"The Third Gospel of Shamanistian Doctrine"

According to the Prophet Ravenschild

"Jesus in Ancient America"

Jesus came as he was instructed by the Lord and the Lady to many nations of people far to the west of Mother India. He came unto the Lakota, Dakota, Apache, Arapaho, Navajo, even as far as the Iroquois and as Far East in the land as the Narragansett tribe. He came as far north as the Eskimo and as far south as the Seminols. He came to all to teach the ways of God/Dess. Many would listen and some would not. Those who would not did often make war with those who did, for there had to be a balance within the land of good and evil. It has been so throughout time and it shall always be. This is the truth of God/Dess as given to the tribes of the Plains people.

It was after the triumph of Jesus over the grave that he had returned unto the great red nations of the west. He had come to them before but there still were lessons they needed to learn from God/Dess. Jesus was the messenger and many of the great red nations would listen, though again much would be forgotten; much would be remembered.

Upon his second arrival he would bring no one with him from Mother India or from the South pacific island to which he had also gone before his resurrection which later would be known as Hawaii. Jesus was alone having only the Lord, the Lady and the animals to keep him company, while he waited knowing that he was being observed at all times the native people. He waited patiently in a place called by the native people the Black Hills. He waited as the watched him playing with the children of wolves and coyotes. They noticed also that buffalo that had given birth would come to share their milk with him. Trees would give fourth fruit at a time when it was never seen, as did the bushes of the berry. Although the land to them was very cold to them at this everywhere they went, they noticed that where Jesus was the sun would shine its warmth upon him. After seeing all this they did say among themselves, this can not be merely a man who can command the very sun, animals and plants to do his will!" He must be a God!" This is a God with great power in his medicine!" We must be careful as not to anger this God!" I am the chief White Elk and I will go to this God on behalf of our people!

So White Elk came into the Black Hills to the place where Jesus had been seen. When he arrived he saw that the place that had been warm and filled with life was now cold and snowy. Few animals were there and they were mostly frightened of him. He knew not what else to do so asked the stream which led far away into a great river at that time if she knew where the God had gone. The stream replied that she did know where the God had gone but she had been instructed not to tell anyone if they asked her. When White Elk asked her why she simply told him to build himself a fire and a shelter. After you have done this you must simply wait and be patient for him to return.

Three days had passed and each day he would ask the stream again, "is this the day that the God returns? She would simply say. "Wait and be patient." On the fourth day White Elk decided to ask the Willow tree. "Grand mother Willow is today the day that the God returns?" She replied, Today could be the day and it may not be." You must be patient; he will return when the time is right for him to." Go now and warm yourself at the fire and eat some buffalo meat."

White Elk thanked Grand Mother Willow and did as she had told him, for he had grown both cold and hungry. While the fourth day was drawing near to darkness, as twilight came fourth off in the distance he saw what looked like a man walking toward him. He stoked the fire to make it warmer and went into his teepee. He waited there until the man came near and called him out by name.

"White Elk, why do you hide from me when you have asked both stream and tree when I would come to you?"

"White Elk replied Great God of the Earth our mother I was frightened for I do not know you." I am only familiar with your power and did not wish to offend you."

Jesus said to him; "Come out and look upon me." Before you come out remove your moccasins from your feet for you shall be on Holy Ground."

White Elk took off his moccasins and crawled out upon his knees as not to look directly into Jesus face.

"Sit upon the ground and look on me; no harm will come to you."

: "You are my Lord and my master, he who commands the Earth and she obeys." Ask of me whatever you will and I also will obey."

Jesus then sat down beside White Elk. He put one open hand upon each side of his face and White Elk screamed in fear.

"Why do scream so; I told you know harm would come to you." You must trust me White Elk.

Jesus then still having his hands upon the face of White Elk held him close to comfort him. He kissed him with a love and tenderness he'd never even felt from any of his wives. It was then that White Elk knew that he had nothing to fear from this awesome God, for he was a God of love power. White Elk returned the kiss and held Jesus close to his chest. He gave him an offering of Tobacco, sage and buffalo meat. They smoked the meat with the sage before they shared it to eat.

After they had eaten the meat a grand and beautiful woman did appear with them near the fire. She was a woman of a dark red skin with hair of blue black like that of the Raven. Upon her forehead was painted a White buffalo calf. In her right hand was an odd shaped piece of red sandstone and in her left was a piece of wood with a round end. She was mounted upon a precious white buffalo calf. On her head she wore stone sacred to the Lakota and a beautiful beaded Doe skin dress. She put the wood into the stone and gave it then to Jesus.

Jesus put the tobacco into the stone and lit it with his finger. He said, "Let us smoke and there will be no lies between us." I will not always be with you in this way." Do this to remember me and honor the great Mother and Father of the spirit world." This is my daughter White Buffalo Calf Woman; she is the giver of the sacred pipe of peace, love and truth." Love and respect her as though you would your sister." When the stem of the pipe enters the bowl it is a symbol of the male as the God as he enters the Goddess and they who are two then become one." I am the son of the Great Mother and Father of life we who are three become one when the lips of human's touch the pipe, for the lips are the symbols of the child.

"It will be done as you command it."

Upon finishing the smoking of the pipe Jesus began to teach White Elk the ways of God/Dess.

"You are twenty and five years of age." Your people consider you a wise leader and a great warrior." You are skilled in the buffalo hunt and desired by many womben. Are you aware that many men of your tribe also desire you?

"No, of this I was not aware." Should I kill them, take out their hearts and eat them?"

"Why should you ask of me such a horrible thing for you to do?"

"My Lord, such things are forbidden!" Are they not?

"They are not forbidden; this is a sacred thing." You see yourself as already being a man." I tell you surely you are not yet a man, even with your many wives and children you can not be a man until you have learned the sacred ways of the womban." You must allow yourself to take a husband as well." "He should be a strong young person but loving and tender as am I." Seek out the young archer named Swift Bow." He is the one who should be your husband." Over the course of four days each of you should enter into each other and into each of your four wives as well." When the time has come that you are ready, I will tell you both when you are men."

"Let us go now from this place and live among your people."

