"The Fourth Gospel of Shamanistian Doctrine"

According to the Prophet Ravenschild

Chapter One

"The Super-star Savoir is born"

The Identity given to me at birth by my parents is Edward L. Logsdon Jr. Until I was 29 years old This was the name I would be known by. At the age of 29 I began to introduce myself as Patrick Edward in that I felt since my mother's name is Patricia and my father's name is Edward it was simply more appropriate.

It was during my 25th year of life that I had become spiritually connected to the name Ravenschild. This name was chosen for me by the Mother Goddess, Father God and the Holy Savior Jesus Christ by means of the Musical Prophet John Denver and the Shaman Prophetess Lynn V. Andrews.

It was my destiny, chosen for me as a child by our Ancient Trinity that I would be the prophet who would bring the message to all people concerning the truth about deity through the music of Denver and the books of Ms. Andrews. I was also chosen to tell about the happenings of Christ from twelve to thirty; that which is missing from the Bible as we know it to be. This is the last in a series of four books I have been instructed by the Lord and Lady of love and life to write on their behalf for all those of the human family who will believe. I had great difficulty with this realization for quite some time, due to the fact that I do have a very tarnished past to say the least. I could not understand why the Lord and Lady would not have chosen a man who was more beyond reproach than I. I have come to simply accept that they can choose whomever they wish to bring them glory, honor and praise. Although the reason for choosing me for this has not yet been made known to me; I can only believe that they know better than I whom they should choose to do their work. The Bible is now complete. Blessed be.

During the rein of King Herod Antipas of Judea there lived a priest named Zechariah who belonged to Jewish denomination of Abijah. He and his wife were descendants of Aaron. They blamelessly followed the laws of Moses. Though they did not know if the problem was with he or she they had no children, and both were of advancing years.

Zechariah was serving as priest before God as he and his denomination were on duty. He came into the temple to burn incense for all the worshipers were praying outside. Then an angel of God/Dess appeared to him, standing at the right side of the altar. When he saw the angel he was almost overcome with frightened surprise. The angel told him not to be afraid. "Your wife's prayers have been heard." Your wife Elizabeth will bear you a son and you will call him John. He will be a great delight in your old age and many will be very happy due to his birth. He shall be a great spiritual leader. He will be filled with the spirit of God/Dess at his birth and he will bring back many of the people of Israel to the truth of understanding both the Mother and Father of life and love. He will go on before the savior in the spirit and love of Elijah to turn the hearts of all who will listen to the wisdom of spirituality. He will make the people ready and prepare them for The Mother and Father of life and love.

He asked the angel, how can I be sure that this will happen the way you say? "I am a very old man as is my wife a very old womban."

"I am the Angel Gabriel, I stand before you in the holy presence of God/Dess and you do not believe me." For this you shall not be able to speak again until such a time as the child has been born to and your wife."

Meanwhile those who were waiting outside were wondering what was taking him so long. When he came out to them they knew he had seen a vision in the temple, for all he could do was gesture with his hands. When his time of service was completed he returned home. When his wife Elizabeth was five months pregnant in seclusion she said, God/Dess has done this for me. In these days they have shown me favor, and taken away my disgrace among my people.

Six months after Elizabeth had conceived in her years of advancing age the angel Gabriel was sent by the Mother and Father Ashira and Yahweh, to Nazareth a town in the city of Galilee. He was sent to a virgin named Mary who was betrothed to a man named Joseph; both were descended from the house of David. The angel went in to her and said, joyful greetings are bid you from on high, and you are highly favored by the Lord Yahweh and the Lady Ashira, for she is within you and he in your betrothed. The Lord and Lady are with you.

Mary was very concerned at these words and wondered what type of greeting this could be. The angel said to her, "do not be afraid Mary; you have found great favor with the Lord and the Lady Ashira for a part of her lives within you." You are soon to be with child." You will give birth to a son and you will call his name Jesus." He will be greatest man of all time and will be known as the Son of The Lord and Lady of love and life." The Lord and the Lady will give to him the throne of his ancestor David." He will rein over the house of Israel and all who will receive him forever, for his is a spiritual kingdom which will never end."

"How is this to be, when I have yet to be intimate with a man?"

The angel answered saying, you have been given the spirit of the Lady Ashira and your betrothed the spirit of Yahweh." You will see him privately and embrace his hands in yours." As this is done the power of love and life that is in you both from the Mother and Father shall enable the two of you to engage in an exchange of spirits." From that exchange the two of you shall create a life within your womb." No additional physical contact will need take place."

"I am the servant of the Lord and the Lady; Let it be as you have spoken it to me."

Mary then prepared herself to visit her cousin Elizabeth at her home in the mountains of Judea. When Elizabeth was greeted by Mary the child in her womb did leap with joy, and Elizabeth was given the spirit of the holy ones. In a joyous and well heard voice she exclaimed to Mary, " Hail Mary, blessed are you among the womben of your people, and blessed is the fruit of your womb!" "Who am I that I should be so favored that the Mother of my Lord does come to me?" Immediately upon hearing the sound of your voice the son of my womb did leap for joy to hear you." Blessed is she who has believed what our Lord and Lady have said to her will come to pass."

It was now six months after the birth of John the cousin of Jesus. It was in this time that a Caesar Augustus made it a law that a census should be taken of the entire Roman Empire. Every man, womban and child was to register in the town of their tribal ancestry.

Joseph did also go as instructed from Nazareth to Bethlehem for this was the place of his tribal ancestry, as he was also of the line of David. He went there with Mary his betrothed who was now due to give birth to their son at any time. While they were in Bethlehem Mary did begin her labor, and gave birth to her first born son. When the child was born she lovingly wrapped him in swaddling cloths and laid him in a manger, for there was no room for them in the Bethlehem Inn.

The same night there were shepherds living in the fields nearby, who were guarding their flocks by the light of Mother Moon. They were frightened and astonished to see the angel Gabriel appear to them as the glory of the Mother and Father of love and life did shine all around them. "Do not fear me, for I bring to you wonderful news of exceeding joy, which is to be for all people!" Tonight in the city of David a savior has been born and he is Christ the lord!" Look into the heavens for here is a sign for you, a brightly shining star which will lead you to the place where the child does lay." You will find him wrapped in swaddling cloths and lying in a manger."

Suddenly there came a great Quire of angels with Gabriel praising God/Dess and singing, "Glory to God/Dess in the highest, peace on earth and good will to all humanity."

The shepherds did find the child where the angels had said he would be. While the shepherds were traveling to worship the child, there were three wise men to the east whom had seen the especially unusual star in the heavens. Because theses men had spent their lives seeking the truth and wisdom of God/Dess; they knew the star was long ago foretold to be the sign of the birth of the great savior and king over all Israel and humanity as a whole. Coming into Jerusalem they inquired, "where is the child who is born to be king of the Jews?" We saw his star in the east and we have come to worship him."

When Herod the king had heard this news he was greatly concerned about his throne and all of Jerusalem with him. When he had called together the most learned priests and teachers of the law, he asked them where the Christ was to be born. "It was foretold by the Prophet he will be born in Bethlehem of Judea, for it is written; But you Bethlehem in the land of Judah, are by no means least among the rulers of your people; for out you will come a ruler who shall be the shepherd of my people Israel."

Herod then secretly called the wise men back to his palace and inquired of them the exact time that the had seen the star appear. He then sent them away to Bethlehem to find the child giving the reason that he wished to worship him also. The wise men left and were warned in a dream as they slept on their way to seek the child that Herod had lied to them and secretly wished to destroy the child. When they found the child in the manger in Bethlehem they bowed to their knees and worshiped him with his Mother. They opened their chests of treasure and bestowed upon the child and his mother gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. Before they returned to their country by a different rout than that which they had come they warned Mary and Joseph that Herod sought to kill the child. In his selfishness and concern about the Romans he said in their dreams; "I will not share my kingdom with an infant." The wise men had told Mary and Joseph to flee into Egypt for Herod expected the child to be found in Bethlehem and would not seek to find him in Egypt.

