our faith that in the end all will be well within our soul. There shall also be times when illness shall occur only because there is something within our person hood, which is out of balance. If at any time mind, body and spirit are not in balance and are not one with each other physical illness will occur. It may not be a test of faith in this situation. It may simply be that God/Dess is trying to tell us to go deep within our self to find the part that is not balanced. It is the responsibility of the individual to come to them in love and humility asking that they show us the way bring the balance back into us, thereby ridding our self of that illness or disease within.

It has been written that catastrophes of many kinds shall befall the believer and disbeliever respectively. It has also been written that for every bit of adversity that anyone endures in life holding strong to the end of it to their faith and not losing their physical life will gain more courage, endurance and strength of mind and spirit. There are then times when great catastrophic adversity shall befall all humanity individually and collectively for the same purpose. These are times of continuous questioning of the love and faithfulness of God/Dess for many people. When such situations befall our lives it is acceptable to God/Dess that we do this, for after all we are but mortals with mortal minds for understanding. Nevertheless we should try to do our best to accept with loving humility that nothing that comes upon us in life however painful it is to endure, is put upon us to inflict suffering alone. Life is a mental, emotional and physical classroom in which we live on our journey to spiritual truth and enlightenment. The purpose of all humanity for life and living is the same individually and collectively. The reasons that we are here are simply to learn, understand what we learn and from there to grow spiritually closer to ourselves, God/Dess and every thing that lives within our world and our universe as a whole. We are to strive daily to be one with all that lives, to nurture and care for all living things without violence and without the expectation of any return favors. It is written that to give we must give with this attitude, for the joy of giving does far out weigh that of receiving at all times, if our mind and soul are one with all that is within us and around us.

There are things within the universe that we as humans have gone too far to conceptualize in our minds. Time for example is not simply a concept to be recorded and made use of. Time is a living breathing entity created by God/Dess, as is space and the universe itself. Time and space continue forever and shall never be finite. So also is the universe immortal in its infinity. The elements of the universe are also living things. They are ever present and self-aware. Earth, wind fire, and water are ever present and under the control not of humans but God/Dess. Whatever they are instructed to do within the universe and within the earth they must obey. All of the elements are capable of giving life. Let no one ever forget they have been given by God/Dess also the ability to take it. All of these entities are those with great force and tremendous power. They deserve our respect, love and thanks regardless of God/Dess reasons for how they are instructed to make use it.

We the created should never show disrespect of any kind for those who have the power not only to create, but also to destroy. For this reason we also should never show any unkindness to any of our human and animal brothers and sisters, for we are also created with the ability to both give life and take it. It is pleasing for us to give life and displeasing for us to take it. The only times when taking life of any kind is acceptable is in the defense of our own individual life or if the life of any living thing is in danger of being taken. Nevertheless before taking such a drastic measure to ensure the continuance of life in this world we must first know beyond the shadow of any doubt that a life is in danger. No one should take life for the sake of taking it as no one should take life as a means of punishment handed down through the judgment of a court. Rather than take a life for a life that is taken. Those who take a life should give a life back in return. This should be done before any sentence of prison term should be handed down. During the time, which the perpetrator of such a violent crime is in prison they should be shown all the love, kindness and mercy of one whom is innocent. This should be done for the purpose of showing them the error of their ways, that they may repent for their wickedness from the time when they were free. To mistreat a prisoner shows them only to continue in wickedness. To show them love, kindness and mercy while imprisoned is to teach them to express the same to all living things upon the time of their release or parole.

There will be those present at all time who simply will never allow themselves to learn these lessons who will kill again repeatedly. These people should also not be killed. For every life they take they should give another in return. If they take more lives when released from prison take them back to prison to live the remainder of their life there. Send in to them a willing womban with them to conceive a child. One womban should be sent to conceive a child with them for every life they take. If the taker of life is a womban she also should have a man sent to her to conceive with her a child for every life that she has taken as well. The child should taken from her at birth never for her to look upon her child's face. This may seem harsh but the ways of God/Dess are always just. The captive taker of life should be grateful that God/Dess has spared their life. If the situation becomes more than they can bear in any way perhaps God/Dess in all their infinite mercy will take their present life sooner than later to give to them another. This will give them a chance to make amends in whatever ways possible in the life given thereafter. God/Dess does always give another life to those which, couldn't or wouldn't live their life appropriately in their life before. This is the way of God/Dess. It is infinitely good and full of justice. It is never vengeful or malicious. It is never without it terms of consequence. Every thing that we as humans send out or inflict upon another good or bad shall come back to us many times over what we inflict upon another. This is the justice of God/Dess.