Jesus and White Elk went into the village together. While entering the village of the Lakota people (People of Peace) they were approached with many questions. It was not common that the Lakota received unfamiliar visitors to the tribe. They were frightened but were also curious as to who the stranger was and what his intentions were within their tribe. They wanted to know if he would be a positive or negative influence among their people.

Chapter Two

"Jesus preaches to the Lakota"

When White Elk told them the story of how he and the braves who were with him had first found Jesus, the tribal counsel felt quite sure that the stranger was indeed a God and that they would be safe. They asked Jesus what medicine he had been given by the Great Spirit which enabled him to do such things as to command the mother earth that she was bound to obey his will.

"That which you call the Great Spirit is he who is my father and the very spirit of the our Mother the earth is she who conceived me in her womb and later gave me my human life." I was sent into the world to give to her people the Lord and the Lady" Specifically I was sent to give these teachings to my own people who are called Jews and live in a land far to the east of hear, father than any canoe can travel." It was prophesied long ago that many of my people would reject me and, that I would die a gruesome and torturous death, shedding my very life's blood for the atonement of wrong doing for all humanity." I have fulfilled the prophecy to my people I was sent to fulfill." Now it is time to reunite myself with the people of this region, for I have come unto you before." It was a time of long ago and your people have forgotten some of the most basic principals of what I taught them at that time."

"When I came to your chief White Elk and gave him the instructions for continuing his manhood training, he was baffled by what I said to him." I had instructed your people long ago that as many who would allow should be not couples of two, one man and one womban, but should rather be triples of two men and one woman, never exceeding two men and two womben." This is a sacred teaching from Great Spirit which has some how been forgotten so much so that when I first approached this with White Elk he asked if he should take the lives of the men who would wish to be his husband." This is absolutely not the will of The Great Spirit or his lady The Mother Earth." I have returned to you to give back to you the sacred teachings, which have been forgotten and to reconnect your people to the Mother and Father in the ways that you have lost."

"Listen closely to me and what I say for these are the sacred teachings of God/Dess."

The spirit of the Mother Earth and the spirit of the Father God whose name is Yahweh are in the power of their love and the strength of their purpose." They are not the same spirit but are two unique spirits." One is the ultimate force of masculinity within the universe and the other is the same in reference to femininity." She whom you call Mother Earth is my mother whose name is to my people Ashira Mary." I am the perfected blend created by the Mother and Father of the balance within the universe of both the masculine and the feminine." In the past I died and was brought back to the land of the living as an immortal human God." This was done to prove not only that I am a God myself but also to prove to my people that the prophecy which was eventually hidden from them was true and had come to pass in a way they did not expect it would happen." It was foretold long ago that I would come in the manner that I did." I would be conceived by a virgin and my name would be called Emmanuel, the mighty God, eternal Father and Prince of Peace." Not all of the information was given to my people as to who I was to be to them." I am the very embodiment of both the Mother and the Father, not my father alone." For the practice of the faith of God/Dess was never meant to be one of a patriarchal system." It was originally a matriarchal system which was governed by the womben of the tribe." It was because of the disobedience of men who would not live by this system that it became perverted and its original intent for humanity was forgotten." I have come to set it all right and make changes in the system wherever needed." The first of which is to be the parenting of children and to bring back to humanity the restoration of balance within, this is the balance of the mother, father and child within us all." I am also here to teach parents and children how to love another as equals with love, kindness, understanding and nurturing compassion tempered with charity for community and proper benevolence within and outside the family unit."

"Children should be taught the appropriate ways of loving those who will be their spouses." When the child comes to the parents and expresses his/her readiness for training into manhood/wombanhood they should be given the appropriate instruction in reference to loving and pleasuring their spouses." They must also be taught the need for understanding and nurturing compassion not only with their own family but all who live within the community and all who wish to come in from outside of it."

"It is advised that the people go out into all of the places throughout the world gently teaching to all who will listen to the ways of God/Dess." It is not advised that anyone be forced into being a believer." It is advised however that all will teach the masses of this system for living should let the light of love and kindness bring the people to them as it is taught to them." It is by this that all shall know you are my disciples, that you always express your love one for the other." When this love is seen by those who are being taught the ways of God/Dess the converts will come into the tribe to live among you as a person of the love light."

"Much which I did teach to your people before as been remembered." You have remembered to love your mother the earth and not take more than you give back to her." You have remembered to care for her and all who dwell among you including your animal brothers and sister with nurturing love and respect for life." You have remembered that there is great wisdom in observing those who live within the animal kingdom and that their spirits as well as those of your ancestors can guide you to the love light."

"It is now time that the Elders of the tribal counsel set up an individual counsel of the mother and grand mothers of the tribe." No decision which affects the community as a whole shall be made without the approval of the tribes mothers and grand mothers shall be seen as valid." The Children should also have a counsel of their own, for within the spirits of the children there is great wisdom and love." All of these counsels must agree as to any decision that is to affect the community as a whole." Let it be so."

After the time which the appropriate counsels have been established all who will obey the instruction of God/Dess should take for themselves either an additional husband or an additional husband and wife." It is advised that all families consist of two fathers and one mother, though one additional mother may be added if the need arises." All should be intimately active with each other at the same time and no thought should ever be given to paternity of children." All children should always be loved and nurtured by all parents as though they were the child of each, for this is the will of the Holy Mother and Father who are within you and all around you in everything and everyone you see."

The kingdom of God/Dess is within you and all around you." It is not in buildings of stone and would as you are aware." For this reason you should conduct your spiritual ceremonies wherever possible out of closed in spaces." The only ceremony which should be conducted within a confined space should that of sweating out the impurities of body, mind and soul," "This should be done before calling to the Mother and Father of life and love. "It should also be done before calling on the spirits of the ancestors, animals and plants which have gone into the spirit world ahead of you."

"In reference to the Sun Dance, no one who does not wish to partake therein should be bullied to do so." It is a painful dance involving harm being brought the to the creation of the Mother of Father." It is allowed for those who wish to partake in it" Those who do not wish to do so are not required to engage in the dance." I have suffered that you should not have to any longer." If you wish to engage in the practice in honor of my suffering for you I will allow it." Let it be known that I do not command it so." "It is unfortunate that the teaching of the number of parents will be forgotten yet again." Still at least you will remember that it is not wise nor is it required to abuse or take the lives of those who will be born wishing to have at least one same sex mate." Acknowledge them with great respect for they have more balance of male and female energy than many who will not have at least one." Do not set them upon a pedestal to worship them." Simply try to be as much like them as you can be."