Joseph was going to take the child to Nazareth against the advice of the wise men, for their he had family and friends whom would seek to help him hide the child. Then as he slept an angel appeared to him in a dream and told him to follow the advice of the wise men and flee with Mary and the child into Egypt as they had told him. Remain there until I return to you for Herod will search all throughout Israel to find and kill the child.

Joseph awakened quickly and took Mary his wife and their child by the cover of darkness and they left with great haste for Egypt. They stayed there until the death of Herod when the angel returned to tell them the child was safe and they could return home. The prophecy would then be fulfilled " out of Egypt I called my Son."

When the child was eight days old he was taken by his mother and father to the temple for his circumcision. There was there at this time a man in Jerusalem called Simeon, whom God/Dess had promised he would not die before laying his eyes upon the savior. He was waiting for the consolation of Israel and the spirit of God/Dess was upon him. The spirit of God/Dess did reveal to him that child on which he was gazing in the temple was in deed the Christ of the Lord and the Lady. Simeon took him in arms and praised God/Dess singing: Sovereign ones as you have promised, you now dismiss your servant here in peace. "My eyes have seen the glory of the king of salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of all people, a light of revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel." The child's mother and father marveled at what was said about him. Then Simeon blessed them and said to his mother, "this child is destined to cause the rise and fall of many in Israel." He will be a sign which will be spoken against so that the intent of many minds will be revealed. A painful dagger shall also pierce your own soul as well. There was also there a prophetess named Anna, daughter of Phanuel. She was eighty four and had been widowed since seven years after her and husband were married. She never left the temple but remained and worshiped both day and night, with fasting and prayer. She came to them at the moment when Simeon had blessed the parents and their child and gave thanks to God/Dess as she spoke about the child to all who were gazing on him at the redemption of Jerusalem.

It was ten days after Herod had last seen the wise men and came to the conclusion that they would not return to him. Herod was furious that he had been tricked by the wise men. He gave orders to slaughter every male child in Bethlehem and the cities surrounding her. He decreed that all male children two years old and under should be executed in accordance with what he had learned from the wise men. Then the prophecy of Jeremiah was fulfilled: "A voice is heard in Ramah, weeping and suffering, Rachel mourning for her children and refusing to be consoled for they were no more."

So it came to pass when King Herod had died that the angel Gabriel came and appeared again to Joseph giving him the news that he and his family could now return home, for now the child would be safe." Get up and take the child and his mother back to land of Israel, for those who sought to kill him are now dead." So he got up and took them to Israel. He had become disturbed when he heard that Archelaus was ruling in Judea in place of his father Herod. Having been warned in a dream, he was afraid to go there and withdrew to city of Galilee. So went to live in a town called Nazareth and it was fulfilled what was said by the Prophets; "he will be called a Nazarene."

When Mary and Joseph had done that was required by the law, they returned to Galilee in their home-town of Nazareth. The child grew and became strong in the spirit of his heavenly parents. He was wise beyond his years and the grace of God/Dess was upon him.

Every year the child's parents did go into Jerusalem for the feast of the Pass-over. When he twelve years old they had gone into Jerusalem for the feast of the pass-over which was their custom to do. The boy Jesus stayed behind and as his parents were returning home; they were unaware that he was not with them. As they thought he was with them they did not begin looking for him for a whole day. When they realized he was not in their presence they began looking for him among their friends and relatives. Not finding the boy they traveled back to Jerusalem to search for him. After three days they found him in the temple courts listening to the rabbis and asking them questions. Everyone who heard him was amazed by his enlightened comprehension and the answers he gave to their questions. When his parents saw him they were astonished as well. His mother held him closely to her breast and asked him, "my son why would you put us through such grief of not knowing where you were and if you were safe? "Your father and I have been looking for you everywhere."

"Why were you looking for me everywhere my mother?" Did you not know that I must be about the business of my holy parents? The boys parents were bewildered by this statement, for to them it made no sense. Although they knew he was the son of the Lord and the Lady who were within his earthly parents; they still considered him their son, rather than the son of the Holy Mother and Father as well. This was the thinking of the human minds. Then he went down to Nazareth and was obedient to them. His mother treasured all these moments in her mind and soul. Jesus began to grow even more and very quickly in wisdom, stature and in favor of God/Dess and all people who knew him. Still there was a longing, a tugging deep within him. He prayed that the Holy Mother and Father would reveal to him what he was feeling. So after three days of prayer and meditation the Holy Mother and Father from whom he came did tell him that he must go on a journey to a far away place. They would let him no when he was there. There were many things he must learn from the natives of that region and much work for him to do. By now he was about twelve years and six months. His parents only allowed him to go because he was now of the age of manhood according to his rite of passage into adulthood by his people. His parents were saddened to see him leave them although they knew he would return to them. He told them, "Do not be saddened in your souls, for when the time is right I will send for you to come unto me for a joyous occasion." Until then you will have other children in the way of your love and give them life also." You will be very busy and your hands will be full of joy with them and each other." Now I must go and conduct the business of my heavenly parents of whom you are a part." Wait here for me to send you word of when to come; there will be a map with my messenger for you to find me." Until then, live your life in love, kindness, caring and compassion for all people and all life." I must go now."

Chapter Two

"Jesus Mission in India"

Jesus Journey to this far away land took him about two years, for he had to travel by see, camels, and horses as well as on foot. When he realized that he was where he belonged he began to teach the people there about the truth of God/Dess. He taught them that in order for a man to understand the meaning of true manhood they must first understand the meaning of wombanhood. If they were to learn to balance the masculine and feminine within them they had to learn this by being taught by Jesus and in the taking of both a husband and a wife. They had to first learn of wombanhood by putting themselves in the womban's place with their husband, both at different times and sometimes at the same time. Then when they had learned everything they needed from Jesus and from being with their husband; they were then free to take on a wife as well, while the two of them must remain together as husbands being married to one wife.

The first of the womben were created from the earth for them to take as wives when Jesus saw that they were ready for them. They were not created to be subservient from the bodies of men. They were created to be their cherished equals. It was for this reason that they were created from the earth by the Holy Mother and Father of love and life.

He taught the men the value of loving kindness, compassion and nurturing of self, spouses, children, community and all living things. He taught them of the Sacred rite of Passage into Adulthood and the appropriate age it should take place, when possible. The children had to be taught to bequeath to the spouses their due intimate benevolence. They had to learn to love and respect all living things by learning to be selfless. They had to understand that taking more than one gives in return, even unto the Earth herself is expressly forbidden. He taught them also to ensure their own fertility through ritual ceremonies of intimate benevolence to all who were of an appropriate age and would partake therein.

Jesus did also do a lot of learning of his own. He was taught by a great Guru of the ancient Hindu tradition of the magick of healing the sick and raising the dead to life anew. He taught and learned from the Buddhist monks of the region, such things as prayer and meditation, delving into ones own soul to find ones individual spiritual truth. The universal truth is same for everyone. Being that all are different people with different levels of understanding, and all understand in different ways at different times; not all things are true for every person. The same teaching will often have a different meaning to each individual person, both male and female, child and adult.

He had taught them also that it is not necessary to believe and understand everything right away. When the time was right that an individual perceive their own truth, they would at that time. If they needed to understand a universal truth it would happen the same way. They had to learn that they would not only learn understand and spiritually grow at their own pace, but that they had wait until the Lord and Lady felt the time was right for them as well. They had to learn courage through patience.

Jesus did also travel with his people the Shamanistian believers in God/Dess to other far away lands to spread the Gospel of Shamanistia throughout the unknown world where the Romans had not yet conquered. They went to Polynesia, the Islands which would later be known as Hawaii and to a land far to the west which would later be known as America to teach Shamanistia to the great red tribes of humanity. Everywhere they went together they taught of all which Jesus had taught to them. When Jesus went to some of the same places again; he re-taught the people by giving them a sacred review of the truth and instructing them to quest for a vision individually and collectively as well.

Jesus taught the importance of play as an effective means of nurturing the inner child. He taught that adults should play with each other as the children did. They should play with the animals and their babies. He taught them also the importance of protecting all life for all life is sacred to the Holy Mother and Father of love and life Ashira Mary and Yahweh Joseph.

