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DOod..  pontiacs burn good! Today at work there was a car burning in the parking lot, and it was funny cuz i hate GM.

*sniffs deep* smells domestic!

poor lady probly had christmas prezzies in there though. Sucks for her.. her insurance better cover it or ill beat em with large fish.

Tomorrow i get to go chrissmiss chopin for me mum and gramma. The mall is going to be CRAZY im sure but im ready to deal with it. Not like im going in uninformed... *shrigs*

I have to work on christmas eve... which blows goats. But I can deal... i dont work that night so i will still get to open prezzies and eat hors d'ouvres. Mmmm hors d'ouvres... *10 bucks if you can pronounce that correctly...* Our credit officer is helen waite... if you want your prize, go to helen waite!! :-D