"At this time you must create your counsels" We then shall see how many of the people will take their additional spouses and learn the ways of balance." We will also go in among the children and see which of them is ready for their training." Many who think themselves to be adults will also need training for the appropriate ways of loving and nurturing their spouses and their children." Let us begin." Let it be done"

The counsels were created. The counsel of fathers and grand fathers, mothers and grand mothers, and the counsel of the children. Jesus in his wisdom saw that there was need another counsel the counsel of the shamans. These were the spiritual leaders of the tribe's people. They were both men and womben wise beyond their years. They were the priests and priestesses of the tribe. They should be those who would teach the children and conduct their training for the Rite of Adult Ascension. There would be four counsels, one to represent each of the four winds of the earth and each an element thereof. The children's counsel would represent that of the south and of fire. The womben's counsel would represent that of the west and of water. The men's counsel would represent that of the north and of earth. Finally the counsel of the shamans would represent the wind itself and the spirit of mother earth, the earth herself. Each should be assigned a color to represent them. White would represent the north, yellow the south, red for the west and blue black for the east.

Many of the people within the tribe did as instructed by Jesus when they were told the story of the chief. The elders of the tribe were exempt from taking on another spouse for they had done this long ago in secret. They saw the wisdom of God/Dess in their dreams and vision quests for the Lord and the Lady saw their sincerity to learn. They taught as much about the balance of masculine and feminine as the people of the tribe were ready to learn. They were greatly joyous that now the people could learn of this balance in the ways that they did, and experience the love and spiritual elation that they had come to know. It is good.

Chapter Three

"Jesus and the wisdom of the Butterfly Tree"

Rainbow Moth was a beautiful maiden of the Lakota people. She was a seeker of wisdom for she knew that she had been called the Great Mother during her vision quest to be a shaman of the tribe. She came to Jesus and asked," How am I to find the wisdom that I seek? " Where am I to begin my search?" Grandmother Mountain told me that I would find the answers I seek when I go within." What am I to go within?" Where will I find it?" When will I know that I have found it?

Jesus told the child to slow down and seek the answers to her questions one at a time.

"My precious little daughter, you are filled with questions." The answers to your questions are both within you and all around you." Wisdom isn't underground, but rather within the Earth herself." It is not along the side of the mountain, but it is instead within the mountain." It is within the water of the streams, within the fire that warms your body and cooks your meat." It is within the very air that you breath that keeps your spirit bound within your body until Great Mother and Father come to take you to the other side." You will find your wisdom in the buffalo and the butterfly, as also within the observation of all life." You must learn your wisdom from all sources including yourself." The wisdom that you seek is within, for the Mother and Father are within. They are within all things that they have created to live and be." When you have come to understand all this that I am speaking to you, you will have found the greatest wisdom that can be found." You will find it as you go within."

" I will find it as I go within." I suppose that I should go back to the mountain where I took my vision quest." I must find a way to go inside the mountain, within the earth herself"

So Rainbow Moth made a tool for her to use for digging into the flesh of the mountainside. The tool had a wooden handle with a sharpened piece of red metal tightly tied around it at the topside. She went out to the mountain and began to dig. She dug for two hours and suddenly there came a voice from within the mountain. Rainbow Moth recognized this voice as that of Grandmother Mountain. It was as if she were hearing a scream from within her very being.

Grandmother Mountain looked at her in great dismay asking, "What is this mutilation of my flesh my daughter?" I thought you loved me and here you are ripping me apart." Why do you do this to me?"

Forgive me Grandmother Mountain, but you told me that to find my wisdom I must go within." I was just doing as you had instructed me to do." I meant you no harm or suffering." How can I go within you without bringing you pain?"

"You need only to tell me you have need of my help and I will give it to you my child." You must ask me first and receive my permission, then you should thank me and make for me an offering of tobacco, sage and fresh pine needles." Then I will make a safe and painless way for you to go within my womb for your wisdom."

Rainbow Moth did as she was instructed. She asked permission of Grandmother Mountain to enter within her womb of wisdom. When permission was granted her she thanked her grandmother and gathered together a bundle of tobacco, sage and pine needles to give to Grandmother Mountain as an offering of her thanks and gratitude. It was shortly thereafter that Rainbow Moth did see a portion of Grandmother Mountain crumbling away and an entrance to the mountain was found. Her journey would now begin into the vast void and wisdom of the womb of she whom she called her grandmother.

Minutes after she had entered her grandmother the sacred, ancient vagina of knowledge did close tightly shut. Grandmother Mountain could sense her daughter's fear and told her not to be afraid. It is only through the embracing of your fear and making it your ally, that you may overcome it. For it is that which, you fear the most to happen, that will surely become your reality. Embrace your fear and send it away into the breath of Father Sky. Do as I instruct you and no harm will come to you. This is your first lesson in wisdom. Discern the wisdom of this lesson my daughter.

"Grandmother, is this all I must do is to embrace my fear?" Grandmother remained silent. "You haven't ever lead me wrong before." It would appear that part of this lesson must be about trust as well." It was then that a dimly lit cloud-like spirit did appear before Rainbow Moth. "Embrace your fear" She remembered from her grandmother. She cautiously approached the spirit and asked upon her knees with grace and humility, "are you here to guide me in my quest?" I am she who is the spirit of the mountain, of the very Mother Earth herself." I am here to guide you with my light of love." You must find your own answers from within."

The love light of the Mother was dim yet it shown brightly enough that Rainbow Moth could see how to go anywhere her journey took her within the womb of the Grandmother. She knew that she had been walking for some time now. Already she had met at least one spirit guide. She could not have asked for one better than the Great Mother Earth herself. She was shocked but very happy to have found such favor with the Holy Mother Earth. While she was walking and thinking about this blessing, she began to tremble at the sound of what thought of at first to be a drum. Surly no one could have survived as a tribe beneath the surface of the Earth herself. The longer she listened the more it became clear to her that what she was hearing was a heartbeat. It was the heartbeat of the Mother Earth herself. "Oh great mother of love and life I hear your heart, I feel the vibration of your every beat upon my soul, in every fiber of my being." Lead me now to vessels that will take me to see you this great site that I may behold the wisdom and knowledge, which comes from the bathing of my body in your blood."