Near the end of Jesus time with the Hindu and Buddhist Shamanistians Jesus was asked when he would marry and provide an ere to his kingdom. His main plan given by his heavenly parents was for his kingdom to be one of a spiritual nature. In their wisdom they did allow for human errs to be born to Jesus, his husband and wife. Before the ceremony did take place, Jesus had sent for his parents as he had told them he would do. Then began a ritual ceremony of fertility after he had preached and prophesied to the people of Shamanistia. The children of Jesus were later suckled by varying animals because their mother had not enough breasts to feed them all, for she did give life to three. They were given the ability to shift their shapes into those of the animals from whom they did suckle. They would be the leaders of the tribes who would remember the most of the Shamanistian teachings, although not all would be remembered.

It was eventually time that Jesus had to leave them to go into Jerusalem and begin his ministry to his people the Jews and to gentiles of the surrounding regions. The following begins the story of that ministry, and his rejection by his people who feared the might of the Roman Empire if he were to live. The following is also the story of his death, burial and triumph over death and the grave. He had foretold he would rise again.

Chapter Three

"John Paves the way for Jesus"

In the days when Jesus had returned to his home country to prepare for his ministry there. His cousin John known as The Baptist, went into the desert region of Judea preaching and teaching the people of the great deceit in reference to God/Dess and baptizing them for the remission of their sins. "Repent," he told them , for the rein of God/Dess is at hand." He is the one who was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah :

The voice one he crying in the wilderness, prepare the way of our lord and make his path strait.

John wore the clothing of camels hide with a belt of leather about his waist-line. He survived by the consumption of locusts he dipped in wild honey. He was a sickly man from eating the live locusts full of energy from the honey. Due to his diet he was very thin and not at all physically attractive, still the people listened as their souls did yearn for the freedom which comes with truth. The people came to here him from Jerusalem, all Judea and the entire region which surrounded the Jordan River. They came and confessed their sins and he baptized them with the soul cleansing spirit from the water of the Jordan.

When he saw that a good number of the Pharisees and Sadducees had come to investigate his actions and their meaning, he attacked them verbally calling them a clutch of evil serpents. "Who warned you to run from the anger of God/Dess which is come to you?" "Allow your souls to produce and also reproduce their fruit according to the sincere sorrow for their sins." Do not deceive yourselves that because you are descendents of Abraham who disobeyed the truth of God/Dess and did lead many astray therewith." I tell you now that from these stones of the desert the Lord God Yahweh and his Lady Ashira can together raise up children of truth and courage to do their bidding with no help from you." The saw is at the roots of all trees which do not bear sustaining fruit." These will be sawed down and given another chance to bear the fruit of love, kindness, caring, compassion and nurturing for God/Dess, the Earth, waters and everything that dwells therein."

I do baptize with the spirit of the living forgiving water of God/Dess for the sincere sorrow of the sins of those who come." There is however who will come after me far more powerful in his love for humanity than am I. His clothes I am not worthy touch or even carry." I baptize you with the forgiving spirit of water; he will do the same but with the spirit of fire." His clearing fork is in his hand and he will clear the garden of goodness from all the evil therein." He will gather his wheat into his barn and rid it of the weeds which threaten to destroy it."

Jesus then came to the River Jordan to be baptized by his cousin John. John did not wish to baptize Jesus for he felt it would be sacrilege to do so. "You are the Son of God/Dess in flesh, blood and bone; you should be baptizing me!" Why in the name of God/Dess do you come to me for this ritual?"

"Let it be done, for it is my parents will that I lead by my example." John relented and the second Jesus was baptized he came up strait out of the water. At that moment the windows of heaven were opened up and John did see the spirits of God/Dess descending one upon each shoulder of Jesus in the form of two doves. Two voices then sounded in their presence male and female in unison saying; "this is our beloved Son, and we are exceedingly pleased with him."

"Chapter Four"

"The Ritual Cleansing of Jesus"

Jesus was then led by his heavenly parents into the searing heat of the Sahara to be tempted with sin by the darkness within him which dwells in all humanity. After he had gone without food for fourty days and nights he was near death from hunger and weakened in his mind. The darkness within him did manifest itself as an entity of evil saying, "if you truly be the Son of the Lord and Lady then use your magick to turn these stones about you into bread." Jesus was exceedingly hungry and did give some consideration to this thought before he continued to obey the Ritual cleansing of his body, mind and soul encouraged by his heavenly parents.

Jesus went deep within himself to find the place of obedience within him and answered saying to the dark voice inside him, "It is written, humanity does not live on food alone, but mainly on every word of spiritual wisdom and truth spoken by God/Dess."

The voice of darkness within him then manifested itself as a physical being of great beauty and brawn. The dark being created from within his own consciousness then took him to the sacred city of Jerusalem and him to stand at the greatest height thereof, which was the Hebrew temple. " I can't speak for you Jesus, but I am having some serious doubts as to the true nature of your identity." "Prove you are who you claim yourself to be and jump from the Temple roof." Is it not written that the Lord and Lady will command a host of angels to lift you by the hands and protect from any harm which could befall you?" Would they not see to it that you not even wound the nails on the toes of your feet?"

By this time Jesus was quite angered by the presence of this annoying being and spoke out harshly against him. "You pathetically annoying pest; you are like a wasp that never dies and continuously stings the naked behind!" It is also written that for the safety of the soul one should not dare to tempt the Lord and his Lady!"

The wretched pest then took him to the highest mountain in the world and showed to him all the mighty kingdoms therein and all their richness of glory. "Of all that you see here I will make you an eternal err." Jesus asked him, "What's the catch you stinking piece of Camel Kaca?"

"Just simply bow to your knees and worship me." By now Jesus had more than his fill of this creature from the dark side of his consciousness. "Please, Jesus said; no self respecting Piss Ant would be insane enough to worship you!" I've been trying to be kind to you but now I'm done with you!" Go crawl back into the slime-pit you came from!" It is written we worship the Lord and Lady, our God and Goddess and only them do we serve.! I don't know why I've put up with your stupidity this long!"

Then the evil pest went away from him and the angels of God/Dess did come and comfort the savior with laughter; for they found his treatment of the pest to be quite amusing.

"Chapter Five"

"Jesus begins his Ministry to the Jews and Gentiles"

When Jesus received the word of His Cousin John's imprisonment, he left Nazareth and came back to Galilee. He then went to live in the city of Capernaum which was beside the lake in the region of Zebulan and Naphtali to fulfill the prophecy of Isaiah.

"The lands of Zebulan and Naphtali are the way to the sea about the River Jordan, Galilee of the Gentiles. "The people of darkness have seen a brightly shining light of life and love. "It illuminates those living on the land in the shadow of spiritual death, for the light does shine upon them."

From that time on Jesus did preach to the people; "you must be truly sorrowful for your sins against God/Dess for the rein of the Holy Ancient Trinity is upon you."

While Jesus was walking along the beach of Galilee one day he saw two brothers Simon Peter and Andrew. They were fishermen casting out their net into the sea.

"Come and follow me." I will make you fishermen of humanity" seeing something very honest and sincere about him, they left their nets that moment and followed him everywhere he went. Going on from there he saw two more brothers called James and John the Sons of Zebedee also preparing nets for fishing. Jesus then called out to them and they left their father standing alone in his boat and went out to follow him wherever he would lead them. There were in all twelve whom Jesus called to be his assistants.

Jesus then began to travel all about Galilee teaching in the synagogues, preaching the good news of God/Dess (which had been hidden) and healing every form of dis-ease and illness which had befallen those with him. The news about him spread all over Syria. People brought him those who suffered from all manners of illness and incurable diseases, those who suffered from serious pain, those who were possessed with Evil Windigo Pests, they who had seizures, paralysis, and he healed them all. Enormous crowds followed him from all over the surrounding regions.

When Jesus saw the enormity of the crowds he went to sit upon the side of a mountain. The crowds of disciples came to him and he did teach them the ways of God/Dess.

