Jan 16-18.... GENERICON!!!

This was the hottest frellin party this side of the FREEZING COLD NEW YORK WEATHER!!! AHHHGHGH!!

The dance was kinda lame, cuz they played crap music... the music in Nan Desu Kan in CO was lots better cuz it had more MOVE.... but the dance was still hott...

Then karaoke was sweetious... Marisa sang like an angel, and i tried to remember the words to my song... but to no avail... (reference "strong mad forgets the words to his favourites")

I got away with 8 posters to put on my already bursting walls. But i sill have room on my ceiling and my doors... Shoujocon will fix that... yes it will.. *evil snicker*

Staying up late to read the worst sci fi story ever was totally worth it... Only at 4am do the words sward, nourishmnent, and siazure merit hysterical laughter from the superior anime geek race.

(Random laugh time!)

]Next is Otakon! Im going to go to it in maryland this july... its going to rox my sox (sorry for stealing that Marisa) to no end.

Anime conventions allow me to act out my most insane and strange desires to be myself. Because I do this on a regular basis.
(Reference pickles)

Off to sleep... Sleep? what?