Around the next corner and through a long and twisting corridor She came upon the heart of the Mother Earth. She could see red clay mixed with water gushing in tremendous amounts from a large heated stone. The stone had four holes in it with what appeared to be hollow tree roots tunneling the water throughout the land wherewith she lived. It was at this time that Rainbow Moth removed her moccasins and her clothes for she knew that this place of power from which she stood was certainly holy ground. While she was removing her clothing from her body she saw the spirit of a white buffalo calf. The calf spoke to her with the voice of a little girl and told her to take her place a daughter of the earth beneath the roots from which the Mother's blood was flowing. "Do it quickly, or you shall lose the only opportunity in your life to receive this great blessing from the Holy Mother!"

She did quickly as instructed by the spirit. Suddenly the roots opened above her and an arm came out from each of the two roots directly above her. They took her within them and her own spirit did then become bathed in the very blood of the Holy Mother Earth. The hands held close to her chest and there were suddenly vertical openings in her sides, which enabled her to breathe though there was no air, but only water. She then heard a voice seeming to come from within the hands saying, "I bathe you my daughter in my blood under the authority of my loving spirit, for it was I who created you, I and my husband of the universe whose very spirit is that of the Sun." His spirit is that of the Sun who lights your days and warms your nights." The newcomer whom you have met in the village whose name we have called Jesus is our son." We have sent him unto you to give you great strength of spirit." He will impart to you our ways with all the knowledge, wisdom and truth that is in us, for we have embodied it within him." Sleep now our child for your journey has been four days and nights with no sustenance." When you awake you shall have food and drink." You then shall know what you must do next." Let it be so.

Rainbow Moth had no idea ho long she had been asleep for. She knew only that her vision was one of great love and wisdom. She looked around her and saw that she did have plenty of food and more than she could eat or drink in a day. She found jerky made from the flesh of the noble Turkey, the sacred South Eagle of the great giveaway ceremony. She also had cheese from the milk of Mother Buffalo. She found bread made from corn and squash with buffalo butter. She ate her fill to satisfaction and left the rest for the foraging animals after giving thanks to the Holy Mother Earth for the food and to the animals from which it came.

She left to go on her way to seek her next vision. The next cycle in her quest was to embark upon a vision from the water of Grandmother Stream. She walked alone along the grassy prairie until she came upon the trail, which lead to the stream she had often spoke to as she bathed there when she was but a small girl. She could always feel the spirit of the stream deep within her bones. She had bonded with this stream and this was where she felt she would find her water wisdom.

This time she entered the water unclothed. The water was brutal cold and she badly wanted to remove herself from it. "Grandmother Stream I am your daughter and I am dying from the cold of the wind within your water." Take my soul into your blood only if it be the will of Jesus Son of the Mother and Father of life and love." Grandmother Stream was old and wise, she knew it was not the will of Jesus for this child to leave her body as yet. Grandmother Stream spoke to her sister Mother Earth and asked that she warm her water that the child might live. Mother replied, "It will be done when I will it so." So it was then as the daughter of Earth began to fade away and to descend into the spirit world, that she saw the spirit of the stream. Her spirit was that of transparent glow in the shape of a naked womban clothed only in beads of turquoise and garnet glowing brightly in very intricate designs. The spirit of Rainbow Moth spoke to the spirit of Grandmother Stream. "What is the wisdom of your voice for me to hear?" I will listen and remember what you say to me hear today for all my life."

"My child you have entered into that from which all life began." Our mother the Earth formed great caverns of molten rock within herself and from her womb came forth all that is around you and that which you do not know of." It was from the Earth that all life came into the water as she opened up her mouth and spewed it into me." It is back unto our mother the earth that all life must return as well." The mother our earth gives life to all that live, but she knows she can not do so without the life-giving properties of my water." It is her very blood, her life force." Without me she can not be and with out her I can not be." We need each other and have learned not only to help one another, but to depend upon each other as well." These are great lessons of great wisdom which many two legged children will always have trouble learning." You must do what you can to teach them the cooperation of the relationship between Earth and Water." I have given you all the wisdom I am granted to from the Mother and Father of creation." You must go now my child, but we will talk again."

"It is odd that I feel so warm." It should be quite cold, for it is the season when then Great Mother sleeps."

"Yes my child, she heard from a voice, but you are not covered in fur as are the four footed ones." You needed warmth or you were to leave your body forever." It is not your time yet to join with your ancestors." You still have work to be done and fruit to bear from your womb." Rise, look around yourself and walk in deep contemplation." Let not your mind to run amok as it often does when you are alone." Think not on yourself and how that you could be, or how that you should be." Think not on what you could have done differently, for there is no right or wrong in your quest." There is only learning of knowledge, understanding of wisdom and the growth of your spirit from all the truth that you find."

Rainbow Moth did as the Mother had instructed her. She began to walk and contemplate all that she had learned thinking on it all without regret of actions. It wasn't quite as difficult as she thought it would be, to understand the visions she had taken place in. It would also not be hard for her to grow from them. It was then that she felt a cold wind blowing harshly against her face. It blew against her so hard that in its coldness it seemed to burn her. At that time there came from the great expanse of Father Sky a flock of South Eagles to shield her from the cold and provide her with the warmth of their many bodies. "We are the winged ones." We are creatures of the air." Within the warming love of our great circle of wings your next vision you shall receive from Grandfather Wind."

Suddenly from within the darkness, which surround her by wings of the South Eagles, there then came a light of life and endless tranquility shining upon her. It was not a light of blindness, but one of softness and comfort. The air within the area of the winged ones was warm and gentle. Suddenly as the light did shine she heard a deep yet loving voice begin to speak, after calling her voice.