Count your blessings if you are not quick to be angered and engage yourselves in violent acts against the earth and her inhabitants. Those who mourn great loss will be blessed with comfort. You will be greatly blessed if you are humble and not arrogant, for you will inherit the fruits of your Mother Provider who is the living earth. Those who are hungry and thirsty for spiritual maturity will be given it. You will be blessed with undying mercy if you serve it to all who ask it of you and those who do not. Tremendous blessings are to befall those who live in spiritual purity, as they will see the faces of the Holy Mother and father. Those who create peace from love, kindness and compassion when there is bitter violence from hatred and resentment of others will be called the children of the Lord and the Lady. Awesomely blessed will be those who are ridiculed, criticized and condemned for the sake of spiritual maturity for the rein of heaven is theirs. If anyone should persecute you in this manner and speak out falsely in evil against you because you believe my teachings, rejoice in great happiness for you will be blessed with rewards of the heavenly rein that of which you can not imagine. The same way also did they persecute the prophets who came before you.

You my brothers and sisters are the salt of the Earth and Sea, yet if the salt loses its flavor; how can it be palatable? It is no longer good for anything but being tossed out to be walked on by passersby. P>

You are the light of the moon which shines down upon the earth at night and the sun which lights her way during the day. They can not be hidden from site by mortals. Do you light a lamp and hide it in a closet? Of course not, you put it on a table that it may give light to all who need to see. In the same manner you must let your spiritual light shine in the presence of all those around you, that all may be aware of your positive actions and give praise to the Holy Mother and Father who are in eternal home called Heaven.

Do not receive for yourselves the impression that I have come to destroy the law; nothing could be further from the truth of the matter. I have come to restore the law to the original state which was perverted by Moses because of his desire to oppress womben, children and all living things in making it law that they be viewed as property. All life is to be nurtured and viewed as gifts of the Lord and the lady, which are as easily be taken away as they are given.

Men should not be afraid of the power of love within the womban. I say to you now that the original plan was that the womban rule in equality along the side of the man. Adam had a wife before he was given Eve of his rib; her name was Lillith. He did not want her because his inflated ego could handle having only partial control of their marriage and it personal goings on. I tell you the Lord and the Lady want all men who wish to understand the meaning of manhood, first by putting himself in the place of womban by taking for himself first a husband. When the men of this union have come to comprehend the womban in this way, in keeping to them their husband for all their life; then they shall be allowed to take a wife one for the two.

Children and animals are also gifts from Heaven. They are not nor were they ever intended to be the property of their father anymore than womben should be. They are to be loved and nurtured as the gifts of the future that they are. All life is sacred and should be treated as such. Life is a sacred circle of birth, death and re-birth. Treat it with love, kindness, caring and compassion, or you will be in danger of no re-birth and no chance to try again to be person whom the Lord and the Lady wish for you to be. I tell you the truth in love, until Heaven and Earth disappear not one letter or stroke of the quill will by any means change the original law to that which it has come to be, for every aspect of the true law must be accomplished. It was in the days of old time that men and womben ruled side by side like that of the lion's pride. The womben were the providers and then men did guard over the young ones. The men were also greedy and violent when they did not have control. They took aspects of the mail lions which the Lord and Lady were not pleased with in human males. They would oust the young adult males from the tribe. The young males would then create tribes of their own by overthrowing older weaker males of other tribes and murder all the children of the older weaker male. They had already begun to pervert the plan of God/Dess. Therefore they took it upon themselves to further pervert the original plan and destroy those who followed it. After they the true believers were wiped out they hid the truth from all those who came later. This is why you have not been aware of the truth of God/Dess. Take back your truth and do not be deceived any longer. Anyone who breaks one of the least of these commands and teaches others to do so will be called the least in the rein of Heaven. All who practice and teach these commands will be called great throughout that heavenly rein. I tell you unless your purity surpasses that of the people's leaders and teachers of the perverted law; you will certainly not enter the Heavenly Rein.

You have heard that it was said to the people of long ago, it is unlawful and unspiritual to take ones life or that of another. I tell you now that anyone who takes the life of an animal without killing it quickly and thanking it for giving up its life to you shall be as much in danger of the judgement as he who takes a human life. Anyone who tells his brother or sister that they are good for nothing will answer to the Sanhedrin. Anyone who calls his brother, sister, wife, child or anyone they know will be in danger of the fire that burns within them for eternity, destined to wander aimlessly about the universe cut off from the comfort of the almighty heavenly Mother and Father Ashira and Yahweh.

Therefore if you are offering a gift upon the altar and remember that your brother or sister has an issue with you; leave your gift there on the altar. Go first and reconcile with them in love, kindness, and nurturing compassion. They may not have the advantage your maturity. Once you have reconciled with them come back and offer your gift.

Quickly you should settle matters with an adversary who takes you to court for monetary restitution. Do this while you are with him on your way there. If you do not he may hand you over to the judgment of the court and the constable may imprison you. I tell you the truth; you will not be released until you have fully paid your debt in one way or another.

It has been said of those long ago; you must not commit the act of adultery. I tell you now that anyone who looks at anyone with the intent of forcing themselves on another man, womban, child or animal has already committed adultery with them in their mind and soul.

It has been said that anyone who divorces his wife must give a divorce certificate. I tell you now that anyone who divorces a spouse male or female with the exceptions of marital unfaithfulness or acts of repeated violence causes them to be an adulterer. Anyone who marries he or she who has a living spouse of either sex, though they are divorced has committed adultery.

Again you have heard it was said by those of long ago, do not break the oath of your word, for your word is your respect. Always keep all oaths especially those which you make to the Lord and Lady of love and life who are in Heaven and seen in all their creation. I tell you do not make any oaths by Heaven for it is the place of their thrown, by the Earth for she is your living Mother provider, or by your head for you can not at this time make one hair black or white, only brown or red. Simply put in layman's terms, let your yes be yes and your no be no. Anything which goes beyond that can come of evil from the darkness within you.

You have heard that it was said long ago that violence is an acceptable means of settling a dispute that begins with the same action. I say to you that only if there is no other alternative to be found is violence an acceptable form of retaliation to the same. If the individual bringing physical harm to your body can not be reasoned with verbally, and can not be subdued in any way without a violent attack from you; you may bring them down in whatever manner is necessary except to take their life. If taking their life is the only way possible to protect your own life or the life of another person, it is acceptable.

If a brother or sister in humanity asks you for your shirt, give to them your pants or skirt as well. If they ask you to walk one mile with them, go with them for two miles. Give cheerfully and with a willing soul to those in need, and don't ignore the need of those who ask to borrow from your excess.

It was said long ago to love your ally and hate your enemy. I must tell you now, that you are to love your enemies and pray that God/Dess will show them the error of their ways toward you and others. In doing this you may be called the sons and daughters of your Mother and Father who are in Heaven and seen in all their creation, for a portion of their spirits dwells in all that they have created in the Earth. The Lord and Lady allow for great blessings to befall both those who embrace only darkness within them and those who embrace the love light as well. They also allow great storms of trial upon both. I say to you that those who find their own personal means of balance between the two ways of life are those who receive the most and greatest blessing in their life. If you love only those who love you in return, where is the spiritual wisdom and growth in this? Do not even those who only embrace the darkness within them do the same? If you allow yourself only to greet your brothers and sisters in loving kindness and compassion, what are you doing differently than anyone else does? Do not even the infidels do the same? Therefore I tell you to work with diligence daily to attain the state of spiritual growth of your heavenly Mother and Father.

Every human being should exercise great caution that they do not conduct their deeds of kindness for the purpose of them being known by others. You will have no reward in Heaven, rather you will be sent back to Earth as new born babe to begin your process of spiritual self achievement anew. Was it not hard enough the first time around? Do you wish it to be more difficult?

Therefore when you give to those in need do it quietly, for only you and your heavenly parents need know of your gift. Do not make it a loud announcement before the eyes and ears of those about you as the hypocrites in the synagogues do, that they may reap the honor of humans. I tell you that they will return many times to Earth and each time they will find their journey to spiritual enlightenment more difficult with each return. When giving to the needy, I say again, do so quietly. In this manner you may ensure that what your Mother and Father in Heaven and all around you, who will see what you do in private will reward you privately.