All of you who see and hear me, who believe and practice the faith of God/Dess, are truly blessed. Listen closely to what I say next, for even more blessed shall be those who come after you who never saw or heard me in person, but still believe in the truth I have given you.

Although all of this sacred truth is being written, it will be lost for two milleniums within the voices of the winds of time. The disobedient of God/Dess will come together for a time to decide upon how to best keep it secret from all humanity. They will be called Jews, Christians and Muslims. They will agree that the Christians will be given the sacred texts to hide from the world that they may continue to oppress womben and animals. They will also oppress our mother provider, the very earth in whom we live. Many animal families will no longer exist because of them. When these three groups have forgotten the pact that they made to keep the truth from the masses, they will begin warring with one another over control of my birthplace and homeland. The Muslims will see two messengers come into their lives. One whose name will be Mohamed will be ignorant of much and shall be a destructive influence to them in many ways, for he shall be far from God/Dess. The second whose name shall be Bahaula will not have all the truth of God/Dess, but he will be the closer of the two until the messenger Ravenschild has been born into the world. He will come during the latter half of the twentieth one hundred years after the Romans begin their new era of time counting and historical recording. To him all truth of God/Dess will be given and all accounts of what I have taught the world will be known. There will be many who will reject these sacred truths for their minds will have become so intent on believing the distorted version given to them by the unfaithful disobedient of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. It is against the wishes of God/Dess for any one to make war with any of them for no reason than that they do not believe. There will be remnants of each who will make war between them and a remnant of Islam who will make war with the inhabitants of all the world who do not agree with their beliefs. Only with the remnant, which makes war with all the inhabitants of the world shall anyone be allowed by God/Dess to make war. This shall be a war fought over the disobedient ones of Israel. Much of the world will protect Israel and some shall condone her actions although they should not. To protect those who are week is a good thing to do. To condone what is known to be acts of selfishness and lack of compassion is wrong.

Other messengers of good will come before the prophet Ravenschild. One will come to the land where we live now. His name shall be Ghandi. He will bring the message back to the world of non-violent means of bringing justice to a world that will become far more unjust that it is now. Many will listen and many will not. Many Hindu and Muslims will die in a great civil war in this land. Ghandi will be the catalyst for justice until he is killed by one of his own. This shall be a time of great mourning throughout the world.

The next country to be grossly unjust shall be far to the west of us. They shall be known as the Great White Devils. They will go into this western land with an appropriate attitude towards her inhabitants. This will be short lived before they begin the process of annihilating them. They will force slavery upon Africans whom they will force to the country that they take from those who shall be the closest to God/Dess. The inhabitants of that land shall not remember all that I will teach them when I go unto them. They will remember much. For this reason they will pave the way for the prophet Ravenschild to give back the sacred teachings of God/Dess. They shall be those who will be eager to believe for many of their beliefs will be one with those of Shamanistia.

The next great messenger of the latter times will be called King. He will be a goodly man who shall pattern his life's work after Ghandi and myself. He also shall be the catalyst in his own country for creating justice where none is found. He will bring about a set of social changes which will allow for the unjust treatment of many throughout his country and the rest of the world to be stopped in many ways, but not in all ways. The ways of the unjust will be with us until such a time as I have returned unto humanity after I have defeated death and the grave.

The day and hour of my return shan't be known to any one here. My parents, who are in heaven as they are in Earth, shall know. Even I shall not know the day and time until it is upon me. The holy mother and father of all that is in the universe shall tell me when the time has come for me to return to you. I will do so at that time.