"I am the spirit of Grandfather Wind." I breathe the breath of life into all living things." All things created by the Great Mother and Father have been given their continued life from me, for without me nothing can continue to live." Just as nothing can live without water, soil and fire nothing can live without breath." No rock, stone, crystal, tree, plant or animal can live without my life-giving air." In the air there is water as in the water there is air." Not even the swimmers of the rivers, ocean, lakes, stream and ponds can live without me." There is fire in the air as there is air in fire." There is air in the earth as there is also earth in the air." In every thing that lives within the Great Mother there is air and within the air is all things forever." You are my daughter, my special, precious child." My spirit lives within you as your spirit lives and breathes in me." We are one my daughter; we are one."

It was then that Rainbow Moth did fall faint of stamina and was received the Great Mother Earth to soften her fall. It was at this time that the South Eagles did suddenly transform into Beautiful butterflies. Hundreds of thousands of majestic butterflies did carry Rainbow Moth to the great place of transformation where the Butterfly Tree does dwell. As they lay her at the feet of Grandmother Willow who is the origin of the Great Butterfly Tree there appeared a hollow in the trunk of the tree. In seconds there was a small but powerful vortex, which swept Rainbow Moth into the tree. The spirit of Grandmother Willow who is the origin of the Butterfly Tree did promptly speak to the spirit of Rainbow Moth. These were her words.

"You are my grand daughter listen closely to me and my great and wise counsel will transform you if you wish it." You must tell me now if you wish to receive the loving and powerful embrace of the transformation I am instructed to impart to you my child." Do you wish to receive it?"

"Yes Grand Mother, I wish it with every luminous fiber of my body and spirit."

"Tell me my child; what have you learned from the great visions, which you have received?"

I have learned that all of life is connected in a sacred circle of birth, life and death." I have learned that from each always comes the other." Death is not an end of life for any living creature; it is simply the beginning of a new existence in the universe." All living things created by the Great Mother and Father of creation are immortal." None of us ever really dies, for we go on living in the air, water, fire and earth." We go on living in the grass and as we are eaten by the grazing ones we go on then to live in them." When they release us back to the soil, we then continue living in the Great Mother again until she decides that our time has come to return again into another human body." Then the whole process begins anew. When we have learned all that is expected of us through many lifetimes and cycles, earth to animal and animal to earth. Back we go to another human life. We are then ready to take our place among the ancestral lights within our Great Father Sky and be illuminated by Grandfather Sun and Grandmother Moon." None of us can survive as an individual, for we are all part of a great collective life within the sacred circle." We must always give back more to The Great Mother than we take away from her if all living things are to survive." To lose any one of our brothers and sisters of the earth, water, wind or fire is to lose our very self as well." None can exist without the other." We all need each other to live and love with peace and tranquility of body, mind and spirit." It is so."

"You have learned well my daughter." Your spirit has been transformed but one more lesson still remains for you to learn."

It was then that the very gentle face of the loving Butterfly tree did turn suddenly to which did resemble an evil sorceress. Rainbow Moth was frightened beyond her own understanding. She could not understand why the spirit of the Butterfly Tree would leave her here alone with such a vile creature. Surely she now would die here and no one of her tribe would ever know what had become of her.

She remembered what she had learned from her visions, that she must embrace her fear and make it her friend, or that which she feared most to befall her surely would do so. She then began to speak to the evil one who was penetrating her spirit to annihilate her.

"Who are you she asked the evil spirit." What do you want of me?" I do not fear you." You can not harm me."

"I am the dark side of the Butterfly Tree." I live within her as I do in all things." I even live within you as you live within me also." See now with the eyes of your spirit all that is ugly and vile within you."

It was then that Rainbow Moth did see her self as a terrible mutilator of all the people she loved in her village. She saw herself torturing the children and old ones as she cut their hearts out their chests as they did still breathe. She sobbed uncontrollably as she gazed upon this horrid site. She saw herself being selfish beyond her imagination taking always from the Great Mother and Father of creation and never giving back anything. She saw herself killing animals for fun and sport while showing the worst kind of disrespect to them, not eating their meat or using their hides for clothing and shelter. She saw that she did not have any compassion for them. When she did eat their meat she did so as they still breathed, while they did thrash their bodies about in agony as she ate her bloody feast.

"This is only a part of me, which can come out and make itself manifest if I am willing to allow it so!" I am not!" I will always honor this part of that, which I am." I know that it can come out of me at any time if I become too intrigued by it!" I shall not allow this to become my reality." It is powerful and I give it its due." It is not all of who I am and I do not have to succumb unless I will myself to. It is so!"

It was at this time that Grandmother Willow the origin of the spirit of the wise Butterfly Tree did return in her previous state.

"You have learned well my daughter." Sleep now for you are tired." You have seen and learned much." When you awaken you shall be lying back upon the breast of the Great Mother surrounded by your guides of transformation." They will keep you warm and guide you back to your village." When you return with them at your side everyone in your village will know you are now on the good red road to being a great shaman leader in your tribe." Many will want to hear of your experiences." Tell them to no one but Jesus." He will guide you on your path to spirit and guiding others." "Now you must sleep."

Chapter Four

"Rainbow Moth returns as Butterfly Wise Womban"

When Rainbow Moth was rested she was escorted back to the Lakota village encased in her womb of butterflies. Upon the approach of the butterflies, the villagers were worried for all they saw was the beautiful insects. Rainbow Moth was not visible for the butterflies did surround her. The warriors sent a shaman of the tribe to inquire with the butterflies as to their intentions with the village. It was at that time that they did disperse but remained in a cloud-like formation above the head of Rainbow Moth. All who were present did marvel at this site.

"Behold the butterfly womban, for she has been transformed, they exclaimed!"

Jesus did come at this time to greet her with the sacredly sensual kiss of two tongues and bid her come with him to tell him all that she had envisioned upon her quest for spiritual truth. She did so and when she had finished Jesus did tell her that she was to be given a new name by which to be known in the village among her people.

"Behold, you have sought and seen the wisdom of the Butterfly Tree, Jesus said. "From this day forward you shall be known to all as Butterfly Wise Womban, he told her" This is but one of many great gifts, which is to be bestowed upon you in your life time." Give thanks and give offerings to honor it." "It is now the time that you should chose your husbands." Chose them wisely for now you are the wise womban of your tribe; you must set an appropriate example for the maidens and the mothers of your people." Go out now and conduct your ceremony of thanks, then seek the wisdom of the elders in the tribe to guide you in this most sacred and important of endeavors."