Do not be ashamed or afraid to ask the Holy Mother and Father for any kind of aid in meeting your daily and long-term needs. Nevertheless when you pray keep your prayers private, for they are not the business of anyone other than you and your heavenly parents. Do not ever pray in public for anything which you ask of for yourself or anyone else, not if you are doing so with hypocrisy in your soul as do those who stand in the synagogues and the streets only to be seen and heard by the humans around them. I tell you they have fully received their rewards. When you pray go into a private place and pray to your Mother and Father who are not unseen, for they are seen in all that they have created. Then your Mother and Father who see all things private will reward in private. Do not babble on with memorized prayers as do the infidels, who do so hoping that they will be heard more clearly if they speak for longer lengths of time. Do not pray as they do, for the fact remains that the Holy Mother and Father know of what you will pray before you even ask it. Every time you pray begin your prayer with a soulful prayer of thanksgiving to they who give you life and love. Listen closely, for this is an example of how you should pray: Holy Mother and Father in heaven I am pleased and honored for this opportunity to thank you for my life and all that you have bestowed upon me, both pleasant and unpleasant. I know that it is through the unpleasant that I am given my opportunities to grow more spiritually close to you. Your names are sacred and I thank you. Your eternal rein will someday come, and when it does your will shall be done on the breast of our Mother Provider the Earth as it is done in Heaven. Give daily sustenance to our Mother Provider the Earth that she may do the same for us. Forgive us oh Holy Mother and Father for our spiritual immaturity as we forgive those who are spiritually immature towards us, and show us the way to your mature enlightenment. Do not allow the darkness within us to lead us into the temptation of evil thoughts and actions, rather give to us the love and respect for self and all life that we need to help us conquer the darkness within us. As we ask it, let it be done according to your will.

If you are diligent to continuously forgive those who are spiritually immature toward you, your heavenly Mother and Father will be quick to forgive you of your immaturity and show you the light of merciful love and kindness. If you do not forgive others of their spiritual immaturity and ignorance, you Mother and Father will not forgive you until you do this with a cheerfully open mind and soul.

When you conduct your ritual cleansing fasts do not do so in a melancholy fashion as the hypocrites do. They dishonor the Lord and Lady by disfiguring their faces to show humans that they are conducting this ritual. I tell you now they have fully received their rewards. When you conduct this ritual put sweet oil on your forehead and wash your face so that no one other than your Mother and Father who are seen in all that they have created will be aware of your self cleansing fast. They who see what is done in private will reward you in private.

make no haste to gain earthly treasures where natural calamity and thievery can destroy and steel them. Instead make for yourself a list of spiritual treasures that for yourself to have in Heaven where no calamity of nature of thief can destroy or steal from you. I must tell you now that where your treasure is, your soul will be there as well.

Take great caution to exercise moderation and contentment. Do no engage yourself in the practice of greed. With the practice of greed comes the holistic embracement of darkness. If your eyes are filled with darkness then your body, mind and soul shall see no light. How then will you see the light as it shines within you, when you have engulfed yourself in the darkness within? Honor your dark side in knowing its subtle power to overtake you if you do not stay on guard from it. Balance the darkness within you with the light of life and love within your being. You can serve one or the other, or you can create the sacred balance between them. It is not possible to do both at the same time. Beware of embracing the darkness alone without the light, for you will be stressfully filled with great sorrow. Do not make money your god, only Ashira and Yahweh should be your God/Dess.

Do not for the minor aspects of life, such as what you will eat and drink, about your body and what you will wear in public. It is not what you eat or the way you dress yourself that is important to God/Dess, but rather the manner in which you live your life and you're your deeds of loving kindness to yourself, others humans, the Earth and all her inhabitants. Look upon the creatures of the air, they not reap or sow, nor store food for times of scarcity, yet our Holy Mother and Father do feed them. Are you not equally as valuable to them as they? How many of you can add an hour to your life by stressing yourself? If anything you will make yourself ill by doing that.

why in the name of God/Dess should you be concerned about your clothing and how it looks on your body, or where it will come from? Gaze your eyes sometime upon the lilies of the field. They do not toil at the spinning wheel. I tell you this day that even Solomon in all his glory was not as beautifully clothed as they. Children of lacking faith, if our Mother and Father constantly cloth the lives of the meadows here for a season and gone until spring, will that not also do the same for you who are created in their image? Do not stress yourself for what to eat, drink and where, for the infidels run quickly after these things, and our heavenly Mother and Father knows we are in need of such things as these. First you must seek the rein of spiritual maturity from the Mother and Father who are as much within you as in they are in all their creation. Do this continuously and all that you need they will grant to you. Stop stressing yourself about tomorrow and let tomorrow work out its own issues. Do you have enough to deal with today without borrowing more from tomorrow?

You must never judge or condemn others for their misdeeds, unless you wish yourself to also be judged. If you harshly judge and condemn others, you will also be harshly judged and condemned of your own doing. All will be judged with the same degree of judgement that they serve to others.

Why do you pay such close attention to the high grass in your neighbors yard and pay no attention to the weeds which have overtaken your own? How tell him to let you cut his grass when your own yard is filled with a jungle of tall weeds. You are being a hypocrite; clean that jungle of weeds out of your own yard so that you can then see clearly the way to his yard to cut his grass for him.

Do not give your pearls to wart hogs. If you do so what will stop them from trampling them to dust, then ripping you to shreds of skin?

All the wisdom you seek from God/Dess will be given you when you are ready to receive it accordingly. Knock upon the doors of Heaven and they shall be opened to you. Everyone who sincerely asks of them, to those they shall give. All who knock upon their door, it will be opened to them.

Who among you would give your child a stone if they asked you for food? Who would give to them a venomous viper if they asked you for fish? If you who are evil are aware of the need to give appropriate gifts to your children, will your heavenly Mother and Father not give the same to you if you it of them? In all your actions treat all life the way that you wish to be treated, for this is in its totality the original law and the prophets.

Enter in by way of the narrow gate. Wide is the gate and great the size of the road that leads to self destruction. Many enter through this gate. Small is the gate and narrow the way the that leads to the eternal life of knowledge and wisdom, though will find there way through it; everyone can make it through if they earnestly seek the knowledge and wisdom of God/Dess.

Cautiously watch for false prophets. They will come to you as ravenous wolves in sheep's wool. You will know them by the fruit they bare. We do not pick grapes from bushes of thorns, or figs from weeds. Of course all healthy trees bare sweet and nutritious fruit, but a sickly tree will bare either diseased fruit, or no fruit. A healthy tree can not bare sickly fruit, or no fruit. All trees which bare sickly fruit or no fruit at all are good for nothing but shade for shielding one from the light. A sickly tree is always cut down as not to infect the entire orchard. It is then only good for fire or furniture. Therefore you will know them when you see these signs.

Not everyone who calls me their Lord will engage in the rein of Heaven. Only those who do the will of my Mother and Father in Heaven and in all that created. Many will ask me in the future, did we not prophecy and cat out evil spirits in your name Lord? I will plainly tell them on that day that I do not personally know them, for they did not seek the wisdom of my parents. "Be reborn to greater difficulty in doing so again upon the breath of your Mother Provider the Earth, for you only embraced the darkness within you by not seeking them from within you."

Relax and listen to a story. There were once two men who were building houses for themselves, for they had taken a husband and were betrothed to a wife. One man was foolish and built his house upon the sand of the desert. The other was a wise knowledgeable man who built his house within a mountain of stone. The rain came, the winds of the Four Corners blew against his home and the river flooded. The house built by the wise man into the Stone Mountain was not damaged. When all this happened upon the house of the foolish man, his house came crashing down around him, his husband and their pregnant wife. Therefore everyone who listens to my teachings and practices them accordingly is like the wise man who built his house into the Stone Mountain of our Mother Earth. Those who do not listen to this wisdom are like the foolish man who built his house upon the sand. Their lives will fall apart at every little bit of difficulty that come their way in life.

When Jesus had finished his sermon, the crowds were mesmerized by his teachings. He unlike those who had recently come before him taught with love and authority. He did not teach as those who taught the corrupted law did.

"Chapter Six"

"The Teachers of the Corrupted Law test Jesus"

Within hours after Jesus had completed his sermon he was met by the scholars of the perverted Law, while resting under the shade of a tree near the mountain where he had spoken to the people. The scholars were outraged at Jesus declaration that Moses had distorted the Law. They were further outraged that he was leading the people to believe that the men needed to understand wombanhood in order to understand the meaning of their manhood, by taking first a husband and later a wife. They began to test Jesus by asking him petty questions, for which they already knew the answers. These were people who knew of the original Law and were helping to keep it hidden from the Jews.

