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Welcome to COD Deliverance Ministries! My name is the Rev. Dick Jr. Here you can be rescued from the horror of Dan's loony cult, and enjoy a happy and wholesome life, free of the fear of being spanked with a sandwich, or thrown into a vat of jello for the gratification of some sex-maniac in a dress. Sound good? Please read on.

 Beware this man!

This is Dan, Lord of COD. Within the space of a few short, terrifying years, Dan has risen from his previous richly-deserved obscurity in a New England town to become the leader of one of the most spectacularly successful mind-control cults on the internet. His power is growing every day, and it threatens all of us. You owe it to yourself to become informed about the threat of COD.
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This anti-COD ministry is lovingly maintained by the Rev. Dick Jr. and his friends and supporters

Are you an impressionable young person?
Are you concerned by the claims that Dan may be making on your life?
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