You will know that the time is drawing near when you see the evidence of certain signs and omens. These will be your signs and omens. Humanity will create gases, which they will expel into the air. These gases will cause the entire world to become warm where it should be cold and cool where it should be warm. This drastic change in climate will cause great disasters in the earth and seas. There shall be volcanic eruptions of a scale unparalleled to any recorded by humanity. Giant waves of water shall spring fourth from the oceans and great floods shall destroy many. There shall be many great earthquakes in places where they are common and in those where they are not. Great famine will spread throughout many regions of the earth, while others have plenty but continue to give little.

Due to the strength of human desire to abuse itself through its own apathy humanity will abuse our mother provider, the sentient earth in whom we live. She will tire of our abuse and us. She will pray to the holy mother and father for permission to wipe us out and begin anew with another species to evolve where we left off. The Mother Goddess and Father God will agree to her request stipulating that she must not allow any harm to befall those who obey the ways of Shamanistia, nor any who would repent and convert to the obedience of God/Dess, nor innocent children who've done know wrong. It shall be the responsibility of the Shamanistian believers to care for the children of those who would not obey and to teach them the ways of God/Dess.

Many will come in name; saying I have the answers. Be aware of such ravenous beasts disguised as messengers of light. Those who listen to any other than the obedient of God/Dess will be in danger of losing their current life and possibly the one to follow. The Lord and the Lady will decide as to weather they lose one or both. Only those who obey the teachings, which I have given, those which will be hidden from the masses but will come into the light of the latter times will be saved. Anyone who teaches anything contrary to these teachings is to be sharply shunned and avoided for being the plague that they are.

There will be many that will come in my name saying; I have the one true faith. If they tell you anything other than that all faiths of love, kindness and nurturing are part of the same faith, do not fall into their trap of deceit. The faith of Shamanistia is made up of many faiths. They are Hindi, Buddhism, Paganism, Shamanism the Bahai, Seikism and bits and pieces of both the original Christianity of Shamanistia, Judaism, which is the original corrupted version of what will be known as Islam.

Being that my own people the Jews however disobedient they are to be, are the chosen of the mother and father, the faith of Shamanistia will come into light from out of the darkness for the purpose of healing the earth and all her inhabitants. It will also to provoke the Christians, Jews and Muslims to spiritual jealousy. Although many from each of these factions shall convert, many also will not. The teachings of Shamanistia will be brought from the darkness into the light to bring all that will believe back to the truth of God/Dess.

Let no man or womban put within any part of your body any device for buying and selling. The day will come when the one who receives power to destroy from the evil one will proclaim they are God/Dess in Israel within the temple of the Jews. That is when you shall know them to be of the evil one. When this happens take with you only what you must have to survive, such as seeds for planting food which will grow from the earth and rations to sustain you until you find the mountains in your homeland which will sustain you thereafter.

Build for you shelter beneath the earth and carved from the mountains. Hide your shelters well for the evil one will find them if you don't. Hide your crops among the trees of the forests and jungles throughout the land, or they will find you by your crops. Wait beneath the earth and within the mountains until I return for you. Harvest your crops by night under the protection of darkness as not to be found by those who would do you harm.

Many will be found tortured and put to death in the name of the evil one. Do not be discouraged for great is the reward of both those who are killed and those who survive. Friends will be betrayed some by trusted family. Many will be taken in a flash before all this comes to pass, while others are left behind having not yet turned back to God/Dess. Many will be children and many adults. All will be ready who are taken; all will be innocent.

As these things are come to pass take comfort that your loved ones who went before you are still with you. They will be there to assist God/Dess in guiding and protecting you from the grasp of the evil one. In all that you undergo and all that you do keep faithful to ways of God/Dess. You shall be protected from within the womb of the mother provider who is the earth. Do your best to protect her in return until I come back for you.

When I return those who died practicing the ways of Shamanistia shall rise first to be with me unless they have gone on to live their next life to come. Then shall rise those who would not believe. They shall be given another chance to accept the ways of God/Dess. If they do not they shall be sent away in exile to an alternate universe to learn from the harsh ones. Their future lives will be filled with suffering until they obey the teachings of Shamanistia in a place where it will be taught in a different way. It will be made hard for them to do this for many teachings will seem contrary though they are not. This is justice of God/Dess.

