*sigh* the end of the semester...

The end of the semester has come... Its been so much fun! THeres been some silly drama here and there, but Im looking forward to another semester full of the same crazy crap.

Im going to miss you all.. I love you all and cant wait to see you again!!!

Email me if you would like to express an interest in doing something...

Anyway... now comes the Christmas season... A time for retail combat, and other nasty things. But the main idea is for you to enjoy your time with you friends and family... and not worry about anything. We are all here for each other... we are one... we are the rainbow colaition, and we take care of each other.


Now for the blog portion...

Today was super cool. I got to sleep in finally... and I feel rested now. I got a phone call last night at about 2am... but I still got enough sleep.

Got to see marisa today :-D

We had lots of fun at my house after nachos at applebees.
I just Love spending time with her :) *grins* she makes me sooo happy!!!

mmmm nachos...

Ah, I see YU YU hakusho has just ended... I kinda feel bad cuz I didnt pay attention to it at all... lol. But thats ok.. .hack// is coming on. Ive never watche IT before... but its probly pretty cool, as Ive heard. Enough bullshitting.. im out of stuff to say.

*wanders off singing "Zankoku na tenshi no fire truck"....*