Temple of the Ancient Trinity

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by:  Rev. Patrick E. Ravenschild

1st Symbol is the Moon circling the Earth.
The first symbol is described as the feminine ability to create and give life through its power to bond, love and nurture.

2nd Symbol is a Cross in a Purple Circle.
(the upper stem of the cross should be white, lower stem yellow, left stem red and right stem black)
This symbol represents the wisdom of the savior child created together by the eternal spiritual love between the Goddess and God given to humanity to save it from the dark side of evil within itself. As far as the North is to the South, and the East is to the West, is the eternal love of the Mother Goddess, Father God and the Savior Child which, was given to be sacrificed for atonement from the evil within. The white of the North represents the balance of strength and endurance of mind, spirit and body. The yellow of the South is representative of the mental, emotional and spiritual growth which is found in the seeking of the knowledge and understanding. The understanding of which I speak is that of the Ancient Trinity, individual self and the sacred love of balance within the circle of life. The red of the East represents wisdom. The black of the West represents the void from which all knowledge flows.

3rd Symbol is the Earth circling the Sun.
This symbol is described as the peaceful coexistence and balance between Goddess and God, mother and father, woman and man.

The Raven