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2:42 am...

Today... well... yesterday was great!

Rollerskating at starburst is always a good time. Im thinkin about going there for work, although the pay isnt good... its minimum wage. Right now I make more than that... but it seems like a more enjoyable place to work than toys r us. I wont have to close the store till 3am...

After skating Marisa and I went to my house to get her wallet that she left in my room. (We had come by earlier to watch a movie). We ended up renting the 13th warrior and watching it with my mom till about 1:15 am. Marisa fell asleep in my arms... *grins*

When I got back from taking her home I cracked open a heineken and wasted a lil time online.

My bud Blake, who goes to school in cali made some great music! I played it in my car today. It made ma laugh because he had some funny ideas back then. One song in particular, "cheif natuckmick island" sugests that getting hit by a car is your one way pass to freedom. So if you want to be free, go play in traffic!

The best song on that CD, is arguably Fake candy bar... played in the perspective of a phony confection whos life is filled with confusion and uncertainty. He is covered in nutrition facts and haunted by the insecurities he feels by being a fake candy bar...

Now if thats not crazy, what is?

*hugs Marisa* :D