Sarcastically they asked him, " by whose teaching did you here of this, perversion of the Law? "Who are you son of Joseph the carpenter to condemn us and call us hypocrites.?"

"Let me answer your questions with more questions." Have you not ever read the mystical writings of the Cabala?" Have you never read the writings of the prophet Isaiah?" Did he not foretell my coming? Read the scrolls and they will tell you who I am to make such statements."

"The Cabala makes no reference that we are aware of to a man needing to have both a husband and a wife to understand his manhood."

Solomon completed the teachings of the Cabala before he died, as you are well aware. It was our ancestors including Moses who began the distortion of the Torah. Solomon restored them to their original state and those who came after him destroyed them in their ignorance and fear of the power of the womban. You are aware of this as well. You generation of vipers, why do you bother me with you pettiness and arrogance? Leave me, for I will speak to you no more today on this matter!

The scholars were fearful of Jesus and the Roman Empire. They feared that not only would Jesus destroy the way of life that they had grown to enjoy dominating womben, children and animals as their property. They were also afraid that the Romans would become worried that the multitudes which followed Jesus would rise in revolt against them and overthrow them in the process. They feared that the Romans may persecute the people if they became fearful of Jesus and his followers. They were right to fear the Romans, but wrong to fear the truth of God/Dess.

Not everyone of them was fearful of Jesus and his teachings. To some his teachings made great sense. These were those who defended him at the risk of their lives. In those days the Jews were fond of stoning people. The only reason they did not stone Jesus was because they were afraid his followers may kill them, for even Gentiles loyal to the Romans were listening to him.

It was the day of the Shabass and a crowd of thousands had come to be healed by Jesus magick. With them came members of the Sanhedrin to watch and see if Jesus would heal them on the Shabass. Knowing of their presence and angered by the reason for it Jesus spoke and asked; "is it lawful to do good on the Shabass or, to do evil?"

Right away Jesus began healing the sick and casting out evil spirits of the Windigo. He was asked by the counsel leaders, by whose authority do you work on the Shabass?"

"Listen to me you foolish old men!" I am doing the work my parents sent me to do!" The Shabass was given to humanity, not humanity to the Shabass!" Even if it were humanity for the Shabass, which it isn't, does not the Son of humanity have charge over the Shabass?"

It was at this time that the leaders of the counsel out of their fear decided that drastic action had to be taken to stop Jesus from teaching the people further. One of his disciples which followed him continuously was angry with him because he would not lead the people in revolt against the Romans. His name was Judeo. Judeo's immediate family was placed in prison by the Romans. The price to return them from prison was twenty pieces of silver. The Sanhedrin made a deal with Judeo that they could convince the Romans to free his family if he could hand over Jesus to them.

"It is not an issue, he will receive a trial before the counsel and they will let him go, he told them." The Romans will not harm him for he is not breaking any of their laws." They don't care about the Jewish Law." Talk to the Romans, give me my price and I will lead you to him."

"Chapter seven"

"The Betrayal and Crucifixion of Jesus the Savior."

On the first day of the Passover, when it was traditional to sacrifice a lamb for the Holy Day, the disciples asked him; "where should we make preparations for you to eat the Passover?"

He told two of his disciples; go into the city and a man carrying a jar of water will greet you there." Follow him and tell the owner of the house he takes you to that the teacher asks where is the guest room in which he may eat the Passover with his disciples?" He will show you a large upper room." Make the preparations for us there."

The disciples left, went into metro area and found things just as Jesus had told them they would be. Then they prepared the Passover.

As dusk approached Jesus came in with the twelve. While they reclined at the eating table he said to them somberly, "as sure as I am sitting here with you this night, I tell you the truth; one of you is to betray me." He will be one who is at this very table eating with me."

They were all greatly sorrowed and asked him one by one; " is it to be me my Lord?"

"It is to be one of my trusted twelve, one he dips his bread in the same bowl as I." The Son of Humanity will go just as it is written that he will." I am sadly grieved and my heart is filled with compassion for he who does this reckless deed." He will grieve in sorrow to see his own death." It would be better for him that he not been born, than to grieve himself to death."

While they were eating the feast Jesus reached for the bread, gave thanks for it, broke it into pieces and told them, "eat this bread for it is the symbol of my own flesh, the spirit of God is contained therein." He then took the cup, gave thanks for it and offered them the wine from which they all did drink. "This cup is the symbol of my heavenly Mother Ashira in it is contained her spirit and the wine symbolizes the blood of my veins which spilled for all." I tell truthfully, I will not drink from the wine of the vine until the day when I drink it resurrected reining from Heaven with my Mother and father." After they sang a sacred song, they went to the Mount of Olives, where he prophesied to them.

"Every one of you will leave me." I will be struck like the shepherd whose sheep are then scattered." After I have risen I will go before you into Galilee." Peter spoke up and said, "Lord all who wish it may leave you, but I will never do such a thing."

"Never say never my brother, for I tell you now in all honesty, this very night in which we are living now, before the cock crows twice, you will deny knowing me three times."

Peter indignantly insisted, if we must die together at the hands of the Romans, I will never deny knowing you." All of them said the same.

They went into a garden of wild flowers which was called Gethsemane. Jesus told them, "sit here while I pray." He had peter, James and John go along with him. He suddenly became deeply sorrowed and stressed. "My souls is overwhelmed with sorrow to the site of my death." Stay here and keep watch."

As he walked farther he fell to knees and prayed, Oh holy Mother and Father of love and life, if there be any other way to permanently atone for the spiritual immaturity of humanity, I beg you; make it so." For you nothing is impossible." Take this dagger from out of my heart." Jesus sobbed uncontrollably for an hour and as he passed through the stages of his grief and settled into acceptance of his fate he said to his parents; Nevertheless, "it is not my choice to make." "You work your will for my destiny rather than my own."

He then returned to the disciples and found them fast asleep. "Simon Peter, are you sleeping as well, he who would never leave me." You couldn't stand watch for a single hour?" Watch and pray that you do not fall to temptation." The spirit is greatly willing but the body is terribly weak." He went again to pray the same prayer and again he sobbed as he pled for his life. When he returned he found them sound asleep once more. This was very disturbing to him in deed; "you don't even think highly enough of me to remain awake; though you know I soon die." They bowed their heads in sorrow, not knowing what they should say to him. When he returned the third time he said to them; "I see you're still asleep." "Have you had enough rest?" Enough of this!" The hour has come that the Son of Humanity is betrayed into the hands of unbelievers." Rise and let us go!" He approaches us who betrays me with a loving kiss."

At the moment that Jesus was speaking to them, he saw Judeo who was one of the trusted twelve appear with a crowd armed with swords and clubs. They were sent by the elders, teachers and chief priests of the corrupted Law. The traitor Judeo had arranged a sign for them. "He is the one that I will tenderly kiss; arrest him and lead him away with your guards." Approaching Jesus that moment he called him Rabbi, and kissed him tenderly about the mouth." The servants of the corrupted leaders arrested Jesus. One of them standing near them struck the servant of the high priest, taking off his ear.

"Am I leading a rebellion that you come with swords and clubs to capture me?" Every day I was among you; I taught in the temple yard and you never once arrested me." The enlightened of the scriptures are being fulfilled." At that time as he had previously stated to those who were present, they had all deserted him. Even a young man who had been following him in nothing but a linen loincloth fled naked from the seen as he beheld Jesus capture.

In their fear of the Romans concern of revolt and their fear of the power of feminine love, the corrupted Jewish male counterparts took Jesus to the high priests, teachers and elders of the corrupted law. Peter followed him at some distance into the courtyard of the corrupted high priest. Sitting there with the guards he warmed himself at the fire. The chief priests and the Sanhedrin were all looking for evidence of treason against the Roman Empire, that they might persuade them to have him executed. They could find none. There were many who gave false testimony against Jesus but their statements did not hold up in court for they had no inherence due to the fact that they were all conflicting. Then there were those who made the false statement against him saying, "we heard him say that, I will destroy this man made temple, and in three days I will build another which is not made by men." Yet even another testimony was not found to be in agreement. The high priest then stood in the court and asked Jesus, " will you not speak up in your own defense young man?" What is this accusation that these men bring against you?" Still Jesus remained silent giving no answer, for he knew that the time had come that he must fulfill the destiny handed to him by the Holy Mother and Father above, below and within all people. Again the high priest asked him, "are you the Christ, the Son of the holy one?"