Now I am growing tired and hungry; it is time that I must eat and rest. So the children who were present brought food to Jesus. They brought him bread, cheese, milk, fruit, nuts and berries. Jesus was pleased with the children and with their desire to serve him. He smiled on them lovingly and thanked them for their kindness to him. He picked up a boy of around the age of three and a girl about the age of five and sat each of them upon a knee. They smiled at him with great love and trust radiating from within their eyes. Jesus held them close to him, each of them to a different cheek and told how much he loved them.

Chapter Five

"The Sermon of the Children"

Jesus spoke again to the people. It is in the eyes of the children that we find the greatest part of who we once were and who we should strive to be again. In the eyes of the children we find the greatest of attributes. We find love that is undying and without condition. It matters not to a child who we are or how we look. All that matters to the child is that we treat them with love and kindness. If we do this they love us in return and often children will love even when they are not well treated. I say unto you never mistreat a child! To do so is to mistreat the Lord and the Lady within you! To do such a thing is to do harm to them, yourself and to me! Anyone who takes pleasure in the ill treatment of those who are innocent and defenseless shall be in danger of losing their next life. They shall be in danger of floating about through time and space until such a time as my heavenly parents decide they shall be allowed their next life. If they repent and their heart is sincere they shall not float.

In the eyes of the child we find a tremendous trust. If we treat them with the love and kindness that they deserve and teach appropriately right from wrong; they trust us implicitly and without question. They accept what we give to them as wisdom. I tell you now, if a child questions you at any time about anything, do not scold them for this. It is only through the asking of questions about that which be not clearly understood, that a child is to learn. Just as you the parents of the children have had questions you needed to ask of me, they would have questions about life, love, sex and many other things to seek answers from you who are their parents. Answer all your child's questions with love according to what is appropriate for their age at the time. By the time a child reaches the age of ten years there is nothing about which you can not be totally honest. Hide nothing from your children for too long. To do this is to bring them undue harm. Prove your love to your children with kindness, yes but also with truth and knowledge. In the knowledge of truth there is great strength and character.

In the same manner as you conduct yourselves with your children also learn from them. It is through the lessons we are taught by our children, that we learn how to interact with the Lord and the Lady who are within us, and all around us. We must trust them that they know what is best for us often better than do we. We ask them to show us the light of what we do not understand. We should always be open to every facet of learning that they may require of us. They may take us away into the jungle to gaze upon a family of animals, to observe their behavior to show us the answer to our question. They may give us the answer through another person, in their behavior or in their words. The answer can come also from the voice of a tree, a plant, from within the earth, wind, fire or water. If we are willing to open both our mind and our soul, the answer can come from anywhere. It is in the loving kindness, trust and compassion of the children that we learn how to love and trust the wisdom of the Lord and the Lady. Never stop learning from the children around you. Never stop nurturing the precious little one within you.

Children are quick to forgive those who treat them unjustly. Watch your children as they are at play. They have their disagreements and sometimes they fight and hurt one another, but within minutes all is forgiven and even forgotten. They are back at play as if nothing ever happened. Although we should never allow our frustration to cause us to inflict injury of any kind upon another, physical, emotional or spiritual. If such a thing is done however we should be as quick to forgive as are our children. If this becomes a habit for someone it becomes abuse. No one need continue to take abuse. It should be forgiven yes, but not received.

If at any time you have an issue of abuse within your family, or with a friend take care of it quickly that it not escalate too severely. Take with you a brother or sister of the community and discuss the issue with he or she who is abusing you. If this does not work then bring in with you both a brother and a sister of the community and do the same. If again the abuser will not repent and shun this evil behavior bring the issue before the whole community. If your abuser can not see that everyone can not be wrong, keep him or her away from you and the community until they repent. For if they are not repentant for what they do to you, what is stop them from hurting someone else in the community, a child or an animal. This behavior can not be tolerated. Put upon them a blind fold, tie their hands behind their back and take them to a place that they know not how to return from to you. Leave them there for sixteen days. Go back to them and discern their sincerity as to their state of grace and repentance. If they are ready to rejoin the community bring them back, if not leave them there and continue the same process for a total of four times. If after the fourth time you go back unto them to retrieve them, they still are not repentant leave them where they are not to return again. They then will be in the hands of the Lord and the Lady. Your obligation to them is done at that time.