Butterfly Wise Womban did as Jesus had instructed her. She did do ceremony to honor the gift of her new name. She built a fire and burned in it sage, sweet grass, pine needles and red willow tree bark. She then said a prayer of thanks to the Holy Mother, father and Jesus. After her prayer she gave the nutrients of the ashes the breast of the Mother Earth to be nourished by them. As this ritual had come to its close she noticed that suddenly from beneath the breast of the Mother in a five by ten foot area, came up a mature adult rose bush with rainbow colored roses upon it. The snow, which had been on the ground in this space, became beautifully fragrant sweet grass. This place was sacred for it glowed with warmth even as it was the sleeping season of the Mother.

Chapter Five

"Butterfly Wise womban seeks the Counsel of the Elders"

Butterfly went in first unto the mother of her mother; she was called Red She-wolf Cub. When Red She-wolf Cub saw her beautiful grand daughter she leapt for joy in her spirit and said; "blessed art thou among thy tribes-people and blessed is the fruit, which thy womb will bring forth." You have come to inquire as to who I think would good husbands for you and great fathers of your children."

"Yes Grand mother I am not sure where to begin this journey other than seeking the elders counsel as Jesus did instruct me."

"You are doing good to follow his advice, Red She-wolf Cub told her." He is a God of goodness and loving wisdom." I have been looking into my love crystals for you, as my turtle rattle had told me of your visit today and the reason for it." My crystals are pointing me toward the young men Red Elk and Yellow Wolf, for they are fine, loving, young men." The crystals have shown me that they are not only loving and nurturing with each other, but they are young men of great stamina and virility also." They will be eager to please and love you." They would make loving fathers to your children and would be good hunters and providers." Go now and speak to your fathers mother Spotted Eagle Cloud." She will also have been told of your visit to her and the endeavor on which you are embarking." No doubt her eagle medicine will have great warriors for you to consider as well." Go quickly now, for night falls soon and she sleeps as the Grand father Sun gives his light unto the his wife Grand mother Moon."

Butterfly thanked her grand mother and went on her way to see her father's mother Spotted Eagle Cloud. "Grand Mother, she asked; are you still awake? Yes my child, come in." You need not tell me why you're here." I am aware of that which you're seeking." You wish to know who should be your husbands and fathers for your coming children." You mother's mother has given you good advice as to those whom she suggested, but I feel strongly that though they would be good choices; they may not be able to balance their love equally between themselves and you." They are already very much in love with each other." I would suggest White Elk Calf and red Willow Sapling." I tell you this because the great eagle spirit came to me in a dream and told me of your endeavor and that you would come to me for advice on this matter." He told me also that although your other grand mothers advice is good, he feels that you would be better with these two." They are a little older than the others and although they do love each other greatly; they often surround themselves with the maidens of the tribe." They are inseparable, but they love the maidens as much as each other. They would be well able to balance their love for one another and you." They are also both skilled archers and very handy with a buffalo hide." They would make for you and your family coming a snug and ornately beautiful Tee Pee." It would truly be the envy of the maidens and mothers." They also will raise with you strong men and womben for sons and daughters, yet they will be great loving nurturers of their parents, siblings and any who are in need of them." These young men would be great choices for you." Now go to speak to your father's fathers tomorrow and ask of them who they see as being your best choices." For now you should sleep and have dreams of those that I and your mother's mother have suggested to you." Make no decision until you have spoken to your grand fathers and conducted a courtship ritual with each set the young men you are to consider." Go to bed now and sleep sweetly as your dreams unfold to great wisdom."

"Thank you Grand mother; good night."

Chapter six

"Butterfly Wise Womban consults her Grand fathers"

Butterfly rose early the next morning, for she was eager after her morning meal to speak to her grand fathers as, she had been instructed by her grand mothers. She came first unto her mother's father who was called Thunder-rain Bear. He was always a kind and loving bear cub soul a heart with the determination of thunder mingled with the gentle nurturing of the life-giving rain of the plains.

"Hello Grand father; are you awake?"

"Yes my beautiful, little Butterfly; I am awake." Let have a look at you." My heavens you are a womban now." When did all of this happen to you?" It seems just yesterday, you were roaming about the village no higher than my knees." Now you're all grown up into a beautiful young womban, coming to me for advice as who to marry." Where has the time gone to?" Let me hold you one last time as my little grand daughter before the warriors pluck the innocents from my little Grand daughter." I will so miss that sweet little girl, he said holding her closely to him in his tight but gentle sweetness." She had always felt a special fondness for all of her grand parents.

"Now, to the business at hand." I have seen in a vision from the Thunder Beings that the best choices for you to wed are Red Sand Blue Corn." They are good warriors and they are brave but wise. They will not put you and your coming children in any harm while protecting you but not thinking clearly." They are skilled hunters and expert craftsmen with building shelters and making leather for clothing." They are great corn planters and berry harvesters. When they kill an animal for food, shelter and clothing they show it great respect, for they thank the animal for its life-giving meat and they use every part of the animals body for something useful, letting nothing be wasted." They also give a portion of the meat to hungry predators, and save choice cuts of preserved meat for them to eat in the season when the mother sleeps, as food is then often hard for them to find." They are very loving with one another and eager to please each other. They will also be eager to please you in all ways." They will respect you and your wisdom." They will love you and nurture you as they will also love and nurture your coming children." They are great with stamina and virility." They are very fertile young men and will give you pleasing assistance in creating and rearing the life, which will come from your womb." The Thunder Beings are never wrong." They do not trick us like the Heyoka Coyote sometimes does to teach us a lesson." Listen to the voice in the Whistling of the wind, for it will guide you as you embark upon the journey of deciding upon your mates." Go now my precious and seek the counsel of you Father's Father." He is waiting to give you his advice as to who he feels will be the best of mates for you and fathers to your children not yet born." Go now quickly before he must lay down for his mid-day rest." Go with my love and my blessing my child." Go."

Butterfly went quickly to talk to her Father's father. While walking to the other end of the village to consult him, she heard the whistling in the wind for she was blowing firmly and cold against her face. She remembered what Thunder-rain Bear had told her about this whistling wind and she listened closely to hear what she would tell her.