"I am Jesus said, and you will see the Son of humanity sitting on the right hand of the All mighty Mother and Father coming on the clouds of Heaven."

Why should we need any further witnesses asked the high priest as he tore Jesus garment. "You have heard his blasphemy with your own ears; what more do you think you need to convict this infidel?"

all who were present condemned him as worthy of execution. It was then that some of them began to spit in his face. They blindfolded him, brutally struck him with their fists and mocked him saying, "prophecy, oh Son of humanity." The guards then took him away as they took pleasure in abusing him physically and sexually.

While Peter was down below them in the court yard a young servant girl of the high priest came in. She looked closely at him as he warmed himself at the fire. You were with the Jesus infidel Nazarene, she spoke out loudly.

Peter feared in his mind his own possible execution and was stricken with a terror unlike any he had before. "I don't know or have any knowledge of what you are saying young sister", and he went out into the entrance. When the servant girl saw him there, she loudly said again to those who were present, this man is one of them who was with the accused." I tell you young lady, I have no knowledge of him", Peter denied. After some time had passed those standing about Peter said to him, "You are certainly one of his followers, for you are a man of Galilee." Peter began to call down curses from Heaven on himself and those who accused him, he made an oath to them saying, " I've never met this man you speak to me of!" Upon the moment in which he spoke his final denial, the cock did crow the second time. Peter then recalled the prophecy Jesus had given him as they ate the Passover Feast, "Before the cock crows twice, you will have denied me thrice." Peter then had an emotional breakdown and wept profusely.

The following morning, in the early light of Grand Father Sun, the chief priests came to him with the elders and teachers of the corrupted law and all of the Sanhedrin had reached a verdict. "The accused Jesus of Nazareth is guilty of unholy blasphemy against the Law of Moses and treason against the Roman Empire." It is the decision of this court that he is promptly handed over to the Governor Pontious Pilate for trial by Roman Law for treason, as he has stated himself to be the King of the Jews." Then the guards led him away to be tied by Pilate Governor of Jerusalem.

The charges against him were read to Pilate as Jesus stood accused against him. Pilate did not demean Jesus by mocking him, for he did feel great compassion for him. Pilate asked him respectfully, " are you indeed the King of the Jews?"

"Yes, it is as you say it to be", the Savior replied to him. The chief priests had accused Jesus of so many things that by now Pilate could not keep up with them, and commanded them to remain silent. Pilate again inquired of Jesus, "are you not going to speak for yourself?" Do you not understand the severity of the accusations which these men bring against you?" Pilate was astounded that Jesus gave him no reply at this.

It was the tradition of this time that upon the feast of Passover prisoner of the peoples request would be released back into Jewish society. A murderer named Barabbas had recently been incarcerated with those who had committed crimes against the Roman Empire during an revolt which they had lead against it. The crowd came to Pilate and begged for him to allow the tradition to be upheld. Pilate spoke to the many people who were present asking them in hopes that they would have him release Jesus, "shall I release to you Jesus the King of the Jews whom I find no true crime against the Roman Empire that he has committed?" Pilate spoke these words choosing them carefully. He knew that the chief priests had only accused him out of fear for what he did know was the truth of God/Dess, of the Romans and that the Jews which they knew would be divided knowing that they had been deceived for thousands of years. At the time that he had questioned the people as to whom he would release to them the chief priests then began encouraging the crowd to have Pilate hand over Barabbas to them instead of Jesus.

"What then am I to do with him whom you call the King of the Jews", Pilate asked?

"He should be crucified!", the people proclaimed.

"Why should I have him crucified when he has committed no crime; what fault do you find with him?" He is blameless before Rome!"

Then they exclaimed all the louder, "crucify him!"

Pilate fearing the crowds response if he did not release Barabbas then ordered his personal servant to bring to him a silver basin for him to symbolically wash his hands in before the crowd. Having the basin brought before him he washed his hands before the crowd and proclaimed, "I wash my hands from the blood of this innocent man!"

The chief priests then brought down a curse upon their descendents. "Let his blood be on the hands of our children and their children's children!", they proclaimed. For this reason the corrupted of the Jews would receive great troubles in the region and throughout the known world for many thousands of years to come.

Pilate then released Barabbas to the crowd. Once it was done he apologized to Jesus for what he must do, and sent him out to be flogged and crucified. Pilate wept with his wife who was with him as he sent Jesus to his death.

The soldiers who led Jesus away had called their whole company together into the palace. They beat him with a whip that was fashioned from the hair of horses tails braided with camel leather and hemp. Every four inches of the ten foot long whip was imbedded sharpened glass, metal, wood and bone, which ripped off huge chunks of Jesus flesh with every lash. They placed upon his body a purple robe and in his skull they imbedded a crown of lengthy thorns. They continued to mock him saying, "Hail King of the Jews!" repeatedly they struck him on his head with their staves more deeply imbedding the thorns in his skull with each blow until they became imbedded in his brain tissue while spitting on him. Then they fell to knees to pay mockingly worship him. When they'd grown bored with mocking him they removed the purple robe and before they put his own clothes back on his body they sexually abused and raped him, while forcing him commit inappropriate acts for a respectable married man of God/Dess. Jesus was not at all pleased with this treatment and desecration of his holy body, which did not belong to him but to his husband and wife. He could only think at this moment that he was happy for his spouses and children that were still in India and not present to witness these horrible actions forced on him by his captors. Jesus wept as he thanked his Holy Mother and Father that they had commanded his family to remain in India. After they had grown bored with humiliating Jesus in such a horrifically inappropriate manner, they put his clothes back on him and led him away to be crucified.

A particular man Nubian named Simon, known as the father of Alexander and Rufususcus was passing by on his way from the countryside. His spirit wept profusely to see a man such as Jesus being tormented in such a way, for he'd had family who had been employed by the Roman Prison Guard and he knew what pleasure they took in their demented forms of torture. Seeing Jesus having been flogged to an inhuman appearance, he voluntarily went to help him as he had grown to week to from the blood loss of his flogging to carry his cross. They soldiers shouted, "since you care so much about him you can carry his cross for him."

Jesus said to Simon, "thank you my brother." You have my word this day that for your compassion to the Son of Humanity, you will be adopted by my Holy Parents in Heaven as my beloved brother in paradise."

They brought Jesus to Golgotha, known as the place of the skull, for it was hear that the followers of Ashira had long ago prophesied his crucifixion would take place, "for the thorns will be placed in the bones of his head, and to Golgotha he will be led." Then Jesus asked for a drink as he was thirsty in the heat of Grand Father Sun. The soldiers then gave him wine vinegar mixed with olive juice and clove oil, and he would not drink for their amusement. Then they crucified him.

It was the custom at that time that the arms and feet were usually tied to the cross during crucifixion. However the soldiers who crucified Jesus were the worst of sadists. They truly enjoyed inflicting the cruelest of punishments on everyone who was sent to them. Rather than Tightly tying his arms and feet to the cross they brought with them large metal spikes which the drove through his wrists and feet. Jesus screamed in agonizing pain as the pounded repeatedly to imbed the spikes through his wrists and feet to drive them into the wood. Large gushes of blood splashed out of him onto the faces of the soldiers. This angered them and they pounded the spikes again for their pleasure. They divided his clothes and threw dice to see who would get what. When they had driven the spike through his wrists and feet they shook the cross to make sure he would not be able to remove himself from it. It was the three PM when they crucified him. The written charge against him read, Behold the King of the Jews." As if it were not enough that they had managed to have him crucified the chief priests had seen this declaration on his cross and demanded it be changed to read "He said he was king of the Jews." The soldiers being sadists kept it as it was to further infuriate them. They had crucified two thieves with him, one on each side. They who passed by him hurled insults at him and mocked saying, "So you're the King of the Jews who will destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days; save yourself and come down from the cross! In like manner the chief priests mocked him amid themselves saying, he saved so many people, sick, lame, deaf and blind." Look at him now; he can't even save himself." Let the Christ, the Son of God/Dess and King of the Jews come down from the cross now and let us see and believe his words. One of those who were crucified with him also insulted him.