Now I have eaten, I have spoken to you again; I must get a bit of rest. So Jesus went in unto his wife and husband. He lay with them as they held him tightly and sang him sweet songs of love they had written for him. Jesus slept in peace betwixt them. He fell into sleep telling of his love and gratitude for them in his life. Both Jesus and Ginseng fell into sleep with each a hand on the belly of Aurora as they felt the movement of life within her, for she was with child.

Chapter Six

"The Children of Jesus are born and the Last Days Prophets are named"

It came to pass as the womb of Aurora did ripen, exclaiming its excitement to give birth to its fruit. She did undergo a long and painful delivery for it was her first in life. Aurora brought forth to Jesus and Ginseng three healthy, beautiful children from her womb of creation. She brought unto them two boys and one girl. The boys were called Ginsus and Jeseng. Their sister was named Ashira Jesenga.

Jesus and Ginseng had gone in to the new mothers of the community to ask if they could help with the suckling of one child. Many of the mothers had given birth themselves to twins and triplets. Some had more with which to tend. Jesus and Ginseng began to pray that the Lord and the Lady allow for a third breast to grow upon the chest of their wife. At this time there came into the village a great white tiger who had given birth to a smaller than usual litter of cubs. She told them that she had been instructed by the holy parents of creation to suckle one of their children for them until solid food could be eaten. "My cubs and I shall live among you within your home and with your family until such a time. "Give unto me the girl child for it is as the Mother wishes." From the milk which she receives from my breast a gift will be given by the Holy Mother." The child shall have the ability to transform herself when need be into a great tigress." She shall be a great protector of you people from those who would do you harm." Behold the will of the Mother Goddess.

It was at this time that a great monkey came in unto them who had given birth to a child as well. "I have been sent in unto you by the Father God to aid your wife with the suckling of your sons." From the milk which they take from my breasts they shall be given a gift." They will have the ability to transform themselves each into a monkey of great strength and power." They also shall surely be great protectors of this community." Their loud voices will alert all who may be in danger to take cover and be not concerned for their safety." My child and I shall live among you and in your home until the boys no longer have need of my breast." Behold the will of the Father God."

Jesus and Ginseng thanked the Holy Mother and Father first for their help and the gifts to be bestowed upon their children. Then they thanked the tigress and the mother monkey for their obedience to the mother and father of creation and life. "We must build for each of them a holy place according to the instructions of God/Dess." For it is through the obedience and compassion of monkey and tigress that our children are saved." It was then that there were also with them cattle and goats also offering their milk to help save the children. It would not be known until a later time that all three of the children would be capable also of becoming cattle and goat and combining their ability to be a portion of each to appear more menacing to potential invaders. This was the will of the Holy Mother and Father. "Blessed are our children for they will guide us to wisdom through the ways of animals." Yes Jesus, they are blessed indeed." This ability will be given to many throughout time for the wisdom to lead their nation." All our descendents shall have theses abilities." Let it be so." It is so."

The children grew healthy and waxed strong in their ability to teach and protect in their transformations. They were feared and they were respected. They also were worshiped and revered for their ways of love, kindness, nurturing and compassion to all life that lives within our mother provider the Earth herself. They later would be instructed by the Holy Mother and father to travel to far away places imparting their wisdom to all who would receive it from them. They and their descendents would eventually settle in a land far to the west of mother India where they would be scattered about like animals in many places of difficulty by great white devils. Eventually they would forget who they were until the time of the Prophet Denver, the Prophetess Andrews and the Prophet Ravenschild. They all would be born into the world near two thousand years in the future.

The Prophet Denver would teach the wisdom of God/Dess through music. The Prophet Ravenschild would teach through writing, word and deed. He will bring unto the people of a time in great need the Family of Shamanistia. The Prophetess Andrews would teach with her writing and with her university of Shamanistia, which will call The Sisterhood of the Shields. Listen, read and understand. Let those who have ears with which to hear, listen and understand the music of the Prophet Denver. Let those who can hear and read understand the words of Andrews and Ravenschild. Great wisdom is in them for they are sent unto you by God/Dess. It is so. Be the keepers of love and peace for all time. Let it be written. Let it be done.

The Raven