"Follow your heart as you seek your mates, but do not let your heart overshadow the wisdom you have found from the Butterfly Tree." If at any time you feel you can not make the choice yourself, consult her again." I am certain that you can choose wisely if you listen to your heart and your spirit." They will not guide you wrongly if you balance them with one another." This is the wisdom of my voice, the whistling in the wind."

Now she was soon to approach the tee pee of her Father's father whose was known as Wind-song Bird. His medicine was that of the wind and songbird. He was a man of sweet words and great wisdom. She hoped that there would be something different about his suggestion for mates, something that may give her an indication that his would be the right ones for her to choose. They all sounded like very good choices so far, but she had heard nothing yet that had struck as unique about any of them.

"Hello Grand father, may I come in to talk to you?"

"Yes, yes come in here now and let us have a nice little visit my child."

"I assume you know that I am on a mission to decide upon my mates."

"Yes, I am aware of this my child." First we will eat the mid-day meal for your Grand father is very hungry." Sit on the earthen floor and eat with me." There is cheese, milk, corn-bread, dried berries and venison jerky." We will talk about this as we eat."

"There are many good warriors among our tribe." Have you met any that strike you as being interesting?

"Yes, Grand father I have." This why I am seeking your wisdom to help me decide after my courtship's" There will be four of them to conduct before I decide on two." None of the warriors suggested so far seem particularly unique to me." They all sound like good choices but nothing about them reaches out to grab my interest."

"You have not begun your courtship's with them." How can they reach out and grab you at all yet?" They laughed.

Are there any that you would suggest, she asked as she bit off a piece of cheese and jerky.

Yes, there are two that I would suggest, but who are you interested in at this moment that you already know?

"I am very interested in Lavender Sunset and Ravens Wings."

"Why do you like them, he asked drinking from a gourd of milk?"

"They have been my best friends since we were children, and they have always been so kind to me and loving with each other." I have seen their loving treatment of the tribes children and how they love to tell them the stories of our ancestors." They are also very good at working when it's time for work and playing with the children and animals when it's appropriate." They always do anything I ask of them without hesitation." I already love them and I know they love me and each other." I feel they are on a journey together toward being Shamans of the tribe also, like myself." They have proven themselves to me over the years already."

"You sound as though your mind is already made up my child." "Why have you come to your grand parents for advice, he asked eating some corn-bread and milk?"

"My mind isn't all together made up." I am leaving room for it to change as I begin these courtship's." It is possible that it could."

"I feel very strongly that you are on the right road with your thinking about these two." They are the ones that I was going suggest anyway, he said scooping a handful of dried berries into his mouth." I think they are the best choice." Still you must court them all before you decide on any two of them." We'll just have to wait and see who you pick." Have you had enough to eat my child?

"Yes, Grand father; I can eat no more."

"Good, I'm tired now." It is time for my mid-day rest" Give me a hug and a kiss, and be on your way." You have a lot of courting to do."

So she hugged and kissed her Grand father. He gave her his blessing on whomever she decided on and she walked away to go back home and rest a while herself, for she was also tired.

It came to pass that Butterfly Wise Womban did decide on the joining of herself with Lavender Sunset and Ravens Wings. The main reasons were that she was already in love with them both, and they had shown themselves more worthy of her over the other three male couples. They had brought to her an entire heard of horses, which had long ago been stolen from her people by on of their enemy tribes "The Pawnee." None of the other male couples had shown near as much potential for being such awesome providers for her and their future family. They had proven the danger that they were willing to face all for the sake of her love. They would prove to be great fathers to her children as well.

When she had told Jesus of her decision she asked him if he approved of her choice. His reply was as such. "You have made your decision." That is neither good nor bad." A decision is just that, a decision." A decision in and of itself is neither good nor bad; it simply is." It shall be the combined choice of you and your husbands as weather or not this decision was the appropriate one for you to make or not." If you and they are willing to continue loving one another as you do today, and allow yourselves to grow together loving each other more every day than you did the day before; your marriage will not only survive, it will flourish." Remember my words on this matter, put them to practice and all will work to beyond your satisfaction in the years of your gray hair."

"Chapter Seven"

"Jesus Speaks to White Elk"

"White Elk you are the Chief and Leader of your tribe." It is your responsibility to teach them all that I tell you now." I will not be with you forever in person to teach them for you." I have much work to do among the other tribes throughout this land." You are to teach your people the importance of play." They should play with each other, the children and the animals." This will nurture the child within them, for the child shall always be in them."

"You must teach them the ways of love as well." Love can count coup if it wills to do so, but it should be done with compassion." Love is something that one chooses to do more than something one feels." Feelings are always involved in love because human beings are beings of feelings." We are also beings of choice." If you love someone you will not strike them anywhere about their body." Love does not deliberately seek to inflict pain on its recipient." Love wishes only to give pleasure and happiness." It not does say cruel things to others or to ones self." Love does not accuse falsely of wrong doing, without gaining irrefutable proof of such." Love does not ask insinuating questions of such." Love does not distrust where distrust is not needed." Love is good and sacred; it is the greatest power within the universe." From it came all things that live and live around you." It was from the love of your parents that you sprang fourth with all your brothers and sisters." It is from love that your children will come."

"There is such a thing as hard love." This is a love that often seems cruel to its recipient, yet in the end they find it to be a much needed love." If you have a child who has lost their way and become violent to those around him or her; it may be necessary to treat them in many ways the way that they are treating others." This should not be done by the child's family, for they will be too soft with them." Let this be done by many people whom the child does not know for a period of days or weeks if necessary." This is not to be done for cruelty sake, but to give them a taste of the bad medicine that they are serving to others." It is done to wake them up to the goodness within them, before they become an adult who begins treating their spouses and children the same way." It is also done to ensure that they will not eventually be banished from the tribe." This is the wisdom of hard love."