It was at this time that one of the thieves asked Jesus, "Lord if you are the Son of the Lord and Lady Why don't you save your self and us?" The other thief answered him saying, " we are sinners and thieves we deserve our punishment." He has committed no crime, yet here he hangs with us." Lord I do believe you are the Son of the Lord and Lady." Please remember me when they receive you back into Heaven." Then Jesus spoke saying to him, "This very day you will be received with my when they greet me in paradise." Though the man was in great agony, he then wept tears of joy.

At about six O clock darkness fell on all the land and into the night. At nine O clock Jesus cried out loudly "Aloum y Aloumia llamio sabrractoni?"-which interpreted in the original Hebrew language of Ashira and Yahweh means, "My Lord and Lady, have you left me?" When those who were standing near him heard this they spoke unaware of his speech. One who was present of the chief priests who had mocked him spoke and said, "I am aware of this long forgotten language of our people." We have made a great mistake; surely we called down a curse upon our own descendents!" This man is truly the Son of our Lord and Lady!" Another accused him of being mad with fever and left quickly to fill a sponge with wine vinegar, put it on a stick and gave it to Jesus to drink. "Leave him alone as he is praying for comfort from his holy parents; they may well come and take him!" The priest who'd mocked him with them was now afraid that he would also suffer retribution from the Holy Parents. He went more quickly than the man with the vinegar emptied the sponge as best he could. He took it to Jesus wringing it into his mouth and saying, "Drink my Lord it is water, please remember my kindness to you when you are received by your Holy Parents." I am so sorry for my part in all this, the priest said weeping."

"I will remember you fondly only if you show to all whom you meet for the rest of your life even greater kindness than this you show to me Jesus said to him." Let no one who is able to work go unemployed, those who can not let none of them be hungry." Everything you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, you will have done for me." Teach the truth of God/Dess and bear your own cross for me." The priest said to him, "if I come to a cross, I will bear it for you."

With one last loud and excruciating cry Jesus took his last breath as a mortal, for when he rose up to conquer the grave he would still be human but also immortal. The veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom. While the centurion standing in front of Jesus heard him cry and saw the manner in which he died he said, "this was certainly the Son of God/Dess." Some womben were watching in the distance. With them was Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, Jesus and Salomia. In Galilee these womben had followed him and tended his needs. Many womben who'd come to Jerusalem with him were also there.

It was the day before Shabass when preparation for burial must be made. Approaching sun down Joseph of Arimathea who was a prominent member of Hebrew Social Council, was himself waiting for the Rein of God/Dess. He boldly went to Pilate and asked for Jesus body. Pilate was quite shocked to hear that he was dead so soon. Summoning the centurion he asked if Jesus was yet dead. When he received word from the centurion that he was in deed dead he gave Joseph Jesus' body. Joseph had brought some linen cloth and wrapped Jesus body in it, and placed it in a tom of cut stone. He then rolled a boulder against the entrance of the tomb. Mary Magdalene and Mary Human Mother Goddess saw where Jesus would lay.

When the Shabass was over Mary Magdalene and Mary Human Mother Goddess also the mother of James and Salomia, had brought spices that they could anoint Jesus body. Early on Sunday just after sunrise they were on their way to the tomb and asked one another," who will role away the stone from the tombs entrance?" Looking up at the entrance they saw that the large boulder used to seal the tomb had been rolled back. When they came in they saw a young man in a white robe sitting on the right of where they'd laid him and they were alarmed.

"Do not be afraid, he said. "You are looking for Jesus who was crucified, but I tell you he is not here, for he has risen as he said." See this place where they laid him?" Go now and tell his disciples with Peter he is going ahead of you into Galilee." You will find him there just he said to you." Trembling and bewildered the womben fled from the tomb. They said nothing to anyone for fear of death. Even Mary human Mother Goddess was human and feared for her life as Jesus had in the garden.

When Jesus rose from his tomb early Sunday morning, he first appeared to Mary Magdalene from whom he drove away seven demons. She went and told those mourning who had been with him. For this reason a womban may usurp both equality to and authority over a man when at any time necessary. It is written in the ancient texts "the womban shall be equal to the man as the Mother Goddess is equal to the Father God." When they heard that she had seen Jesus and was in deed alive, they did not believe her. Though they tried to cling to what Jesus had taught them about the proper treatment and respect for womben, they still had old ways of thinking from their childhood's and felt sure that if Jesus were risen, he would have appeared to one of the men.

Later that mourning Jesus appeared to two of them who were walking along the country side, in the form great cat of prey. They were fearful at first thinking the cat would eat them, but they soon saw the cat's shape change to that of Jesus. When he changed back into himself they heard him say, I scared you didn't I brothers? They were too excited to do anything but laugh, "after all you've been through and still you want to play." The two left and reported this to the others, but they didn't believe them either.

Jesus then appeared to the eleven while they ate and scolded them for their stubborn lack of faith and refusal to believe those he sent who had seen him after he had rose. He spoke to them saying, "Go into all the world and preach this gloriously wondrous news to all creatures great and small, for your Lord and Lady created them all." All who believe and are baptized will be received when their spirit leaves their body into the rein of God/Dess." Those who do not may or may not be given other chances to come back again and get it right the next time." That is not my decision, but that of my Parents in Heaven. They will chose who to give other chances to and whom they will let float in space for eternity." These signs will accompany those who believe in my name." They will drive out demons in my name and they will understand languages they have never heard before." They will pick up pit vipers with their hands and not be bitten." When they are poisoned they will not be harmed." They will lay their hands upon the incurably sick and they will go away from them healthy."

"There will also be signs of my return as well." You will know that the time for my return is near when you hear of great natural disasters such as earth quakes of a large scale in places where they would not normally occur." There will be great wars between nations and horribly bloody wars will be fought in my name, though this is not my will." Christians, Jews and Muslims will be massacred by the thousands and sometimes millions." There will be a people of red skin and black who will be oppressed in a land far to the west, which is not yet known to you." Their oppressors will be an arrogant people of fair complexion." They will enslave the black and oppress them when they are freed." They will make many attempts to annihilate the red ones who will be the descendents of Shamanistia." They will make what little of Shamanistia that is yet known to them illegal for them to practice and force upon them the corrupted faith in my name." They will even make it illegal for their children to speak their own language in institutions of learning." The red ones of Shamanistia will be rounded up like cattle and put on small parcels of land which, will be called nations." All this will be done to them after they are nearly exterminated by the white ones."

"Do not be fearful for none of you present will love to see these things come to pass." What I give you now is for future generations to be aware." There will be many for runners of the device which will be implanted in the hand or head, which will be for buying and selling." No one not having this device will be allowed to by or sell anything." Those who do not take this device will be hunted down and slaughtered." Hope for your selves that this does not happen in the winter, or when womben are with child, for it will be difficult to follow my advice in these times." Take with you only what you will need for cultivating crops and build your shelters into the mountain sides where you will be hidden" Hide your crops in the forests as to prevent them from finding you by open fields of vegetation." Sleep by day and do all your work by the light of your Grand Mother the Moon." The brightness of Grand Father Sun will make it easy to find you." Do not accept the device into your body for it is a number, the number of the darkness within all humanity. That number is 666. Those who accept that devise will be in danger of possession by the darkness and will live floating in space for eternity with no chance for any other lifetimes to mature their spirit." Some may fall prey to worse fates as deemed by God/Dess." The time has now come that I must leave you."

After Jesus the Super Star Savior had spoken to them he was taken up into heaven on a cloud with the glowing Moon of day on his left and the bright light of the Sun to his right. The eleven present saw him sitting in the middle of the Holy Mother and Father. The disciples then went out into all the known world and preached the glorious news of the sacrifice of God/Dess. The Lord and Lady worked their will through these and many additional willing vessels. They confirmed his words by the signs and wonders that followed them.

The Raven