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Swiss Army Knives

The officiersmesser... the original world war 2 swiss army knife. And I have a Replica!!!!


I got it in the mail from my aunt.

I have to go shopping! Marisas birthday is on friday and I want to get her nice prezzy!

Looks like I get to have my toe chopped up soon... I have an ingrown... and it sucks. It doesnt hurt any, but they said that it has to be fixed or it will cause problems. Ive been living with it for some odd 4 years or so.... and it doesnt even hurt. Its not like its infected or anything.

Marisa got off the phone early last night... she has to make a movie for her audio visual class. We normally talk till 12am, but she went at 11 cuz she had to get up earlier than usual to make her movie. I hope it turns out well!

2 jobs will run you dead like an old battery... I gotta go to the r/c track tomorrow and fix cars, then I go to TRU (toys r us) and work will 11pm. @_@ I never get any sleep...

This car is a late 1960's Mercedes Benz SL. I got this picture off of ebay one night when I was looking around. I sure envy the person that got this car.

I know I have to update pickle experiment soon. I have been so lazy lately... I still have to interview Fuller so I can put him on the page too. *sigh* Guess Ill go to bed now... Gotta get SOME sleep....