"You must teach your people to have compassion, not only for others but also for themselves." If anyone should see a member of the tribe sick, injured or in a state of sadness they should be able to put themselves in the state that, that person is in and be willing do help them as much as they are willing to help themselves." Sometimes people can't help themselves for this or that reason." Do what you can do and as much as you can." It is up to you to decide when you can do no more, that it is time they do for themselves." Always be willing to lend a helping hand when needed." If you have a brother or sister whose family is in need and you have a surplus give to them and meet their need." If you see that someone is grieving that they have lost; give them comfort in any way you can." If a child comes to you for advice about life; impart to them your wisdom." Compassion is a must have in any society that is going to flourish and grow." Without it social growth is stunted. Without compassion personal growth is stunted as well."

"The day will come to your people when the great white devils will appear to this land." Do not treat them badly, not all white people will be evil." Many will be people of love, kindness and great compassion toward your people and some will live among you." Treat all people with the same dignity and respect that you deserve to be given." This will not always work with all of the white people who are to come here." Those who will not treat you as you have treated them will be the great white devils." There will be great wars fought, won and lost by your people." The white devils will round up your people and put them in places unfamiliar." Before doing so they will rape your womben and children." They will kill them and every one they can find with a red skin."

"Be not afraid for your life when you see these things come to pass." These horrors are not the will of God/Dess but are the will of evil men who are in league with the Windigo." Eventually there will come one who will deliver your people from the bondage of the great white devils." It will not happen quickly; there will still be much for your people to suffer." They will make it a crime for you worship God/Dess as I have taught you to." They will not allow your children to speak their native language in their schools." They will seek to convert you to a perverted form of worship." They shall cause you great pain before the deliverer comes." Remember to express love, kindness and compassion to all, for your deliverer shall be a white man whose heart was once that of a Lakota." His skin will have at one time in a past life been just as red as yours." His skin will be white, his hair red and will be descended from the Cherokee nation." Hear him and listen well."

Jesus saw that great tears of sadness were in White Elk's eyes. " These things are not to happen for a very long time." You shall not even see it amid your own life time." Do not be sad." Come let me kiss away your tears and wipe them from your face." Let us eat drink and love one another in the spirit of God/Dess. Fall asleep here in my arms tonight, for tomorrow brings another day gleaming white as the sun will shine brightly upon us again." For tonight we bath one another in the sacred light of Grand mother Moon."

"Behold, it is very good to do this"

"Chapter Eight"

"Jesus addresses the Lakota, Dakota and tens of thousands of many Tribes throughout the Earth"

"I am Jesus, son of the Great Father Spirit and the Holy Mother Goddess." They have sent me here unto you as their sacred witness of the Ancient Trinity, which is as old as the Earth, Moon. Sun and Stars." Hear my voice and listen to my spirit."

I have told you before, I have came to you many years ago and brought unto you these sacred teachings." Much has been forgotten since then" Some has been retained in the spirits of your people." I will first speak on what you have forgotten." These are the teachings that are not remembered."

I had told you when I was among you in my youth that it is not forbidden to love one who is like you in body, nor is it forbidden to pleasure the same." I had taught you the ways of God/Dess are to one womban two husbands, all of whom are to love and pleasure one another together and apart." As often as possible this should be done together both of the two with the one." All should love each other as much as he/she does the one."

I told you then that by the age of twelve wherever possible all children should be initiated into the "Rite of Adult Ascension." All young men and womben should be taught the basic methods of proper treatment of their spouses and children." They should be taught that to love is to love more every day than the day before." They should be taught to be thoughtful and appreciative of their spouses and children; always doing anything they can to express their gratitude to God/Dess for the spouses and children given them to love and nurture accordingly."

Young men should be taught when they are ready how to properly pleasure both a man and a womban." The many young men will have both a wife and a husband, for this is most often the natural course of love." There will be those however, who will be unable to include both a man and a womban in one love and life." Leave them to their own capacity for love." Love them in spite of their inability to love both as one and shun them not." Do not force them away from the tribe as long as they are not violent with anyone." There will be those who can not love both but only the same, as there will be those who can love only their opposite body." No one who is not violent and does not bring undue harm to animals and the Earth should be extricated."

Let the young womben be educated as well about the proper pleasuring techniques of the young man." If she is to be interested in both young men and womben teach her the same of each." If she is to be interested only in the womban teach her only of them." If she is to be interested in both or only in men she is to be allowed the first rite of adult ascension." If her interest lies only with womben allow her the second rite of such ascension." The same should be done for the young men who follow the same paths." The rite should be carried out the same for all with the exception of the opposite bodies of human beings."

These are the ten qualities which all should possess upon their ascension to adulthood."

"Prove your respect for self and the rights of all others."

"Prove yourself worthy of love and capable of loving without condition or jealousy."

"Prove yourself capable prior to your Rite of Adult Ascension to render your spouse/s their due benevolent pleasure."

"Prove yourself worthy of a child's love and that you are capable of discipline without violence."

"Prove that you can properly nurture, teach and protect a child from all preventable forms of harm."

"Prove your ability to lovingly teach your spouse/s the wisdom of God/Dess and that you are capable of learning the same from them and all believers of Shamanistia."

"Prove that you are capable of properly speaking to and treating the elders appropriately."

"Prove that you understand, that in obeying your parents you remain safe."

"Listen to and show the proper respect for the counsel of your parents."

"Prove that you understand the meanings of abuse and neglect of life; that you do not wish to misuse or neglect any form thereof."

"Although there will be those young men and womben who will be ready for their Rite of Adult Ascension by the suggested age of twelve years; it will not happen this way for all." Do not pressure the young men and womben of the tribes." When they feel they are ready they will let you know." It will be the responsibility of the Shamans and Shamanesses, or Priests and Priestesses to know whom is ready to begin their preparation for this rite." When it is seen that one is ready to be prepared for their Rite of Ascension the process should not exceed two years of training unless deemed necessary by one Shaman and one Shamaness."

"I will not be with you always in both spirit and body; still, in spirit I am with you always even unto the ends of the Great Mother Earth. "As far as the East is to the West, and the North is to the South, my spirit is with you forever giving my loving counsel even into the lives that are to come your way." Now let us eat and prepare for the Ritual Festival and Feast of Fertility." It is good." Let it be done as it was when I came to you before." Go into your mind and your spirit and find the place of remembrance." When you go there together it will come to you again." I have spoken and it is good."

The Raven